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CoverGirl Smoothers SPF 21 Tinted Moisturizer, Fair To Light 805, 1.35 Ounce

COVERGIRL LipPerfection Jumbo Gloss Balm Sheer Genius! CG Smoothers BB Cream answers 10 of your skincare needs in a single tube. Pamper your skin with an instant skin enhancer that provides natural radiance with a combination of all day hydration, lightweight, sheer coverage, and broad spectrum SPF15 protection. Experience CG Smoothers BB Cream’s 10 skin-friendly benefits today. At a Glance Sheer color Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Won’t clog pores Bright-Eyed Tip Use foundation on your eyelids even if you never wear shadow. It evens out the lid’s tone and instantly brightens. 10-in-1 Instant Skin Enhancer 1. Natural-looking radiance 2. Sheer color 3. All-day hydration 4. Improves skin elasticity 5. Broad spectrum SPF 15 6. Blends effortlessly 7. Lightweight 8. Helps skin feel smooth 9. Covers to help instantly improve skin’s appearance 10. Won’t clog pores Complete the Look CG Smoothers Pressed Powder Creates a perfectly finished look that lasts. COVERGIRL & Olay Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush Creamy color that stays suspended over fine lines and wrinkles. CG Smoothers Concealer Glides on easily to help cover dark circles. CG Smoothers Makeup view larger view larger view larger view larger view larger CG Smoothers All-Day Hydrating Makeup, designed with AquaCurrent Science CG Smoothers BB Cream CG Smoothers AquaSmooth Compact Foundation CG Smoothers Concealer CG Smoothers Pressed Powder

Key features

  • Instant skin enhancer
  • 10 skin friendly benefits in multi-tasking step
  • Cover, enhance and protect your skin
  • Lightweight

Honest reviews


love this tinted moisturizer

when I was younger I used to wear a heavier make-up but now I just feel that it makes my pores feel clogged and my face just feels like it has heavy make up on it……This Tinted Moisturizer Was The Answer! It Is One Of My Favorite. Light and airy feel with just the right amount of color. Nice light moisturizing and tint.

Margie Fort Monroe, VA

Splurge on the Urban Decay

I was trying to be frugal and try this cheaper version of what I knew I liked. As always, when I pull this stunt, I was disappointed. This product had little to no coverage. I recommend the Urban Decay Naked.

Stefanie Presque Isle, ME

Doesn’t give any coverage…

I’ve used other brands of BB cream and they all provided some coverage/color. This brand did not give me any coverage.

Estelle Wiley, GA


Looks like it has tint till it goes on. I was looking for a bb cream more like the internation versions. But this one is not a bb cream in that sense. It’s a SLIGHTLY tinted moisturizer that offers spf but NO coverup. It doesn’t help keep makeup on like a primer would. This is only good for sunscreen. I do have to give it that it does okay with keeping powder on longer than if I’m using just powder alone. I will skip this next time.

Lorene Moncure, NC

Inexpensive, but does very little (if anything) for my skin

I accidentally forgot my makeup when leaving for a trip so I bought this because I needed an inexpensive replacement. Knowing that I’d be returning to my full makeup bag at home, I didn’t want to commit to buying duplicates of things I already owned and figured that perhaps I would even find an inexpensive solution to my belovedLaura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer – Oil Free NudeSo I tried this product. Unfortunately it frankly did very little for my skin. It was very, very sheer, so much so that it provided barely any coverage and made no noticeable improvements to my skin. I could see this being okay for someone who already has amazing skin and wants only a faint hint of color, but having some skin imperfections and issues with redness, this didn’t seem to help as much as the Laura Mercier does. I also didn’t find it very moisturizing. I still had to apply lotion underneath and it didn’t feel nearly as hydrating on my skin as the Laura Mercier does.The one positive thing I will say is that the SPF 21 was effective and did work well as a sunscreen, even though I was out and about in the sun on 80 degree days.Overall this just isn’t worth it to me, even at the very affordable price point, because it seems to do next to nothing.

Felicia Blue Jay, CA

good product and price

I have been using a department store product similar to this…..the cover girl was 1/8th the price and worked just as well

Ollie Washington Court House, OH

My favourite tinted moisturiser

I’m very, very fair…think Nicole Kidman. The fair to light is perfect on me and I love how easy it is to apply. It’s not thick or watery. It’s just right. I love it.

Mattie Middlebourne, WV


I didn’t like this product like others I have used. Feels greasy no matter how little I use. Will go back to the other brand I was using when this is gone.

Susanna Estherwood, LA

A No Makeup Look Foundation

I absolutely love this colored moisturizer with SPF-15 for everyday wear. It blends right into my skin and doesn’t settle in creases, or smile lines. Looks natural and feels good and non-cakey. Price on Amazon was less than the product at my local chain store pharmacy.

Ebony Eddyville, IL

I’m disappointed.

I know that the product is supposed to blend in with your skin, but it didn’t really give my skin that even look from where your face is red, etc. I could’ve gotten the same effect with lotion. I expected more from it, and since I used it I won’t be getting my $6 back.

Ada Stonewall, MS

its ok i guess

doent show up well but i PERFECT primer, im happy with this but not tottally happy is ok and i like it now . its kinda growing on me

Lynda Palm Springs, CA

My favorite tinted moisturizer

I love this stuff. Not only is it super affordable, but it goes on light, evens my skin tone, and protects from the sun, all in one. Sometimes I’ll pair it with some powder but it is also just great for days when you don’t really want to wear makeup but want a little something on your face to even things out 🙂 I don’t feel like it clogs my pores at all, and it easily blends into my skin so I don’t look like I’ve caked the stuff on. All in all just a really great product! Highly recommended!

Eloise East Troy, WI

Love this!

I am in my early 20s, and do not need a heavy foundation, but I like a little base coverage! This product allows me to have some coverage without a heavy feel, at a really affordable price. I have dry skin, and this helps give me a little extra moisture as well, but does not make me look greasy.

Katelyn Annandale, NJ

Feels great

I have very fair skin and this fits the bill! I think it protected against Maine’s dry cold. For me, this is my new daily make-up!

Emily Amity, OR

Love it!

This is one of my favorite things ever. I love mixing it with the Covergirl Outlast 3-in-1 Foundation. Th foundation I bough was a shade too dark so when I mix it with this the color lightens. It gives me coverage yet it is still light weight. Once I pair it it with concealer my face looks flawless. i don’t like when people complain how it has no coverage. It isn’t supposed to have coverage it is a BB cream. the coverage alone with this is pretty sheer but It gives my skin a nice glow. I will definitely be repurchasing this when I run out.

Rocio Fairview, MO

Nice light coverage

I have used this for a few years now, but cannot always find it in the stores. It is so much easier to buy it online. I don’t like regular makeup foundations.

Hattie Osceola, NE

doesn’t feel like makeup

I really like this tinted moisturizer. It goes on smoothly and blends in nicely. My only complaint is that it’s slightly too pink for my skin tone so I have to blend it with another shade which is annoying. Other than that, I’d recommend it!

Maribel Shunk, PA

My favorite

I wear this in lieu of foundation most days and it’s great. Light but enough coverage to even out blotchy skin.

Elisa Lipan, TX

Best Consumer Brand Tinted Moisturizer

I love tinted moisturizer because it is natural looking and evens out the skin tone, which I believe a foundation should do and I think people wear to much. This is my favorite one that you can buy at Target or Walmart.

Lorrie Centerville, TN


THIS IS EXACTLY THE PRODUCT I WAS LOOKING FOR!I have two kids under 3 years old so I have no time to get ready, maybe 3-5 minutes before we head out the door. This product is so sheer and light, yet really does even out skin tone with no stickiness you sometimes get with sunscreen. It is 3 products in 1, moisturizer-sunscreen-light foundation. And it is SUPER CHEAP so what is there not to love?I have fair skin, light hair, in my 30’s and a lot of freckles. I gave up on foundation in my mid 20’s because it looked odd with my freckles being muted and felt heavy. I tried MAC, Clinique, Lancolm and a few more since I worked at a cosmetic counter in college and had to wear a full face of make up to work everyday. I was a make up snob.Fast forward to today where I don’t want to spend $45+ on a tube of make up and had been resigned to use drugstore cosmetics. But I am amazed at how good they are now! The fair to light is perfect for my skin tone. I do not feel like I am “making do” with this moisturizer, I really love it AND the small price tag!

Ernestine Lyon, MS

not the best coverage

its okay but i didn’t find it so helpful…i think i’ll stick to foundation, this is definitely for people with good skin..

Sue Newville, AL

Its okay

I find this product light and easy to apply. Not much color…or maybe none at all, but no weird smell or thick feeling. If anything, it helps keep my bare minerals in place longer (but leaves a crease in the eye area). I like that it has SPF but still glides on and absorbs easily. Not bad, but I might try a higher end product next.

Tessa Mitchells, VA

Great product!

I love this tinted moisturizer…especially for when I don’t feel like wearing a full face of makeup, but I still want some coverage. It goes on very smoothly, and it doesn’t feel like I am even wearing makeup!

Lakesha Crawford, CO

Break out

I have very clear skin, so I was surprised when after using this product I began to break out on my forehead. The feeling and tint was good for me but it clearly added oil to my skin and caused me to break out. Obviously, I won’t be buying this again.

Beverley Odessa, NE

A new staple in my regimen

I never was big on any kind of foundation type product. But figured a tinted moisturizer helps when you are in your 40’s. Covergirl has a true winner here! I have tried pricier brands but this wins hands down. It’s light, sheer yet subtle and smooths fine lines a bit. I wear it everyday and even have an Amazon subscription to it. Don’t wast $ on department store brands like I did. Try this.

Lakesha Liberty, NE

Love this product

I use this product all the time and I love it.It is not heavy like foundation and it conceals exactly what I need it to.I use it everyday and have even recommended it to my friends.Will definetely continue to use.

Earlene Ferris, TX

Five Stars

This works good not one for wearing foundation but this works just as well!

Emilie Flicksville, PA

I like this stuff alot

I seriously love this stuff. So much so I am buying it again tomorrow :p Not a whole lot of coverage, but I don’t need too much so it’s perfect! Really light on the skin and keeps my face from getting dry 😀

Sherrie Wahkiacus, WA