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Covergirl Natureluxe Mousse Mascara, Very Black 500, 0.27-Ounce

NatureLuxe Mousse Mascara gives you stunning volume while leaving your lashes light and lifted!

Key features

  • The breakthrough mousse formula exchanges specific synthetic polymers with natural beeswax and tapioca to help make it 20% lighter than the most expensive mascara average price based on data from the npd group, inc
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Removes easily with soap and water
  • Ophthalmologically tested

Honest reviews



I’m a fair skinned blonde with VERY long eye lashes. So I like for them to stand out, but my hair & lashes are naturally fine so I’m very picky about the way my mascara applies. I recently started using the Covergirl Nature Luxe foundation and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it – so I bought the mascara expecting to be happy, but I’m really not.This is one of those mascaras, and any of you ladies who are also blessed with the long lashes will get this, that clumps all your lashes together. So I apply this mascara, and it basically looks like I have 5 super thick strands of black hair coming out of my eyelid. Typically, ladies usually prefer a line of thick, lush lashes across their eye lids – not 5 huge lashes. I don’t think it’s the mascara formula, I’m pretty sure it’s the applicator brush that causes this, but I HATE it. I can’t stand looking in the mirror and seeing all my lashes clumped into just a few lines. I own an eyelash comb, too, but for whatever reason it doesn’t help, this brush & formula likes to stick together. Yuck, it’s not an attractive look. It’s unfortunate, too, because I honestly think I’d really like this formula if the applicator wasn’t so bad at spreading my lashes apart.Skip this stuff, go with another brand. (Though I still adore the Nature Luxe foundation!)

Jodie Hamilton, NY

Hate to give it a 2 star review but I had to

I like the Covergirl Natureluxe line. I use the face makeup and lipstick. I love how it looks, feels and smells. I thought I’d love this. And I like it.As a matter of fact I tried it out and was planning to give it a 4 out of 5 star review – removing a star because it didn’t give me the volume I’m used to and can achieve with most other mascara’s. Seriously, I have a lot of very blond, long eyelashes, the right mascara makes me look like I’ve just put top of the line fake ones on.Not this. But it does lengthen nicely. And based on that and the brand and that it is natural I would have given it four stars. But since it is advertised in a way that I don’t see supported, I cannot.

Allene Huttonsville, WV


Covergirl has made a very natural looking, average mascara with this new Natureluxe Mousse Mascara. I have tried many different mascaras since the 60’s and this one is nothing new to me. Covergirl has blended synthetic polymers with beeswax and this has made a very waxy, thin mascara that doesn’t do a whole lot to make nice thick lashes. The mascara is waxy thin and takes a while to build up on your lashes with the tiny comb. Due to the thin wax, you don’t get clumps and it also removes easily. This mascara is for someone who wants to look very natural with just a thin coat on your lashes. I personally like my lashes longer and coated more, as I like a heavier look with my eyeliner. I will just stick to my old dependable Revlon mascara which always gives me long, black lashes.

Candice Ingram, TX

Don’t get caught in the rain

Amazon sent me this product for review and the moment it arrived I opened it and looked at the ingredients. It is indeed more natural than most of the mascaras on the market today.I then applied it to my left eye, I applied my brand on the right eye. I waited for them to dry. I splashed my face with water to simulate rain or tears. This product ran in a black mess. My other eye did not react. I then wiped my both eyes to see what would happen, the eye with this product smeared and the other did not. I washed both eyes and they both cleaned up well.I am not going to go back in time to the days of runny mascara, this product runs. I am not, at this point, worried about any chemicals that I might get in a small amount of mascara used once a day. I think we breath in more chemicals than that in an hour. Unless you are leading a total chemical free life I would not worry. That is my opinion. If you chose not to use any chemicals this is an option.Honestly this product does not enhance the eyes to where I would say it is worth the amount of money you must spend on this. I find it does not cover completely nor does it lengthen the appearance of lashes. I do not think this product is worth it. I probably will use it a few more times then it will become part of my dead makeup pile.

Edna Wellston, OK

Really a nice mascara – even for sensitive eyes!

I usually use Almay mascara because my eyes are really sensitive. Most (nearly all) mascara’s make my eyes burn, itch, water, and get red. This one didn’t!Pro’s:Easy to put on overallNice colorNot clumpyComes off easily with eye makeup removerCon’s:Smell (it’s a little strong in my opinion)I’m not as fond of the applicator – easy to go on yes – but it takes a bit of effort to make it really consistent all overOverall a nice mascara for anyone with sensitive eyes.

Reva Brady Lake, OH

CLUMP-tastic. And runny.

I have VERY fine eyelashes, and I really need a mascara that will separate them all or I look like I have even less. I wonder if this mascara is made with some kind of magnetic material, because as soon as I put it on my lashes they all massed together into one big clump. Looked awful. But I tried it out for the day anyway. It runs like crazy. Just by my very slight allergies (with careful tissue dabbing) and going about my daily life I ended up looking like a raccoon.The mascara I usually use is covergirl so I like the brand, but this product is certainly not for me. Maybe it’s good for people allergic to mascara (are there people allergic to mascara?) because it’s so natural, but I need something a little more hard-working.

Bernadette East Lyme, CT

This is not natural. Always check the ingredients.

I have not used this product but I am going through the cosmetics sold on Amazon randomly to check the accuracy of the claims and transparency of listing all ingredients. I believe everyone needs to know what they are putting on and in their bodies, especially the eye area.When I went to review CoverGirl Naturelux Mousse Mascara, I first went to Skin Deep database and found this product listed. I am using the “Black” color in this review.I am happy that Covergirl (or the seller) opted to list all of the ingredients for this product. Several products I have reviewed either did not disclose or were deceptive in describing their products contents.Unfortunately, this product is anything but natural (although the FDA has very low standards for the “natural” description so a lot of companies are allowed to get away with using this label incorrectly. Just because it has Water and Beeswax as the 1st and 2nd ingredients does not make this entirely safe or inert). gave this product an overall rating of “4” on their toxicity scoring (moderate) from 1 being low hazard to 10 being high hazard. The data on each ingredient is listed with their potential for health hazards and side effects. Here are some of the concerns with this product. For the sake of brevity, I am listing only those things with a higher “moderate” score (5-4).High concerns: Multiple additive exposure sources, contamination concerns, irritation (skin, eyes, lungs). Occupational hazards (in the manufacturing of the product) and persistence and bioaccumulation.Benzyl alcohol (5) – Potential for allergies/immunotoxicity, organ system toxicity (non-reproductive), Occupational hazards and use restrictions. Data on this ingredient is rated as “fair” meaning there are enough studies to support these claims but there is not an overwhelming body of evidence to give the data a “robust” score (this simply means that there are studies cited, but not enough review has been completed to definitively say this is either benign or hazardous. Existing studies support ongoing concerns regarding this ingredient)Alcohol Denatured (4) – Enhanced skin absorption, cancer, developmental/reproductive toxicity, Multiple additive exposure sources and organ system toxicity (non-reproductive). Data on this ingredient is rated as “fair” meaning there are enough studies to support these claims but there is not an overwhelming body of evidence to give the data a “robust” score (this simply means that there are studies cited, but not enough review has been completed to definitively say this is either benign or hazardous. Existing studies support ongoing concerns regarding this ingredient)Phenoxyethanol (4) – Allergies/immunotoxicity, Irritation (skin, eyes, lungs), Organ system toxicity (non-reproductive), Occupational hazards, use restrictions . Data on this ingredient is rated as “fair” meaning there are enough studies to support these claims. Data on this ingredient is rated as “fair” meaning there are enough studies to support these claims but there is not an overwhelming body of evidence to give the data a “robust” score (this simply means that there are studies cited, but not enough review has been completed to definitively say this is either benign or hazardous. Existing studies support ongoing concerns regarding this ingredient)On the website I checked the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) on the third ingredient, cetearyl alcohol. It lists this as an irritant for the skin and eyes. So why would CoverGirl use this as their 3rd ingredient on mascara?I then checked “Shellac”. The MSDS sheet lists the following: “Potential chronic health effects- hazardous in case of skin contact (irritant), of eye contact (irritant).” With mascara commonly used daily, why would this be the 5th ingredient if it is a potential irritant?These ingredients will not affect everyone in the same way due to the unique biological makeup of each person (no pun intended). However, there are people who are acutely sensitive to these and other chemical ingredients and it is important to check up on these prior to application and make your own decision on what you want to do.

Carolyn Curlew, WA

Nothing new

I have average eye lashes, as far as length is concerned and dark brown eyes with dark brown eyelashes/eyebrows. This mascara is pretty much the same as any other middle of the line mascara on the market. It goes on smooth and has a good color (jet black). It does work well at lengthening the lashes, however, it does leave clumps that have to be pulled out by using an eyelash brush. It doesn’t do too well with the lower lashes-the brush isn’t quite thin enough to get a completely clean application. Overall, it’s pretty average, so don’t expect too much.

Samantha Winona Lake, IN

Very Good

I have been using this mascara for a couple of weeks now and I have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised. It lengthens the lashes quite well (although not as well as one can expect with a more expensive and professional mascara from Lancome, Guerlain, or even Cargo.) The mascara is relatively clump-free, as well. I find it very useful for daily wear when you need your makeup to be quick. Of course, for an important outing I would choose something more serious.Other reviewers complain that it isn’t waterproof. For me, that’s actually a plus. I like it that I can remove this mascara with water without having to rub some itchy make-up remover against my sensitive eyes. I don’t walk in the rain or cry in my mascara, so I don’t see why I would need for it to be waterproof. I have worn it on at least a dozen different occasions for many hours and it never smudged even a little.I don’t know how natural it is or whether it is truly any more natural than other kinds of mascara but this is a good mascara for daily use.

Imelda Argyle, WI

Really nice mascara, natural looking, but won’t work for me until waterproof version

I have usedMaybelline Define-A-Lash Lengthening Mascara, Brownish Black 812 1 eawaterproof mascara for about 4 years now. Before that, I exclusively used Clinique’s mascara, until I started to have a weird eye reaction to it. I have SUPER, DUPER sensitive eyes, AND I wear contacts, so I am crazy picky about mascara and any eye products.PROS:- I used this for three days and I have had no reactions to it whatsoever, which is a really good sign that it’s probably okay for all sensitive skin people. I rub my eyes a lot when I’m wearing contacts, and I don’t have any flaking or re-clumping of my eyelashes at all.- Lives up to the hype of being lightweight – it looks exceptionally natural right out of the tube, which is usually the time you get big clumps with a new bottle. It’s kind of stunning how natural this looks on my eyes. I have very long, thick eyelashes, and mascara that clumps makes me look like I have fake lashes on (and in a Jersey way, not a hot way). This mascara wouldn’t clump if you tried (which I did, just to see). It just looks light, natural, and kind of like that glow around your eyes you get when you’ve just washed your face.CONS:- I rub my eyes a lot with my contacts, which means water soluble mascara makes me look like a raccoon. Since this is really light mascara, it wasn’t too bad, but I definitely found myself having some black lines around my eyes during the three days I wore it. Not pretty.BOTTOM LINE: I *really* like the look and feel of this mascara. However I won’t be wearing it till there is a waterproof or even more smudge-proof version. It’s simply too watery for me in its current form. That being said, I give it four stars because (for those of you who don’t wear waterproof mascara) it is a really nice product and I can see it working exceptionally well for those people who want a natural look AND a natural product.

Katy Cocoa Beach, FL

Love this

Both my daughter and I tried this for a few days and loved it.Pros:BRUSH: The brush is easy to use–it has many tiny bristles on it that make the mascara easier to put on without getting globs of black liquid sticking lashes together.LIQUID: The liquid itself seems to dry quickly once applied. My biggest problem with mascaras in the past has been the spread of wet liquid onto my upper eyelid once I open my eye, but that didn’t happen with this mascara.RUBBING: I tend to rub my eyes a lot, and I expected the mascara to spread with the rubbing. Again, that didn’t happen.WASHING: Both my daughter and I washed it off at night in seconds. Even without soap, it came off very easily, and my eyelashes didn’t sport that “I wore mascara last night” look.Cons:PACKAGING: The packaging is not very exciting or colorful. I assume Covergirl wanted the promote the natural ingredients in the product by giving the bottle a “green” look, but it ended up looking like something from the seventies instead of from this decade. I thought Covergirl would have a little more creativity than that. Nevertheless, the bottle is a regular size and easy to fit into a makeup purse.

Dena Machipongo, VA

Nothing Impressive

Covergirl had the nice idea to try and make a more “natural” mascara but the product itself isn’t all that great. The wax makes the mascara thin and this thinness, coupled with the small brush, makes for very little volume. It comes off easy, which could be a pro or a con depending on how you look at it, and does more for length than volume. I also began to have trouble with some clumping all over the brush after a couple of months so I trashed it early and replaced with Revlon. Not a bad try for a natural product but I was unimpressed.

Brandy Lyon, MS

I’ve found my brand of mascara!

I am loyal to certain brands of makeup products like my foundation and lipstick but I’ve never found a mascara brand I was committed to. However, I think Covergirl’s NatureLuxe Mousse Mascara has changed that. It is very light and my eyelashes aren’t stiff and unnatural looking. It doesn’t flake throughout the day and looks as good at the end of the day as it did in the beginning. The applicator is not made out of the typical brush materials and is designed to keep my lashes separated so they don’t clump together during application. In addition to the lift that NatureLuxe Mousse Mascara already provides, it really holds the curl from my eyelash curler. The only negative is that it doesn’t dry as fast as most mascaras so I need to wait a little while before I curl. It comes off easily with my Neutrogena makeup removal wipes. I love it!

Kerry Bridgeville, DE

If you want a natural look, give this a try

This mascara is for a more natural look. It isn’t too thick on my lashes, though I have to use a lash comb to separate my lashes, which is normal protocol. I like the design of the bottle since I like my mascara to stand upright. Some bottles fall over a lot. This product also washed off rather well with soap and water. Thanks to Vine, I never need to buy mascara again.

Carolyn Warren, RI

Easy, Breezy!!

This Covergirl Natureluxe Mousse Mascara glides on nicely and stays on without smudging or running. My lashes were extended and the dark black color gave me a smoky almost exotic eye. This was easy to apply without any clumping. I loved the smooth texture and the mousse formula gave the mascara an expensive feel without the expensive price. The rubber brush makes it easy to separate the lashes and provide the extra length. I would recommend this mascara and will definitely purchase in the future.

Lizzie Union, NJ

love this natural mascara

This is a great product that works well and is not full of ingredients you would never willingly put near your eyes. It does get a little clumpy around 4 weeks but thats when you should get a new tube anyway.

Beryl Fremont, IA

Nice, light and natural looking with no irritation

I’m a pretty casual kinda gal and don’t mess with a lot of makeup. My everyday is foundation, blush and mascara. I am a natural blonde, so while I have nice eyelashes, they’re blonde too, which means they don’t show very well. I strive for a natural look and am not into tarantula eyes at all. I was looking for a nice, light-weight mascara that would accentuate my natural lashes, but not clump, flake or irritate my eyes as so many of the other popular retail mascaras do. This mascara fits the bill perfectly! While it won’t extend, or plump, or grow, or any of the million things those other products promise, it will accentuate your natural lashes, with a very comfortable, lightweight formula that will not irritate your precious eyes. The best part is it can be found at any major chain retail store as well.This is my favorite mascara and I really hope they never stop making it!

Ramona Evergreen, VA

No clump natural mascara

Nice natural looking mascara, does not leave any clumps. Boyfriend loves it because it looks natural. Brown is the best color for added clean look.

Carolina Plymouth Meeting, PA

Best mascara for my fine lashes

I have found my mascara! This mascara has a fine brush which is perfect for my very fine lashes. It even coats the bottom lashes which other mascaras don’t do as well. It doesn’t clump going on and if I get a bit too much, just a swipe of the applicator brush again smooths it out.It stays all day without running and removal is easy – either with soap and water as you wash your face or with a baby wipe. I will definitely stay with this mascara.

Darla Bustins Island, ME

nice and lightweight, but lacks super staying power

This mascara is surprisingly lightweight — it went on smoothly, with no flakes, and it didn’t feel gloppy, glommy, or heavy at all. It did seem to take a long time to dry. It was fairly effective at lengthening my lashes, and it gave a very natural, clean look. I’m not sure that it increased the volume, though. It was also prone o smudging.I have super sensitive eyes and although I love my makeup, I typically avoid mascara because it often flakes and smears. When I do wear mascara, I use waterproof because it doesn’t smudge and smear as easily. I’m not sure that I would use this again because it is not waterproof and is susceptible to smears and smudges. I think this would work well if you are going for a natural look, but if you’re looking for super-glam or if you’re prone to streaks and smudges, perhaps you should pass on this mascara. .

Ruth Bat Cave, NC

It burns around the eyes

My eyes are very sensitive to something in this mascara. Everytime it gets into my eyes, they tear. This burning doesn’t linger, though.However, I do like the natural color as the brown matches my eyes. My eyes look full without looking zombie-like. And once it dries, it doesn’t clump up. It does get brittle by late afternoon, though. It’s easy to remove in the evening.I’d rate this higher if it didn’t make my eyes burn!

Rosalind Thomasboro, IL

Wears well throughout the day!

This mascara is one of the best I’ve found–and I’m pretty picky about my mascara! It goes on without clumping and definitely makes my lashes look longer. (It doesn’t make them look thicker, though, which is why it only gets 4 stars.) I especially like that it doesn’t flake off or leave marks under my eyes. My lashes also feel soft–not at all stiff like some mascaras leave them. It washes off easily at the end of the day. And the price is quite comparable to other mascaras. Overall, it’s a great deal!

Janette Lafayette, NJ


This mascara is very nice. It made my lashes look very long and very dark. There was minmal flaking when I wore it for more than 15 hours but none on shorter days. It went on smoothly and easily. I used 2 coats for every day and 3 coats for evening. No problems with clumping!!! And that’s a real plus.

Dina Rutherford, NJ

Decent mascara

Overall, I like this mascara. I don’t have long, thick lashes, so my lashes need all the help they can get. I am using this product in the “very black” shade. It helps my lashes show up much better, plus the comb separates the lashes well so I don’t end up with one big clump. It looks very natural. The only concern I have about the product is that it is not waterproof or water resistant, so it is likely to show up under my eyes should I get caught in the rain or teary eyed. The mascara is a decent product, but I would prefer it in the water resistant formula.

Brittany Barnesville, NC

Fairly Happy for more Natural Choice

I decided to choose this mascara as it is more “natural” than some of the other choices. I’m pretty happy with it. It lives up to its promises, but it’s a pretty standard mascara. It covers well and does not clump if you start with a clean eyelash, and don’t try to go back and give more coverage later. If you apply over old mascara, or do a second coat, it begins to get fairly clumpy. I’ll continue to use it because this one drawback isn’t enough to send me looking elsewhere, and every bad ingredient I can live without is a positive for me.

Wilma Boxford, MA

Excellent staying power!

I love the idea of mascara but am often disapointed…not so with this product! I liked the feel of the brush and felt the mascara went on very smoothly (no clumps)with a nice true black color. I hate it when I can “feel” the mascara on my eyelashes, but with this, it seemed weightless. It seemed to do well with humid weather and didn’t flake off or get that smudgy look under the eyes. I even slept with it on, forgetting to take it off, and it was still set in place in the morning. This is my new favorite mascara!

Peggy Loxahatchee, FL

Wish it was water proof

I liked the fact that this mascara is all natural, but it smears very easily. It doesn’t do a whole lot in terms of lengthening my lashes, because the mascara is fairly thin, but I am used to mascara that is water proof, so when I wore this, I noticed right away the big difference.

Tammy Scottsbluff, NE

Excellent – Will be buying it again

A bit leery since I never used a mousse mascara before but this was great. It was nice, flexible, does not clump and it lasted all day long without smearing (even when eye-drops were used repeatedly.) and yet it washed off easily with soap and water.I was also impressed with the packaging a nice slim tube rather than the bulky flat tubes that seemed to be the latest marketing trend. Another big plus is that the silicone brush applicator is actually a VERY good one – precise and gentle, I’ve used other silicone applicators that were terrible!I will definitely be buying this product again and recommend this highly to everyone.

Helena Ridgeley, WV

Flirty Lashes

My wife tried this product for me and she looked very nice. I could tell that her lashes were longer, darker and more noticeable, but I didn’t see any clumps on her lashes or smudge marks on her skin. She reported that her lashes felt natural, not sticky and stiff. She washed it off with soap and water and there was no residue. Good product! She says she’s going to make it part of her makeup kit.

Thelma Dupont, IN

I’m for the all natural!

I don’t usually wear a lot of make up but when I do, I usually reach for Cover Girl. I’m very impressed that they are looking into a more natural line of products and probably will start wearing more make up again just because of this.I felt that this mascara was very easy to apply and didn’t leave clumps in my lashes. It gave me the boost and volume I was looking for without feeling or looking messy or heavy on the lashes. I’m totally loving the extra length to make my eyes pop without being over the top! Other benefits is that it cleans off easily with water and it’s hypoallergenic!I’m very happy with Covergirl Natureluxe Mousse Mascara that I was able to review. I found the price of 9.99 for a natural make up product extremely affordable and was pleased to see that there was even a 3.00 off coupon offered by Amazon for an even steeper deal!

Socorro Hunt, NY