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Creative Nail CND Cuticle Away 6 Fl. Oz.

A professional cuticle remover and callus softener. This liquid gel dissolves dead skin around the nail for quick, easy and painless cuticle removal. Formulated with aloe vera to prevent over drying of the skin and nails, CND Cuticle Away can also be used to soften calluses for easy removal.

Key features

  • Relieves severe dryness on heels and other parts of body
  • Creamy consistency and concentrated formula
  • Easy to apply and goes a long way

Honest reviews




Sophia San Cristobal, NM

Works well, great value for the price

This bottle is enormous and inexpensive and the product works very well. I usually leave it on for quite a bit longer than the instructions recommend, especially on my toe cuticles, and it has never been a problem. It can be painful if you apply to broken skin. Cuticles are dissolved and minimized, making at home manicures and pedicures easy and inexpensive.

Zelda Creswell, OR

Amazing!! No more cuticle clipping

I can’t believe how well this removes excess cuticles. It leaves the base of my nail so clean looking and ready for polish. I’ll never clip my cuticles again.

Beatriz Viburnum, MO

More effective than Sally H

This stuff is the perfect medium. It does soften and dissolve cuticles but it doesn’t sting or soften and dissolve nails.

Pam Fruitdale, AL

It worked

Ok it took actually more than one min as advised to work but after five min it did and a good job indeed

Rachelle Coal Creek, CO

Works pretty well

This works okay, I wouldn’t say the greatest for it is fine. If you use this twice on each nail cuticle it works better, the bottle is a pretty good size so it should last a long time. It does dry out your hands and nails alot so as soon as you do your nails use lotion on them.

Lorrie Rockford, IL

It didnt convince me

It is ok i guess. I used it only once as i just got it. I will give it another try but so far i was impressed.

Corina Quinnesec, MI

It really works!

This product makes the mani and pedis quick and easy.You see the cuticles come right off! It does the work for you.I highly recommend it, and the size off the bottle can last you for awhile.

Benita Meade, KS


I feel like it takes care of my cuticles. Before using this product I never worried about my cuticles, but it was really easy.

Kaitlyn Marshall, MN

a bit pricey

the product is suppose to help with the removal of the cuticle. i personal dont think it worked that well. but I didnt go to nail school so maybe it does exactly what its suppose to and I just am unaware.

Lynnette Presho, SD

The missing piece for my home manicure

To save some money, I’ve been doing my nails at home. The thing I miss most about a professional manicure is the state of my cuticles. I’ve tried trimming, pushing, grooming with other products, but my cuticles were still out of control. This product is used at most salons, so I thought I’d give it a try. BINGO! It is what I was missing for professional results at home. Just rub on and leave for about a minute. Push back the cuticles with an orange stick or, better yet, a cuticle pushing too. I was amazed at the lose skin that came off, leaving a much cleaner base and smoother edge when I applied polish. Minimal nipping with the cuticle trimmer was necessary to remove hang nails. Another great CND product!

Lucille Valier, MT

Quick removal.

This product just melted the cuticle away quickly. Made removal of the skin easier and my nails looked like I had been to a professional for a manicure.

Diane Winchester, IN

Great for manicures

I use this product at home & then push back my cuticles before applying my Cnd Shellac polish. Saves money from paying for manicures over time!

Zelma Waleska, GA

Great addition to my CND Shellac manicure process.

When I first began the CND Shellac process quite a few months ago, I had on hand several tubes of the Sally Hansen cuticle remover gel and wanted to use them up before purchasing this product exclusive to CND.A few weeks ago I purchased this product and began using it. I really cannot tell much of a difference between this and the Sally Hansen as far as use or effectiveness. I think one does equally well. However, this product comes in such a large bottle at such an economical price that this one will be the one I continue to use.

Maritza George West, TX

If you can’t make it to the salon….

After having a baby and not finding nearly as much time for the nail salon, I decided to try a cuticle solution. Other reviewers noted that this product worked well so I gave it a try. I agree. The solution works well to assist with the removal of cuticles. I ended up purchasing cuticle pushers and found that the solution with those tools gave me a great looking "manicure" without having to run to the salon.

Leigh Plantersville, AL

Love it

Works perfect – the best cuticle softener I have ever used. It is quite large, but will last a really long time. Makes nail polish application much easier at the base of the cuticles.

Rose Dania, FL

Nail Cuticle Removal

I used to remove cuticle by cutting them off and in couple days they looked ugly. This product softens cuticles, removes dead skin, it makes easy to push back cuticles and no need to cut them off. +use any conditioning oil after removing the product by warm water and voi la you’ve got nice, clean and attractive nails. Makes more easy to control cuticles when used twice a week.

Alejandra Grafton, MA

Good deal

Works fine but I still like the Sally Hanson rapid dissolving cuticle gel better. This was more cost effective though.

Kay Sailor Springs, IL

Works Great

This cuticle remover works great. You really don’t have to use to much of it. I use it in between manicures just to keep the cuticles clean and from getting out of control. I expect that this bottle will last me a good while since a little goes a long way.

Cathleen Edgar, MT

This stuff works!

I love CND products, and this is one of my favorites. This cuticle gel is a terrific value for the price, and the bottle is well-designed, clean, and easy to use. It works in a few seconds and is not harsh on the skin. I apply a drop to each nail and spread along the cuticle. I leave on for approximately a minute, and I am able to gently push back any excess/dead skin very easily with a stainless steel cuticle pusher and wash away. I have been using this for months and I have barely made a dent in the bottle – love this stuff!

Minerva Webster City, IA