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Creative Nail Shellac, UV Base Coat, 0.25 Fluid Ounce

Patent-pending formulations provides the crucial foundation for the Shellac system.

Key features

  • Cures in 10 minutes
  • On like polish
  • Wears like gel

Honest reviews


Good product

You don’t use a lot of the base coat at one time. But, it keeps for a long time. Even the small bottle is good for a bunch of manicures.

Amber Craigsville, VA

love shellac

easy to manicure with shellac at home.last 12 days easily, 2 weeks is a stretch if you work with your hands without gloves on.

Kelley Morrisville, MO

Love it.

Price was right and delivery was prompt. I have been using the CND Shellac system for a year now and like it very much.

Antionette Damon, TX

replacement product used the first two or three

This product is a replacement product. It is required first step product. my wife and daughters love the shellac products.

Latisha Greenwood, IN

Can’t do the CND Shellac without this !

Can’t believe I haven’t done a review on the CND Base coat! Love this product! The base coat is necessary to perform the shellac process. Please note you MUST have the UV light to use these products. Also note you only have the base coat under the light for TEN seconds!. Some have suggested longer times but after doing this for almost a year I have found that longer than 20 seconds and your polish will peel off! This base coat has lasted me for almost eight months. I redo my nails about every ten days and sometimes will add a base coat, polish and extra top coat if needed in between times. So do not let the price deter you from beginning this great nail process as the bottle will last a long time. I have just reordered to have my next one on hand and my original bottle even down to the last little bit works just like new.

Gayla Easton, MO

Very good

Very prompt in delivery. I do love this system and found that it doesn’t hurt my nail bed when I used the whole system as Gelish does. It was just like using regular polish. I’ve found that the Gelish makes my nails sore for almost a week. This was great.

Ola Liberty, SC

Shellac Polish

I used have used this polish base now for almost a year with no problems. I am allergic to the base that is used with them. Very easy to use, and does the job its intended to do…prepare you nails for the polish…..

Letitia Tuscumbia, AL

Amazing system

I have been using the CND Shellac system for about a year now and I absolutely love it! Nails are perfect every time and they last usually for 2 weeks for the fingers and about 4 weeks on the toes. I just can’t say enough about it.

Rhea Pukalani, HI

great product

I"ve been using Shellac for 4 years now & I love it. The color stays on for 2.5 to 3 weeks.

Hope Hardy, AR


It’s just perfect. I actually don’t have much to add. It does all it’s supposed to and helps to keep my manicure perfect longer.

Cheri Sumerduck, VA

CND Shellac Base Coat

This is my first time using Shellac. With using all the other Shellac products together helps. I’ve put them all on so I can see for sure if this is something I want to continue using and doing myself or not. So far it’s been one week since I put them on and they are still on. :o) yahoo

Kim Dulac, LA

base coat shellac

This is a great product and offers good coverage with. I like this product on my acrylic nails and I am able to go longer between fills.

Olivia Beebe, AR


Been use this product and love them. No need to go to nail salon. No more some one cut my to getting done my selfs

Noemi Forest Park, IL

Easy to use

CND goes on smooth and stays put for weeks. This is a great base product, much better than the Gelish. Just a warning though: your nails might suffer damage if you use the shellac all the time.

Carmella Emory, TX

Great base coat!

Great product……goes on smooth and keeps polish in place. Shipping was great as well.

Peggy Springer, OK

CND’s base coat

Does what it should, although I notice some slight bubbles with it, even though I do a very light coat before curing.

Zelda Greenway, AR