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Get balanced cuts and trims every time with the CreaClip Professional Hair-Cutting Tool. You get one small straight CreaClip and one large curved CreaClip, both with built-in rotating levels. They are great for cutting children’s hair, trimming bangs, creating layers or just maintaining a hairstyle between haircuts! -Rotating Level – switches at every 22 degrees making precise, accurate, and balanced cuts -Comfort glide combing teeth – combs and secures he hair in place while you cut with ease -Secure lock – locks hair in place while you cut -Flexible body – allow you to cut all textures and thicknesses of hair, even curly hair. -Smooth edge – easy to follow as a guide -Curved-edge clip – creates a curved cut for softer, more professional style and creates layers -Straight edge – great for trimming all types of bangs and short hair -Small size – great for traveling ; easy to store -Convenient – cut your hair any time or any place -Simple and easy to use, clean and store- no assembly or attachments; no maintenance or noise; -multiple uses; no batteries or electricity needed; create your own custom styles -Rid yourself of split ends, keep your hair healthy and shiny -Durable will last for years -One time investment- save money on haircuts for the whole family -Large CreaClip measures approx. 11″ L x 1″ W x 3/4″ H -Small CreaClip measures approx. 6 1/4 ” L x 1″ W x 3/4″ H -Made of polypropylene -Written Instructions included and warranty sheet -Made in China, Patent Pending

Key features

  • Professional Home Haircutting Tool
  • Cut Children’s Hair at Home
  • Trim your Bangs
  • Create Layers
  • Save Time and Money on Haircuts at Home!

Honest reviews


it is okay

i believe that it is an okay product and it does it’s job alright but it isn’t for me. I have always cut my own hair and i do a great job! This didn’t make my results any better, just the same and i find it easier to cut my hair the way i did it before. Also, it is made of cheap crappy plastic that will break easily. i have very thick hair and the little snap on the end broke the very first time that i used ti. It is low quality and a waste of money. I will be sharing my view of this crappy product with my friends.

Gail Scott Bar, CA


I am living on a broke student salary AND I always ask for long textured layers AND I never like the way it comes out. I was an ideal candidate for this product. I eagerly awaited its arrival and it came REALLY quickly (3 days!). I have very long hair that I am not particularly attached to so I wasn’t particularly nervous to start cutting it off. I ordered the cheapest possible Sally Hansen hair scissors to use.To deal with the hair I sat in my bathtub. I opted for the layered cut rather than single layer. I have curly 3a hair that I have been wearing straight half the time. I straightened my hair for this process. I decided to cut the smallest possible amount to start with. It was SO EASY. I cannot believe I didn’t know about this before! I cut at a 45 degree angle for texture, followed the guide, watched the hair fall, and then when I sat up again my hair was in perfect layers, like I had just come from the salon. I decided the shortest layer was short enough, but the long layer wasn’t, so after I did the layering I went back, flipped the thing into smiley face (rather than frowny face) and went back over it. I don’t know if I will ever get another hair cut again, this was just so unbelievably easy. I am in love.Not sure what others were talking about in terms of it being flimsy, mine feels much sturdier than I anticipated. I can’t even get the blue one to bend. Feels solid to me.

Clarissa Orange, TX

Hair clip

Hair must be quite long for this clip to be useful; my hair was not long enough for it. Looks like it works great on the right hair.

Sarah Pennsboro, WV

Great, fun, practical product.

I have had the Crea Clip for a few weeks now and so far I have used it a few times to make subtle changes to my layers and length. I think this product works great. I have wavy hair and the CreaClip allows me to customize my layers without having to explain what I want to a hairdresser who ignores what I ask for anyway! I have trimmed the length and my hair looks totally even across the bottom. The combs inside the clip hold the hair in place very well, so you can level and then swing the hair around for easier cutting without messing up what you just measured out. Also, I don’t rely so much on the bubble…I think you can visually hold the clip up evenly and still get good results. The bubble is also a great, helpful tool though. I am very happy with this product. I don’t anticipate going back to a salon any time soon.**UPDATE** My original review was from January 2012. It’s now 1/14/13, and I haven’t been to a salon in about a year. Someone recently complimented my haircut after I changed up my layers slightly, and she couldn’t believe I did it myself.

Sonia Delano, PA

Looks like CreaClip, but not the original

CreaClips are expensive, so I bought this since I was getting a great deal!! Of course, I contacted the seller before hand and asked if the Clips were damaged because I wanted to know why this seller is selling it so cheap? It wasn’t and I used it to cut my mom’s hair in 3 layers (I watched ‘[…] on youtube) and people are complimenting her on her hair style. You just throw your hair over your head and attach the Clips, make sure it’s level and you trim away. I love these Clips and it works as great as the original ones!

Doretha Jaffrey, NH

Great Product!!

I have been trimming my own hair, I found this product on youtube. I was skeptical at first but decided to purchase this. I’m very happy with it. I have long naturally straight hair thats layered, my layers were almost grown out. I watched the instruction videos on youtube for layered cuts and gave it a go.. It took awhile to get used to using it, making sure the bubble is in the middle. I think the instructions on youtube and in the package for using the clip with bubble aligned are confusing, it should be better explained and shown on the instruction videos for each cut and style… I also think this should have came with a dvd of how to use it with different styles, this is why I am giving 4 stars instead of 5..After the confusion,Once I got the hang it was so easy. I admit It was scary to cut my hair using it, uncertain if maybe I may turn out with a nightmare cut..It came out so nice!! I was able to put 3 different level layers into my hair. I actually cut 20 oz of my hair as I went along, I couldnt believe how easy it was. It really looked liked I went to the salon.. I was able to keep my length and give myself layers, at the salon I always say to keep my length but it gets chopped off…. If you cut your hair at home, this is a great product you will want to use. I am going to see how it grows out, I am really considering skipping the salon. If you want the long layered look, have long straight hair this is for you. TIP:: Cut a little at a time as you go.Update: 2/2012– I have not been to the salon since ive been using this, i have saved so much money and time. It takes a couple of tried to master using it on your own hair, i simply love it..

Fran Little Compton, RI

Stylishly safe

Styling my daughter’s hair with this clip is a lot safer than when I have to do it myself, though maybe that’s just bias on my part. I’ve never had a problem cutting other people’s hair, but I just get a little jittery when it comes to my own daughter.Thankfully, this hair clip gives me a lot more confidence and gives my daughter a lot more security.

Alexandra Gardners, PA

actually works, quick and easy

I have thick wavy hair, I recommend having your hair wet. It gave me a fresh textured look, it looks amazing (at least to me). The bubble was hard to keep centered, but i don’t know if it really matters. Invest in one if you plan on not going to the salon anymore or just maintaining your layered hair already. Comes in handy for split ends

Willie Ladson, SC

Exactly what I have been searching for!

I had been frequenting a fairly pricey salon for the last few years, because it was the only place I’d found that would leave me feeling satisfied after each appointment. The problem? It got way too expensive, and I just couldn’t continue to afford going every few months. A year ago, I stopped going and told myself I’d find a cheaper place. Well, that never happened. I don’t consider myself a vain woman by any means, but I’ve wasted a lot of money and time over the years on botched haircuts and dye jobs. I didn’t have the heart to go through that again. This resulted in my going a year – yes, an entire year – without a haircut. Although my layers were still evident, they were quite shaggy and shapeless.I discovered the Creaclip on youtube, watched a bunch of videos, and read what other people had to say. The reviews were overwhelmingly positive, so I ordered one. It arrived very quickly (today, in fact), and I immediately put it to use. I started by taking off half an inch or so. I have to say, this thing is really, really easy to use. I’ve never cut hair in my life, but, within a few minutes, I was creating layers all over the place! This product easily gave me results similar to those I’ve gotten in the pricey salons. I’m not discounting hair-dressers or their work, but I’m a very low-maintenance, do-it-yourself kind of gal, and this product is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Not only do I save loads of money, I also save my time. Plus, it’s kind of fun to use.This product does a great job, but the material itself seems cheap. I’m not sure why these clips are priced so high. I ordered it off of the Creaclip site, which sells for a few dollars cheaper than Amazon. Still, I caught on quickly; the clips are extremely user-friendly and foolproof; and I’m very pleased with the results.

Jane South Grafton, MA

I trim my own hair now!

There are so many ways I can trim my hair with this. I prefer the V in the back and this clip gives me the perfect cut every time. No more $30 trips to the salon just to have them cut too much!

Mai Burlingame, KS

It really does work!

I watched tons of youtube reviews and demos before deciding to buy this. And boy was I nervous, even then! But I decided to give it a go, taking off only a little bit at a time. I love it! No more going to hairdressers who cut off more of my hair than I agreed to! I can keep my length while trimming in some layers. My hair feels healthier and looks like I just got back from the salon. A genius invention. I used it on my daughter’s hair too, with great success. It’s already earned back it’s investment in saved salon costs! My two-decade-long search for the perfect hairdresser is finally over! Also worth noting: the quality is excellent. These are not cheaply made.

Savannah Ballengee, WV

Ladies (or men) with bifocals – will need someone to help you!

I’ve had the Creaclip for about a year and absolutely love it. I can now color AND cut my own hair. That saves over $130 a month.Just be aware, that if you wear bifocal glasses and want to cut your hair in layers where you have to bend over to cut it, you CANNOT SEE the bubble level. If you want one length hair, someone else will have to cut your hair for you – unless you have REALLY, REALLY long hair and can bring it in front of you to cut it. I prefer one length, so I have my son or husband cut for me – but hubby screwed it up the first time I let him do it! He cut ABOVE the Creaclip (I know!) instead of the ends under the Creaclip! Grrr….talk about short hair! Just make sure you explain EXACTLY what and where to cut. :)The first time I used the Creaclip, I used it for layers and cut it myself – bent over, but I had to put in my contact lenses in order to see what I was doing and to see the level bubble because I wear bifocals.Also, I found the WHITE level markings on the white Creaclip very hard to see so I used a black Sharpie to mark over the white level lines. That made a world of difference. Much easier to read the level.The small blue Creaclip for bangs is also GREAT. It’s very easy to use. If you have very thin hair, like I do, you can also use the small blue clip to cut the rest of your hair, but that would be a straight across, blunt cut.I hope this helps bifocal wearers! I was so bummed the first time I used this – when I bent over to cut my hair and COULDN’T SEE THE LEVEL! IF you have a helper, it won’t be an issue OR if you have the option of contact lenses, you’ll need to wear those if you’re going for layered hair.

Gena Claflin, KS

Excellent, replacing hairdressers

This item is excellent and works as described. Background- I had a fantastic hairdresser for many years. She left to go to NYC. Tried several hairdressers since then but they cut too much off or not way I had asked. I have long hair that I like with long layers and side swept bangs. Last hairdresser kept cutting my hair just straight across bottom with no layers (though I asked several times) and straight, too short bangs. I was at a loss on a hairdresser and what to do with my hair. I stumbled upon video of Creaclip then checked it out for reviews which I saw here on Amazon. Ordered it and watched the video before proceeding to try it. My husband helped with positioning and cutting. We were both amazed on how easy and great this work on cutting long layers. I have yet to try side swept bangs because still waiting for my too short/straight across bangs to grow out.

Elisabeth White Stone, VA

Awesome Cutting aid

This is an awesome tool to assist in cutting your hair. It is easy to use and saves me time and money going to the salon. Dont hesitate to buy.

Estela Mamaroneck, NY

An Innovative Product!

Every once in a while a product comes along that is so unique, innovative and useful, it makes us wonder how we got along without it previously. Creaclip is such a product. Not only is the Creaclip well designed and easy to use, it gives users the potential to save not hundreds but thousands of dollars, with regular use.I test and review a lot of products at my review blog, My Real Life Reviews and I can’t think of any that I’ve been more impressed with than the Creaclip. It really works! Makes cutting hair at home not only easy and literally stress free, it’s fun to use too. And getting compliments about my hair afterwards is great too. :<)read my full review at: myreallifereviews dot com

Chelsea Cornwallville, NY

Haven’t been to the salon in 7 months!

I found this product after watching hair-cutting videos on youtube. I was very skeptical, but after a week of seeing different people use it on youtube, I ordered it. That was 7 months ago, and I haven’t been to a salon for a haircut since!I have long (just below bra length), wavy, thick hair with layers and bangs.I use the Creaclip to cut the length, add layers in the back, trim the layers around my face, and keep my bangs the correct length.I get compliments on my hair all the time and no one can believe I cut it myself when I tell them. I am sure that the layers are not as good as they would be if done in a salon, but I like being able to trim and shape my hair whenever I want to, and the results look good enough to me.I also love the cost savings and it also feels very empowering to know that I can cut my own hair.

Vickie Acme, WA

Not too sure about this yet.

I think I would stick to cutting kids hair with this tool. I don’t think you are going to be super accurate. The little bubble in the level barely moves. I think it might be in oil instead of water. I’ve used a few times to cut and trim my bangs. I’ve used more of an eyeball approach to see if it’s exactly straight or not…and that’s exactly where I think you might get into trouble! I don’t think I would cut my whole hair with it for that reason. Also you have to have just the right amount of hair in the clip…too much and it will unclip..too little and it slides off. Bangs seem to be the easiest thing. Which I think can help between visits to the beauty shop…and that’s a good thing!

Jolene Union City, MI

It Works!

Does what it claims! Perfect for helping me cut and style hair, wigs, weaves which is hard to do on your own head. Haven’t made any mistakes since purchasing it. Well worth the investment.

Ana Hasty, CO

Awesome tool for home haircuts!

This is a really handy tool for home haircuts. I cut my own hair first, using the large white clip for the overall length, and then the small blue clip for my bangs, and it turned out great! (There are lots of tutorials on youtube from the Creaclip company that will demonstrate how to use their product). I like this haircut I gave myself better than any salon cut I have ever gotten. Salon cuts never totally satisfy me, and I end up "fixing" them at home myself. What I like about these clips is that I can do it myself at home and get my hair exactly the way I want. I used this on my daughter’s hair next, and it was soooo easy, fast, and her hair came out even and perfect. Very happy with this purchase. Wish I would have had this years ago …. It would have made cutting my young daughters’ hair so much easier. These are easy to use, common sense, and very user friendly. 5 stars! 🙂

Rowena Rockford, IA

I love it!

This product has saved me so much money! I always try to get my hair trimmed once a month to get rid of the dead ends and the keep my cut looking fresh. I just happened upon a youtube video of someone using this and couldn’t wait to give it a shot! I ordered it almost immediately and tried it the very day it came. It works just like it says. I love that there are tutorials for different types of haircuts too. I’m like my hair simple. Light layers with some face framing bangs. Nothing too complicated and certainly nothing complex enough for me to justify a $60-$80 salon visit monthly. I haven’t gone to the salon since I got this and since I don’t color my hair, I see no reason to go back! It keeps my hair the way I like, it’s crazy easy to use, and it’s sturdy enough I feel like it’s going to last me a long time. I’m so pleased I ended up getting this product. I don’t have any, but I imagine this is great for parents. I remember being very fussy about haircuts when I was younger. So something this quick and easy would be great for those types of kids! 😀

Emily Shirley, NY


This product is best for trims, not a precision instrument. It’s best to leave style cuts to a salon or barber, but can be a steady hand aid. Long hair requires more than one person to participate. Good luck.

Louisa Peabody, KS