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Creative Nail Scrubfresh Coat, 8 Fluid Ounce

A one-step nail prep that improves adhesion and removes contaminates from the nail plate. It prevents nail infections. It prolongs the wear ability of color. Cleanses and temporarily dehydrates the nail plate. Does not contain DBP, toluene or formaldehyde.

Key features

  • Prevents nail infections
  • Prolongs the wear ability of color
  • Cleanses and temporarily dehydrates the nail plate
  • Does not contain DBP, toluene or formaldehyde

Honest reviews


Good cleaner for nails

Bought this for the manicure and pedicure shellac start process. It seems as the bottle will last a little longer than a polish remover bottle would have lasted.

Neva Cushman, AR

A necessary item

I thought that I might not need this item for the CND process, but it is crucial to have the nail bed clean and dehydrated before applying the CND Gel! This product does just that, and I’ve noticed a difference in the Gel application using it. Don’t leave this step out.

Bonita Berkeley Springs, WV

like it!

It works great. I think it works as good as salon products. I would recommend it to a friend for sure.

Brandy Mescalero, NM


This product is a replacement product. It is required first step product. my wife and daughters love all these products.

Bertie Rocky Mount, MO

Good Pre Treat!

I use this product like it is suggested. As a pre treatment to the nail polish. It must work because the Vinalyx nail polish is staying on for a week and I love it!

Cheri Rozel, KS

Use it all the time!

Use it all the time with the rest of my CND collection – works great!

Alba Marlette, MI

Scrub Fresh

Great product to use with the CND system. Large bottle to accompany a lot off manicures. Super fast shipping. I will purchase again.

Kate Emeigh, PA