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Creative Nail Shellac Strawberry Smoothie, 0.25 Fluid Ounce

Patent-pending formulations provides the crucial foundation for the Shellac system.

Key features

  • Off in minutes
  • On like polish
  • Wears like gel
  • 14 day wear

Honest reviews


Standing up to the negative review

i don’t mean to be rude, but the negative review below is the exact reason and example why people not licensed in the world of cosmetology and beauty should NOT go out and buy professional products that are meant to be services provided only in salons. I am a licensed cosmetologist, and if I had a dime for every time someone tried to be cheap or quick and do their hair or nails at home and then ended up in my chair for me to fix it? I’d be rich as often as this happens! Some services have very specific instructions and require the talent of a trained and knowledgable professional for the outcome to be spectacular. I say just swallow your pride, and if you want to have beautiful hair and nails, book an appointment at a salon that will provide these luxuries.I know for a fact applying CND Shellac requires specific tools and knowledge to be done correctly. Same exact thing with drug store color and highlite kits- they are NOT the same and will never have the same results!!

Edna Newport Coast, CA

Fast Shipping – accurate item

Very fast shipping and well packed item. Love the color and can not wait to apply.

Katrina Fort Loramie, OH

It’s not you, it’s me… or my skin tone… or something…

I am still a firm believer in all things Shellac. But I should have followed my own advice when ordering this color and image searched this color on my skin tone. I can’t wear this color sweater or eye shadow, so I should have known better. To my defense, I will admit that I was trying to create an entirely different color by attempting “layering”. It’s a well documented method to create additional colors using Shellac’s limited color line. I attempted to layer this with Fedora (which on its own, I ADORE) and what should have been an awesome gunmetal grey ended up being something I called “rigor mortis”. Seriously, it was only on long enough for me to snap a pic, send it to my BFF with a gasp, and remove it immediately. Another time, I tried it alone. It’s just not for me. I still LOVE LOVE LOVE Shellac. But a certain shade of white girls beware… this is not for you.

Janette Mortons Gap, KY

great color for my skin tone

I went to the salon last week to get my first Shellac mani, and I am so happy with the results. I’m ordering everything I need to do my own Shellac at home, since it looked pretty easy in the salon. I figure after doing my own nails, and my daughters nails a few times, the price will pay off. This is the color I chose for my first time. I am a redhead, and this polish really compliments my skin tone. Great every day wear color, very natural looking, doesn’t jump out at you, but still is obvious you have a manicure.

Florine Stopover, KY

Shellac – Strawberry Smoothie

Such a light & pretty pastel pink with a slight shimmer. Great color for Easter/Spring! This color looks best with 3 coats to be completely opaque.

Jamie Mill Run, PA


This is such a pretty color. I love this one and "rose bud" I love doing my shellac at home. its so much cheaper.

Bobbi Liberty, KS

Strawberry Smoothie

Nice color, not my favorite. I use this with other shellac colors, as mentioned on Youtube (Nail Art). My mother wears this color alone. I do wear this color with white tips…like a French styling. As all shellac products, it lasts at least two weeks! Love shellac products!!

Melissa Wisner, NE

Great Product

Love the protection CND gives my nails. I have soft nails that crack and split, this product really protects my nails and does not damage them…

Deborah Lafayette, TN

Very pretty color!!!

This color looks great with my warm toned, fair skin. It is a perfectly feminine sheer color that is not “too much”. I’ll repurchase!

Elaine Chrisman, IL

CND Shellac Color

First time using Shellac. Have had it on for a week now and it’s still on. :0)Since my nails are short right now I like having a light color on them. This isa very nice color.

Karina Sugar City, ID

Beautiful color!

This is a very pretty shade of pink. It is a little sheer and can be very streaky like a metallic polish; but careful application can solve both problems. I’ve gotten several comments on this shade and plan on keeping it stocked at all times!

Hattie Port Elizabeth, NJ

Top quality! Shellac or Gelish? Read for more….

I started off with Gelish and have worked my way through the various gel products.Here is a thorough review–with tips—if you are on the fence about what to buy! Smoothie was my first Shellac purchase. I thought it would be a solid pink, so when it arrived and I saw how sheer it really was, I was at first disappointed. But!! After using it, it made THE perfect go-with-anything neutral nail. I have very pink nail beds anyway, so this looked like I’d gotten a clear polish manicure and just have naturally pretty nail beds. I used Lomasi top and base coats because that is what I have (and like). This works just fine with the Lomasi brand. I also use an LED light and 30 seconds for each color coat. The Shellac smells like regular polish until cured, which was amusing to me. Definitely stinkier than Gelish or other brands.I have to say that Shellac and Lomasi rank RIGHT UP THERE for me, in so many areas. The brushes in them are great! They are easy to use, and they make the tiny window of time I have to do my nails, worthwhile. The Shellac seems to cure thicker, harder, and have a more durable finish than Gelish or Red Carpet. I am very pleased at how my nails look when I’ve used this product and will be buying more Shellac colors.I couldn’t be happier with my gel nail experience, using the Shellac products. I have ZERO complaints about them, which is pretty amazing if you have read my Gelish review and see how much I gripe about the various products. I felt that the Shellac product was a professional quality item, and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy other Shellac items nor would I hesitate to recommend them to anyone! They are worth the price, for the total satisfaction they deliver. When you figure that your TIME is valuable, this really factors into the value of this product.

Lesley Copeland, FL

Very Nice color

Very Nice color, comes out lighter than you think it would. I Would definitely buy Lasts a long time, and price is decent too.

Kelli Whitt, TX

Nice color

A shimmery pink. Went on well and didn’t show the tip wear as much as darker colors. Please be aware that this polish must be dried with a UV lamp–it is not a traditional polish. Also requires the CND Shellac top and base coats. If you are looking to DIY, the system can be purchased on Amazon and there are multiple videos on-line with instructions. Although it is advertised as a 2 week manicure, I usually only get a little over a week due to tip wear (I type a lot). Works great for me since normal polish only holds up for a day at most.

Jean Delia, KS

Great coverage

CND goes on smooth and stays put for weeks. The colore is a nice mute pink. Just a warning though: your nails might suffer damage if you use the shellac all the time.

Marylou Fairfax, MO

Good polish

This is good polish, but it is just a little too pink for me. I used one coat of it and topped it with a less pink shade and I liked it a lot. For durability and wear, it is great. I recommend this kind of polish.

Kimberly Tumwater, WA

CND Strawberry Smoothie Nail Shellac

I am giving my review a little late since I was not able to try the product until just recently. I do love the color of this polish, my sister had purchased it and I was able to see how beautiful it was prior to ordering. Since this was my first-go at doing my own shellac manicure, I was disappointed when I finished however that was probably not due to the polish but rather my inexperience in the correct application of it. It was very streaky but I think I may have been too light on the coats (directions tell you to apply two light coats) so it will take time to adjust exactly how to apply the polish. I do love the color and I think I’ll try three coats next time. All in all, love the polish!

Valerie Woodburn, IN