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Creative Nail Shellac Iced Cappuccino, 0.25 Fluid Ounce

Patent-pending formulations of solvents, monomers and polymers goes on like polish and wears like gel. A UV-cured color coat featuring UV3 technology.

Key features

  • 14 day wear
  • On like polish
  • Wears like gel
  • Off in minutes

Honest reviews



I have polished my nails for decades. the idea of not having to fix chipped polish often, but not have gel nails was a wonderful thought. The polish streaked when applied. When I finally applied enough to end streaks, there was so much polish that it never fully dried smeared everywhere. Too bad I bought 2 bottles, glad I did not buy 3

Anne Hardwick, VT

Subtle Color

I like this color, but don’t love it. It almost looks like the color of my skin. It’s subtle and has a nice shimmer to it. If you’re not into bold colors and want something less flashy this is the color.

Chris Bergton, VA

Another great Shellac color

I love using Shellac, and this color is beautiful. ***As always, try to find a swatch of the nail color on an actual finger nail, or other surface (a google search of "Shellac swatch ___color____" will give you a good start). I have found that the bottle color on CND polishes is almost always a little different from the actual color of the polish inside. Iced Cappuccino is a little more brown than the bottle would indicate.

Melinda Penrose, CO


I like the color of the polish, but it was a bit more sheer than I was expecting. Even with 3 coats, it still doesn’t give great coverage.

Luisa Peterson, AL

Ok but…..

This product isn’t quite what I thought it would be. It’s best to go online and google "shellac nail swatches"……there’s a Pinterest board that has tons of swatches to look at. Even then, it’s hard to match something you see on a computer to the actual color. It’s a little too beige for me but I’ll still use it.

Linda Silex, MO

Hard to apply

Granted, I’m not a professional manicurist and a rather new Shellac do-it-yourselfer, but I found this color hard to apply. It gave a streaky finish and didn’t seem to cure as nicely as some of the matte colors. I didn’t feel so bad when I was at the salon recently and a woman had this color applied by a professional. She came back into the salon after getting into her car and experiencing immediate peeling of this color. So even the pros have problems with it. When I try again, I’ll add extra curing time.

Janine Billerica, MA

Iced cappuccino by shellac

Great color, well represented by the picture. Color is a light brown/cappuccino color with a slight sparkle. Covers well with 2 coats. Would recommend.

Edythe Stockholm, ME


This has a great shine, pearly, and I bought to layer with another color. I do not wear this as a stand alone polish, just too light for my taste.

Adriana Belle Mina, AL

love it!

I love this color. The picture isn’t quite the same as the shade. It comes out more of a sparkly nude color with a hint of pinkish brown. I was disappointed it didn’t come out like the picture but I enjoy the shade it didn’t cure as.

Dana Choctaw, OK

Nice color

Color is shear, but a nice pretty gold.

Polly Mentor, OH

Won’t buy again

Really dislike this. Kind of a dirty pearl color…I need to find a color to use with it….would definitely not buy again

Clarissa Sister Bay, WI

Great product, but ruinous to my nails

Shellac is a terrific product that does just what it’s supposed to do — it stays on for 2 weeks easily, with no chips whatsoever. Unfortunately it is so non-porous that it completely starved my nails of oxygen during those two weeks. I used it once, and it took my nails almost 6 months to recover — they looked like I had dipped them in acid after my manicurist removed the Shellac. My manicurist has forbidden me from using it (or any other gel polish) ever again. I was very disappointed, as it’s such a durable, long-lasting polish; for me, however, the convenience wasn’t worth the resulting damage.

Carmen Garrison, TX

Love it!

Again the CND Shellac system is amazing and I will reccomend it to anyone! It is so easy and nails turn out perfect every time.

Monique Killen, AL

.Great product!

This product came on time and was in perfect condition. This color is great and can be worn any time of the year!

Angelita Bridge City, TX


Got this colour to do my mother’s nails, the colour shown here is true to what it looks like on.

Tia Romulus, NY


Love the color and love the quality. I’ve been using gelish but shellac seems to produce a thicker nail using the same number of coats. Iced Cappuccino has a little bit of a frost finish and I like to use a layer of gelish June Bride on top…

Rhoda Clarissa, MN

Love Shellac

While I love using CND Shellac but I not this particular color. So next time I will purchase a different color.

Beth Riverdale, CA

Iced colors a little more “troublesome”

I absolutely loved this color online but unfortunately was not a huge fan. The color is pretty but the overly frosty color makes it somewhat unappealing. It is more challenging to use an iced color than the other CND Shellac colors.

Jeanie Platteville, CO

I do it at home myself, as it’s so much easier than gel, and fake.

CND Shellac is the only way to go on my nails. It lets them breathe. You should see how healthy and shiny my nails are when removed properly. I also still am in because my nails last 3 to 4 weeks without scratches, etc. My toenails just grow on out. They are lasting 2 months or so! WONDERFUL, you have got to try this!

Lakisha Battle Creek, MI


Great color and easy to apply. I’ve been doing my own shellac at home for about a year and have saved tons of money. Also bought the light from Amazon.

Jeanne Rosedale, LA

Best polish ever!

having thin weak pealing nails my whole life ( and I’m no spring chicky) this is the only thing that works on my nails. it is lovely and I have tried several colors. this one being one of the first. the iced cappuccino has a lovely full blended look and is a very attractive neutral shade in my opinion. I have tried the pinks( light and dark ones) and the reds( which are currently my faves!) and this is a tried and true “when in doubt color” for sure. it is most appropriate for those who need subtle color on their nails for work or simply prefer a neutral shade. I used to be that woman.try this and it will make you a believer. my nails are harder and stronger. I am not kind to my nails and computer work and paper dry them out- not to mention the arid area of my state doesn’t help! ( yes texas has some arid parts!) I have moved furniture, done yard work, cleaned, washed and so forth with not a care in the world on the sure you use a professional and get one who has bottle shaker. it will help keep your polish looking great for two weeks at least!

Penny Andover, VA

Pretty subtle summer color!!

I was a little hesitant buying this as there had been some pretty poor reviews in the past – but I found a great gold, glittery Opi color for my toes and wanted a neutral nail so went for it and purchased!I am so glad I did, this is such a pretty bronze color and easy to apply. I achieved an opaque look with just one coat but to get the effect I was looking for applies two coats (which was a great metallic bronze color) then applied one coat of Gelish Vegas nights which has a pretty glitter shimmer. The effect is a subtle golden shimmer than is just perfect for summer and neutral enough for work but pretty enough with the shimmer for going onGot just the effect I wanted and would buy this color again – I see this being a go to when I do not want in your face color! Also great if you are going away for a few weeks and know you might get a chip or two and do not want bright obvious color to let this show!

Lilian Lilburn, GA

Love this color

For the Shellac fans, this is a great color and I receive quite a few compliments on it. While no polish should cost this much, it meets my expectations in color design.

Naomi Morris, IN

Too thick

I agree with the other reviewers who state this is thick and not as good as other CND Shellac polishes. Where I’m a huge fan of the whole Shellac system, this color is really thick, hard to apply thinly and shows the brush strokes after curing. It still holds the great shine and long lasting benefits of Shellac but I’m just not a fan. Also, the color doesn’t seem to suit my skin tone very well. I’m pretty fair and the color seems to blend into my skin, so it looks kinda funky. I’ll be giving this to a friend…

Vicki Graysville, IN