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COVERGIRL LashBlast Volume Waterproof Mascara Very Black .44 fl oz

Amp up the drama of your lashes with COVERGIRL SuperSizer Volumizing Mascara by LashBlast. Instantly get dramatic, 400% more corner-to-corner volume for full, fanned out lashes. The unique wand finds and transforms even small lashes. Use the wand’s flat side to maximize your volume and the comb side to define and separate, twirling as you apply, for an instant false lash look. This mascara is also hypoallergenic and ophthalmologically tested, so it’s suitable for contact lens wearers.

Key features

  • SuperSizer Volumizing Mascara instantly gives you bold lashes, with 400% corner-to-corner volume
  • Creates full, fanned out lashes while the unique wand finds and transforms even small lashes
  • Just twirl as you apply the wand for an instantly super-sized lash look
  • Black Brown is the perfect shade for any eye color and skin tone
  • Apply the SuperSizer mascara with COVERGIRL Eye Enhancers

Honest reviews


Used to be the best, but the formula has changed in the past year

When this mascara first came out, it was incredible. It was just the right consistency, making my lashes very long and thick, but not clumpy. It held curl like a dream and my eyelashes were like lush fans. I used it for a couple of years and enjoyed having wonderful lashes. However, I like trying new things so I was using other products for a while. A few months ago, I was out of mascara so I bought another tube of LashBlast. I could tell right away that it was not the same formula. It was clumpy, very wet, and it weighed down my curled lashes. It took a while to comb out my lashes so that I could look presentable. After drying, I tried to put on another coat because in spite of the clumps, there was no volume or length happening. Big mistake. More goopy mess to deal with.I thought that maybe I was a little out of practice, so I tried using it for several days in a row. No improvement. It was also possible that I purchased a stale tube, so I went to a different store and bought another one. Unfortunately, the results were the same.This was an amazing mascara, but this is no longer the case. Why do companies change products that are already wonderful? Is anyone else experiencing the same thing with this product? Good mascara is hard to come by, especially for those of us with very straight, pale blonde eyelashes. Change it back, Covergirl!

Kimberly Golden, TX

Love this product!

I did some research before buying this. The reviews I found were so-so. I ended up buying it anyway (Drew Barrymore advertising outweighed the bad reviews). I’m going to go over some of the common complaints:1- Brush too big and clumsy- I am clumsy in general and found this brush helpful. It takes a bit of practice to get the inner corners but the brush is wonderful.2- Clumping- I have not exerienced clumping of any kind with this product.3- Too much mascara on the brush- DON’T PUMP THE BRUSH!! The brush gives the perfect amount. If one keeps pumping the brush, of course there will be a big mess.4- Flaking – I have not experienced flaking with this product. I use two coats and wait at least 4 minutes between coats. I think flaking is due to having too much wet product on at once. Would recommend a little product with more coats and a four-minute dry time in between.5- Hard to remove from skin- If this gets on my skin while it’s wet, I immediately wipe it off. It is easy to remove when wet. I have found a problem removing the mascara at night. Creme remover does not cut it. I suggest oil based remover for an easier time of removing the makeup.My impressions: This wears well, it doesn’t run or rub off. My lashes look amazing. The brush makes it easier to apply. I haven’t had one day where I’ve blinked from having the brush on my eyelashes (causing raccoon eye as a result).I love this stuff and will continue to buy it!

Tracie Cidra, PR

WOW….finally one that does what it says!!

WOW!!! I just LOVE this one. I thought it would end up with all the other mascaras I’ve tried over the years that claimed it lengthened. This one actually DOES. I saw it with the first stroke when applying it. If you do want longer eyelashes….and what woman doesn’t….this is the one to get. If there are others better for a similar price, I would like to know about them. Sometimes a couple of lashes might stick together, but I don’t know of any mascara that can keep this from happening….but it’s worth it. I just use my TweezerMan metal eyelash comb and that takes care of that. It flakes a bit on me when it first dries, but just I just use my makeup brush to get it off. But I do have longer lashes with this AND it curls them too. I just LOVE this stuff. It’s the only one I’ll be buying unless something better comes along….maybe something that makes mine twice as thick AND lengthens, doesn’t clump ANY, doesn’t flake and is just perfect. But I won’t hold my breath for that. This is as good as it gets for now I think….love, love, love it.

Lucia Dillsboro, IN

Great product, tricky wand

This is my favorite mascara, but I still feel there are things that could be improved. The wand is very tricky. Mascara always smudges onto the eyelid during application (can be corrected by having a cotton swab handy), and it feels kinda big and awkward to use. I LOVE the formula of this mascara though. Although it takes a little more time and finessing to get it right, my lashes always look great. This product also seems to dry out faster than other mascaras I’ve used in the past, and I wonder if there is less product in the tube, or if the larger wand lets more air into it, so it just dries out more quickly. I have to repurchase this mascara much more often than other types. I may try using disposable wands with this in the future to see if I get a better result. Best I’ve found so far, though!!!

Allene De Ruyter, NY

stays on even with watery eyes

I really love this mascara. I have eyes that tend to water with allergies, so I need a mascara to just stay put and not wash away. I have that in this product.

Henrietta Campbell Hill, IL

EXCELLENT drugstore item (This is regarding the Very Black color)

I’ve been trying for some time to find a drugstore mascara to replace the $30 Lancme and Dior mascaras I was so fond of but that are now so ridiculously over-priced I can no longer justify the expense. This one performs excellently as a replacement for Lancome’s Hypnose Drama waterproof with just 2 coats, and it’s still very good even with only one coat. It lengthens and volumizes very nicely, with only the teensiest bit of clumping which is easy to comb out.BUT — this is a crucial “but” for some people — because it’s a fairly thick formula, in my experience it starts to dry out rather quickly. While most of the mascaras I’ve used will stay fresh and last several months, this one started to deposit drier, more stubborn and difficult-to-remove clumps on my lashes within just 5 or 6 weeks of my opening the tube. (Just as an FYI, I go makeup-free about 2 or 3 days/week.) The upside of this, that cannot be said of Lancme or Dior, is that it’s very inexpensive, so even if you have to buy a fresh tube more often than usual, you’ll still get 4 LashBlast mascaras for the the price of one designer/department store mascara. It is VERYVERYVERY waterproof; I had a hard time removing even with my standard waterproof eye makeup remover. I ended up having to use a little Vaseline to get it off and I STILL woke up with light “raccoon eyes” the next morning. So you can cry AND get caught in a rain storm with no worries.

Mandy Island Park, ID

Waterproof? Whoops…

I always loved this company, specifically the type of brush that the LashBlast mascara makes. I’m blonde, and this brown mascara looks both natural and allows me to get down to the very roots. Too bad I didn’t see the "waterproof" label though…Unless you trust your makeup remover a lot, this can potentially rip out some eyelashes (which sucks if youre like me and already have a scarce amount…)

Nona Brantingham, NY

A must have

I receive the Cover Girl Lash Blast as a gift one year ago… and let me tell u I wont change any more. This mascara is just great and i have suggest my friends to change and they are just amazed as me with Lash Blast mascara… It covers everything, it makes your lashes look miles away, dosent get u the patch-lashes look so they look so great, so natural and i just love it!

Nichole Friendsville, TN