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CoverGirl Lashblast Mascara, Very Black 800, 0.44 – Ounce Packages

Get a blast of lush, volumized lashes! LashBlast’s patented volume-boosting formula and patent-pending brush are designed to max-out each and every lash, leaving you with the ultimate big lash look. Now in waterproof, too!

Key features

  • Instant volume and fullness
  • Smudge and smear-proof
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for contact lens wearers
  • No clump brush

Honest reviews


Great mascara

The brush on this mascara finds everyone of my lashes, big small and in hard to reach areas. The liquid goes on smooth without clumping and doesn’t flake-even at the end of a long day. Leaves me lashes feeling healthier than before I put it on.

Ericka Park Hill, OK


okay, you see how in the picture it shows an orange top & bottom? Well I got cheap mismatched mascara( you know the limited edition ones that came with lashblast volume purple tops) i used to see those at walgreens for half price. Its the same great mascara, but not the same brush which was very disappointing because when I buy my mascara it has to be that brush or I’m UNHAPPY. I just had to switch out the brush from one of my old ones, it suckss!! don’t buy unless you want a different brush!

Natalie La Grange, KY


I like covergirl so my rating on this is because I like covergirl It does work for my lashes I have very thin light lashes and it does fill them in, the price was very good

Kaye Benjamin, TX

alright mascara

I don’t like the brush of this mascara very much. It’s too big, and at the tip of it the bristles are wayy too short. It is much different than in the picture. I do love covergirl make up though, so don’t give up on them! Just this particular mascara I would not reccommned because of the bristles on the brush.

Joni Fisty, KY

Really does make lashes appear longer

This is a great mascara and truly does make lashes appear longer. The black is a very deep black so it gives some drama to the eyes. I like that it’s not waterproof so I can actually remove it with my makeup at night. The applicator is no clumping but allows for a lot of product to be applied. All in all a great mascara.

Jody Braymer, MO

Great Lashblast Mascara !

My Daugther introduced me to this product. I love, love, love this product! It delivers thick lashes with minimal smudging! The Seller’s price point was beyond all ‘Google’ searches and store searches! The delivery time was equally good! Would definitely recommend LashBlast and the Seller for future purchases.

Elizabeth Alcove, NY

I like this mascara but dont love it

It is a good mascara but doesnt give me the long lash look i like. doesnt clump a lot which is good. i like it but im not in love with it.

Ivy Willow Hill, IL

My favorite mascara

I’m not too surprised at the mixed reviews.. Like any other makeup item, everyone is very particular about their favorite mascara and seems to love or hate any given variety. I happen to really love this one, and I (like everyone else) have tried a lot! Since their conception, I have preferred this type of applicator to the classic “brush” – I feel like it causes fewer clumps and defines my lashes better. Among all of the different “blasts” from CG, I like this volumizing formula the most. My lashes are already pretty long, so I like to beef them up and I think this does an awesome job of that. The Very Black color is just that, and even though this is not a waterproof formula, it stays on very well for me and does not smudge or run. The 3-pack is a great price.And as a note, obviously if you’ve never tried a product before you should probably test out a single first before buying a multi-pack!

Marie Oceanville, NJ

Favorite Mascara

I have tried much pricier mascaras, including Dior Show and Lancome Hypnose, and still come back to this. Great combination of length and volume. I hope they never stop making this.

Esmeralda Saint Helens, OR


I absolutely LOVE this mascara. The brush looks a little intimidating at first, but it definitely helps to create more volume. My only issue is needing to use another mascara to get more length and curl.

Wilda Cooperstown, ND

Loved it

I love this mascara. I had bought the L’oreal mascara which also seems popular, but I like the thicker handle and the brush better on the lashblast. It’s easier for me to hold it steady as it’s large and I have large hands, and it’s not as clumpy or wet going on as the l’oreal mascara. It hasn’t smeared or flaked off either, even when I touch the lashes after they’ve dried. The only downside is trying to find it for cheap where I live, but it’s still a great product.

Edythe Little Switzerland, NC

Mascara to the Rescue!

Okay, maybe not to the rescue but I would say it is one of the better mascaras I’ve bought over the years. The brush is big and adequate to get a good application of mascara. If you are hoping for it to give you lush eyelashes then you might be disappointed. How lush your eyelashes are after application will be determined by how many eyelash hairs you have – skimpy, then there won’t be much for the mascara to coat to – just a fact of life. I also have not noticed any lengthening of the lashes either so if that is something you want then I would guess this is not what you are looking for either. There was a day when I had long and thick eyelashes and the old fashion wet-the-cake mascara even made them look glamorous but nothing seems to make thinning eyelashes better than maybe a prescription from your eye doctor. Nice mascara but no miracles in this fat orange tube just old fashioned mascara that does what most mascaras do – darken!

Marissa Rupert, VT

best mascara

This is the absolute best mascara. It truly builds lashes and washes off without leaving a waxy residue. I have used it for years, occasionally trying other brands, and have found nothing that matches it – regardless of price.

Margie Sharptown, MD