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Creative Nail Design Vinylux Nail Lacquer, Weekly Top Coat, 0.5 Fluid Ounce

Vinylux weekly polish and weekly top coat are a system that is uniquely design to work together. Patent-pending pro-light technology creates a powerful network of cross-linked polymer bonds that build resistance to chips, and enhance durability with exposure to natural light over time.

Key features

  • Resists chips and has enhanced durability
  • A unique new polish that will last better than ordinary polish

Honest reviews


Supurb Product

I was quite impressed by this top coat.I use with my regular opi and essie polishes.This stuff dries quickly & my manicures last for a week with a few chips.It makes my nails look like they’re gel/shellac. Everyone keeps asking me if they are gel nails. Even when I go to the nail salon to get my nails done.Great product. I’m very pleased. I’m a buyer for life as long as the formula doesn’t change.

Nora Union, ME

This stuff is the BOMB!!!

I am simply smitten with my recent (how did I just learn of this:!:!) discovery of Vinylux. I was once a fake nail girl. Expensive, time-consuming, toxic and destructive. After a few years without, I swapped to shellac. I love it at first, but discovered it too hurt the nail, was somewhat time consuming, and I worried about the effect of the light on my skin and nail beds. THIS stuff is the bomb. I dries super fast, no light required, and does last amazingly well. My nails peel and chip within a day with regular polish. This stuff is the bomb. So happy. I haven’t kept it on a week yet. It’s so quick and easy to change colors (no soaking, just regular polish remover). Love it!Natural, quick, easy, beautiful. Super happy!

Evangelina Glennville, CA

Great product!

This is a must if your going to use the CND- Vinylux polish. I looked everywhere for the base coat and never found one then when I saw my manicurist she told me you only need 2 coats of the polish on dry nails and this top coat. It’s super fast and keeps my polish on for up to 10 days.

Fran Locust Grove, VA

Love this stuff

I love this top coat and it is totally necessary to use with the weekly polish. Make sure you paint the tips of your fingers too for maximum success!

Cherie Wyalusing, PA

dries fast – great top coat.

I love the vinylux polishes. They definitely have lasting power!!! I wash my hands dozens of times per day and normal polish chips the same day I put it on! The Vinylux lasts about a week for me, which is amazing. This top coat makes it shine and protects it a few more days. DRIES FAST TOO

Karin Mechanicsburg, PA

Great Top Coat

Use this top coat to complete the CND Vinylux system. One would think I work for this company – I dont. Just love the polish. Found it at a spa I went to in Palm Desert and have been using since.

Melody Newmanstown, PA

CND – VINYLUX TOP COAT Weekly Polish Creative Nail Design Manicure Lacquer…

I used as a top coat at home over my nail polish( I used my own regular nail polish not CND). It lasted 4 days without chipping which I’m very happy about. I would recommend this product.

Melody Carpenter, SD

Great product!!!

I used this too can’t with regular nail polish and they work really good. I’m trying to use in special clients who always are dealing with water. This product really long last as it says. I try this on myself and last for 6 days( Im a manicurist and stay-mom of 3yrs old) I love it. I definally buy more.

Fran Porters Falls, WV

CND top coat

This is the best top coat I have ever used. Polish stays on twice as long. I will never use any other top coat again

Ginger Taft, CA

Super Shine

Dries very quickly to a beautiful shine that lasts and protects. Necessary to use this or other good topcoat in order for your polish to last a week as promised.

Debra Oakfield, TN

Does not work

Not only does my polish only last 2 days before it chips, it takes forever for it to dry. Waste of money.

Marsha Homeland, CA

Thick, glossy, dries in no time

Best top coat EVER. Super glossy, super thick, but doesn’t bubble. Goes on thick and glossy and dries in less than 10 minutes. I put it on over 3 thick coats of Vinylux and it lasted almost 2 weeks.

Kristi Delmita, TX

Great top coat

This is the product to seal Vinulux polish. I use it several times between manicures to help strengthen my poor abused nails as a result of using acrylic nails so long.

Erika Enloe, TX

Did not work well

I used thus according to instructions and the Polish came right off. My regular polish with vase and top coat stays on longer.

Kaye Solomon, AZ

Great top coat for CND Weekly

This works well with the weekly CND nail polished. It works well alone too.

Loraine Bridgeview, IL

good top coat

good top coat for the vynilux line. be aware these polishes and top coat to age faster in the bottles and then tend to go on in a rather gummy fashion.

Jeannine Portland, OR

I can do it myself!

Like many others, I have been getting “gel nails” for several years. The main reason is my nails are very soft, weak, and peel – NO MATTER WHAT I DO!!! Or so I thought…….When a friend told me I could do a gel manicure at home, I was very skeptical. She insisted, I purchased, and here’s my review:I purchased “Lavishly Loved #126” and the “CND Vinylux Top Coat Weekly Polish. Somewhere I had read that Witch Hazel, wiped on clean nails with a cotton ball, is a great nail prep – as well as cheap. So I sat down and filed, shaped, used cuticle remover, – the whole 9 yards and BEFORE I applied the polish, I wiped my nails with Walgreen’s generic witch hazel and let it dry. The Lavishly Loved polish was easily to apply and with one coat, the result was a natural French manicure. No globs and no streaks. Two coats produced a manicure that looks clean and professional. The Vinylux Top Coat Weekly Polish applied easily as well. On the advice of my previously mentioned friend, I walked outside, held my fingers up and let the sun “cure the manicure.” About 5 days into the week, I applied another coat of top coat and got 13 days of a non-chipped manicure! Mind you, this includes washing dishes, laundry, and cleaning without gloves as well as moving the lawn.The only reason I redid the manicure was the growth showed and I’m OCD. With the polish on, my nails were hard and after the polish was removed my nails were still hard. After 2 months of continued use, I actually have nails and they are strong and healthy and I actually have to file because they get too long.Now, I don’t know if the witch hazel prep made the difference, the polish and top coat made the difference, or the sun curing process made the difference, I only know that when I continued using these products and this routine, SOMETHING made a difference. It is my understanding that a base coat is not needed because the polish itself contains a basecoat and a nail strengthener. Whatever………………Am I pleased with the products: 100% – in fact I just ordered 2 additional colors.

Jennifer Bartlett, KS