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Creative Nail Scrubfresh Coat, 8 Fluid Ounce

A one-step nail prep that improves adhesion and removes contaminates from the nail plate. It prevents nail infections. It prolongs the wear ability of color. Cleanses and temporarily dehydrates the nail plate. Does not contain DBP, toluene or formaldehyde.

Key features

  • Prevents nail infections
  • Prolongs the wear ability of color
  • Cleanses and temporarily dehydrates the nail plate
  • Does not contain DBP, toluene or formaldehyde

Honest reviews


CND Scrub Fresh Nail Surface Cleanser

This works good. I put on my base coat and nail polish and top coat a week ago and it’s still on. :0)This is a wonderful thing.

Shanna Urbanna, VA

as stated

just what I ordered, quick delivery.must have for the shellac to last the two weeks. no bad smell, easy to use.

Angeline Perryman, MD

CND Scrub Fresh Nail

Works just like in the salon – and I can do it at night while watching TV. I no longer have to spend time in the salon.

Kristy Webster, NC


The CND Scrub Fresh Cleanser works great to clean and sanitize my nails. It does all the prep work for CND Shellac. I love this system and it really does help my nails stay stronger.

Brittany Bartlett, OH

LOVE CND products…

this is their acetone that is scented. A nice special treatment as you prepare to get a new color applied after you’ve soaked off the old color properly and not peeled it off like I did and I’m still growing out the damage and I know better! I believe this product also has moisturizer in it. Be smart, follow all directions, never peel the gel polish off (even regular nail polish) as you will damage your nail bed. Thank you for having these products available for purchase!

Sylvia Cleveland, MO

Love this cleaner!

Since I wanted to do as good a job with the Shellac process as possible I purchased this suggested cleaner. It is a very large bottle that I anticipate will last at least a year. It is very fresh and leaves your nails feeling clean. I really do suggest cleaning your nails with this prior to performing the Shellac process.

Charlotte Clay, TX

Not sure if it’s needed

I use this instead of acetone and although I have good result when using it, I don’t think it’s any better than using pure acetone. I guess if you can afford it then use it but if you don’t want to spend extra money on it, acetone will work just as well. I like the fresh scent it has and it doesn’t dry out your hands/fingers like the acetone but it’s really not that special.

Benita Laurel Hill, FL

Not Necessary!

I’ve done my own Shellac nails just fine without this product. I use 91% rubbing alcohol to clean the nails prior to applying polish then using it again to wipe the tacky layer from top coat. My nails turn out great! Don’t waste your money on this product when you can get a huge bottle of rubbing alcohol from Walmart for less than $2.00!

Corrine Seguin, TX

Great product.

Every time I use it, my home-made manicure (UV Shellac) lasts longer. 10 days or longer. I will definitely re-order. Great product.

Dona Burkeville, TX

good stuff!

the product is intended to dehydrate your nails and that is exactly what it does! good price for now many times i do my nails! 14 bucks for a year long product… not bad

Martha Simpson, LA

Works well

This was a great price and works really well. I got just what I expected!

Valarie Lahaina, HI

Works great when shellacing nails

This product arrived on time and does exactly what it promised! I use it before I apply CND shellac products and it works great!

Joyce Gaffney, SC

Love this product

This product worked very well for me because I have oily nails and this dries the nails out so that when the shellac is applied it stays on longer. Highly recommend this before applying the shellac

Flora New Market, VA

Great for use with Vinylux but arrived damaged

I’ve used the new Vinylux polish line at home and had it applied at the salon. The salon manicures really did last the full week but mine at home did not. The only difference was that I was not using the Scrubfresh to prepare my nails first. Since the 1st of the 2 layers of Vinylux polish has to have a really dry nail to absorb into, I think that the Scrubfresh is a critical part of the CND Vinylux product line, which I strongly prefer over Shellac since it can be easily removed at home and actually helps my nails stay strong and healthy. However, I cannot recommend this Seller. My bottle arrived looking terrible from leakage that did not appear to have occurred during shipping and was not full so I had to return it.

Leola Petersburg, TX

Perfect…as described and delivered quickly

Perfect…as described and delivered quicklyRecommended for all who love gel nails. Cleanser type product that sanitizes the nail prior to applying gels.

Lilly Taylor, WI

Love it

This will definitely scrub off any left over polish. It does dry out your cuticles thought. It will take off any and all "left overs" you may have on your nails before you paint.

Melba Irma, WI

No quarrles

Well it does what it says "Scrubs Fresh". However I think its just nail varnish remover in a fancy bottle (smells like it anyhow). Do you really need it for Shellac nails? I seriously doubt it if you are soaking the life out of them in remover already that is strong enough to take the paint off a car and then some 😉 I purchased this after my Shellacs weren’t as hard as I liked them. I can peel them off with my nails still. And this did not help. I have all CND products including the dryer. Seriously , I give up! 🙁 Maybe you will have better luck than I did .

Sallie Effingham, NH

Great Product!

I use this CND Scrubfresh to prepare my nails, before I polish them with CND Shellac Power Polish. Using Scrubfresh, creates a great surface on my nail, for the Shellac Power Polish to adhere to. I not only clean my nail surface with Scrubfresh, I also clean under my nails with Scrubfresh, before polishing. I wrap a very small piece of cotton around the end of an orange wood stick, and dip it into the Scrubfresh. I use it to clean beneath my nails. Then, I clean my nail surfaces with a non-cotton pad, saturated in Scrubfresh. I let the Scrubfresh dry on my nails, then begin polishing them with my favorite CND Shellac Power Polish.

Claudine Shandon, OH


This product is an essential piece to the shellac at-home nail experience. It temporarily dries the nail before the primer.

Lilly Brownwood, MO

Leaves sticky residue

Not a big fan of this for any sort of prep but great after setting nails. A bottle goes a very long way

Judith Pleasant Hope, MO

Not really worth it

This product is primarily acetone. So you may as well use just acetone. But, DO NOT use with cotton or around pets that shed!

Eva Olaton, KY

Helps the CND shellac application last longer.

When I learned about shellac nails I went to utube and watched a couple of application videos. I then bought the products at Amazon and did the application. I noticed that they only lasted a week or less, not the 2 weeks discussed on the videos or the website so I went and had them applied professionally. The professional used this product after lightly buffing and they lasted the full 2 weeks so I bought it and have had the same results.

Kasey White Post, VA

Essential for Nail Polish Adherence

This is an excellent value and essential for the gel or Shellac polish users as it will remove all traces of oils and helps get good adherence of the nail product to the nail. You manicure will last until it grows out without any peeling.

Ruth Greenbelt, MD

good product to clean nails after polish removal

this nail cleaner after you remove your polish really leaves your nails cleaner for the CND polishes. it helps it last longer.

Traci Laurinburg, NC


You probably could use alcohol the higher percentage but I like this product and love all of my CND products.

Clarice Tussy, OK