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Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation, Ivory 805

Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation Go topless! Get seven days of glossy color, no top coat needed. Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation’ 3-in-1 Formula combines a smooth finish, even color, and wear-resistant glossy shine without the need for a base or topcoat. For over fifty years, COVERGIRL has created must-have beauty products that bring out the best in women. We understand the transformative effect makeup can have not just on the outside, but the inside as well. Since 1961, COVERGIRL has made it easy, breezy, and beautiful to be yourself. At a Glance Base, color, and top coat in one Glossy color that can last as long as one week The longer you wear it, the glossier it gets Tip: Salon-Worthy Secret To get the shiniest, smoothest manicures, keep your polish layers thin and allow to dry completely between coats. Complete the Look SmokyShadowBlast Make your smoky eye stand out. Cheekers Blush Dust on a pop of pink. COVERGIRL LipPerfection Jumbo Gloss Balm Add a hint of soft color and shine. Brilliant At-Home Manicures Just six steps to your shiniest manicure yet. File your nails in one direction starting at the edges and moving toward the top. Soak in soapy water for a few minutes to soften cuticles. Instead of trimming cuticles, which can lead to weak nails and infection, push back cuticles with a wooden nail stick. Massage hands with a hand lotion for extra moisture. Remove any moisturizer or old nail polish with non-acetone nail polish remover. Apply two coats of Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation. Start at the side and apply in three strokes, one on each side and one in the middle.

Key features

  • Longwear designed to stay fabulous all day because it has concealer and primer built in.
  • Smooth, even coverage
  • SPF 20

Honest reviews


Good news, but needs a trick

This foundation gives a good, matte coverage. The trick is to either apply it quickly or use a light moisturizer first. The reason is the foundation sets in a few seconds. It can be hard to blend w/o moisturizer or using fast fingers. It does stay on all day without needing a touch up. I would buy it again as it is one of the best I have tried in this price range. This is an additional comment to above, about 6 weeks later. I still love the foundation. Some of my friends think I had laser treatments under my eyes! You may not need to work fast, as I initially stated. I forgot to shake the bottle first. If you shake first, the moisture lotion in the product is distrbutied and it goes on more smoothly used alone or with a light moisturizer than previously stated.

Allyson Manokotak, AK

Not very good…

Positives:This product is reasonably priced.It goes on thin and light.I was able to find a color that works for my skin tone.Negatives:It feels very cheap. I know that’s hard to quantify, but you can tell that it’s a lower end product.It has a thin consistency, but it’s not smooth or nice to the touch.It’s not moisturizing enough for my skin, but it might work for teens with oily skin.Bottom line (in my opinion):There is so much better out there for the same price.

Abbie Black, MO

Pleased With This

4.5 starsI’m actually pretty pleased with this. I haven’t used Covergirl foundation in several years because it started to disappoint me. When this came out, I read some positive reviews on other sites and thought, “What the heck, I’ll give this a try.” It’s actually better than I was expecting.First of all (I hope this isn’t confusing), I like that you can twist the pump one way to open it up completely and then turn it the other way to close it so that none comes out, on top of putting the lid on it (This is also done on some face washes or moisturizers so if you have them you know what I’m talking about). The product is very light and feels very comfortable on my skin; it doesn’t feel gross at all. Matched with this is the fact that it gives really great coverage and it’s easy to blend. It dries to a matte finish. As for lasting power, it controls oil for most of the day. Sometimes when I remove it at night, my forehead is shiny but it doesn’t feel greasy. For reference, I have oily, acne-prone skin. This product does not dry out my skin or make me break out.I also like that on Covergirl’s website, you can answer a few questions and get “color-matched.” I’m sure it’s not as reliable as a makeup counter in a department store (because it’s up to you to pick the answer that best fits) but it’s accurate and I think it’s great for people who aren’t sure what shade they are.Bottom line: This is a lightweight formula that is easy to blend and does a really good job of covering imperfections. It feels light and comfortable on your skin and stays on all day, keeping you matte for most of it. The price is reasonable (around $10 in stores), the pump on the bottle is nice, and it is a good match to my skin tone. I’d recommend and I may be going back to Covergirl foundations with this product.

Brandi Ardmore, PA

A major disappointment

I purchased this because I was having trouble finding the correct shade of Lancome Teint Idole Ultra. The shade I purchased was WAY too dark and make me look like an oompa loompa. But I lost my receipt and wasn’t able to exchange it until I got my new state id. So I needed something for a few days. I saw a lot of positive reviews for this, so I decided to give it a try. I also had heard that it was a drugstore dupe for Makeup Forever Mat Velvet.I feel like the foundation was nothing but a huge waste of money. I honestly don’t understand why this product has so many positive reviews. It’s not the worst foundation I’ve ever used, but it’s the third worst foundation I’ve ever used.I read all the previous reviews on this site, and saw that there are several reviews that state this is a full-coverage makeup. I disagree. In my opinion, it’s sheer to light coverage. It’s a long way from medium coverage, much less full coverage. I have a lot of bumps and redness on my face, especially on my chin, nose, and cheeks. I applied it using a brush. It literally did NOTHING to cover up the redness. Even after blending, you could still clearly see the redness through the makeup. It also settled into very bump on my face and made them stand out even more. It didn’t do anything to blur or cover them.As far as being buildable, forget about it. When I tried to build it up in areas where I need a bit more coverage (especially on my cheeks) it looked (and felt) heavy and cakey. I’ve also tried Makeup Forever Mat Velvet, which is much more buildable, and looks a lot more natural. In my opinion, that makeup has nothing in common with this one. I do like the Mat Velvet, but it turned into a greasy, slimy mess in the areas where I’m most oily. So I quit using it.I can’t really comment on the staying power of this foundation because I only had it on for about 10 minutes. I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing this out in public. If you have flawless skin and only need sheer to light coverage, you will probably love this makeup. But if you have any type of bump, scar, or flaws on your face, I would suggest avoiding this makeup. This has happened to me so many times with drugstore foundations. That is why I will stick with my Lancome Teint Idole Ultra. Yes, it’s a lot more expensive, but it gives me the coverage, finish, and staying power I want. So to me, it’s worth the extra money. I went to Sephora and got color matched in the Teint Idole Ultra and was FINALLY able to figure out the correct shade. So I will be sticking with that foundation. I would not repurchase this foundation and wouldn’t use it even as a backup.

Lashonda Pineland, SC

Sadly disappointed…wanted to love

The best thing about the product is the packaging, really good for drugstore. That’s where the good ends. Price is average for a drugstore foundation, I paid $12 at CVS, which is normal for CA. When I initially applied it, I loved it; it’s very thick, but easy to blend, and it settles into a nice powder-like finish. The oxidation really killed it for me though, I literally turned orange. For reference, Revlon CS in Fresh Beige and Rimmel Lasting finish in 102 are perfect matches, I picked up the shade creamy natural in this foundation, and this is the one that turned most orange. Unfortunately the shades above and below didn’t work either. I’d recommend trying it, as it might work well for you, but do yourself a favor and save your receipt just in case.

Kim Little Falls, MN

Pretty good foundation

I actually like this foundation a lot. It is medium coverage and looks flawless. It doesn’t ever look cakey and the colors match my skin nicely. I have 842 medium beige. I love that this has a pump too!!! The only thing that I don’t think it has is lasting power I have dry skin but this did not stay on my skin which was weird.

Aurelia Lake Placid, FL

Great product

Love this foundation. I’ve heard plenty of positive comments about it on beauty blogs so I decided to give it a try. It does offer good coverage. I have some spots and scars and it does a good job covering many of them — though the worst ones would truly only vanish with a laser — but my face looks a lot better with this product. It does set faster than some other foundations or tinted moisturizers, but apply and blend it quickly; touch up with powder, and you’re good to go. For the price and what it does, it’s a great value. Plus there’s no strong scent, which is an added bonus to me.

Delia Tresckow, PA

Great foundation, drugstore or otherwise.

I really like the pump applicator, finish, and price. I have oily/combo skin and this keep my shine at bay all day without powder. The finish is slightly matte (not as matte as say revlon colorstay). I use the real techniques buffing brush to blend it in but I’ve also used my hands and it was fine too. This is a great foundation drugstore or otherwise!

Vonda Franklin, AR

Very drying

I tried this foundation out and the only thing I liked about it was it does offer a good amount of coverage with an SPF. I have combination skin and this worked well at controlling oil in my t-zone but it made the rest of my face incredibly dry. Also, it sinks into pores and wrinkles. If you have any dry skin, it will hold onto that and looks really terrible. I think this foundation would be good for someone who has really good skin already.

Ebony Potecasi, NC

Great finish, great staying power….. but it oxidizes

I loved the texture, the finish, and the staying power of this foundation. I put it on at 11 in the morning and its still there without barely a touch up at 11 at night. However, within about 15 minutes, the formula darkens a shade or two, giving you ugly makeup mask face. I tried adding primer underneath, thinking maybe blocking out oil might help, but no. I would say that you could go a shade or two lighter, so that when it darkens it matches your skin tone, but the lightest shade they have is perfect for me before oxidization kicks in, so that doesn’t help me, but hopefully it helps some of y’all.Also, just to be positive LOVE the pump! The packaging overall is a huge plus.For some to note: the foundation is very similar to revlon colorstay in staying power, finish, and consistency, although I think it may actually have better coverage as it is a little thicker.

Audrey Altus, OK

Now this is fantastic!

On my second bottle! Nice SPF, matt but nice finish, DOES last all day and not difficult to put on or fix if it dries. I don’t know how covergirl did it, but it is a pretty perfect formula.

Kathi Mount Clare, WV

2 out of 3

I think this a really good foundation if you are looking for something very wearable, everyday basis. It gives medium coverage right away, I apply it with my real techniques face brush, but it’s very buildable… because it’s liquid enough that you can play around a bit before it totally sets and then you can go again and apply more if you need/want it. So I dont agree that it has "the coverage of a concealer" because it doesnt, I have darkness under my eyes and this alone doesnt do the job.But oh my gosh. The feeling that you get in your skin is a powdery-velvety one, I dont know quite how to put my finger on it. But I really like it, my skin looks matte but it still has some luminescence after NOT an oily finish. And it does last through the day just as if you would have used a primer.I totally recommend it! Considering: I really dont have any sever skin issues, like dark spots or scars. I just get a few pimples when im around my period, and of course my undereye circles. My skin type is combo (Somewhat oily on my T-zone and dry (really dry sometimes) on my cheeks)P.S. I have found that the foundation does cling on my dry patches so that makes me think that this isnt for someone with purely dry skin.

Twila Burnham, ME

Love this foundation!

I have oily, acne-prone skin and I really loved this product. I saw a lot of review for this product on YouTube, so I thought I would give it a try. It gives you medium to full coverage. The finish is matte. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. In fact, I feel like I’m wearing nothing. I don’t use a primer or powder with this product.I got the medium beige color which matches my skin tone pretty well. It looks like it is too light when I first put it on. After a few minutes, it looked perfect. That was the general consensus on youtube as well. I usually get medium beige colors in makeup, and this one looked great! I highly recommend this product.

Ava East Palatka, FL

Best Foundation I have used so far

It goes on Smoothly and stays on for the whole day, dries perfectly and does not get smudged all over when you touch your face. it feels clean and fresh.

Isabella Rockmart, GA

Good for a drugstore option

I was doubtful at first. I usually avoid foundations because I have oily skin, and I’m prone to breaking out. But, because of all the great reviews, I decided to give this a try.To give you an idea of how I used this product, I basically carried on with my usual routine of moisturizer. But I skipped the SPF so I wouldn’t have on too many layers. I applied the Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 using a brush the first day. The coverage was really nice and buildable. Also, the finish was surprising smooth and matte.On my oily/combination skin, the product lasted about 5 to 6 hours which is pretty impressive. I had to blot my skin every couple hours so that took away from the product. But it was easy enough to apply more to spots that needed extra coverage.On the second day, I used my fingers to apply the Outlast 3 in 1. I liked this application better as the product looked more blended into my skin and pores. The amount of time the Outlast stayed on my face was basically the same as with the brush application, about 5 to 6 hours.Overall, I give this 3 out of 5 stars because it exceeded my expectations. I like the finish of the product. I like that it has a primer in the formula which helps us oily skinned people out. I like that this is a drug store product that doesn’t break the bank or break out my sensitive skin. I like how the color stayed true throughout the day with minimal oxidation (I’ve heard that some of the darker colors in this line may change more dramatically after it sets).What I didn’t like was the cheap pump and the clear top. Compared to the glass container the foundation comes in, the top and pump made the product feel cheaper. More importantly, I wish the product wasn’t scented. I’m worried my skin will become sensitized to the fragrance. It’s a very light smell but irritating to me none the less.Overall, I would recommend this product if you are looking for a bargain foundation.Note: I have light skin with yellow undertones and a lot of redness and acne scars. Buff Beige in number 305 worked for me. I had to test a couple of shades on my wrist to match my complexion. I prefer a lighter color rather than a darker one because I can always add bronzer. Also, I would recommend you use a powder to set this foundation to avoid having to blot your skin like I had to do. I hope this helps!

Rosalie Powhatan, LA

not appropriate

may be i chose the wrong one. it is not my skin color and i feel really not comfortable when it is on my face.

Letitia Savoonga, AK

Great foundation!

I started using this foundation about a month ago and I have not stopped using it since. This is my go-to foundation and I use it daily.I have oily/combination skin and this keeps me non-shiny and smooth all day.PROS:-Stays on ALL day, doesn’t smudge or slide.-Color matches well and they have a good color selection.-Sets quickly, stays matte all day.-Works great with oily/combination skin.CONS:-Has good coverage, but I still need concealer for my under-eye area.I would highly recommend this to anyone who doesn’t want to spend too much on foundation but is looking for a foundation that is wonderful!

Marcia Lentner, MO

Best drugstore foundation

I have been using a high end foundation for awhile now, but my skin clears up in the colder months so I do not need heavy coverage. This foundation is great! It applies really nicely and has buildable coverage without looking cakey and gross. I also love that it comes with a pump!

Eve Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

I have found my madeup

This is the best liquid foundation I have ever used, and I am proud to say that I have found my forever foundation.Pros-Great coverage, when I wear this my face looks even and every blemish and imperfection stays hidden-I have very oily skin so I am scared to try most makeup, but this makeup doesn’t leave me feeling dirty and oily after a few hours of wear, unlike most foundation.-has spf in it, I personally do not wear makeup unless it has some kind of sun protectionNote: when you put this on do not be alarmed that it looks white on your skin, its normal and the color adjusts, unless you’ve chosen a color too light for your skin tone and that I can not help you withSome people may not like that this makeup has a light scent, I do not mind and after about 3 minutes I can’t smell it anyways.I highly recommend this makeup to anyone looking for great coverage for a good price.

Mamie Benton, IA

Amazing Oil Control

So I love makeup! I have a ton of it, high end to drug store and this is the first foundation that I have tried that keeps my face from being an oily mess by the end of the day! I loved Revlon Colorstay foundation for oily skin but even after setting it with powder, it was oily after a few hours. I have been wearing this foundation for 12 hours now and all I did was set it with powder. No blotting or touch ups and my face has the slightest of sheen to it in the T zone. As an experiment, I just felt my face and it feelts as if I have no makeup on! It’s not heavy at all which is so great because usually I feel like my makeup is heavy by the end of the day. THIS FOUNDATION IS AMAZING!!! Also the coverage is quite full too. It is easy to blend and it is buildable. Any other foundation, even high end, expensive, “oil controlling” foundations have not helped me this much. I am excited to say the least. Also I am quite fair and this shade seems to be a decent match. I do use a fair powder to set my foundation so I’m sure that helps it match my skin tone. Overall, I definitely recommend this to my oily skinned friends 🙂

Tami Bradley, OK

Bad for dry skin

My skin is normal to dry… but with this it felted like a desert, if you don’t like powdery finishesthen skip this one… It Made my pores look large and set into wrinkles… is very noticeable that I’m wearing make up…Is not the worse foundation that I’ve ever tried but I will not purchase again.Pros: The Coverage is good…Long lastingbad:Cakey, powdery lookNot buildablebad for dry skin

Helen Shortsville, NY


I am normally 100% devoted to my Revlon Colorstay foundation, but since it was summer time and my skin had gotten a little darker, I thought I’d try this product. I’m so glad that I did! The pump on the bottle is very convenient, (and the fact that it closes is freakin’ great!) and I do not need a brush to apply it so I don’t mess up too badly on those groggy mornings before 6AM shifts. As for oil control, I did notice a difference, but it was not a complete miracle. I still had to blot my face a couple of times, no biggie. Also, it covers my acne scars and breakouts very well compared to the Colorstay. Overall, I really like this product and I am really considering purchasing a lighter shade this winter.

Deborah Lumpkin, GA

not at all what I was expecting

After seeing numerous reviews on this foundation, I had to try it, I don’t know if I got a bad batch of it or what but it wouldn’t blend in, everytime I tried to apply it it would just streak and smear, it wouldn’t blend together at all! I threw it out. I am staying with my Maybelline superstay,

Audrey Tornado, WV

Good overall foundation!

This stands with my holy grail Revlon color stay! I received an extra bottle of my correct color and I was pretty excited about that. I really enjoy the coverage and staying power of this foundation.

Rocio Stockton, MO

Great staying power!

I love this foundation! I am very oily and this foundation stays on all day! The reason I gave it 4 stars- I do have to reapply powder during the day for the shine. It, unfortunately, doesn’t keep that under control. But normally my foundation is almost completely gone by the end of the day and this one is still staying strong! They also have a pretty decent color selection. I would highly recommend for oily skin!

Sophie Port Bolivar, TX


I decided to try this product out because I’ve heard awesome reviews about it so I ordered it in the color 855 soft honey, it turned out to be a shade lighter than my actual skin tone but after it sets it oxidizes meaning it gets darker I do contour so the color being a little lighter doesn’t effect me i suggest that you buy this product from a store that lets you return the makeup if it doesn’t match your shade. Its good coverage and it has SPF so its perfect for everyday.

Gwendolyn Aurora, OR

the epitome of a fullcoverage foundation

has spf and full coverage qualities. since its full coverage it can be a bit drying as the product is geared for slightly more acne prone people. so oily people, who need a matte finish which i who have dry skin don’t if you have dry skin, you must wear a good moisturizer, or mix the foundation with a tad bit of another foundation. i found that this combo gave me flawless skin.

Elisha Whittier, AK

Better than BB cream!

I have been wanting more traditional bb cream (thicker than the american versions), and this stuff is a great alternative. It has a medium to heavy cover. The color matches perfectly well with my pale skin, and rosy undertones (classic ivory 810). I hope they keep this product. Makes my skin look flawless.

June Bay Minette, AL

Good coverage

I like this product because it goes on smooth and feels light, yet it covers flaws and blemishes very well. I also like the fact that it is good for your skin and diminishes signs of aging. It is sometimes difficult to choose the right shade from colors shown online; however, the Medium Beige was a perfect match for my skin. I will definitely keep using this product and I must say that I am "sold" on Covergirl beauty products.

Ivy Coal Valley, IL

It lasts all day….really!

I work 12 hour shifts, i was using a long wear makeup by Revlon, it was alright but it settled into my laugh lines and creases if I squinted my eyes-making me look older than I am. The Revlon brand was also heavy, it covered flaws but you could not touch it again after initial application or it did this weird "flaking" off thing that nothing really seemed to remedy.i came across this outlast by covergirl and it is far superior to Revlon. I have very oily skin, some blemishes. I live in the south so in the summer time things can get runny, smeared and sweaty very quickly. Outlast does not move all day-it does not wear off, it does not run, it NEVER looks oily. Not even after 16 hours and a long work day. I never have to touch it up-and I used to touch up my make up several times a day.I never thought I would like a liquid makeup so much. It doesn’t feel heavy-blends easily, no lines, looks natural. Love it.Few tips-I still use primer, with my oily skin I need it and it really helps the foundation last much longer. I also use a brush either stippling or foundation, both work equally well but help the makeup go on much smoother and blend better.I have gotten so many compliments since I started wearing this, several people have said how lucky I am to have flawless skin-I certainly do not have flawless skin by any means but with outlast it really looks like my skin is as close to perfection as it gets.

Elba North Pomfret, VT