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COVERGIRL & Olay Pressed Powder Fair Light 320, 0.39 Oz

COVERGIRL & Olay pressed powder with smooth glide serum helps to brighten skintone while minimizing the appearance of discolorations.

Key features

  • Softens the appearance of imperfections
  • Helps brighten skintone
  • Lightweight coverage
  • Contains Smooth Glide Serum

Honest reviews


How about some clogged pores to go along with your pressed powder, ma’am?

This CoverGirl pressed powder came highly rated by Oprah’s magazine beauty editors. I decided to give it a try. It’s inexpensive, so what is there to lose, right? The powder goes on smoothly, covers lightly, doesn’t stink, contains no noxious chemicals, and generally does what it says it will do. But after two weeks of daily application, my face breaks out with little clogged pores all over. This is an unusual occurrence considering I am decades past the acne zone in life. Surprise! Cheap face powder clogs up skin and leads to breakouts. Maybe Oprah’s staff is magically immune from clogged pores? Not sure what’s going on, but somehow, with an effect that quick and that dramatic, I can’t believe I am the only one who would experience it. I am going back to my long-time standby–the hideously expensive but completely trouble-free, Jane Iredale face powder. Clear skin is clearly worth the splurge.

Sadie Pulaski, WI


Not what I thought it would be. But what I have done was mix and match it with my other press powder.

Cassandra Highland Park, MI

Covergirl Olay Pressed Powder

I LOVE the Covergirl & Olay partnership! The compressed powder comes in a cute compact with a mirror. First day after I started to use it my 16 year old tried it and was like “can I have this mom? I think it looks better on me!” “Nice Try, but it looks great on me :)” I am 48 yrs old and I don’t usually like powder. It goes on so smooth. It doesn’t settle into wrinkles or look like it’s just sitting on my face. I am surprised at how much I like this powder–I will continue to use this product.

Shelly Sylvan Beach, NY

Works well and was natural looking

I received this product as well as the matching foundation in #320 fair as part of a Bzzz Agent campaign last week. I am in my 40’s and will sometimes use foundation but typically stick with just powder if I need it. Well, I needed it. I had a chemical peel at the end of last week and woke up to red blotchy skin. I had to go to work and it was noticeable that my skin was not right. I was especially worried about irritating my already annoyed skin. I got out the foundation and pressed powder thinking nothing is going to help my mess of a face. It covered it – covered it well and it didn’t look like I was wearing a mask. Even my husband didn’t notice that my face was “off”. He actually said to me – you look nice today. I left it go at that and went to work. I noticed that it didn’t settle in any of the fine wrinkles on my face and the color was a nice match for my regular skin tone. I reapplied the powder only twice more that day so it lasted nicely and still looked natural. It is a nice touch too that the compact has a mirror. I’ve noticed that a lot of compacts are cutting out that step. I was very pleased with this powder and the matching foundation and will definitely use it again and purchase it. I’ve read that the more you wear, the more it hydrates your skin. It didn’t irritate my already irritated skin either. The powder goes on smoothly and doesn’t cake.

Graciela Perry, OK

Covered my trouble spot

I have used various Covergirl products for a long time. I like the products and I like the reasonable price. In the past I used liquid foundation rather the powder, so I was curious to see how pressed powder will work for me. I have a dark spot on one of my cheeks that I always try to cover up with make up. The Covergirl & Olay powder overall did a nice job covering up my problem area.I am attaching a collage of three photos labeled 1 through 3 under customers photos:Photo #2 show before and after of the problem spot of before and after photo. You can see the more even color of my skin after the make up was applied. The spot is not totally gone, but I only like applying a thin layer of make up.Photo #1 shows the nice the nice applicator that came with the powder. I really helped make powder invisible on my face. The compact has a handy mirror so you can apply make-up on the go.Photo #3 shows the compact in its blister pack as it arrived.This was my first experience with powder and it took a bit more work than the liquid foundation. After the first application I noticed a bit of powder specs visible to the naked eye. Then I read the instructions to see if I did it wrong, and yes I missed a step. After the powder is applied with an applicator sponge you need to work the powder into you skin with the tips of your fingers. After that step the powder specs were gone!Overall, I am pleased.Ali Julia review

Miriam Old Bridge, NJ

Excellent coverage

When I look for make-up, I look for something that won’t feel cakey and thick on my skin because I like my skin feeling as natural as possible. I used a brush and applied this product over a tinted moisturizer and it did an excellent job of hiding any discoloration or blemish on my face. This is my favorite pressed powder and I would highly recommend it!

Tracey Marthaville, LA

Too dry

I have dry skin in the winter, and found this powder to be way too dry for me, even when applying with a brush. Will try it again during the summer months to see if it will work better for me.

Nina Grays Knob, KY

Olay meets CoverGirl

I have always been a huge fan of both Olay & CoverGirl products. I use both on a regular basis, so I was excited to find out that CoverGirl had made a foundation & powder with Olay in it and even more excited to try it. I received this powder along with the accompanying foundation in Fair as part of a Bzz Agent campaign. I love that the pressed powder comes with a mirror in the compact–a rarity these days. I normally wear powder and had just run out of my regular brand so perfect timing to try this product. Unfortunately, the color was a little light for my current Summer tan, so it’s hard to say how well the color blended, but it did go on super smooth, had no offensive odor & did not break out my skin. I have sensitive skin so that’s important to me. My skin felt great. Now I just have to wait until further in the season to lose a little tan so that the foundation is a perfect match and I’ll be so excited to wear it!

Kirsten Letona, AR


Of all the face powders that I used, I like this one the most. One the days that I wear liquid foundation I apply a light layer of this face powder on top because I have oily skin. This will mattify my face for about 2 or 3 hours. I sometimes wear this face powder on its own after priming my face and it looks like im not wearing anything. I would definitely recommend.

Barbara Shenorock, NY