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CoverGirl Queen Collection Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner Black Onyx 200, 1 Count

CoverGirl 200 Black Onyx Perfect Point Plus® Self-Sharpening Eye Pencil. Lasting liner. Water resistant.

Key features

  • Specially designed self-sharpener
  • Soft smudger tip for expert blending
  • Glides on easily
  • Ophthalmologically tested

Honest reviews


The best eyeliner ever

These are my HG eyeliner. Everytime I buy a pencil I need to sharpen, it gets mutilated or the eyeliner portion breaks and I end up with a broken half-used pencil that scratches my eyes with the sharp wood. These perfect point eyeliners sharpen perfectly by twisting and the eyeliner is a dark rich black that goes on very smoothly and always in a perfect line. I also like the midnight blue, but the black are the best. I’ve tried many black eyeliners and this is the best for my asian complexion and black eyelashes.

Gussie Marysville, OH

OK Product

I personally prefer a fine marker-type eyeliner which goes on more evenly and quicker and lasts longer. This type is easier if you want to smudge for a smokey eye type of look but beware it will not last the whole day, like most pencil liners.

Myrna Canyon Lake, TX

Self Sharpening, Built In Sponge, and it Stays on All Day!

Love this! Love that it goes on smooth, and has a little sponge on the end for blending. Good color, and it stays on all day!!! And it has a built in sharpener — just twist and go! I have ordered this for several years and will continue to use only this. Great product for the price.

Ingrid Napavine, WA

A “Me” gift

Good price. Does not stay on & has to be reapplied if your out for the night. As a day use, it does blend well into your lower lashes, at root & will hold.

Phoebe Capulin, NM

My one and only!

This is the only eyeliner that I’ve used for years! I couldn’t pass up the deal! Goes on smooth, stays on for hours and keeps well, too.

Antionette Gwinn, MI

It’s alright

It’s definitely not the best eyeliner I’ve used. I’ve used better pencils but it does the job and I like the fact that you don’t have to sharpen it.

Corina Cherry Point, NC

good for skin markings…

I use this pencil for skin markings in my office. It works great and I cannot think of anything that works better…

Katie Penfield, PA

Only eyeliner I use.

I’ve been using this eyeliner for years now. Probably 5-6 years. It lasts long and it is easy to apply. In addition, I have mild CP that comes with shaking hands, and it is a lot easier to apply than a lot of other eyeliners.

Savannah Garfield, GA

Great eyeliner!

Goes on smoothly, and love, love, love the self sharpening end. The smudger is a great shape too. Would recommend as a great inexpensive eyeliner option.

Toni Delano, MN


I love this eyeliner because it doesn’t go on too strong and it lasts well. Great price too! These are great because you don’t have to keep sharpening them, just roll it up and use!

Latisha Verona, KY

Easy to use and blends nicely

For an inexpensive eyeliner pencil, this works fabulous. It goes on solid, is easy to control, and blends smoothly. I haven’t had the tip break at all on this pencil like I have some others. Overall, I’d recommend this as a staple in the makeup case.

Melissa Sangerville, ME

Precise eyeliner Pencil

Being able to draw a straight line on my eyelid is difficult for me, but with this eyeliner and smudger on the other end, it’s a lot easier. It goes on smooth and smudges very nicely to make a more smoky eye look. Definitely will purchase this again.

Mona Lopez Island, WA


I have given up on this eye liner. Every time I’ve worn it, I’ve ended up with smears under my eyes. It’s a bummer because it goes on so easily. I may try the waterproof version to see if that’s any better.

Francine Pullman, WA

So so

I got this product and I believed this would be such a good product but when I first tried it the tip broke off not good I would rather buy pencil liners than this item I won’t buy this product again

Colette Chama, CO

Great Deal

Great long lasting eyeliner. No more looking for a sharpener or dealing with the mess they make. This eyeliner is always ready and works fantastic.The double pack came in perfect condition. Very pleased by the product and price!

Marion Newalla, OK

CG Eyeliner

I love this eyeliner, but was getting discouraged at the cost at the local store. This stuff works great, and I love it!

Deanna Davisboro, GA

My Favorite!

I love this eyeliner. It lasts a long time, and it has a smudger on the other end. I won’t use any other eyeliner but this.

Katie Alicia, AR

It works

I like the sponge thing on the bottom to help smooth it out and I like the eyeliner- it’s very easy to use. Just kinda expensive, that was it.

Edythe Monterey, IN

its great…untill it runs out

bought it. used it. went through both stick within s month. i dnt wesr THAT much eyeliner. Certainly not enough to go through 2 sticks in a month! its nice while it last… but that isnt very long!

Lacey Rockford, WA