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Covergirl Natureluxe Gloss Balm Clove 280, 0.067-Ounce

Natureluxe Gloss Balm exchanges select heavier emollients for natural mango, shea and other butters which are lighter, more luxurious feeling alternatives. The Gloss Balm is part of COVERGIRL Natureluxe, a luxury makeup line that exchanges select heavier synthetics for carefully-chosen natural ingredients, while delivering a polished makeup look and a lightweight feel.

Key features

  • Natureluxe Gloss Balm contains a lightweight blend of mango, shea and other natural butters, used in place of heavier feeling emollients.
  • Mango and shea butters are lighter and more luxurious-feeling than heavier, synthetic emollients.
  • The formulation provides an occlusive barrier that helps protect lips against drying elements like the sun and wind.
  • SPF 15

Honest reviews


Disappointing and not worth the price.

I got one of the light pinky colors,can’t tell exact color because I have thrown it away after first use.I think this stuff is pretty much the same as Chapstick Tru Shimmer Berry and should sell for much less.Shimmer effect is due to fairly large sparkles that create a cheap glitter look on my lips.Texture is weird a bit sandy and color ends up looking uneven and streaky.After a while it collects in creases and looks disgusting.Do not waste your money, you deserve better product for the price!

Dee Dracut, MA

Pretty nice!

I really like the slight bit of shimmer that it gives, how natural it feels and looks, and how it isn’t sticky at all. The only thing I didn’t like was that all the colors on Amazon seem to be a bit… off. If you go look at the ones in the supermarket compared to on here, very different shade!This particular shade ended up being a few shades darker than it looked online, and darker than I was expecting. Still pretty, but I have to use very little, otherwise it gives more color than I want.Overall a good product! Though in the future if I order on Amazon, I will select the shade I desire in a store first.

Camille Liverpool, NY

Mixed Feelings

These balms, though not this particular shade, were highly recommended to me by my best friend and I finally decided to give them a try. Now that I’ve had about a week to try them out I guess I have mixed feelings. On one hand I really like them. I like the packaging, and more importantly the overall look that it gives. What I’m not a huge fan of is how gritty this shade feels to apply. It has glitter in it and it’s rough when you apply it. Normally that would be enough for me to give up on it, but strangely the gritty feeling goes away once it’s on your lips. It’s not 100% smooth on your lips, but it’s absolutely not too noticeable or distracting at all.

Geri Hoffman, MN

Amazing lip balm!!!

If you are looking for an orange-red color, this is the one!! Not dry at all. Gives a great natural look. Recommend!

Katrina Hull, IL

lip balm

a good lip balm with a beautiful color,, it not just moisturize the lips but add a hint of color too.. a good purchase.. 🙂

Tammi Wister, OK

Gloss Balm

I have always used the lip stain from cover girl and have never been disappointed, so was quite excited to try out the new gloss balm that I received as a Bzz Agent to try out. The balm makes my lips super soft with a hint of color.Perfect when you want to wear light makeup, a day out to beach or shopping.The spf makes it even better and comes in a lot of colors. Stays on quite well but not as much as the lip stain.I would layer the lip stain with the balm to give a glossy dewy look.

Michele Kintyre, ND

The Balm

I bought this because I wanted a lip balm with SPF and really like this product. I bought it in Peony, which looks pretty red in the tube, but it’s not so strong on application; rather it’s like a tinted balm with a bit of a glossier look. It builds in intensity, too, so if I want a hint of color, just a swipe or two will do, but if I want more drama, I can just keep adding it on.

Fannie Willimantic, CT

Great balm, color (Anemone 225) is off in person

I didn’t think I’d need to look up a swatch for this but I should have. I was hoping for something more orangey coral and it’s actually more red. Not a big deal as it looks good with my skin tone but be warned. As for the balm itself it’s nice. Goes on smooth and moisturizes your lips though not for long. Aside from a nice palm with some color I’d use this over a dry stain or matte lipstick to give my lips a moist look.

Chelsea Lyman, SC

So silky!

I am a BzzAgent and received a NatureLuxe Balm in Anemone in my Bzzkit. I normally would not have chosen this color, and I was hesitant about liking it. Once I applied it, I was pleasantly surprised! It is not at all as dark on your lips as it appears to be, which is a plus since this is not a color I would pick out for myself. I find myself using it quite a bit now, and always get compliments about how “silky” my lip color looks…and it really is! So lightweight you barely know it is there…I would recommend it!

Kerri Hopatcong, NJ

Neat balm/gloss

I liked this gloss/balm. I tried the Clove color courtesy of Bzzagent. I thought it might be too brown for me but it turns a bit redder on, looks nice and I like the sheerness of it. This has a nice feel while wearing and doesn’t seem to dry out my lips. I am not usually a tinted balm gal but I will probably try out some of other shades.

Antionette Scotland, IN


I love this lip balm. It’s smooth, long lasting and just all around lovely. I think it’s the perfect cross between a lip balm and a lipstick.

Jodie Spofford, NH

Natureluxe Gloss Balms Anemone

I was sent a free sample as a buzz agent. I love this gloss! It has such a light feel and it doesn’t cake or get gummy as the day goes on. It makes might lips softer after wearing which I love! I will be purchasing more of these gloss balms. My 18 year old already stole it from me 🙂

Hilda Fairview, WV

Finally! Something That Really Works

Ever since Burt’s Bees got rid of the lip shimmer line or at least the colors I love, I’ve been looking for a product that can come close to replacing it. Eureka!While this product doesn’t have the menthol effect that Burt’s does, it has a lovely color, has so little shimmer that it looks natural during the day and the color is at the perfect ‘strength’. It really looks like my lips but only better. It is not gluey or sticky or overly greasy, like you’ve bathed you lips in butter.This spice color seems to be the only one that has a peachy/brick undertones (or at least it was the only one my store carried. But it is truest spice color I’ve found lately, in products like this.

Marjorie Mill Creek, OK

Just a Hint of Coler

Unfortunately, Cover Girl isn’t making Natureluxe Gloss Balm anymore, so I had to order a few of these before I’m unable to purchase it. I love the pale pink color and the moisturizing but light feel of it.

Manuela Hurdsfield, ND

Nothing out of this world.

It doesn’t have much stain power but i guess you could expect that knowing thatg is a balm, but still, the little bit of color that you are getting with this doesn’t last long, like, and hour top. It does have too much shimmer to my taste, i ordered it in sandstone. I liked the package though, it didn’t look or feel cheap.

Shana Pigeon Falls, WI

Really natural looking

This is one of the most natural looking lip glosses I’ve ever used! It’s pink (for those of you who don’t know what the color ‘Tulip’ is – and I include myself in this group) but it’s a completely natural – not frosted – looking pink. I tend to pair it with other lip products that are long lasting; put this on over them and it lasts even longer! Covergirl really did a great job with this!Also, I purchased this as part of the Add-on program from Amazon and it’s *reeeally* cheap when you do that.

Janelle Joplin, MT

Looses star for price, and not

In store this will be $6.99, anyways I used coupons to get 2 colors, both of which I like. I want to make it appearant that these are in no way anything like burt’s bees, I thought maybe CG was trying to make their own version of this balm, but it doesnt taste as pleasant, and is much more like a lipstick then burts bees balm.My absolute to die for color is Muscat, Im very light skinned, and have naturally red lips, my mom used to get badgered by other moms because they thought she put lipstick on me when I was a baby, so with that said this is my favorite color because its like the EXACT tone of my natural lips, you might think, then why dont you just get a gloss? Well, I have a problem with dry/cracking lips, this helps with that ashy color on the side of my lips I get sometimes. And the other color is Peony, now this is a very bright unnatural red, I still like it though, but I would only use this color at night.

Gussie Hiller, PA


Love it, love it, love it, its perfect! This is the best lipstick/lip balm I ever had! The texture is smooth and soft, and the smell of it OMG is WONDERFUL! 🙂

April Raymond, KS

Great Shade

I’ve always hated the plastic feel of many lipsticks. Found this and it looks natural on the lips, great shade for anytime of day or night. Feels great on and easy to fit anywhere in your purse.

Peggy Cream Ridge, NJ

Perfect product, natural-looking shades, moist and protective.

I’ve been wearing this for years, and I love it. The shade is perfect for me AND – the big selling point – it has an SPF rating of 15, which most lip glosses don’t have. It goes on moist and lasts. I made a mistake, though, in ordering it from one of the alternate sellers for whom fulfills the order. The offer was two tubes for a little more than the price of one. When they arrived, one tube was as advertised and the other was apparently a factory reject, because the label was the same but the color was different (and it had a wrapper on it that said "not for resale"). In the future I’ll avoid "two-fers", but I’ll stick with the product, which the drugstore often runs out of and I won’t use anything else.

Tammie Virgil, SD

Second time buying

I really, really like this lip balm. It leaves a nice tint on the lips when you put it on and goes on very smoothly. There’s a nice smell too. Too bad I lost it 3 days after I bought it… 🙁

Belinda Comstock Park, MI


I bought this lipstick when a coworker was wearing it. Loved the red color for summer! I usually wear lip stains, so I thought this would be a good lighter alternative. And I like that there’s a slight sheen to it, like a nice chapstick. Very natural looking for sure.

Erma Nunda, SD

Love the color

I had this color but it wasn’t being sold in drug stores anymore after I runned out so i came Amazon and found it 🙂 .. Its a sheer redish natural looking tint and the best thing is it doesn’t dry my lips like other lips stains or lipsticks

John Bertha, MN

Really nice, but more “balm” than “gloss”

This product is described as a gloss balm, and I think it has much more of a balm texture and finish than a glossy one. That said, I really like it so far. It feels almost like a chapstick, but the color is surprisingly rich. My lips feel really smooth when I rub them together, and the color has stayed on better than a typical gloss. If you want a shiny finish, you’ll have to add an additional clear gloss on top though because the finish isn’t glossy at all. I have Cabernet and it’s a rich berry color. Very pretty. I think I’ll buy a few more colors and keep them in my purse as a brighter alternative to lip balm.

Adrienne Richfield, KS