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COVERGIRL Lineblast 24 Hour Eyeliner, Enduring Black, 0.02 Ounce

Smoothly glide on line blast 24 hour to design your eye look that lasts for up to 24 hours. Our long lasting formula will get you noticed hour after hour Bold, intense eyeliner that lasts up to 24 hours. Lash blast power, hour after hour. Big, bold, look-at-me eyes that last. The latest from the lash blast collection.

Key features

  • Bold, intense eyeliner that lasts up to 24 hours
  • Lash blast power, hour after hour
  • Big, bold, look-at-me eyes that last
  • The latest from the lash blast collection

Honest reviews


jst ok ..

its ok coz its dont work long wen i applied it in 1 eye i was not able to apply it second eye coz the liner stoped work i shak it n keep it for 2 minute than i was able to used it in another eye ….its good for making thin line but fade very fast .. if u want similar product u can go for eyeko eyeliner that is best

Adrienne Monticello, MS


I did order this online but I was too excited to wait so I bought it from the store. The 24 hour test did not last. The eyeliner goes on very well at first – the pigment is very dark and nice – I found the point a little hard to control – it seemed it made a thicker line than expected and you really have to be careful not to draw outside some boundary or you’ll end up looking crazy. I tested the eyeliner on my hand and ran a finger over it – it stays. However, when I wet my finger a little bit and ran it over the eyeliner, it completely smeared and ran. I guess I was expecting something called “24 hour” to be tear and water proof as well. Testing it on my eyes didn’t bring any better results. It seemed to last for a bit, but the next time I looked in the mirror it was smeared or gone. I realize it’s not as expensive as some of the other liners yet I wouldn’t expect great things. It’s just average.

Meredith Stanley, NC

24 hours? yes, but need to buy more frequently

I couldn’t find this at my drugs stores or Target, and decided to order more here. I smudge everything, and this seems to go a whole day of work and a workout (although who cares) without coming off. All these liners by Cover Girl (24 hr and non)go on really smooth, but do tend to dry up faster than others. The non 24 hour one also turned into a grayish color rather than blackest black after a short period of time, so I did like that this one does remain black.

Bethany Gloucester, MA

For an add on-good buy

Its okay. I am used to blacker bolder eyeliner but this isnt as bold. I like it though but an not a fan.

Cecelia Harrisburg, PA


I don’t know what is wrong with Maybelline and Covergirl eyeliners, but they are TERRIBLE. I tried this liner and it was NOT cheap day one it faded smeared and made me look like a racoon. Day two it went on as a light Grey color meaning it had DRIED OUT. THIS IS TERRIBLE especially after spending money on a liner. I threw it away and will NEVER buy covergirl or maybelline liners again.

Tabitha Mount Ayr, IN


This product helped me to have a better grip to draw a perfect line . But i didn’t expect it to be small . But all in all , it a great product.

Bonnie Elwood, NE

I love this eyeliner…

But if you rarely use liquid eyeliner, don’t except this to last more than 4 months in your purse without it drying out inside.But within that time, it works great and makes your eyes look beautiful. 🙂

Elba Flomaton, AL