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CoverGirl TruBlend Whipped Foundation, 430

* TruBlend’s advanced color technology adjusts to the tones of your skin, providing a flawless shade match for 97% of skin tones * Its silky formula helps blend away imperfections and even out skin tones to reveal beautiful skin that looks truly, perfectly real * Dermatologist tested * Won’t clog pores * Oil-free * Hypoallergenic * Classic Beige * 1 fl oz

Key features

  • Dermatologist tested, Won’t clog pores, Oil-free

Honest reviews


Fairly good drugstore foundation

I have been using this foundation for a while now [at least 2 years] and I like it for the most part. It matches my skin tone well and I am VERY pale, so that was a plus. It’s a decent consistency. Can be a little slick but not bad at all. I put this on after primer, dust it with setting/matte powder and I have a nice flawless looking finish that conceals and covers any flaws in my skin I have at that point in time. Not amazingly, but it fades them out very well. If you are looking for a foudation of a budget, this is a good one. I have had no problems like the ones other users have stated. (:

Ana Salem, IA

Easy, breezy, beautiful foundation

I’m far too impatient to wear makeup on a daily basis, but I like to have the basics — including foundation — on hand for when I do wear it. I happened across TruBlend foundation many moons ago when it was featured on Top Model (back before Tyra Banks went completely bonkers), and I decided to give it a try — and since then, it’s been the only foundation I’ve used! It really does go on feather-light (no stickiness or heaviness; it’s silky-smooth), and it blends really, really well with the natural color of my skin, which I’ve found hard to match with foundations in the past. I sometimes apply TruBlend only under my eyes to lessen dark circles, and you can’t even tell I’m wearing it. Like I said, I’m hardly a makeup expert, but this meets all of my qualifications for an A+ foundation.And naturally, because this product is so awesome, CoverGirl had to go and discontinue it. Thank goodness for Amazon sellers!

Mamie Hermon, NY

They Should Never Have Discontinued This Makeup

This foundation makeup is the best I’ve ever used. It goes on like silk and hides every flaw. I wish they had never discontinued it, but I’m glad you can still get it through Amazon! Great stuff, I ordered a few, hope they last for a couple of years!

Ernestine Norris, SD

Cover Girl

This brand is an affordable makeup and this whip foundation is very nice. It goes on well but this color is YELLOW so beware of the colors you order. The Foundation was wrapped very well…………..

Tammy Northville, SD

One of the best for its price, but I hate the smell

I’ve been using this since high school, but it was discontinued in my country so I came here. Trust me when I say this is A DREAM for an acne-prone teenager on a budget! (At my shops it cost around $20 – this is even better!)I’ve heard complaints about it feeling greasy and cakey – trust me when I say a foundation brush makes ALL the difference, and a little bit goes a looooong way; I could spin a jar out for six months wearing it 5 days a week once I got a brush. It’s very heavy coverage as well, you probably won’t need concealer even if you have serious scarring or rosacea. Make sure to set it with a setting powder (not a pigmented “translucent” powder – most of Covergirl’s foundations go orangey if you use those) otherwise it will feel greasey and run. It’s also not exactly the best in hot weather – even with a good primer it has a tendency to start sliding, especially if it’s humid. (In hot/humid weather I’d recommend the TruBlend Liquid foundation instead.)It is a mousse formulation so it’s also good for very dry skin as it won’t dry you out.The only thing is that the smell might put some off – I find it kind of sickly and I try not to take any notice of it. And if you have sensitive skin this might not be for you – I’ve not heard of anyone reacting but I guess the perfume could trigger a reaction in some people.If you’re looking for a mousse foundation get this. Covergirl has made the perfect mousse formula – not cakey, won’t dry up, and definitely matte.

Anne Chilhowee, MO

My wife loves it

I got the exact color shown in the picture. I was a bit worried I would get something else, but my wife is happy with this foundation 🙂

Jimmie Emerson, GA

Great but no sunscreen

I usually use CG’s tinted moisturizer with sunscreen and my own blend of BE minerals, but find I need more coverage than I want to use minerals to achieve – especially in summer. This whipped foundation applies like a dream, truly does match my skintone, holds up in 90 degree weather, but HAS NO SUNSCREEN! Perhaps it’s the lack of opaque titanium dioxide that allows the color match?! P&G, great product, but make it great and include at least 15 SPF.

Penny Saint Paul, KS

Please don’t change a thing!!!!

I use Ivory the lightest shade & this Classic Ivory. It blends perfectly and gives your skin an airbrushed quality. It even covers up larger pores and other imperfections. I love this foundation. No breakouts, doesn’t turn ruddy, stays put and inexpensive. It feels like you have no make-up on at all! Yes, it doesn’t have sunscreen, but you can always add it underneath. Please don’t change anything because, I LOVE IT!

Molly Bedias, TX


I love this! It goes on smooth and is easy to blend. Stays on awhile to so u dont have to continually reapply like with some other makeup. Great! Will buy again!

Hollie Valier, IL