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Creative Nail Design SolarOil .5oz

Sweep this oil across your nails and you’ll know why nail and beauty experts swear by it and have been using this staple nail care item for years. A rejuvenating blend of jojoba, rice bran and sweet almond oils infused with the power of vitamin E, penetrates deeply into your cuticles and nails to prevent them from becoming brittle and to promote healthy nail growth.

Key features

  • SolarOil is a synergistic blend of naturally light oils and Vitamin E, designed to deeply penetrate and protect nails and skin.

Honest reviews


Really turiffic prodct, well worth the $

After removing my acrylic nails which I’ve had for well over 20 years, I found myself searching for natural nail care products. I came across this oil after seeing a “natural nail care” video on YouTube. The manicurist in the video highly recommended this product. I hesitated a bit cause of the price & so I started using olive oil with pure garlic in it. This did do a nice job. But finally my hubby gifted me this product & let me tell you, ITS LIKE BUTTER! The difference is like night & day. The olive oil did work ok, however, I did notice that it took a while for my cuticles to absorb the oil. However, this product is so silky & buttery that my cuticles absorb it immediately & it smells terrific. I am sold on this product. I will most definitely continue using it, LOVE IT! I do plan on continuing to use the olive/garlic oil through the day, & this product at bedtime.

Queen Pembroke, NC

Excellent Nail Oil

I use this nail oil for my nails and cuticles every time I do a manicure. The oil penetrates into the nail and cuticle very nicely and does not leave an oily residue at all. My nails are extremely dry and this oil moisturizes them and keeps them from breaking off. I will continue to use this product as long as they make it as it works so well for my nails and dry cuticles. Would highly recommend!

Amber Alplaus, NY

Love it!

Using Orly FX and this was recommended by a Spa director friend. Nice almond scent, absorbs well and does condition cuticles well. Recommend

Cornelia Pine Prairie, LA

Smells Amazing

I love this cuticle oil. My manicure is not finished without it. I also use it every day to help mosturize my cuticles.

Nikki Notasulga, AL

Terrific Solar Oil – Great Price!

I saw this solar oil at a beauty supply store in the mall for $11. I paid less than $8. This solar oil absorbs into my nails quickly and very well. I am very happy with this product. I’m thrilled with the price!

Minnie Somerset, TX

Helps nails grow

I have been using this for years. In fact it helps strengthen my nails allowing them to grow and not crack. If I use it daily. Great on my toes after a pedicure helps mois.t uprise around the nail ed to prevent polish from looking worn.

Germaine Onekama, MI

the only oil to use

i have my nails shellacked. no artificial nails and this oil keeps the cuticles from becoming too dry. the cuticles remain soft, they don’t overgrow the nails and never split or crack. use it, you’ll be very glad you did.

Alta Woodruff, UT

Great Nail Conditioner

I use this product on a regular basis especially in the winter. It keeps my nails and cuticles nicely conditioned. The bottle lasts a really long time and the natural ingredients are a plus.

Emilie Sulphur, OK

I love the heck out of this stuff

I am a dude however I use this to keep hangnails from occurring. It works like a charm! I would get a hang nail then bite and pull it then my fingers would look terrible. Long story short, this stuff works great if you have that issue as well. My only issue is that it comes in a nail polish jar… so I get a lot of flack from friends who come over if i forget to put it up. God forbid they walked in while i was applying it on my fingers and toes haha. Anyhow, great stuff, I now know why folks dig this stuff!

Marian New London, NC

Also love this

This is the best possible oil you can use for your nails! LOVE it! I’ve been using it for years

Savannah Youngstown, FL

Smells amazing!

I love the smell of this, it is so nice and luxurious. Goes on smoothly, absorbs quickly and leaves that lovely scent. Highly recommend

Evelyn El Paso, AR