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Creative Nail Shellac Fedora, 0.25 Fluid Ounce

Patent-pending formulations of solvents, monomers and polymers goes on like polish and wears like gel. A UV-cured color coat featuring UV3 technology.

Key features

  • 14 day wear
  • On like polish
  • Wears like gel
  • Off in minutes

Honest reviews


Warm Dark Chocolate

This color is lovely! As the title indicates, it is a warm dark chocolate color. It looks just okay on my super pale skin, but is absolutely stunning on a darker complexion. Like all Shellac products, it’s super shiny, chip-resistant and lasts forever!

Mable Bonita Springs, FL


I bought this color over a year ago and just got up the courage to use it. Many reviewers spoke of “bubbling” and it was something I just didn’t want to deal with. However, I did follow advice and applied 3 thin coats and I had no issues at all. The color is a dark brown with a hint of mauve. Very pretty.

Myra Hastings, MN

Love it!

Love the rich color!! The best nail polish brand for this type manicure out there! Just wish they had more color selection!

Delores Wolcottville, IN

Love the Color

My favorite color is brown so I bought this color for fun. It is a gorgeous color. A co-worker tried it on and really liked it too. It looked beautiful on her long nails.

Mia Montezuma, GA

CDN Shellac

The color Fadora is fabulous. It’s more of a brown with a hint of red. Love it. It’s my new favorite color. If you like dark colors but don’t want to go to black you’ll love this color.

Erica Renault, IL

Lovely Shade!!

You will have to apply a thick coat the second time if u want a proper dark shade of black. This is great to alternate with other shades like hot pink for summer 🙂

Madeline Mims, FL

Go-To color

This is a standard that I will always have in my collection. It’s trendy because it is darker but very professional in the office.

Christi Pine Island, MN


This is one of my favorite colors. But it must be put on in thin even coats or it will wrinkle in the uv lamp…when it does wrinkle an additional thin coat followed by the top coat fixes it for me every time.

Jackie Crestview, FL

Great color!

This was the first Shellac color I tried when they first came out. It’s a favorite, go to color that seems to look great on everybody.

Anastasia Lansing, KS


Love Fedora. . .dark brown, flat color. No sparkles. My first shellac color! The Shellac system is great and easy to do at home!

Kimberlee Gratiot, WI

will not use again – applies horribly!

super disappinted with this one. love the color. sadly i just can’t get it to apply nicely. once i finally got it looking nice, as soon as i put it under the lamp, it withered up. it looked like when you get a fingerprint on tacky polish — but nothing had touched it. boo! no idea what caused this. i had read others mention “shrinking” – maybe that’s what it is. i also notice a little bit of clumpiness during presently soaking off hence no caps as i am irritably typing one handed.UPDATE– applied Hollywood after. It worked like a charm. No idea what the story is with the Fedora, but I hope they fix it, because I love the color. As expected, the color’s similiar to OPI My Private Jet. Please fix it CND!!

Roberta Roscoe, TX

awesome shellac color

I love this color. The CND Shellac technology is great. And yes, you must ‘cure’ this type of nail color/polish with a UV light. But it is totally worth the added cost and effort. It does not chip and it stays shiny (with the required top coat). It takes about 5 minutes to remove and does not damage the nail.This color is a very dark brown with a hint of maroon. I use it on my fingernails and it ‘matches’ enough with Essie’s “Wicked” color. It is a fab color for the winter months. I think it may be a bit too much for summer and spring.

Sydney Donnellson, IA


THese light cure gel systems are such a great remedy for keeping nice looking nails on active hands. Shellac is an excellent 1. Just make sure you read the quick start instrucs for the entire system. I learned a lot from Amazon reviews & a referral to some great UTUBE videos by someone like “nail fixer” or “nail problem solver.” Anyway, you can find her fairly easily & learn everything you need to know to do a truly pro looking mani/pedi.

Esmeralda Lovington, NM


I am not wild about this color by itself, but when layering it with Hot Chili it’s beautiful. CND polish is great and fun to layer colors.

Leslie Cologne, NJ

Good quality

The color paints on smoothly. It is a true brown color. I bought it thinking I could layer this color to achieve a dark wine, black cherry look. That did not happen. It layers well, but whether used as a base coat or top coat, the brown undertone stays. So if you love a brown color, this is the polish for you.

Robert Tappahannock, VA