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Creative Nail Shellac Negligee, 0.25 Fluid Ounce

Patent-pending formulations of solvents, monomers and polymers goes on like polish and wears like gel. A UV-cured color coat featuring UV3 technology.

Key features

  • 14 day wear
  • On like polish
  • Wears like gel
  • Off in minutes

Honest reviews


Couldn’t live without it anymore!

I’m giving 5 stars to the whole Shellac system (Base Coat, Color Coat and Top Coat) as it only works when used together. I have very soft nails and they always brake up when they reach certain length, but since I’ve been using the shellac system my nails got stronger and look more beautiful then ever. I’m using the Negligee color as I like the natural look and I couldn’t be more happy with the results. This system is not only for those who like to keep the nail polish beautiful for a minimum of 2 weeks, but also for those who like to let their nails grow longer and stronger. I’m so happy CND came up with this product! I can finally have beautiful nails as well!I also wanted to mention how easy this system is to do it yourself. I’ve been doing them at home and I had absolutely no problem applying them. My nails look better then EVER!As to the Negligee color – it is so far the only color from shellac I’ve been using, and I absolutely love the natural look this polish gives me. Will probably order some other colors for special occasions, but for my regular day this meet my needs perfectly!

Cindy Lilliwaup, WA

Really Pretty

I first had a shellac French manicure done at a salon to see if I would like it and I loved it. I decided to buy my own system so that I could do it myself. Unfortunately, I did not pay attention to the color they used as the base, and after searching the reviews, I thought this was the color. As it turns out, this color is much prettier than what they used at the salon. It has a very slight, pale pink opal look to it, but is in no way overdone. This is how I applied it (all CND Shellac products): 1. base coat 2. negligee 3. cream puff on tips 4. negligee 5. top coat. (two minues of cure time between each step). 6. wipe each nail with alcohol. The reason I applied the negligee before the cream puff was so that I could fix my smile line with a small brush dipped in alcohol and not affect the base coat (this is recommended by CND). The second coat of negligee after the cream puff is not really necessary, but I believe this gives it a softer look. I’ve also seen some reviews where negligee was used as a top layer over other CND colors such as “hollywood” and it gives it an altogether different look. I will try this as well.

Dawn Lake Fork, IL

Bottle color is misleading

A little confusing that the bottle looks like the polish is probably white. The color is really more of a very pale opalescent pink. It’s very pretty.

Adeline Big Laurel, KY

Wonderful Experience

I had ordered the Shellac Negligee but did not receive the order. I noticed that it had been shipped, but somehow got lost in the mail. When I contacted the shipper, I was assured that I would receive a replacement immediately, and I did. There was no hassle, nothing, just a new shipment. I am so happy to have done business with this company. Thank you. Now on the note about the shellac. It is easy to use and stays put for three to four weeks. It’s easy to apply and actually easy to take off with some acetone.

Patrice Grand Bay, AL

Very sheer

This polish is very sheer….needs a few coats …….will be able to use it for my french manicures but I wouldn’t use it on it’s own

Dessie Funk, NE

The color is not what I expected

Nice polish but I have used this color in the salon and it actually should go on clear and not a light pink. Not sure if the wrong tag was put on this shellac but I kept it and will make use of it until it is gone.

Abigail Brownville, NY

Not my favorite color

I am very particular about my shimmery colors. I like soft pink or creamy white neutral shimmer to my polish. I didn’t realize that this one had a purple/blue based hue that is not to my taste. I layered it over "Romantique" and though my nails came out beautifully, the color is not for me.To be clear and fair, the blue/purple is not overtly blue. But I definitely notice it, and I don’t care for it.

Shari Castroville, TX

My Favorite!!

This is definitely my favorite as far a great color that can stand alone or as a top coat or in French manicure. The color is a very light opalescent pink. I great so many compliments. As a top cop it adds dimension and extra shimmer. In French manicure it’s a very beautiful pink.

Annabelle Alden, IL

Great color!!

Love this color alone or in combination with Cream Puff to create a French manicure. It’s shiny and natural looking, but easily builds color with a few coats. It has the slightest bit of shimmer. Perfect!

Nell Granby, CO

My “go to” CND Shellac color.

For those of you doing the CND Shellac nail process I hope you will consider this an option worth adding to your collection. In fact, this was one of the first colors I tried and is usually my first choice. This color goes on almost clear the first coat but then the second coat really brings out a pearl tint to your nails. It is the only color that seems to become more opaque as the days go by.This color goes on smoothly and does not leave any streaks. It blends flawlessly with the base and top coats. It is not totally clear but adds just that little punch of class to otherwise clear nail polish.It really accentuates those colorful sparkles in CND Zillionaire for another alternative!I also find that this is a very easy color to touch up in case you don’t have time for a full redo on the shellac. I just reapply a quick base coat, then a coat of negligee and then a top coat right over my old coat. Freshens the manicure right up and it will last a few more days.I purchased the CND Shellac system and light for my daughter and sent this color as one of the polishes. She told me she loves it as well and it is her most used color as well.Personally, I think this is exceptional for everyday wear.

Iris Bishop Hill, IL

Great for French nails

I got this as the base color for my finch nails. The bottle is white but it is a really delicate pink or flesh tone color.

Deanna Hillsdale, IL

natural look

This color is basically clear. It’s really pretty though. and it stays on for 2 weeks. I do the shellac at home myself. and this color is moe of the natural look. I really like it,

Shirley Maple Plain, MN

gel nails

I really like these shellac nails. I find they do not last 3 weeks, it really depends I think on what you do with your hands. When I am working in the dirt, or anything that puts nails at risk they will chip as other polishes do. But I have an allergy to acrylic so these are a dream come true for me to have. My nails tend to be very thin and break easily, however, it is not rare that my nail polish will last near 2 weeks at a time if I take it easy on the hands. Love the color, you use this as a base for a french manicure and it works well. Very natural color.

Maryann Kimberly, WV

This is my FAVORITE

Of all the CND Shellac colors I’ve ever bought, this is my absolute fave. The color is just sheer enough with a light sparkle. I just ran out again and need more. This will always be a staple in my CND Shellac collection!

Billie Roodhouse, IL

Pretty and long lasting!

I’ve been using this product for at least 3 months now and love the results. Your manicure and polish really do last up to 14 days! The shellac process is so fast to do at home, especially for those busy moms.

Juliette Sewanee, TN

Very pretty color

This gel nail polish is the only one I like from CND. It definitely adds a nice shimmer to my french manicures.

Silvia Riverton, UT

Love Shellac – This is my favorite “color”

I love Shellac and this is my favorite of the colors. It’s actually a sheer, very pale pink color – so light that there’s no noticeable color on the nail once it’s cured. I like this color because the Shellac protects my nails against splitting, peeling and breaking without having my nails shouting with color.

Debora Manchester, WA

Beautiful Sheer Color

Beautiful subtle sheer color with slight shimmer. Great for french manicures or one coat over a soft pink in order the add that slight sparkle.

Susana Nazlini, AZ