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COVERGIRL Lineexact Liquid Eyeliner Black Brown 620, 0.02 Oz

Compact, easy to hold high precision liquid eyeliner pen has a smudgeproof, fast-drying formula that glides on to create fine or bold lines without fuss, for looks that last all day.

Key features

  • Exact tip lets you create bold or fine lines.
  • Compact, easy to hold.
  • Fast-drying.
  • Smudge-proof, lasts all day.
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact-lens wearers.
  • Hypoallergenic.

Honest reviews


Quick and easy “dressed up” eyes

I don’t like spending too much time on make up. If you are the same way this is a nice tool to have in makeup toolbox. This eyeliner is easy to apply and control and it does not run. It comes in several shades, so if you want a color more subtle than black you can go with a lighter shade. I always shake it before use, this seem to prolong its life.

Mona New Market, VA

Good for the price

I like that I can draw a clean, straight line with this product and that the chubby pen is easy to hold and handle. The tip of the applicator is soft and fine, just how I like it. The brown color is rich and perfect for when you want to create a subtle look, not a dramatic cat eye in black.As other reviewers have said, the color tends to get weak very soon, but I’ve found that this can be avoided by putting the cap back on and shaking the pen before lining each eye. Otherwise, one eye will get a solid color and the other will be too faint.

Carlene Baxter, TN

Lately the ones I receive seem to get watery pretty quickly

I have used this eyeliner for years, but it seems that the ones that I have received lately get watery more quickly than they used to. After what seems like a week or two they leave just a faint light brown line. Maybe I have to spend more to have an eyeliner that lasts for weeks of applications. I am going to try the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof and see if that lasts longer so I don’t feel like I am constantly replacing them. Covergirl liner is waterproof and when the eyeliner is new and dark it is a good product so I may go back to it and just buy them more often.

Robyn Edgerton, MO

Doesn’t Last Long (Limited Use)

The black brown color is more brown than black and it applies very lightly to the skin. It’s a soft color that softens even more after about three hours. At the end of your eyes (I curve the eyeliner shape just slightly upward towards the end of my eyebrow) it basically disappears from the moisture around your eyes or just touching it with your finger. It also doesn’t last long enough for multiple uses. I’ve bought this eyeliner twice thinking maybe the first one was a defect, but I saw all of these issues on both purchases. The only upside is that it’s compact and can easily fit in your pocket or small bag, but it’s a terrible cheap eyeliner. NOT recommended.

Marci Chidester, AR

Great product and color

This is very easy to use. I like the color Smoke, and the eyeliner pen makes it so very easy to apply.

Karin Rich Hill, MO