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Creative Nail Design Shellac UV Color Coat Tutti Frutti .25oz

A UV-cured color coat featuring UV3 technology: on like polish; wears like gel; off in minutes. Provides a long-lasting color layer to nails.

Key features

  • Salon Professional hair care product
  • 100% Genuine

Honest reviews


Fun, bright color.

This color seems accurate to the sample shown here. I love this happy color. It is a very bright pink.

Trina Seneca, MO

Love this one too!

I received this Cnd Shellac UV Color Coat Tutti Frutti nail polish in a very prompt and timely manner from this seller. The color was as I expected for a nice bright hot pink. I haven’t used it yet but am not disappointed at all. Thank you again for another great polish I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use out of!

Lorene Lathrop, CA

Favorite brand

I love gel nail polish, and CND is my favorite brand. OPI has a much better selection of colors, but they don’t come with a brush, and they are SO thick. You have to stir and stir. Hopefully, CND will catch up and offer more colors.

Christi Woodburn, IA

Very Vibrant

The color is hot and vibrant with a touch of pearl look. Definitely one of my favourites. Color in the picture reflects pretty close the true color.

Angelina Burton, MI

Love it

This one is my favorite color! Even the name is fun, use the new powders to get cool new colors.

Patty Dixon, MO

I’m a PINK girl!

This is the BEST shade of pink out there! Very bright but not "neon". I have had the most compliments on my nails when whearing this color. Last night I tried Tutti Frutti as the first coat and Baroness Red on top. SO pretty! It’s great how you can change it up just a little by mixing the color layers.

Marva Middlesex, NY

love the color

I really loved this color. Originally went for a mani/pedi and picked the same color out. Now I can just fix my chips with my own color. It’s a nice vacation, summer color. Hope the weather warms up so I can use it again.

Sylvia Liberty, NY

Love it

This is a color you want if your like the bright pinks that make your nails pop. Don’t get me wrong it’s not a neon, but a suttle, but bright pink that is very pretty.

Alba Steens, MS

Perfect summer color!

I ordered this bottle to replace a bottle I had purchased back in 2011. Love this color! One of my summer staples!

Dessie Saint Michaels, MD

I have too many pinks!

This shade is very pretty…i call it "barbie pink" its bright and has a hint of sparkle in it too, nothing against the product, but I realized I have WAY too many pinks in my polish arsenal….this is a great color for summer, however!

Vonda Jewett City, CT

Another winner from CND Shellac

I chose this and Tropix as my summer pedicure colors and could not be more pleased. I love the Shellac process and do it myself. This is really a bold bright summertime pink!

Inez Mc Donald, PA

Tutti Frutti

This is my favorite summer shellac color!! As all the shellac products, it will last at least two weeks. I describe this color as “fuschia.” I wear this color plain, or jazz it up with nail art. Have some fun and wear Tutti Frutti!

Constance Grayling, MI

Love the Shellac!

I love the Shellac gels, and this color is beautiful! Very bright pink with a bit of a purple shimmer to it in certain lights. Similar to OPI’s Pompeii Purple.

Virginia Sprankle Mills, PA

tutti fruiti is a great summer polish

tutti fruiti is a great summer polish ! The color is fun and sort of a bright magenta pink with violet highlites. I have been wanting this color for a while, and sorry I waited so long to buy it. Best color yet from CND.

Nadia Buckeye, IA

A staple

This is a super fun summer color, goes on smooth and wears well. I will keep this one in stock….a definite reorder

Sandy Deep River, IA

Tutti Frutti is a great color!

Received my CND Shellac UV Color Coat Tutti Frutti polish in less than 4 days. Very quick shipping. It was packaged well and appeared new and unopened. I have just used it on my pedicure and the color is beautiful! Very vibrant, almost neon. It is a blend of hot pink/fuschia with a fine pearlized lavender reflectivity that almost appears holographic! Very bright, very vivid.Both my husband and college-age son like it, too. My son said the color was “sassy”. With the CND clear top coat, this polish is so glossy and brilliant. I’m really enjoying it.I think this color would probably look good on just about any skin tone and it is equally good for winter as it would be for spring or summer.Definitely recommend!

Lindsay Jersey City, NJ

Looks like OPI Pompei Purple

This is one of my favorites! It has a irradesecent purple undertome and the hot pink go so well together. If ever you were a pompei purple fan this is it in the CND line!

Suzanne Windsor Mill, MD

Vibrant summer pink

This is a great summer color. Hot pink is one of my favorite summer colors & this one doesn’t disappoint.

Florine Porthill, ID

Love it

I LOVE this color. I have been using Harmony Gelish, but CND lasts soooo much longer and no lifting or chipping and it has been on 2 weeks. The color is exactly as it is shown here. I am a new fan of CND!

Ladonna Leroy, PA

VERY Bright Color

While I like this color it’s very, very bright and pigmented and it also has a slight glittery sheen to the polish. It’s a beautiful color but more appropriate for vacation or weekends and not the professional workplace. Otherwise I do like the color.

Bethany Tybee Island, GA

I’m African American…

…MAC NW45 and I love this color. It really complements my skin tone! There’s nothing much to it, simply love it!

Violet Sidney, OH

Tutti Frutti is a very bright pink

Good Spring/Summer Color. Please be aware that this polish is part of the CND Shellac system and requires the CND Shellac Top and Base Coats to work properly. Also you will need the UV lamp to cure the polish. I don’t usually get 2 full weeks from this polish but that could be because my technique is faulty. I still love that the polish doesn’t chip as easily as regular polish and I get about a week of wear before I feel the need to do it all over. I can’t stand chips or wear on the tips so if you aren’t as picky, you might get the full two weeks.

Olivia Wittmann, AZ

Fun summer color

I like this color a lot. My fave is Hollywood (red) but this mixes things up a bit. I am pretty pale skin so this pops in a good way. Like all shellac gel polishes it is super shiny and looks wet all the time.I did find this color to “shrink” a touch, but it’s certainly workable (unlike Fedora, a color I adored, but a polish I could not work with at all).It’s eerything the name implies – fun and bubbly! I would repurchase for sure!

Geneva Rochester, PA

Beautiful Color for Spring time!

I’m normally into the natural look and the shellac negligee is my favorite, but this color is so beautiful especially now in the Easter and Spring time.For those who are new to shellac – this is NOT a regular polish! It’s a system and requires a base, top coat and uv lamp to cure the color.

Donna Glenford, NY

I love love love this polish

This polish is the absolute perfect uv color polish the color is true what you see is what it drys as. I want to order all the colors from CND my clients and my entire nail salon love them. I’m gonna buy all of them for sure thank you

Jerri Edmond, WV

Gorgeous color!

Great summer color, as pictured ! Love Shellac, last for at least 2 weeks if applied properly! I will definitely get other colors

Tia Mesquite, TX