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Creative Nail Shellac Hot Chilis, 0.25 Fluid Ounce

Patent-pending formulations of solvents, monomers and polymers goes on like polish and wears like gel. A UV-cured color coat featuring UV3 technology.

Key features

  • 14 day wear
  • On like polish
  • Wears like gel
  • Off in minutes

Honest reviews


literally “clearly” pink

I am a huge CND Shellac fan and one of my biggest complaints is that you cannot tell what color you are going to get until you use the actual polish. I agree with the other reviewer that the bottle is misleading…but it is probably because the bottle must be made of UV protected opaque material to keep it from curing.This color is very clear and has the slightest bit of pink that is barely noticeable. I think it will look good with a french manicure.

Edwina Warrenton, VA

No color

This is almost completely invisible. I would not call it pink, because there’s no color on my nails after using this.

Jeanette High Shoals, GA

Amazing color with great staying power!

As I have stated with another review for Shellac I think this is worth pointing out to potential buyers that this is a UV polish – it requires curing via a UV light and is used with Shellac UV base and top coats!Having purchased a bunch of pinks and reds, I decided on something a bit different and this certainly fit the bill! Its a beautiful color, really unique and perfect as we go into Fall!The color may best be described as a deep purple! It is a deep inky color. I cured the base coat for about 2 minutes, as I find this works better than the time suggested on the bottle which is in seconds, then applied 2 coats curing each for 2 minutes! It needs the 2 coats as the color is a little faint and washed out with just one application! Then followed with a generous coat of the Shellac top coat!The result: pretty and shiny nails, I have been wearing this color for 10 days and still no peeling or chipping! It looks as shiny as the first day I applied it and the color is still vibrant! It is really a cool modern color and will look great for Fall / Winter and a great party idea for Halloween! It is pretty dark so worth noting!To remove I find the easiest thing is to get a small bowl, fill with some acetone and soak for about 6-10 minutes, it simply melts off with no problem!

May Wabasso, FL

Goes on thick

I love the color, but the consistency is not good. It goes on very thick and then after a few days starts to peel back from my nails. I’ve tried making sure that I put as thin of coat as possible on and it still just isn’t right.

Essie Lake Jackson, TX

Dark, dark purple

I really want to like this color because I love purple and I love dark nail polish. This purple is very, very dark though. I felt like it looked black most of the time and only looked purple under certain lighting. Maybe I put it on too thick? Who knows, it could very well have been my fault and I will wear it again because it is pretty. I only wish it looked a little more purple-ish.

Elsie Feather Falls, CA

Love it

I love this color. It is a bit difficult to paint on as it is chrome so you can see the brush marks, but love it!

Flora Albany, IL

Love this stuff

I do wish there was a way to tell when there is sparkle in a product. This does have a little sparkle in it, but is a pretty color.

Brooke Diamond, OR

I like CND…..BUT

I absolutely hate this color. It makes my nails look yellow?? I had it on for 2 days and had to take it off – I couldn’t stand even looking at my nails with this color!!! I thought it would be pinkish and it WAS NOT.

Wendi Pierz, MN

CLEAR. That’s it.

It’s a clear polish. Hardly even a pink tint to it. I THOUGHT I was disappointed about this until I tried it. It delivers a shiny, clean finish on the nail that lasts longer than the other CND Shellac polishes (only because when it chips you can’t SEE It!!)I put it on intentionally before I went on a short trip, as I knew I wouldn’t be able to touch up Shellac polish easily. It’s a great shade to keep on hand when you need a color break!

Rena Wheatland, OK

Silver Bells!

This color is gorgeous. I paint everything as a french manicure and this looks great on the tips of my nails and as a full color on my toes. If you love silver, this is for yoU!

May Palmerdale, AL

Not so great

What is called a silver chrome is more a white with the slightest hint of gray. If you are big into silver chrome then this will not cut it. It also shows all the brush marks. Looks like I am still not my hunt for a gel silver chrome.

Frankie Sixes, OR


I love this color but had problems with even coverage. Maybe an off day for me. The polish has specks with a beautiful shimmer and dark green undertones. Will try again and see how it works second time around.

Jenifer Hattieville, AR

Barely pink

I guess I should have read the fine print. This is like a clear coat with a pink hue to it. It’s pretty, but not really a color polish in the sense that you think it will color your nail. It just gives it a nice subtle pink. I think it’s pretty, but not really my thing.

Betsy Tracy, CA

Great product, one coat and you can see the silver pop.

I bought this to tip my nails when I paint them black. With just one coat the silver just pops.

Hallie Berlin, MA

It will do

Its silver girls….It reminds me of flat silver paint for toy models. I expected depth and demension from this silver but nope it was just a silver. Maybe I’ll add neglige as a top coat and I beat it would really pop!

Rhonda Estherville, IA

Clearly pink is really quite clear.

Normally when I do the Shellac process I use Negligee for my nails. It is not clear but translucent. I was looking for something that might be closer to clear and in reading the reviews thought this might actually be it. And so it is.While it does have a slight pink tinge to it going on, I find that when dried under the UV light it is quite clear with no pink tinge at all. It is perfect for what I wanted but if you are wanting it to show up pink you might be disappointed. I also believe that the coloration and texture of an individuals nails might make this show up more pink. In my case, it is totally clear.

Araceli Como, TX

Love, love, love silver

This is by far my favorite color purchase. I like to pair this at times for extra sparkle with sparkle silver for extra shine.

Angel Ceylon, MN

Color is more purple an I thought

I thought this was going to be a blu-ish color since it looked that way online and has the name royal but it is really a deep purple.

Lashonda Elgin, OR

Not the color I expected

The name of this shade is “Clearly Pink” — they should have left the Pink off. This has absolutely NO color — it may make a great shiny polish, but the packaging and the name are way off base. I feel deceived and wish I could have my money back.

Eddie Kirbyville, TX

Chrome it is

This color is great. It is just what it says it is a high sparkle chrome. It has good coverage….not transparent.

Karina Lake Odessa, MI

CND Silver Chrome

I use this color probably more than any other – it’s fun to wear alone, or to add to your tips when you are rocking another gray color, or to add a stripe when you are wearing pink! Probably the one Shellac color that applies the easiest – no bubbles and easy to get complete coverage in one coat.

Geraldine Macy, IN

more clear with a tiny tint of pink

the color of the bottle does not indicate the color of the polish- the bottle is not clear. the color is not this light pink, it is more of a clear nail polish with a tiny tint of pink- if you didnt know if was a “tint of pink” you probably couldnt tell. if you want a color that is the shade of the bottle, might want to get a different color.

Theresa Bishop, CA

Very light baby pink lasts long

pretty, feminine color that’s easy to use and works well with at home UV gel lamp. Last long time with top coat

Lottie Liberty Center, IN

Hot Chilis CND shellac polish –

Received my CND Shellac Hot Chilis polish in just about 3 days. Quick shipping! It was packaged well and arrived safely. The finished, cured color is not orange-red as the name would imply, but is a very pretty color, nonetheless. It is a little more strawberry red with a frosty pearlized blend in it. It cured up nicely with my new ThermalSpa UV light. So far, I’m really enjoying the Shellac products.

Alison Jamison, PA

Love the CND Shellac

I love the CND Shellac system and this color is beautiful! It really looks wonderful and shiny and I just can’t say enough about how easy the whole sysem is and it lasts so long. The only down side is that it doesn’t come off easily. You have to soak it off or peal it off. Other than that it is fantastic…

Clare Eureka, UT

My favorite purple polish!

I have been wearing this color on my nails for almost 3 weeks now because I love it so much! It has a nice metallic quality to it when you see it in bright light, and has no blue tones to it like so many purples I’ve tried in the past. It is a very nice “grape” type of purple that does not look black or gothic. I have been using the shellac system at home for months now and I think it is the best polish you can buy.

Pauline De Soto, IA

Light light grey

I like the color, wish it was darker. Rubble is probably the color for me. This is very light, a hint from white/lavender. . . .not too thrilled. Great service from this vendor.

Casey Madison, TN

Love it

It looks great by itself or with glitter on top! I prefer it with glitter!I use the base coat and cure 10 sec as suggested, then I use 2 layers of this color and after the second layers is cured (there is still the sticky layer active), I use a brush and apply the glitter on the nails (pressing it hard with the brush) and remove the excess of glitter with the same brush (side to side – up and down), then apply a thin coat of top coat (I keep a separate one for glitter) and cure, then apply a second layer of top coat to leave a smother surface!

Ernestine Greenville Junction, ME

love it

my nails have never been stronger, longer, looked this good and healthier. plus, I keep clear shellac on my nails and they just put regular nail polish over it so I can change my polish a few times a week but only have to change the shellac every week or two

Olivia Sawyer, ND

Love Shellac

I do my own nails at home and love CND Shellac. It is a great prodct and truly does last at least 14 days. My nails always look amazing and I get a ton of compliments. I also love the colors and the option to layer and create new colors is awesome.Great silver color

Mattie Cope, CO