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Covergirl Natureluxe Silk Foundation Brazilnut 370, 1-Ounce

Natureluxe Silk Foundation exchanges a heavier emollient for a touch of cucumber water and a hint of natural jojoba and rosehip extracts, which are lighter, more luxurious-feeling alternatives. Natureluxe Silk Foundation is part of COVERGIRL Natureluxe, a luxury makeup line that exchanges a select heavier synthetic for carefully-chosen natural ingredients, while delivering a polished makeup look and a lightweight feel.

Key features

  • Natureluxe Silk Foundation contains a lightweight blend of hints of jojoba and rosehip extracts along with cucumber water which is a lighter, more luxurious alternative to a heavier feeling emollient
  • Cucumber water is refreshing and light-feeling to balance creaminess on application
  • Innovative formula for creating naturally polished looking skin designed with beauty trend insights from Pat McGrath, COVERGIRL Global Creative Design Director
  • Oil-free, paraben-free
  • SPF 10

Honest reviews


It works! Small size fits in a purse easily

I recommend this foundation.Here are some of the reasons why:1. It provides good coverage without being heavy2. I found that it stays on and I do not need to reapply it3. Small size fits nicely in a purse4. Has nice cucumber-like smell (although I would have preferred unscented)A note on price. I noticed that the price on the on this product fluctuates and sometimes runs too high. There is a nice online tool that I use to help catch a good price on Amazon, this tool is called “Online Price Alert”. This tool will send you an email when the Amazon item price reaches the target price range that you specify. If you search on “online price alert” in Google it will be come up at the top. I find this tool to be very helpful.

Elsie Perham, MN

Oily Shiny Face!

I have used covergirl foundations before and was excited to try this one. I have combination skin and found that this foundation made my skin feel very oily. It also rubs off on clothing easily. It also gave me a super shiny face after only a few hours and my face looked greasy like I had went to the gym. Not a fan of this one! But at least it didn’t make my skin breakout. I have sensitive skin also.

Latisha Aubrey, TX

Silk Foundation Cover Girl in Flax

As all of us are moving towards the green movement, how can make up be far behind, cover girl has always made great makeup especially for south Asian skin tone.I love the blushes, lipsticks and had never tried the foundation, always believed that this one makeup essential should be expensive. But silk foundation proved me wrong. I got a sample as part of being a Bzz Agent, and tried on my expensive MAC foundation on one side of the face and the Silk foundation on the other. My Mac seemed heavy but cover girl, was light airy and made my skin feel soft and fresh.I have always used cucumber for a face pack, as I have acne prone oily skin and the cover girl foundation having that as an ingredient I was sold. the added bonus is the SPF so I can skip one step in the skin routine completely.Give this baby a try.

Rhoda Glen Rock, NJ

love it!

love this foundation its perfect for what i use it for. It isnt heavy at all and has just a smidge heavier coverage then a tinted moisturizer so if you need to cover alot I wouldnt reccomend this. Also it has a weird cinnominy smell which is weird because I feel like im going to burn my face whenever I use it! lol but It dosent irriatate my skin at all and it lasts FOREVER I bought a bottle a year ago and I still have plenty left!

Bridgett Peggs, OK


It’s really really sad to see this product no longer being made. It’s light, covers up all small imperfections and is easily build-able. I’ve gotten many compliments on my skin wearing this product. I bought two online once I found out they no longer make it.

Lila Presque Isle, WI

Five Stars

Have been using this and sad that covergirl has discontinued it.

Ruth Gustine, CA

I love this foundation

This is my favorite foundation. I wear this in the Flax 310 shade. Initially, I was afraid that the shade might be too light for me but once applied, it matched my skin tone nicely. I am a middle-aged woman and my skin is combination. This foundation stayed put throughout the day, and was neither drying nor oily. It provided nice coverage and didn’t feel heavy or greasy at all. I like to stipple my foundation on with a stipple brush for a flawless, ‘airbrushed’ look. I did not notice a strong scent with this as other reviewers have mentioned. I put my nose up to the tube and it smelled very faintly scented.

Mitzi Randlett, UT

The right foundation for your pocket and face

I am a busy mom, who like most busy moms loves sleep but don’t always get it. I do not have time in the morning to apply this make up and that make up. What I love about Cover Girl Nature Luxe is that I can quickly apply it and go. No other make up necessary and no need to apply sunscreen as it contains it already. I apply and go and my dull, tired skin, looks even and set all in a matter of 20 seconds. You can’t beat that. Another aspect of this make up that I appreciate is that it is light and dewy unlike most foundations that contain SPF. This one is NOT heavy or cakey. When it comes to price its average. To me everything in this life is overly priced, but that’s because I’m cheap and a single mom. I’m the person that goes to a garage sale and sees something for $3 that I will think is way too much and I’ll negotiate the price down. The price of this make up is standard in comparsion to what else is on the market. It’s not too expensive and it’s not exactly cheap. For the amount you get and how long it lasts you, the price is right. If you want fast and easy, lightweight coverage, then this is for you.

Ollie Meadview, AZ

Great coverage

It matches my skin tone. Just need a little drop and can get coverage for my face. They had a test online whre you put in color of your eyes etc. and it came up with this color. Like it a lot

Dora Samantha, AL

Light feel. great coverage

I love the way this make up feels and looks and it even smells good. I have very sensitive skin and have no problem with this make up.

Hannah Santa Clara, CA

Works great for me

Hands down, this is the best foundation for my face. Everything I’ve tried has either caused me to breakout, or it’s stuck to my dry areas and made me look like I had scales. This foundation doesn’t do either. Another plus, it’s one of very few foundations that actually matches my skin color. (Very pale, I’m using the Alabaster shade.)Easy easy easy to put this foundation on, because it goes on very much like a lotion. I just dab it around on my face and then rub it around with my fingers. Coverage is light, it’s enough to make a small pimple not so obvious, but if you’re trying to hide scars or angry red pimples, you’ll need concealer under it.The only reason I’ve taken off 1 star is because it’s got no form of oil control in it. Because I’ve got oily skin, this is a slight problem for me. No big deal really, because I just put some oil-control setting powder underneath it. Without an oil control powder, oily skin will quickly break through this foundation.Overall, it’s worth the somewhat-high price for me. I’ve ordered it using Amazon’s Subscribe and Save feature, and it’s definitely the best price I could find anywhere.

Saundra Texico, IL

Sorry, but no.

For an item that you are going to put on your face, this certainly is a highly perfumed product. Covergirl Natureluxe Silk Foundation is supposed to be something with coverage to it, but that isn’t really the case. I felt like I had put a really stinky moisturizer on. It really did not enhance my complexion the way I had hoped. I suppose I could use it as a moisturizer and apply my makeup on top of it, but the smell is just too much of a deal-breaker. So, I guess I pretty much threw my money away on this one. I really do not care for it.

Rae Amasa, MI

Not available in stores

Such a nice product. I love cover girl products but didn’t try this one til it was on clearance. I loved it ! Gives me a beautiful complexion, no shine, or heavy mask feeling. Of course when I went to repurchase in stores it was gone. Glad amazon dealer still has it for a fair price. I should deplete their inventorying my shade.

Delia Anniston, MO

Glad Amazon had this!

I was mad at Covergirl for discontinuing this item after how long it took me to find a foundation that worked well for me. Amazon to the rescue! After not being able to find it in stores anymore I checked here and ordered 3. This foundation stays on and covers well.

Flora Silver City, MS

very good!

Its an amazing foundation! Unfortunatly its a bit dark for me because I am in the winter months and we don’t get a lot of sun. I will be trying a different color soon!

Elma Boyle, MS


This foundation was perfect. It had a light scent that faded after a while. It was a soothing smell. Great coverage. I normally have very oily skin, but this didn’t get oily on my face at all. Plus the color matching was perfect!

Estela Long Valley, NJ


This was okay. It didn’t really work for me as I have very dry skin. It showed brush marks after it was applied. Smelled nice though.

Mari Kansas, OH

Awesome Foundation

This is a wonderful foundation for spring/summer… I’ve been looking for something that feels light on my skin, keeps my skin hydrated & offers medium coverage… This make up has done all that plus more.. It smells really healthy cucumber light airy smell… I don’t usually like Cover Girl Foundation because… in my opinion It never COVERS anything.. But.. Natureluxe is awesome… I didn’t expect medium coverage.. When I first bought this I was like.. Yeah.. this is probably going to be some sort of tinted make up.. Which is not good for me.. I have a lot of acne scars so I need atleast medium coverage and this works great.. The only problem I’ve had with this product is that you have to reapply it.. It isn’t long lasting.. I’d say it can last up to 7 hours.. But.. that’s it.. You’d def have to reapply if you’re out… Which I have no problem reapplying it’s just kind of annoying because majority of my make is 16-24 hour wear… so, it takes getting used to.. and also.. I am one of those people that have a weird skin tone so I have to mix using shades 355 and 360… I am normally a classic tan in Covergirl and I picked the referred shade for Classic Tan which was 360 but it was a little too dark.. and 355 is a little too light.. So I mix the shades and Tada.. Matched me perfectly.. I would recommend this make up for the summer and warmer climates its soo light yet offers medium coverage and smells great… I love the tub it comes in, easy to use.. Just don’t like reapplying…

Tania Chamberlain, SD

Great Cover – being discontinued

I really like the cover that this product gives, but beware, it is no longer being made. Leave it to me to love a product that is being discontinued.

Rochelle Chagrin Falls, OH

Natural, beautiful look, doesn’t settle into fine lines

I love this make up because it looks and feels so natural. I put it on right after putting moisturizer on my face, or sometimes I mix in a drop of moisturizer with the make up, and then it spreads very easily over my skin. It gives just enough coverage to even my skin tone, and it has such a light feel that it is unnoticeable. It looks completely natural. I don’t think you can even tell it’s there except that I look so much better. I work at night, and even if I put it on in the the morning, it looks great all the way through my shift, never oily or cakey. At 43, many foundations settle into my fine lines and make me look so much older than if I’m wearing nothing (even some that are marketed for older women), but this one never does that. I also love that the package design allows me to easily get out all of the product. On top of all that, it is priced reasonably. A great value!

Mellisa Langford, SD

Natural and Effective

I always wonder if a so-called "natural" product is going to be as effective as its competitors, but this one did not disappoint. In fact, it exceeded my expectations. I was concerned that, with a name like "Alabaster," it might be too light for even my anemic skin tone. Not so. It glides on and blends right in. You only need a little bit to provide yourself with great all-over coverage, so watch how much you use on your applicator of choice! This isn’t a bad thing, however, since the tube is so small. In fact, my only gripe is that it doesn’t come in a larger size. I would recommend a finishing powder with this to complete a very natural look.

Autumn Dyer, TN

Finally a foundation that MATCHES my skin tone!

The most impressive feature of this foundation that I rarely find in ANY foundation whether it is powder or liquid or in between is the color actually blends into my skin tone and matches! I chose the lightest color 305 alabaster. I like the ease of applying it with my fingertips or a sponge and it sinks in and my skin feels moisturized and the makeup feels weightless. I love the smoothness of my skin and while it is lightly scented I barely noticed it. I would buy this full price if I needed to and I will put away my powder foundations during the summer and use this instead. GREAT product that rivals some pricier brands!

Beverley Cambridge, MA

LOVE the Alabaster Covergirl Natureluxe Silk Foundation !!!

This foundation is incredibly smooth and thin, which is perfect for my skin because I have really good skin, but it’s oily, and thick products can make my pores clog up really fast. This foundation is fantastic with coverage, but isn’t thick enough to clog my pores meaning I can wear it all day and into the night and feel comfortable.My only con is that it tends to rub off on my fingers if I brush my face, like when I have an eyelash on my face.I love this product, and def recommend getting it from Amazon because Walgreens and Walmart are WAAAY too expensive for 1oz of this product!

Natasha Nottoway, VA


Pros…- Light-weight coverage- Pleasant smell- Accessible in local stores (don’t but this online !!)- All natural ingredients (no paraben !!)Cons…- Wears off easily (comes off when you touch your face lightly)- Extremely small- Not true to color if your tan/dark (get two shades darker)Overall: I prefer it over other foundations just because it’s paraben free and has natural ingredients. I don’t really wear foundation that often (only for special occasions) so the amount per packaging can last me a while — but if you wear foundation ritually you may have to get at least two.

Neva Eastport, ME


I love this brand and this kind. Its hard to find I use to buy it at wal mart or k mart but I no longer can find it. I should of got a little darker shade though im fair skinned, but its so smooooth. Its my favorite foundation…a must!

Clarice Corwith, IA


I’ve used top of the line brands. From Dior to Laura Mercier. Well I’m done spending top dollor for them. I read about this and couldn’t believe it when I saw how good this covers. It smeels and feels good too. I had to gamble on my Color and I won. There isn’t that ugly line between my neck and face. Goes on super smooth. Doesn’t last all day but long enough to get me through my day. Too bad target stopped selling it. Had to order me a second one from here. I’m in love and will continue tuo use as long as they will sell somewhere.

Vilma Fort Spring, WV

Covergirl NaturLuxe Foundation is Great

I was given this to try for free because I am a bzzagent on I was suprisingly impressed that it goes on smoothe and light. It blends in very well. It feels light and airy when it’s on. It also has a nice fragrance that is not too strong either. It doesn’t go on oily or too dry. It has a great feel to it. I wear it all day and I don’t find that it wears off either. It feels more like I’m not wearing makeup at all. I can’t stand makeup that feels heavy and the Natureluxe foundation is light feeling, but still provides enough coverage. I have very sensitive skin and this product doesn’t irritate it at all. I sometimes have problems with foundation making me break out and this does not make me break out at all.

Leila Earlysville, VA