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Creative Nail Design Creative Nail Solar Oil, 0.5 Ounce

Solar oil is a conditioning treatment that penetrates deeply and quickly, softening cuticles and promoting strong, flexible natural nails and enhancements. Solar oil’s natural blend of jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and vitamin e creates a light penetrating oil with antioxidant agents.

Key features

  • A conditioner that softens cuticles and strengthens nails
  • A blend of jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and vitamin E
  • Light penetrating oil with antioxidant agents

Honest reviews


Just Cuticle Oil

PRO’s:Smells good (like a yummy almond christmas cookie and dried fruit), goes on easily with a brush applicator, not expensive, soaks in fairly quickly (about 5 minutes for it to absorb completely).CON’s:Doesn’t really feel that moisturizing after it’s completely absorbed. Comparable with any other oil based cuticle oil.Now I’ve only used this product a few times today and so far it’s comparable to all my other cuticle oils. Not any better, not any worse. If it does miracles on my cuticles with my continuous use I will update this review.Update: I’ve used this product for a really long time now and haven’t seen any amazing results. It’s still just an average cuticle oil to me. Nothing super special. I actually use Lush co. ultra balm as my cuticle oil now since it feels more moisturizing and lasts much longer. I still give this product a B rating because it does it’s job but needs to be reapplied often for effectiveness.

Ola Shevlin, MN

Best Cuticle Oil on the Market

Hands down, Solar Oil is the best cuticle oil on the market.Somehow, the blend of oils in this are the best at healing and preventing split cuticles, hangnails, dry nails, chipped polish, broken nails, toe fungus, separation of acrylic overlays, all kinds of problems. I never find any other oil, lotion or cuticle oil works as well, especially on my problem hands which really get dry cuticles and sometimes even eczema around my nails and under the nail edges.I worked in a salon for 15 years doing skin care & nails, and this was the number one product I recommended to all nail clients to buy. Not only was it good for the skin, it actually sinks through the polish and artifical nails so that these things stay on better.I actually buy multiple bottles at a time and keep one in each room of the house so wherever I am, I can put some on – after doing dishes, while watching TV, and right before bed. Otherwise, I get painful dry skin. Amazon has great prices on it so I can afford to store them around the house. Most people could probably just keep one by the bed and do it before going to sleep. (also a good time for intensive foot lotion, which I also keep next to the bed – right before going to sleep, I lotion up hands and feet so it can sink in during the night; Aveda makes great therapeutic hand & foot lotion).A note on application: Brush on cuticles and under the nail edge, massage the oil in to the skin, the nail, and the end of the finger under the nail. It won’t work nearly as well if you don’t massage each finger/nail. Also, do the oil before lotion because the oil is applied with a brush that could get contaminated by a greasy lotion, and the lotion will seal in the healing oil.

Lidia West Farmington, OH

Can’t live without my Solar Oil

Solar Oil and Shellac Nail Polish is a must. To take off Shellac you must use Acetone and it really drys your nails. I must put solar oil on my nails (yes over polish too) on my nails at least 5 times a day. Especially at night before going to sleep. My nails are only medium in length, so would hate to know what they would be like without my solar oil. I like the big 4 oz. bottle to fill my smaller ones that I keep around the house and in my purse. Love, love , love solar oil!

Lizzie Edgefield, SC

Smells delicious and works really well!

I’ve always gotten terrible hangnails — so bad that they often bleed. I’ve used hand lotions and creams to try to help, but I recently saw something in _Allure_ magazine about how great this Solar Oil is, so I thought I’d give it a try. I love it!Since it is a bit messy, I’ve been applying it right before bed. I put a bit on each nail, and massage it around the cuticle area and entire nail bed. When I wake up, it has sunk in, and it leaves my nails and cuticles nicely moisturized — much more so than just using regular hand lotion. It’s helping to heal up my hangnails.The smell on this is also divine. It smells like almond cookies. Great product that I will definitely re-purchase!

Kristin Muse, PA


I have always had awful nails. They peel and chip and crack constantly. I tried just about everything made to strengthen them. I’ve use OPI nail strengthener on them. I tried the Artificial Acrylics, which seemed to be doing well. However everything I put on entailed removing it once a week with polish remover. I used non acetone but my nails were awful. They were so dry they were actually white. Sheets of nail would peel off because I just can’t tolerate any of the polish removers. Nothing I put on them to moisturize them helped at all. And anything painted on them would occasionally peel and that took layers of nail with it. I remembered my manicurist using solar oil when I had acrylics and decided to try it again. After about 2 weeks of constant use my nails were no longer white or peeled. I’ve been using it daily for a while now and this is the best they have ever looked or felt. They also don’t seem to bend as much as they used to and seem harder. I am very pleased with this product. It moisturizers the cuticles as well and the skin on my fingers. In the winter my thumbs especially crack open and bleed. It’s extremely painful and has happened year after year regardless of how much or which hand cream I apply. Not this winter. That was a first. Can’t recommend this enough. And I have to say. My nails are, for the very first time ever, hard. They barely bend anymore. I used to be able to bend them completely over and every time I bumped something, they broke. I can’t believe that this simple oil actually made my nails hard for the first time in 54 years. I use it after every time I wash my hands, before bed and several times while watching TV. I keep it on the TV stand. This product is amazing.

Jeanette Ashland, MS

Great product

I started using SolarOil when I got my first Shellac manicure… the salon recommended that I apply this oil nightly. And then I got hooked. It’s a great cuticle oil with a nice almond scent and it doesn’t leave my fingers feeling too greasy. Now I carry a bottle in my work bag so I can apply the oil whenever my cuticles are feeling dry. A once or twice daily application is all you need.

Kathie Chester, MA

A little disappointed

Since my thyroid was yanked out, my nails have become dry and brittle. I tried biotin for a couple of years, and it did nothing to help. I’ve tried various oils and nail "treatments," with no success. I tried Solaroil based on the very positive reviews, and while I’m sure it’s a great product, it did nothing to improve my nails. So far, the only thing that appears to work is Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel. I use it as a hand "cream" at least once a day, working it into my nails as well. The downside is that it’s oily and takes a few minutes to absorb, but it’s the only remedy that works for me.

Deann Poulsbo, WA

Love this stuff

Non greasy and really absorbs into the skin fast. I had really dried out cuticles and nails that made my nails look ugly no matter what type of poish I used. This stuff may seem pricey for some but it last a long time because all u need is a little bit. I read a review that said if u don’t use this product everyday that your skin n cuticles will begin to peel. That is true. I didn’t use it for like 3 days n the skin around my cuticles began to peek. Not very bag but enough to look ugly. Other tha that I love this stuff.

Lolita Altair, TX

My favourite nail oil

I use this once or twice a day after I wash my hands, or after I do my nails. I like it because it absorbs easily, and though it has a pleasant almond fragrance, it is not heavily fragranced, which is important for me especially because of my sensitive skin, though we all need to avoid irritating ingredients in skin care products–especially ones, like fragrance, that have no function for skin, nails, or hair. I intend to get more applicators of Solar Oil for locations around the house as I empty everything else, and buy in more bulk!

Eunice Thebes, IL

Nice product…

I just need to remember to USE it! It is vital for keeping the skin around the nail bed soft and manageable. My hands get so dry no matter how much lotion or whatever brand I use (I LOVE Philosophy products!) but for some reason my hands are not very cooperative but if I would be more consistent with this product, I’m sure I would have better results! Thanks Amazon for having the people available to make these item accessible!!!

Glenda Spring Lake, MI

Keep it by the sink!

I try and remember to use this every day on the cuticles on my hands and feet. Especially after a Shellac manicure…it’s a must. It freshens up your nails and keeps your hands looking manicured (even when they haven’t).

Ella Randlett, UT

I use it almost daily.

I use this product almost daily. It really helps with my brittle and dry nails. When I miss more than three days I can tell a big difference.

Roxanne Fox Valley, IL

Great product for cuticles

I get gel nails done every other week and this in and of itself – dries your cuticles out considerably – this is a product I’d read about in a magazine (I believe In Style) anyway it’s nominal in pricing and is a dynamite little cuticle oil. I would surely recommend it.

Jessie Vevay, IN


Moisturizes great and smells sooo goood!!! Love that cherry almond scent. Just like the jergen’s cherry almond but on your cuticles. Very happy. Try to use every day and cuticles are softer and less hangnails.

Jacqueline Buchanan, VA

Love it! Smells great too!

Love this cuticle oil. My nail bed and cuticles look better than they ever have since I’ve been using this for about 2 weeks now.Put it on twice a day and it nourishes your cuticles and nail bed, I haven’t had a hang nail since I started using this!Oh and it smells like cherries and almond. Yum.

Joni Rio Nido, CA

Great oil

Great oil for nails. I have a hangnail problem and I use this a lot. It really helps to moisturize around my nails and fingers. I also use it on my hands and I drop some into my lotions also. It has great soothing ingredients. (vita E) Smells wonderful. The oil lasts along time and a little goes a long way too.

Ophelia Monterville, WV

Quality product

my nails and cuticles have shown noticeable improvement with daily use of this oil for the last two months. It has a pleasant smell and is neither overly runny or sticky as some other oils tend to be.

Leah Menlo, WA

nail oil

I use this to hydrate my nail after taking off the gel nails. Great to use around the cuticles also…and I have also used it on a few of my small scars with success !

Shannon Rudy, AR

the perfect cuticle oil!

i have scleroderma so my cuticles dry out easily. this keeps them soft and easy to manicure. it’s the best cuticle oil i’ve found and does not irritate as some have. definitely recommended.

Jerry Versailles, NY

Love it!

Works fantastically. I use it every day and my cuticles are feeling great! There was a time when I stopped using it for a week and at the end of the week I had dry crusty cuticles – once the oil was used – it was all gone again and my nails looked great!

Jennie Edgar, NE

Helps my nails grow

My friend recommended this oil for dry cuticles but it is very good for the nails too-makes them grow much stronger!

Jami Willow Lake, SD

Smells delicious

Literally smells like maraschino cherries. I haven’t really noticed that it’s done much for my cuticles. It does make them softer and soaks in within about a half hour or so. I’ve been trying to track down the reason my cuticles are so chewed up without cause. This didn’t solve it, but it is lovely if you need a little boost. Now on to the next solution for me…

Madelyn Clinton, MI


This stuff works…I purchased both the small and large sized bottles so I can always have a supply as I use this product every day.

Alma Severn, MD

Does what it is supposed to do!

I had the world’s worse cuticles when I started using this product. I was skeptical because I have tried so many products in the past and given up. I’ve been using it just over a week now and I can’t believe the transformation. I wish I had taken a before and after photo. No more dry, rough cuticles for me! I will never be without this again. Buy it, use and you won’t be sorry!

Josephine Frederick, CO

Very Satisfied

I have bought the little sizes of this oil at the various salons and it is very convenient to have a larger size.

Bettye Auburn, IL