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Creative Nail Design Vinylux Nail Lacquer, Weekly Top Coat, 0.5 Fluid Ounce

Vinylux weekly polish and weekly top coat are a system that is uniquely design to work together. Patent-pending pro-light technology creates a powerful network of cross-linked polymer bonds that build resistance to chips, and enhance durability with exposure to natural light over time.

Key features

  • Resists chips and has enhanced durability
  • A unique new polish that will last better than ordinary polish

Honest reviews


Not completely what it’s touted to be

While this nail polish IS better than regular polish, I just don’t find it to be amazingly better. It may stay on without chips for a day more than regular polish, but not much more than that. Since it doesn’t cost a lot more than some of the high-end regular polishes, it’s probably worth it (keep in mind, you DO have to have the topcoat for it to be effective).

Tina Clarissa, MN

Fabulous product!

One hint: when I had this applied at salon she made sure and wipe my nails thoroughly with an alcohol pad before applying polish. I think removing any oil from nails helps. This lasts a good 10 days for me with no chipping. I only have light colors because I am not very good at applying my own polish and light colors seem more forgiving. I could not go more than a few hours without chipping or smudging regular polish. It was like it never dried. 10 minute wait and this is good to go! LOVE IT! Am going to try and branch out into darker colors!

Luann Garden, MI

Nice product

This is CND’s new product, one week duration. Nice not worrying about if nails or dry or not and chipping polish.

Tonia Middlefield, CT

Fantastic Product!

I bought this polish kit and was a bit skeptical that it would last 7 days, but it has surpassed my expectations. I have 2 kids so I’m always washing bottle, giving baths, cleaning up, etc. It’s been 7 days and my nails have not one chip. They have some obvious wear, but that’s to be expected. I won’t use another topcoat again.

Christa Curdsville, KY

Makes polish last

I purchased this along with the Creative Nail Creative Nail Design nail lacquer. The nail lacquer was horrible. It was very runny and I had to use four coats to get a solid opaque color but even then it streaked. But the top coat is great! The only thing I don’t like about it is the warning on the bottle about not to get it on your skin. I surmise it it very toxic. Since I didn’t like the Creative Nail Creative Nail Design nail lacquer I decided to use the top coat on regular nail polish and it works great! Just don’t get it on you skin I guess.

Lynne Bedminster, PA

Worked better than Shellac for me

I tried this product at a salon and the results were amazing. My nails tend to be weak and peel, likely due to a lot of yardwork in the Summer. But this manicure didn’t even show a tiny chip on my index finger until after 5 days and when I repaired it with a drop of clear, it lasted the full 7 days and looked great. I rarely had that type of luck with Shellac and Shellac did weaken my nails. I was able to remove my Vinylux manicure simply at home with regular nail polish remover and my nails were in great shape. I’m buying the system for home use. I’m a believer!

Janette Lewiston, CA


This gives a good glossy top coat, however it does not protect from chipping, i had chips the very next day.

Ollie Concord, VA

good base

this is easy to apply and will work for you well if you follow directions completely. works well for everyone.

Marion Coloma, CA

Worked exactly as advertised for me

I used this with the Rubble polish and I have had it on for 10 days and it is still looking ok. This is my first time trying the Vinylux polishes. It isn’t as shiny and awesome as the first day but it doesn’t look as horrible as regular polish does by day 10 (if you still have any on by day 10). It dries very quickly and is very shiny the first 4-5 days and not bad day 6-8. I don’t know what would happen if I just applied another coat of clear polish around day 5. Maybe I will try that next time. I really like it because I can wear a color for a week but I don’t have to wear it for two weeks to justify the cost. It goes on like regular polish so you don’t have to go to a salon and pay $30-40 to have it done. Once it’s dried it does feel thicker than regular polish but not in a bad way. It feels like it helps to make my nails stronger. I use my hands a lot at work and I wear gloves 20-30% of the time, I do a lot of typing, I wash dishes 3-4 times a week so if it was going to chip there were plenty of opportunities. I hate having to walk around thinking "I can’t do that because I don’t want to mess up my nails". Now there was some wearing at the nail tip and one or two chips at the corner tip of the nail but even gel nails wear at the tips if you use your nails/hands a lot. But given how long it has been I am very pleased. I would have taken the polish off after a week if I wasn’t so lazy this week. I will definitely check the Vinylux inventory before I make my next nail color purchase to see if the color I want is offered before I buy it in regular polish.

Lacy Carsonville, MI

dries fast!

I love vinylux polishes. I can get about a weeks wear without chipping with them! Versus only about ONE DAY with other polishes because my hands are in water so much.The top coat DRIES SO FAST!!! & it leaves a beautiful shine. My new go to polish and top coat.

Sheila Friendship, ME

Great product!

Lasted a full week as promised! How many products still deliver on a promise? Highly recommend CND weekly polish and top coat!

Adela Goldbond, VA

You MUST buy this if you want your manicue to last

I have never had a gel manicure because they are hard on your nails and I believe removing the polish is not so easy. My nails are very weak and chip and flake and break very easily.Regular manicures are the way i go, but they do not last unless i take the time to apply a fresh topcoat every day or so. If I do that, I might get a full week from the manicure. THIS TOP COAT IS A GAME CHANGER!!!! You can use it with other Vinylux colors or even with regular polish. One coat and I can easily get a week or more out of my regular manicure……If I reapply, I have had my nails looking good for up to 2 weeks. It is far superior to any other top coat i have tried.

Kenya Spanaway, WA

VINYLUX Weekly Top Coat

All Vinylux products last long, are chip free and dry super fast and hard in 4 minutes!! The top coat is the key. I keep a bottle with me to apply when I do lots of house work, or cooking. A WONDERFUL NEW PRODUCT!!

Judy Mather, WI

Awesome product

Love the shine and the time to dryI would definitely purchase this item again and recommend it to others.

Lydia Huntland, TN

Recommend this!

This is a wonderful top coat and I can’t wait to try the nail polish with it. Right now I’m just using it on my other nail polish but it still does a wonderful job and is every quick on drying.

Jeannette Oregon House, CA

Great top coat

When used on vinylux colors it lasts for 7-14 days! When used on other colors (I have tried OPI) it increases its life to about 7 days depending on how much I use my hands.

Ava Bertrand, NE

Great to have at home

I purchased this because I am loving the vinylux I get at salons, and I hope to make it last just a little longer by reapplying the top coat. Also, I will be able to do my nails myself once I have it. The vinylux product is great – just like polish, doesn’t trash your nails like shellac, and seems to last on my nails at least a week without chipping.

Octavia Sesser, IL

Not sure

I’m really not sure if and how it’s different from my beloved "Out the Door," topcoat, but surely it is. I use this in unison with the CND colors and sometimes get a week out of the polish.

Kathleen Unadilla, GA

top coat

this product is necessary when using the polish, as it seals the manicure for a week long, chip-free nail job.

Pansy Geronimo, TX

Works Well

This works better than regular nail polish but, of course, not as well as salon gel nails. I’m pretty hard on my nails so this polish lasts pretty well – maybe 3-4 days.

Ella Livingston, TX