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Creative Nail Creative Nail Design Vinylux Nail Lacquer, Rock Royalty, 0.5 Fluid Ounce

Vinylux weekly polish and weekly top coat are a system that is uniquely design to work together. Patent-pending pro-light technology creates a powerful network of cross-linked polymer bonds that build resistance to chips, and enhance durability with exposure to natural light over time.

Key features

  • Provides week-long wear, when used with vinylux top coat
  • Dramatically improves adhesion to the natural nail for week-long wear
  • Includes adhesion promoters that completely eliminate the need for base coat
  • Resists chips and has enhanced durability
  • Comes in several different colors
  • A unique new polish that will last better than ordinary polish

Honest reviews


Worst nail polish ever!

Creative Nail Creative Nail Design nail lacquer. The nail lacquer was horrible. It was very runny and I had to use four coats to get a solid opaque color but even then it streaked. Granted it is a very light color but still…….If I could give it zero stars I would.

Marianne Falkville, AL

LOVE this color – good staying power

It’s the perfect purple/gray tone. Looks fantastic on toes or fingers. So far, it is wearing as CND states that Vinylux should wear. If it holds up, I will likely buy more colors.

Inez Tipton, TN

Really works – Great Color

What a great find and color. This polish really lasts longer and the colors are matching the shellac colors.If you want a polish that lasts longer than 4 days without a chip, this is to get.Of course, I used a top coat, as well.Base coat, 2 coats of polish, top coat (either seche vite or CND Vinylux Shiny)

Eliza Claiborne, MD


This color is just gorgeous!!!! I received this today and even though my nails were already polished, I had to try a couple of nails with this color. It is the perfect mauve and I have been searching for a long time. I would buy this brand of polish and this color over and over. So far no cracks. It flows on so smoothly and evenly!

Grace Dillwyn, VA

It’s ok

I was trying a substitute for gel polish and these are nice, the consistency and color are great, the shine from the top coat is just like gel polish. Only thing is it wears like regular polish, chipped by the next day and the shine becomes lackluster quickly.

Madelyn Trenton, UT

Very sparkly

Lots of glitter in this product, hard to remove and it gets caked on if you try to layer it more than twice

Nanette Clear Lake, MN

Nice polish!

nice polish – the only downside is it does peal off if to thick. nice nice color though – very vibrant.

Celeste Luling, LA

Ok, but I’m not sure it’s worth the price

I bought 4 colors of nail polish and 1 bottle of the topcoat, each for about $11.While I know that’s not the most expensive nail polish out there–it is a lot more than I usually pay.I have used the polish three times and have been less than blown-away by it. I have used the Serene Green on my toes and it has held up pretty well. However, the Electric Orange I have used twice on my fingernails has two problems: the color is sheer enough that I don’t feel two coats gives enough coverage (you still see streaks through to my nail) and it has chipped or worn off the end of the nail within a couple of days. So the 5-7 days touted has just not been my experience. The polish seems to chip or wear off much less than normal polish but, still. My expectations were higher for this product.One thing I did find out is that the first 2 coats of color seem to stay a bit sticky–I tried letting them dry for several minutes to an hour–but as soon as I put the topcoat on, it dried pretty hard after about 10 minutes. So the topcoat is important and it seems to “dry” the first coats very well.

Mable Burnham, PA

Great product.

Newest product by CND and it is the bomb! Who wouldn’t love a manicure that lasts a week and doesn’t chip??!

Gay Ravencliff, WV

Terrific new polish from CND

Love the new line of Vinylux polish from CND — it really is long-lasting and far less prone to chipping than regular polish. A nice alternative to Shellac, for those of us (sadly) unable to wear that product. I just wish they’d expand their color selection a bit; perhaps over time the palette will expand to incude more neutral options.

Maura Mineral Ridge, OH

Pretty color, doesn’t last a week

I love this color. But this nail polish, even when paired with the CND top coat didn’t last any longer than OPI or Essie. After 3 days, it was starting to chip.

Fay Buck Hill Falls, PA


I was tired of gel nails and these polishes do the job. This color is like a bright cool pink. I get compliment on it. It lasts about a week.

Leona Jonestown, PA

No chipping

Awesome color for anytime of year. I have not had white tips because the nail lacquer does not wear away or chip. It really does last a week or more.

Taylor Poolville, TX

Gorgeous – nearly clear

This would be a beautiful top coat for a more natural french finish, or if you want clear with a hint of pink. I like this as coat one, with a thin layer of negligee on top. It has a super natural finish, but perfects the nail with a super slight opaque look. I’m a huge fan of this line.

Terra Thurman, OH

CND Weekly Polish

CND Weekly Polish Regally Yours opaque cream dark purple almost black color polish beautiful for any change of season can be worn year round thanks

Isabel New Town, ND

great neutral

I love this color and the great performance of CND polish.

Carol Stuart, OK

good neutral polish

I like the CND products this is a lovely darker shade of taupe. follow directions exactly and the polish should last 5-7 days. won’t harm the nail or dry them out as does the shellac and UV light.

Freda Lafayette, MN


Beautiful color- it is a very nice color of purple- the quality is fantastic. No chipping at all for more than a week.

Nadia Raymond, MT

Not all salons have this color

I got this color once in a salon and loved it, but other salons don’t seem to have it. Vinylux is great – lasts at least a week for me. By buying the color, i can not only do my nails myself, but can bring it with me to salons for them to use if they don’t have it. Love it!

Vickie Surveyor, WV

Great polish great color

This color is a medium density pink with some sparkle. It is almost a neutral kind of pink. I wear it when I can’t pick what color I want. I consider it one of my nudes.I love the vinylux polishes. They last much longer than the regular polish and are much easier to take off. This color stayed on very well for 7 days. Sometimes the polish will wear at the tips and very rarely have a small chip at the tips but usually by that time I am ready to change the color anyway.All in all, very happy with purchase. No complaints.

Jo Queen City, MO

Really like this line

Application is the same as any other nail polish, the drying time is less than 10 minutes and the polish survives just under a week for me (I am VERY hard on my nails). Other reviews talk about an nightly applications of oil, which I am not doing so maybe the polish would last longer if I did?I like the fact that I can change my polish weekly without dedicating an hour to allow my polish to fully dry or exposing my skin to UV rays. The color selection is fairly vast with this product. I have recommended it to several friends and will continue to do so as well as continue to purchase and use the product myself.

Marilyn Taylor, LA

Warm and Sexy

Love, love, love this color. I normally go for the natural pale pink shades and took a chance on this one. The name describes it perfectly – Sugared Spice – a brown sugar spiced up with a little metallic – but NOT glittery. It has a smooth appearance with a lot of shine. It applies easily and doesn’t streak like a lot of the frosted, metallic polishes. A warm, sexy, chic look – I like it for a pedicure. Perfect for summer.

Eddie Saul, KY

Love the Color

I really like this very soft pink color. I’m still not convinced that the CND Vinylux product is any better than regular nail polish.

Tonya Fort Benning, GA