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CoverGirl Trublend Liquid Make Up Buff Beige 425, 1.0-Ounce Bottle

TruBlend Liquid Makeup has colorspheres that go beyond just matching your skin tone to actually merge with your skin, for a naturally flawless look. Specially designed to work with TruBlend pressed powder, concealer and blush; select your foundation, 1 – 6, then look for the corresponding concealer, blush and powder!

Key features

  • Oil-free
  • Dermatologically-tested
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Won’t clog pores

Honest reviews


most blendable foundation ever, good for the very fair skinned!

I started using this foundation a couple years ago and it’s the best foundation l have ever used. I’m a product junkie so I’m always on the lookout for the next product and I keep coming back to this foundation. I’m very fair and have the worst time finding foundations that will blend into my jawline. Foundations just never seem to blend right around my jaw and hairline. I use Ivory 405 and it never seems to matter how much coverage I need this stuff always blends well and never do I end up with the tell tale orange face mask. Unfotunately, I’m starting to show some signs off aging and this stuff settles into lines. I’m going to try CG’s Advanced Radiance to see if that will work as well.

Kim Waggoner, IL

Very light weight

I got this because at my new job I’m required to wear makeup because I need to dress like a "fashionista" I usually wear bareminerals but its expensive and you can see my dry skin with it. This doesn’t show that my skin is dry but doesn’t make it look fake. I have olive skin but my face is pale so I was worried about ordering this online since none of the stores in my town sell it. But it matches perfect

Janis Moore, MT

High pigment, but glides on smooth.

I haven’t found this to be terribly common, high pigment + applies very smoothly. It’s not super high pigmented, but it covers a majority of ‘flaws’ (to which I will deny having!) And it goes on so smoothly that I really use a lot less than I’ve ever used of any makeup before. *IF* I had any flaws (and, again, I totally do not have any,) I would dab a tiny bit extra over those areas to increase the pigmentation and the foundation would blend flawlessly, not even a hint that the make-up was thicker here versus there.Yes, fine… I have flaws.But I also have pretty looking skin when I wear this. It’s not cakey. It’s almost translucent, but… not.Definitely worth a try.

Autumn Woolford, MD

Colors different from other covergirl products

I ordered this in the color tawny and it turned out to be darker than the clean liquid foundation version which is what I usually use. It also doesn’t do any favors for those with oily skin like me, after applying in the morning by the afternoon my face was very oily. The only plus about this product that makes it better than the clean liquid foundation is the pump.

Alisha Tunnel Hill, GA

CoverGirl Creamy Natural Liquid Foundation

this foudation is okay i guess but its to dark for my skin it says its creamy natural but it makes my skin look orange and its way to dark.i liked the bottle but you have to use alot and its thick but i love the bottle it comes in.

Jo Industry, TX

Good for the Price

I didn’t much use foundation until I had a consultation with a makeup artist before my wedding. She recommended that I get a bottle of Bobbi Brown foundation for the big day. I did, but when that ran out, I didn’t really feel like spending $50, so I got Cover Girl. It matches my skin tone well, and I usually mix it with lotion for a lighter amount of coverage so I don’t look too overdone.I also use small amounts to cover blemishes and under my eyes, then set it with a powder or mineral concealer, or both. It suits my needs well.I would say that it is quite similar to the Bobbi Brown foundation I used initially, but it’s quite a bit cheaper and the consistency is a little thicker.The biggest downside of this product is that the pump stops working when there is still quite a bit of product left. I usually turn the bottle on its side, unscrew the top, and pour or scoop it out, but it’s a little annoying.

Casey Jefferson, OR

Great! Read on+++

This is the only foundation I have literally ever found that matched my skin perfectly. I am super fair and order this in the lightest shade–405 ivory. I have oily skin, huge pores, occasional breakouts, uneven skin tone, blah blah you get the picture. So I definitely HAVE to wear makeup and it has to have good coverage but I don’t want to be a cake face. I feel that this makeup gives a good medium coverage but an extra layer gives me FULL coverage for my millions of tiny imperfections. It reminds me of the Oh-so raved about Outlast 3-in-1 foundation (which I also have and use occasionally) except a little thinner consistency which is great for those of us who don’t want to look like cake faces. Regarding staying power, this makeup stays pretty true to color all day (yes, oxidizes slightly >_< )and stays put for the work day (about 8 hours). It feels light on my face and I like to wear it as my everyday makeup. The price is great and it performs well so I will definitely keep buying this foundation!!

Ofelia Meridian, CA


Love the coverage this foundation provides. I am very picky when it comes to liquid foundation, and for me, this works wells.

Blanca Trevor, WI


I absolutely just love covergirl liquid make-up. The trublend is a awesome foundation. It really does blend with your complexion

Maura Alvarado, TX

Great product

This is my favorite liquid makeup. It doesn’t cake on. It blends right in. Looks good with powder on top. Doesn’t look greasy. The ONLY problem is that you have to find your color. I went to the CoverGirl website and they sent me this little plastic device that tells you what your color is. You seriously just put it up to your arm and whatever color is translucent, is the color you wear. I keep ordering this, even with all the new stuff coming out, because it’s my favorite and doesn’t look like you are wearing makeup.

Letha Fairfield, IA

Silky smooth to apply

Only need a small dab to cover the face. Worth it ! It blends well. The skin tone is a wee bit dark so I mix it well with a lighter foundation. This will last a good while! Would recommend

Katherine Tuscumbia, AL

Best in its pricerange

I use Natural Ivory #1/415I am blonde with naturally fair skin that is slightly tanned from simply years of life (see profile pic) and I have found that this foundation works very well for this price range. I test a lot of different foundations, and here is the one I use by choice.GOES ON EVENLYLEAVES A SMOOTH, PHOTOGRAPHIC SHEEN (like those models in mags)*STAYS ON ALL DAY. I only touch up my powder during the day.WASHES OFF EASILY with any cleanser.DOES NOT NEGATIVELY AFFECT MY SKIN. No flaking, reddening, or dryness from continued use.CAN BE PURCHASED AT WALMART which means it costs less than drug stores.I recommend this product, and I hope you find the best foundation for you, too!*I useStudio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base, 0.50 Ouncesto even out the wrinkles and pores before I apply TruBlend. This result, after theCoverGirl Trublend Minerals Loose Powder, Translucent Fair 405, 0.63-Ounceyou get a photographic, magazine-ready look. Try it!

Margarita Half Moon Bay, CA


I’ve always liked CoverGirl, and this is by far my favorite foundation. It goes on light and evenly. I will keep buying this!!

Sandra Elgin, AZ

good product

I have this already in a different shade. I have not used it yet — so I don’t know if the shade will work. I do know it applies easily and dries quickly with no oily aftereffect.

Bridgette Thornton, WA

A favorite

The texture is perfect … I have trouble with the colors – none match my skin so I have to blend 2 to get a closer color.Thats the only reason I don’t give it a 5.

Darcy Provo, UT

great coverage.

Have been buying since inception of it and still love it. Only wish I could still get it in whipped version too as I liked to alternate between the two types but will continue to use liquid version. 🙂

Marcie Montpelier, MS

Beautiful, excellent match for my fair complexion, but requires a primer to make it stay put

This foundation (in Ivory 01) suits my fair-with-pink-undertones complexion better than even Lancme or Dior. It goes on smoth and blends easily. The buildable coverage can mask many imperfections. Applied with a good sponge, it can we worn for a simple light-to-medium evening-out effect, or built up for a real full-coverage perfection. (I recommend The Beauty Blender for almost all liquid foundation, though I’ll add that if it’s a thick consistency, fingers are best.)TruBlend gives my skin a beautiful satiny finish that’s not oily but not a mask-like matte either. It does eventually oxidize ever so slightly, but it’s only noticeable if you don’t blend the makeup line well enough and look at it in bright sunlight. A finishing powder helps hide it..Speaking of finishing powder, this foundation does, however, require one, or a good primer, and a good layer of sun protection. If you can get two-in-one, even better (like Smashbox’s award-winning primer with SPF 30). Or a daily moisturiser with sun protection will do. However you get it, you need an SPF of 15 or more every day to prevent signs of aging and to prevent the too-common skin cancer, as well.But besides that, well, you see, TruBlend simply doesn’t stay put, at least not on me. It wears away easily, sometimes seeming to slide off my face. In heat, it melts right off. It never seems to "set". I can gently wipe my nose or scratch my cheek 30 minutes after applying and it slides around.So a quality primer will not only create a nice smooth canvas for even better coverage, it will also help it last longer. A finishing powder with help even more, as well as further blurring imperfections. Plus some finishing powders supply that necessary SPF, such as BareMinerals’s Finishing Veil. If you require oil control, primers and powders can also provide that as well.What TruBelnd provides, it provides wonderfully, and that’s a beautiful buildable coverage that most importantly matches your skin tone so it looks natural and showcases your true, lovely, lively complexion!

Hattie Lynx, OH

Love this makeup!

This makeup is great. It’s one of the best I’ve found for if you ever need some serious covering up and also for when skin is clear to add a little more evenness to the overall look. Definitely recommend this foundation.

Selma Sadorus, IL

I like it

This is a nice product it wasn’t oily and a little darker than what i needed nonetheless I can use powder to make it lighter. The product arrived earlier than I expected and wrapped well

Elaine Witt, IL