CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain Nude Kiss 427

The water-based colorants of Outlast Lipstain give lips a beautiful, lightweight flush of color that won’t come off, lasting for hours without the heavy look or feel of an ordinary lipstick. Its pen-like precision applicator makes it easy to define your lips-just draw on color without any hassle!

Key features

  • lightweight, non-transfer
  • water-based colorant
  • Precision application pen
  • Conditioners soften and smooth lips

Honest reviews


Great color!

I LOVE the color. I have rather fair skin, so I can’t pull off bold colors like fuchsia. I need softer colors like nude or a light pink. With this color, it looks like I don’t have anything on.

Marissa Chicopee, MA

Alittle disappointed

I search high and low for this but the only place to get this was online. The reason I was a little disappointed is it just doesn’t last as long as I’ve heard. As far as other lipstains, it was the best but doesn’t have much staying power more that a couple hours

Karina Rutherford, CA

Doesn’t Last

I bought this lip stain based on the review of the make-up artist who gave this product 5 stars. The marker worked for just over a week then I couldn’t get any stain to come out. I could feel that there was still liquid in the container when I shook it. I don’t recommend shaking as it “exploded” all over me, the bathroom, as well as the hallway carpet. I was standing at the sink getting ready to go out for the evening. Needless to say, I was not thrilled with the plum stain on the marble counter top, the white tile surround, the tile floor, the walls, and the white carpet in the hall. As far as application, I followed the advice of the reviewer, and it looked great for an hour or so, until I ate or drank anything, then it was gone without a trace.

Katie Locust Gap, PA

did not last

loved the color but it did not last more than an hour. About me: I have oily skin and medium to fair skin…pro:exact color indicated ….inexpensive….well i will try the relvon brand before i go to the higher end ones.

Elizabeth Willow, NY

Dried Out

This product was almost all dried out when I received it. I don’t know if it was old or what. If it wasn’t dried out, I’m sure I would have really liked it!

Grace Bowersville, OH

Not exactly the color expected but an AWESOME lip stain!!

I bought this lip stain thinking it would a a deep mauve color. The name “Saucy Plum” indicates it will be a shade of purple. On my lips, it shows as a deep, dramatic wine color. The good news is that it’s an awesome wine color! I usually can’t pull off dramatic shades; they are aging or just make me look clownish, but this is a very attractive color that I don’t mind wearing out. It’s really quite flattering on my cool-toned fair skin. The color actually reminds me of a Nars lipstick called Amsterdam which is the only other dramatic wine/red lipstick I can wear. I use a liner, apply a couple layers of the stain. Let it dry. Then apply a lip gloss over it. I’m surprised that people have said it doesn’t last long. At the end of the day, I am hard pressed to remove it!!! It stays put alright!! The stain does bleed, so lip liner is a must. Even though it wasn’t quite the color I thought it would be, I think it’s an awesome lip stain. I’m glad I bought it, and I recommend it!!

Margie Dundas, VA


The product itself is good. The stain stays on and the applicator is precise, but it is not the color I expected. I knew that by ordering it off of Amazon I was taking the chance because the color on computer screens will vary, but it’s not overly expensive. I would have given the product a better rating if I could use it, but the color makes me look really washed out because it’s more coral than nude.

Betty Mount Clare, WV


Girlfriend loves the color and still uses it so her lips don’t dry out so shes happy with it =)

Katherine Greenbush, MA

Great lip stain

CoverGirl Outlast Lip stain has disappeared from my local area. I was so happy to find it for sale on Amazon. The Nude Kiss 427 is a natural tone on me. I apply it followed with a lip balm to moisturize. Love it!

Maricela Smithfield, KY

Not really “Nude”

I bought this expecting to get a nice, nude shade. It wasn’t at all as expected. It is very dark brown with a hint of red. I would not recommend this to someone looking for a nude shade lip stain.

Darla Limestone, ME