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CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Serum Primer, 1-Ounce

CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Serum Primer’s moisturizers penetrate the epidermis (top layer of the skin), leaving a smooth base on your skin like a primer.

Key features

  • The lightweight, creamy formula goes on clear and is easy to apply with fingers
  • It preps skin to help create a smooth canvas on which foundation can be applied
  • Working under foundation to provide continuous hydration and moisturization

Honest reviews


Lighter Olay Regenerist for maybe a younger crowd

I’m in my early 40’s, but still have sensitive skin prone to breakouts if I’m not cautious. I’ve tried many lotions and examined ingredients on even more. Mostly, this took the ingredients found in Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum – 1.7 oz., eliminated the fragrances and moved them around a bit to make a lighter, less powerful fragrance-free version.The age-defying ingredient in Olay they’ve included in this one is an “amino-peptide” (something science uses to renew the outer layer of the skin, revealing newer skin underneath.) It’s called palmitoyl pentapeptide. In Olay Regenerist, and this one, it is combined with moisturizing ingredients like Vitamin B5 and Green Tea – so the lotion will be both rejuvenating and rehydrating.Here’s the ups and down’s of what that means for this product:1. This one, in particular, is designed to be anti-aging not age-repairing:The peptide is nearly the last ingredient in this one, so it’s just a tiny amount (in Olay – it’s much farther up the feeding chain). So, if you really want more aging repair versus aging prevention or moisturizing help – you have to move up to something like their Regenerist line or the maximum version the Olay Professional Pro-X Anti-Aging Starter Protocol, 1 Kit <>.2. This is better for sensitive skin.One of the biggest problems with going with something “stronger” is that for many people like me w/ sensitive skin – you’re trading wrinkle reduction for breakouts. This one didn’t bother my skin. This is oil-free, and fragrance-free. Plus, the bit of alcohol in it I was worried about, didn’t hurt.3.It’s a good moisturizer, without a heavy greasy feel. (But, no UV protection).The Cover Girl folks have masked those vitamins and green tea under their scientific names – but they’re all there. (Still not to the degree you’ll find in a lot of higher priced ones – but present versus all those lower priced ones that don’t offer them.) It’s not greasy (TIP: Don’t apply too much or it will be- one squirt rubbed in your hands and on your face will do the trick). Many serums are best when you put a moisturizer on after them – this one, because it’s the “light” version serves double-duty, and does act as the good “foundation primer” it promises.As with more expensive, good lotions- my skin felt healthier and softer, and stayed that way throughout the day. So, it does what it promises – makes wrinkles appear less apparent and helps your make-up go on well.BOTTOM LINE: This is probably close to a 5-star product for women that are in their 20’s to 30’s that want to affordably defend themselves from aging and have their makeup go on more smoothly. I suspect that’s who it’s really meant for, given the Cover Girl name. It’s also good for folks with sensitive skin. Still, if you’re 40+ hoping for a little more aging repair help – this probably isn’t the best choice.

Cleo Janesville, WI

My mom-in-law likes it, but be aware of ingredients

I was excited to try this product, but after reading the ingredients I changed my mind. For me, using parabens is simply something I don’t choose to do. But my mom-in-law doesn’t care, so I let her try it. She said that she definitely noticed a smoothness to her skin after applying it. As another reviewer remarked it is heavier than a lotion, so give it time to soak in.One other thing–make sure NOT to get any product on your clothing since it does contain titanium dioxide and will permanently stain your clothes.

Colleen East Greenville, PA

Didn’t like because it may be toxic!

I tried a sample of this product and it felt very smooth. The scent, although subtle, didn’t trill me; it’s not natural. Also, I am used to serums being a clearish, thick liquid, but this is more like a regular face lotion, just a bit thicker.I have marked it down by several stars because it has parabens (methylparaben, ethylparaben). These products should not be included in any beauty products as they have been linked to cancer. As a breast cancer survivor, I would not recommend this product to any women for this one issue! All of the Cover Girl & Olay Simply Ageless products are considered moderately to highly hazardous (even developmental/reproductive toxicity) by the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Environmental Working Group; you can check their database online for all sorts of other cosmetics you may be using.

Jeanine Marshalltown, IA

Just OK

I gave this to my wife to use and to give her opinion. She said it is “OK”. Nothing particularly good and nothing particularly bad – just OK. That sounds like a 3 star rating to me. I could have pressed her for a more descriptive evaluation but if you knew my wife you would know why I could not do that. However, if you want to give it a shot just come on over to the house and give me the opportunity to observe your technique. I am always willing to learn.

Trisha Hiawatha, KS

she loves it

CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Serum Primer, 1-OunceI gave this to my wife, and she loves it. She says she will probably buy some more. That’s the true test of a product, isn’t it?Gunner September, 2010

Mattie Chalk, TX

Oil free and goes a long way!

I had never heard of `Serum Primer’ before trying this. I am 37 years old and have always used a light weight oil free lotion as my preferred choice.One thing I did not see listed with this product that was very important to me, is it is oil free! I did not see it listed on the page at all. It is listed on the bottle though. I will not use a product on my face unless it is oil free. I have combination skin and anything with oil makes my skin breakout.I must say I did not think I would like this at first but it proved me wrong. I am used to applying a light weight lotion and with this you get the smallest, I mean almost nothing size dab of serum with each pump. I did not like that I had to apply such little product all over my face, it seems there was more facial contact as opposed to my regular lotion. Once it was applied it felt a bit heavy and made my face look greasy. However, it proved me wrong. I applied it after my astringent but before my foundation and sure enough it was not greasy or oily as I thought it would be. Each day I checked to make sure it was still not `shining’ and my face still had a matte look to it. I was very impressed.I believe some other reviewers stated they did not like that the bottle was not see through because you do not know when the serum is low. All you have to do is look at the bottom of the pump and there is an area that shows where the pump is at. Right now mine is showing about 80% full.I am very impressed with this product. I probably would not have picked it up but now that I have tried it and it works I will only be using this in the future. A little of this goes a long way.

Constance Steward, IL

Makes makeup look better

In my 20s I never used base or foundation. In my 30s a tinted moisturizer was enough. In my 40s I realized that my splotchy ugly skin needed something more and I began using foundation for the first time in my life. Now, staring down 50, I have tried a few ‘primers’ under foundation, and I like them. This primer works exceptionally well for me.It goes on smoothly and easily with no tugging, creasing, or stickiness. When it’s on, I look in the mirror and I see a difference – my skin tone is now even. Foundation glides over it, and does not settle into the cracks and pores on my face – it just stays, evenly spread, on the top of the primer. It gives my face more of a ‘matte’ finish. And the primer helps the foundation stay on, so that at the end of the workday I am not (quite) a blotchy scary pallid hag. So, as a primer, it does what it says and I am very happy with it. I have tried a similar Philosophy product (much more expensive) and this works just as well.I see some reviewers discussing this product with regards to it’s anti-aging and moisturizing properties. Personally, I don’t believe that anything can ‘anti-age’ us, and I have tried a lot of expensive anti-aging products. So I’m not looking for this to make me younger. It is slightly moisturizing, but with my dry skin I do use a light layer of moisturizer underneath it.BOTTOM LINE: As a moisturizer, it’s light (and non-greasy). As a primer, which is what it is intended to be, it glides on smoothly and makes a nice foundation for your foundation — helping it to look better and last longer. I will buy again.

Miriam Saltsburg, PA

silky soft

Pumping the product out my hand, I notice that it is white, and thicker than a “lotion”, yet thinner than a “cream”. Spreading it onto my face, I am impressed by its creamy-yet fluid consistency and the easy spreadability of the product. Touching my face, I pleased with the ultra-smooth and silky feel of it. I gently wipe a little of it off my cheeks, nose and chin, because I have oily skin and don’t need tons of moisture. I dab a little extra under my eyes and on the fine lines at the corners. I apply a bit of powder over the “Primer” for a finished look and shine reduction. I look pretty good! I touch my skin several times during the day, and it still feels wonderfully soft and smooth. I believe the lines may be less noticable, and my skin looks a bit firmer. I think I will try it again tomorrow!(BTW, I did some checking on the ingredients, and it seems that it has several silicon-based chemicals, and these make the stuff silky and slippery. They give a temporary “plump” look to the skin. It also has some vitamins, such as Vitamin E (tocopherol) and a couple of B vitamins. There’s some extract of green tea leaves, a proven antioxidant. Also there’s other stuff that moiturizes, stimulates and heals. Titanium Oxide is a white pigment. Propylparaben is a preservative. Just FYI, incase you like to know what you are putting on your face. 🙂

Cristina Sagamore, MA

I don’t see the point…

When makeup primers first hit the market, I wondered if we were witnessing the introduction of yet another gimmick from the beauty industry to entice us to spend more money. Conversely, I also wondered if they were onto something. I grabbed the opportunity to review Simply Ageless Primer and satisfy my curiosity.It does smooth out the skin, allowing makeup to be more easily applied. However, lots of other products, when applied before makeup, do the same thing.I used this product underCoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Foundation. I did not see that the primer caused any fine lines or wrinkles to be less apparent.I usually apply a moisturizing sunscreen under my foundation. My weapon of choice has beenNeutrogena Visibly Firm Face Lotion, Active Copper, SPF-20, 1.7-Ounce Bottle, but sadly it seems to have been discontinued by the manufacturer. The point here is that this moisturizer allowed my foundation to be applied just as smoothly and evenly as the primer did. (Both products contain a form of silicone called dimethicone.)Since the primer does not have any sunscreening abilities, doesn’t work any better than a good-quality moisturizer for providing a smooth base under foundation, doesn’t have much in the way of moisturizing ingredients, and doesn’t seem to do anything for the appearance of my skin, I just don’t see the point in using it.

Corine Sunflower, MS

Could be helpful…an update…

A nice primer for slightly dry to average skin types. Generally I use primers on areas of concern not my whole face. Originally, I believed primers were just an additional unwarranted expense.What I experienced as I kept trying it was that it actually lessened the need for more foundation, powder etc.After using the primer for some time and being a little more adept at applying it lightly, then following lightly with foundation and dusting of mineral powder, the result is a smooth natural looking complexion.

Blanche Charlevoix, MI

Not a Moisturizer but a Primer

I thought that this would be moisturizing but for me, it was not. It’s suppose to be a primer for under makeup but I can’t really tell what the point is suppose to be because it didn’t seem to help the look or feel of my makeup. It also stings my skin a little when I put it on. I will finish the bottle but I don’t see any point in buying more.

Dona Howey In The Hills, FL

I’ve used better

Quite frankly I’d been spoiled. DHC has a primer that makes your skin feel like satin, makes pores appear less visible and using the cover girl primer was a bit of a let down from that. I really did not notice any difference in the appearance of my skin and the feel wasn’t much different than my favorite moisturizer.

Lavonne Clinton, PA

Creamy Without Being Oily

As a woman who is trying to defy age I have tried a bevy of products….some quite expensive, some more moderate. One thing I detest in any of these lines is that oily, I have vaseline plastered on my face, feel. Covergirl&Olay; Simply Ageless Primer 100 is wonderfully creamy, but melds right into your pores leaving a smooth, softened face. Love it. Because it has this quiescent feel I will look further into the products this line carries for eye cream and such.A very worthwhile product without requiring a mortage on your home to purchase it.Recommended.

Maggie Dexter, KY

Light and non-greasy

I’m in my 30s with skin that still is prone to acne, so it’s important for me to use products that don’t contribute to the problem. That said, I can’t say for sure if this serum made my skin any worse in that sense… my skin is too tempermental for me to know for sure what contributes to a breakout day to day. But I do know that this felt light and didn’t feel at all greasy when I applied it. It didn’t take long to dry, and I liked the fact that I didn’t notice any particular smell (which always bothers me when it’s on my face!).I wish cosmetics companies would all drop parabens from their ingredients, but as of now, they’re still very common.

Maryann Alton, VA

Mixed blessings

This primer comes in a good pump bottle and has a lovely texture and basic moisturizing as well as acting like a primer. Unfortunately, within an hour of application, it had melted into my eyes and they have been red and burning all day long. This does not happen with my foundation alone, so I guess it is the fault of this primer. Not recommended.

Frankie Hubbardston, MA

Who knows ?

You never really know if any of these things actually work. You hope that they do, and help somewhat. Serum is easy to apply, and the quality is there. It’s an individual decision.

Iris Bluffton, IN

Ick, breakouts!

I know this is supposed to be for sensitive skin, and perhaps it’s just that my skin has gotten picky over the years of only wearing Clinique products, but this really didn’t work for me.When it arrived my Vine sticker was placed firmly over the ingredients – after much peeling and prodding and hot water I was able to only gunk up the ingredient list. So I really can’t speak to what is in the bottle. I can say that I liked the pump, though I always feel like I’m missing the last little gobs in the bottom when I have a pump I can’t remove.The product appears to me to be more of a primer to be used prior to adding your foundation to “fill in” fine lines. I don’t see anything that would imply to me that it has any power to erase or lessen the fine lines any more then a basic moisturizer. So basically this is just to fill in the lines before adding makeup. The odor was strange, not bad, but certainly not attractive. The consistancy was thick and it rubbed in rather well.The problem I encountered was an almost immediate breakout. I won’t be using it again because of this.

Francesca West Haverstraw, NY

Primer, Any Primer Product, Does NOT Equal Moisturizer/SPF

I use and have used Cover Girl products ever since I was old enough to use makeup. I consistantly use the old standby, Cover Girl, Clean Makeup Foundation (with that nostalgic, Noxema smell) and many other Cover Girl cosmetic products. This primer, however, will not be something that I will buy again.Before using this primer, or ANY primer, for that matter, you need to moisturize/spf your skin first! I have used many different brands of primer, especially when “primers” were all the rage, and this product ranks below many other brands I have tried like Benefit, Clinique, TARTE, and my personal favorite, “Philosophy”.For the money, try Philosophy’s “The Present”. You will be happy you did…

Beatrice Anthony, TX

“primer” = moisturizer

The latest fad for cosmetics is these “primers” you put on your skin beneath your makeup. What it seems to do is moisturize the skin, making it a bit more pliable for the makeup application.This is a white lotion that you smooth on your face when it’s clean, before doing make-up.When women reach a certain age, foundation doesn’t go on smoothly anymore as the skin starts to behave more like paper than spandex. Drier, thinner skin on the face means it is harder to get it on smoothly. Instead of a smooth application, you get “caking” and areas where the make up looks blotchy.This product helps the makeup look more even, especially on “older” skin, but I think any oil-free moisturizer would do that. If you are too young for wrinkles. you probably don’t need this product.

Mina Clark, NJ

Not bad for the price

I’ll admit, I’m a Sephora girl. I go in and think I’m there to get a mascara and $800 later I walk out with a new face. So I know makeup! And I use a primer, so I’m familiar with the concept. This one is good. Darn good for the price. But I little more pricey, especially when my 40+ year old skin has to keep looking under 30 if I want to stay on tv. :)Did it make me ageless? No, but it didn’t make me look my age either!

Iva Williamson, WV

Feels lightweight and I love the scent (or lack thereof)

I haven’t notice a huge improvement in my fine lines, but I do like the scent and feel of “Simply Ageless”. My makeup does go on more evenly after the application, although not any more so than when I use other “age-defying” products.I did notice that cyclomethicone and dimethicone are the third and fourth ingredients. Some women are fine with this and some women try to avoid the “cones”. I haven’t had any problems with the cones so I will continue to use it. It works just as well as my more expensive products yet without the heavy scent.If you are comfortable with using “cones” on your face this is a great cost saving alternative.

Whitney Maxeys, GA

Nice Product

I really like this primer. It doesn’t feel super heavy like other primers do; rather it applies like a nice, velvety moisturizer but with a bit of perfecting effect. Of course my skin has large pores and a couple scars so aside from laser treatment or a chemical peel, I can’t expect perfection without going to a pro.Other companies make primers that actually make the skin look more filled in and perfected I would say, but I don’t like the heaviness of those. This applies well, sinks in nicely and makes a nice foundation for, well, foundation. Again, it’s no miracle product, but I think it makes a little difference and doesn’t irritate my fussy skin. (It has no strong smell, either, which is another plus.) I wish it were a bit cheaper for a “drugstore” brand, but if you shop around you can get it cheaper. (I just picked up my second bottle on sale at Kroger for $11.99, which is the best deal I’ve seen without a coupon.)

Beverly Candler, FL


I soooo love this primer it gives me that’s silky look when I apply it under my powder.I av purchased it twice and I will keep buying.its wonderful

Dolores Fancher, NY

Maybe for old folks?

This product does absolutely nothing for makeup on young skin under 35. Its a waste of $$. Its foamy and is not silicone based, yet sinks into skin not providing any smooth surface for makeup to glide onto. What’s the point of using this? For that Ill just wear a better moisturizer and be done with it. CG, you suck.

Erica Dagmar, MT

Good Product for Younger Women

I’ve been using this product for about a month now. It goes on smoothly, feels great – not greasy or heavy but light and very natural. Works great under foundation. My face feels smooth after I apply the serum. This product may be better suited to younger women, as it hydrates and moisturizes but does not help repair or diminsh aging skin or skin damaged from sun exposure. All in all a very nice product!

Geraldine Buena Vista, GA

Nice Primer, Reasonable Price

This is a nice primer and economically priced. I like the feel of it on my skin, and it is a far better price than many of the primers I have used.

Jillian Candor, NC

It’s okay

I bought this thinking it would make my make up more flawless looking but it kind of made my make up look kind of flakey.

Sherry Rothschild, WI

CoverGirl Primer

Thbis is a good product, the price is right and easy to use. It looks very nice on the face.

Lorraine Harmony, MN

Not a moisturizer but rather another step in facial care

Skin care products can cost a fortune, and Proctor & Gamble should be applauded for offering a good product at an affordable price; however, for those of us who also want protection against the sun and a moisturizer, this light, scent-less lotion simply adds another step and therefore another cost. It is designed to be worn over moisturizer and under foundation. not as a replacement for either. According to the marketing hype, it creates “a canvas for an ageless finish.” What does this mean in practice? The “serum” creates a layer that somewhat tightens the skin to allow smooth application of foundation. It dries to a somewhat tacky finish, although over the day this feeling lessens as it is either absorbed or wears off.I have extremely sensitive skin, with allergies to many different skin products, and I was able to use this primer without irritation or break-outs. When I applied it over my usual moisturizer and then applied foundation, my skin had a slight sheen that persisted for an hour or so; without moisturizer, the foundation immediately had more of a matte finish that didn’t look dry or otherwise unnatural — but my skin was also drier. I don’t know whether the sheen is due to a delay in absorption of the moisturizer or a reaction between the two. Did my face look younger? I wish! Instead of minimizing or delaying aging, it adds a thin layer that gives the illusion of slightly smoother skin. Even if you don’t apply foundation, it has this effect.Before purchasing, consider whether you need this extra layer. Although it works as advertised (hence the four stars), its impact seems more temporarily cosmetic than real. Since part of protecting the skin against rapid aging is minimizing the effects of the sun, I might have given it five stars if it contained some sort of sunscreen. I then could have switched my moisturizer to night-time only and applied this serum under foundation without having the sheen.– Debbie Lee Wesselmann

Nichole Pineville, KY

Light , not greasy, perfect!

I use Perricone products big bucks, but found this to be even better for my daytime under makeup moisture/primer. My skin really looked better after a couple of weeks. It is light not greasy, my makeup does not settle into lines, nor look blotchy. It seems to set my liquid makeup even in hot weather. Still use Perricone at night, but will be trying more of this line when it runs out.

Robbie Hope, NJ