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COVERGIRL Lashexact Mascara Waterproof Very Black 925, 0.13 Oz, 0.130-Fluid Ounce

Get no clump, no glob, beautifully-defined lashes. The LashExact brush is a patented technology with bristles that are aligned and clean, so you get the Exact look you want. Also available in Waterproof.

Key features

  • Waterproof.
  • No clump brush.
  • Great definition and length.
  • Superb separation.
  • Ophthalmologically tested.
  • Hypoallergenic and suitable for contact lens wearers.

Honest reviews


Very Clumpy

I bought this product because of the advertised “No Clump Brush”. It was very disappointing to open the tube and have the brush completely coated in clumpy, disgusting goo. This is a terrible product. Do not waste your money!

Maxine Lisle, IL

Perfect for Bottom Lashes

This is my favorite mascara for my bottom lashes. The small brush makes it really easy to get in close and it’s waterproof so you don’t have to worry about it smudging once it’s dry. It also works really well on the inner and outer lashes that can sometimes be difficult to get to. I’ve used it on my upper lashes as well and it works well there too, but if you’re lashes are on the longer side, or you like a really dramatic look, then it takes a while to build it up because of the small brush.As far as the reviews that say it’s clumpy, I have to disagree. If you’re applying it correctly then the small rubbery bristles are perfect for avoiding clumps.

Beth Atwater, MN

good mascara

I like this product a lot. I have not experienced clumping or smudging at all, when using it. However, I prefer the similar Cover Girl mascara “Volume Exact”. This product, Lash Exact, highlights the claim of lengthening one’s lashes but I do not find it does that adequately. I get as much or more length from Volume Exact and more volume, too. So for me, while this product is quite good, Volume Exact is definitely the better of the two.

Martina Clarinda, IA

Old Standby

I started using this mascara many years ago after seeing a feature story on local news TV reviewing the best products as determined by a panel of local TV women. They were particularly fond of this mascara. As I have been. Recently, I shifted to a less expensive brand touted by my FB Friends. NOT a success. However, it WAS good to get the comparison. It doesn’t do any of the bad things, this CG brand. Do wash and comb your eyelashes 1st. Do put on at least two coats, and do not pump your wand in the tube (causes a premature dry up of the mascara).

Cheri Goodway, AL

Clumpy, dries out fast, brush bristles didn’t even hold up.

Same clumpy Covergirl formula as all their other mascaras. Dried out quickly (in about 6 weeks). The brush bristles started breaking off at about 3 weeks. The formula clumped really badly and flaked as well. So I had bad eyelashes AND red eyes. Yay me. Solidified why I don’t buy CG mascara anymore, even on sale.

Traci Otter, MT

What a mess! Try Jordana instead

Mascara has to do a lot for me: and I have to say that my experience with this Cover Girl Lash Exact is just about par for the course for Cover Girl mascara, as far as I’m concerned. I have yet to find a good mascara from Cover Girl.This stuff applied in globs, even though I wiped off the excess. I’m no mascara novice, it’s not that I can’t apply it! But this goo ended up under my eyes, on my upper eyelid, and it even made some of my top and bottom lashes stick to each other. What an epic fail this garbage was. When I washed my face, it didn’t even resist though it’s supposed to be waterproof. I just can’t even begin to understand how CG mascara is so popular…….My advice: spend $3 and get some Jordana Lash Extreme! If you made the mistake of buying Cover Girl, save the brush from it (TOSS THE TUBE!), wash it off, and use it in the Jordana for a great application. Cover Girl makes some nasty mascara, but they do a lot of things right with their brushes.

Dale Ethridge, TN