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Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick Rich 295, 0.12-Ounce

Lip Perfection is COVERGIRL’s iconic, prestige-inspired lip bullet

Key features

  • Lip Perfection is a new kind of lip transformation; lipstick that transforms your lips instantly with gorgeous color and transforms dry lips to noticeably smoother/more gorgeous lips in just 7 days
  • 44 lip perfecting shades organized in 4 easy to navigate shade families
  • Contains a silk moisturizing complex – beautiful rich lip color infused with silk protein to help sustain moisture levels so the more you wear it, the more gorgeous your lips become
  • Prestige-inspired Pack

Honest reviews


Plenary Pout

Before purchasing from Amazon, I stopped at a store to view the Lip Perfection collection in person. Though only the ends of the tubes with the color swatches were visible, I was astonished by the color selection. With only forty-four shades, there are multiple choices suitable for every age and skin color, and nearly every occasion. I’ve seen lines of lip color that have far more shades that still do not meet these criteria.I selected 320. There is no rhyme or reason to the shade names. I just liked the shade and decided to try it. I do love the shade, and I will try others.Cover Girl raises the bar with a formula that feels wonderful on the lips and has decent staying power. The texture is hard to describe, but here is what it’s not: gummy, greasy, dry, cakey, heavy, waxy, or slimy. It does not bleed or roll. You can build the color by applying more, or apply less for more subtle results.There is every reason to try this lipstick. Its only flaw is that it transfers. It will deposit color on your coffee mug, or someone’s face if you kiss. You may need to reapply or touch it up. Don’t wear it for your wedding, but wear it every chance you get!Update: After purchasing Soulmate twice, I decided to try Siren. A better name for this shade would be Flirting with Fuschia. It’s a deep yet bright pink with purple undertones. This is fabulous when you’re wearing neutral shade clothing. It’s a pop, a burst, of color that’s almost over the edge! But it’s so gorgeous! It’s cheerful, and a perfect winter color. I love this line of lipstick. Two wings up.

Dona Gibbon, MN


This lip stick sucks!!! The color is barely noticeable. Maybe because I’m African American? But hmm I’m not a dark African American.

Tania Barry, IL


Well the colour is nice, especially on my dark skin. But mine arrived broken. Inspite of that its usable and keeps my lips moisturised. Love it till now.

Betty West Decatur, PA

great lipstick

This makes my lips feel smooth after application. It stays on for hours, even after eating. The color Soulmate is a great summer pink color. I’m excited to try other colors to see if there are others better suited for me. With all the choices, there should be something for everyone

Rosa Taylor, LA

Works for all skin tones

love this product… works for pink & yellow undertones. Perfect for a glamour look with black winged liner. Have fun trying different looks!

Lessie Modoc, IL

Love these!

This has become my favorite lipstick. I love that the lipstick doesn’t wear off easily. The darker colors seem to stay on longer. It’s also very moisturizing. Most lipsticks, over the course of the day, leave a film or residue that you can peel away and can look kinda gross but with this cover girl lipstick it has never happened to me. Amazon seems to have the best prices for these as well. Very happy with these lipsticks. The bad thing about buying online is the colors may not look the same in person.I’m very fair skinned with dark hair and my favorite light colors are heavenly and darling. For darker colors what works on me is fairytale, siren, and temptress. One color that didn’t look very good is enchantress. Looking forward to trying more colors in the future. I thought I’d add that in for anyone having trouble picking colors who is also fair skinned.

Mai Alna, ME

Pretty colour, nice texture

I have dark skin, and I found this colour complimented my skin tone well. Used it a few times by itself and paired with different liners and other shades – it blends well and isn’t drying or cakey.My mother liked it so much I ended up giving it to her, will definitely be ordering the same shade and trying another from this seller in the near future.

Patrica Toronto, KS

dazzle lipstick

This is a nice color, but it was a slightly different shade than I expected. I still enjoy it though

Marion Nachusa, IL

Love It

This is easily one of my favorite lipstick colors now, and that’s saying something since I’m usually a loyal Revlon lipstick kind of person. I just really love the shades and texture of this lipstick. I wear it alone for a more formal look or rubbed lightly onto the lips with a gloss over it for a more casual and wearable look and it’s perfection both ways.

Thelma Cold Spring, MN

brighter in person

The color is darker and brighter in person but I love it still its very creamy and highly pigmented it doesn’t last too long but its still nice and it can feather so used a lip liner or primer best color of the collection in my opinion

Lara Galt, MO

My Favorite Drugstore Lipstick

Love this lipstick. It competes very well with my holy grailEstee Lauder Estee Lauder Signature Hydra Lustre Lipstick – Black Cherry(I love the full line not just the one color given in the link) though with a much smaller price tag. Kiss and Temptation are my two favorite shades but as I am now enrolled in a makeup school I have 13 different shades and they are amazing. I plan to buy the others shades and fill up my lipstick palette soon. They really add moisture to the lips and last a very long time. You will usually need to touch it up every few hours but not unreasonably so. The colors are gorgeous and I have not noticed any bleeding. Love them!

Loraine Mathias, WV


I really like all of the lipstick in this line. I was expecting this one to be more purple than it is, it looks more like a darker version of Spellbound to me. I still think it’s lovely though. The Lip Perfection lipsticks tend to have a long wear time and they leave a nice, even stain even after the actual stick part has come off.

June Ionia, MI

Loved it!!!

I love this lipstick because its stays sooo long on your lips! It looks like lipstain! Just looove it! I will buy anothe ones for sure! 🙂

Deana Travelers Rest, SC

Great lipstick

These lipsticks are amazing. This color (Sultry) is beautiful. Very natural. "My lips but better" shade. Will not leave your lips feeling dry.

Gayle Continental Divide, NM


This lipstick is certainly super bright! Which is fun, but it does seem to dry out my lips quite a but when I wear it. Although it does have quite a bit of staying power.

Jami Sabana Grande, PR

Great color!

I went to Covergirl’s site to see if there was a replacement for a long time favorite color I have worn they stopped making. They suggested this one. It isn’t quite as versatile, but close enough. It’s much darker on than it looks in the tube, and more of a mauve color. It goes very well with most colors, even red, but the previous one absolutely could be worn with every single color. Sad they discontinued that one, but this one definitely suffices. It’s a matte, so I add gloss over it. It is long lasting without being drying to your lips as so many are.

Tracey Victoria, MS

Ok lipstick

The lipstick itself is ok but the color suggestions were not right for me so consequently I don’t really wear them much.

Ella Jewell, IA

Drugstore mind blow

This lipstick is first off a really great price for what you get! As far as drug store makeup goes this left me slightly mind blown. The color texture is wonderful, nice and creamy. The color pigmentation is just lovely, and I am completely satisfied. There was not even any feathering which is always a huge issue for me. Comes out a more bright color once applied than appears.However, this product was never reached to me from this seller. I had to find it somewhere else. UPS lost my package! So I really can’t blame the seller especially when they were so kind and sweet about it with a full refund. Therefore I won’t take a star off for that.

Vicky Pleasant Hill, IL

305, Bright lipstick that lasts!

Let me start this by saying I’m not someone who likes most lipstick and therefore I don’t venture out and try many brands.I am a sucker for bright red lips (for the right occasion, or when I want to feel sexy) so when I sawCovergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick Hot 305, 0.12-Ouncein person, I had to try it. Despite how the picture shows it, this lipstick IS NOT sparkly. (I am thankful for that!)This lipstick is bright, smooth and easy to apply. It stays much longer than I had hoped, and I’m very pleased that I don’t have to continue reapplying it. This isn’t one of those lip stains that dries your lips, it’s a lipstick. It moisturizes and does wear off if you eat (not as much as a I expected, which is definitely a plus). If I go to wipe it off, my lips stay a little red, which I consider a good thing. If you’re looking for a bright red, summery lipstick I highly recommend 305.I recently sawCovergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick Delish 255, 0.12-Ouncein person, and decided to give the natural tone a try. I know that colors look different on everyone, but for me this one is a disaster. The way this color filled in the cracks of my lips it looked too artificial –which was the opposite of what I was expecting for a more natural hue. It appeared to be slightly orange making it look very strange on my face. However, it’s so light and susceptible, that I just add a bit of my faithful 305 to get a muffled red that I’m happy with.I love the shape of the containers, as they’re easy to find when I’m digging around in my bag without looking. I love that the colors are easy to see without opening (the bottom of the container shows you the color clearly). Overall, I am happy with this brand and plan on purchasing more in the future.

Judith Benedict, MD

Beautiful color, staying power

I love this line of lipsticks. I bought the Siren 415, and have purchased several other colors since. I wear several brands of lipstick,, but always come back to Cover Girl Lip Perfection. The colors stay vivid and beautiful all day long, without drying to a pasty feeling on your mouth or clumping together. Leaves your lips smooth and soft.

Gwendolyn Lock Springs, MO

Most favorite lipstick ever

Romance by Covergirl is my most favorite lipstick that I have ever used. Bar none. Favorite ever. Lovely texture. Very pretty neutral color. Love it.

Shauna Anaconda, MT

Blend 4 lipsticks to make many other colors

Stays on lips with a little frosty color. I buy 4 different shades and blend them together so that I don’t need to buy every color lipstick.

Rochelle Louisa, VA



Eva Bethel Springs, TN

Highly pigmented and creamy.

I purchased the color "Fairytale" and I love it! Bright coral/pink shade that is perfect for spring. It lifts up my mood and brightens up my face when I wear it. And the formula of these Cover Girl lipsticks cant be beat. Applying just one to two layer is enough for a bright pop of color! Lovee these and will be purchasing a handful.

Vonda Poplar Branch, NC


I’m a caramel complexion and this lipstick is gorgeous. It’s smooth, doesn’t dry out my lips, and stays in place pretty well. It does stain your lips red when it wears off, but I just swipe with a makeup remover wipe and it’s fine.

Angeline Cades, SC

“Divine” is the perfect Radiant Orchid color for Spring 2014!

I just got this in the Divine color since I was looking for a drugstore version of the Radiant Orchid 2014 Pantone Color of the Year, and saw this one recommended on a makeup blog.It’s just as pretty as it looks on the computer monitor, and has a nice color payoff; one swipe gets you full coverage. It also has decent staying power, and doesn’t creep into the rough edges of my lips. (With a color this vivid, though, it’s good to exfoliate your lips beforehand.)This is my first time buying a Cover Girl lipstick in quite some time (I usually buy Revlon if I’m buying a drugstore lippie), but I’ll definitely be buying more!

Ronda Russell, IA

Favorite lipstick ever!

I’ve never really been a lipstick girl because I always got sick of having to reapply it. I heard good things about this new Covergirl lipstick, and hey, it was only $6 so why not. I am so glad I tried it! You will not worry about this stuff coming off- I promise. I can eat and drink and not have to worry about it. It’s basically a lip stain, and it is even a little difficult to get off. Sometimes I have to scrub it off with my toothbrush!This color is also my favorite. I have fair skin and blonde hair, and this is the perfect pink-coral for me. It’s bright and cheerful. I loved it so much I proceeded to buy 3 other colors: the red, the bright pink, and the fuchsia. They all look good, which is definitely saying something. Seriously, I am now obsessed with this lipstick!

Annabelle Marana, AZ

Beautiful, clear, kissable color.

I bought “Temptress” (#400). Seriously? It is the perfect blending of pink but not too pink with coral without a trace of orange. I bought six tubes of this because as most women know, once you find a lip color that glides on easily, keeps your lips soft and moist, doesn’t kiss off and is the absolutely PERFECT color, you want to have it around when they stop making it, am I right? Its not too shiny (which I hate), not too matte (which I also hate), and not frosted (which I hate most of all). Get some; you will be very happy. NOTE: I am fair-skinned with dark hair (chestnut colored). This color might not work with your hair color/complexion. Buy one tube you think you might like at the store first, then when you realize you love it, get a whole bunch 🙂 P.S. I don’t understand the 1-star reviews who said that this lipstick smells bad and tastes funny – This lipcolor has no smell and no taste – And I have a really sensitive sense of smell! Weirrd…

Trudy Milford, MI


I absolutely love the color of this lipstick. As a dark skinned Black Woman I was nervous that this color would be to bright on Me but I must say it most definitely is not. I brought two and glad that I did. Its a very pretty purplish color. Not a overbearing purple. Nice. I highly recommend Embrace 335.

Robin Toccoa, GA

Love it!

it came super fast! And the shade i got , Euphoria 360 is so pretty and creamy i just love it! the main reason i got it is because i hear d katy perry loves the shade! and it looks gorgeous on her so i wanted to try it out! its just an amazing color and i love it!

Nelly Avondale, AZ