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COVERGIRL LashBlast Fusion Volumizing and Lengthening Mascara Black .44 fl oz

Make your look flourish with COVERGIRL Full Lash Bloom Waterproof Mascara by LashBlast. The bloom brush has short and long bristles that comb and coat lashes evenly to create full, separated volume. The soft mousse formula with beeswax creates touchably soft volume so lashes are never stiff or frail. Ophthalmologically tested and suitable for contact lens wearers, it can take on water and everyday wear, so anyone can have a lush, perfectly separated look.

Key features

  • Full Lash Bloom Waterproof Mascara creates volume for touchably soft, full lashes
  • Creates full, separated volume for a lash look that stays soft to the touch all day
  • The bloom brush with short and long bristles combs and coats lashes evenly
  • Black shade is ideal for any skin tone or eye color
  • Complete your look with COVERGIRL Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner and Eye Shadow Quads

Honest reviews


A nice natural look

I’m no drag queen, but I like a full lash. I like both drugstore brands and shopping at Sephora, but I have developed a certain mascara expectation. This unfortunately didn’t really meet it.I was thrilled to see the merging of volumizing and lengthening, because I want it all. When I applied this though, it was just a very natural look. It would be fantastic for tweens or teens getting their feet wet in makeup.I don’t go nuts with coats of mascara, usually two is my max. My favorites are Benefit Bad Gal and Bare Escentuals buxom lash. I also like Maybelline Great Lash. This covergirl tube didn’t even come close to the volume, lengthening or deep black of those.Otherwise, it stayed put nicely, didn’t streak or smudge. Came off easily. I wouldn’t buy it again, but will definitely use it on hot summer days when I go the basic route.

Dessie Bob White, WV

Use with primer, and use 2 coats of this mascara

I’m a big believer in drugstore cosmetics (as opposed to department store ones.) I have to say that this mascara was only okay with just one coat over primer, but the second layer on top of the primer really made my lashes long. The product had a noticeable chemical smell the first few times I used it but that seems to have diminished. I really wish this and all other mascaras came with primer – I particularly like the mascaras that have primer one end and the mascara on the other.

Dina Otter Creek, FL

covergirl mascara

While I am a strong believer in paying most any amount for good mascara, I decided to give an over-the-counter brand, CoverGirl, a try. It’s been probably 10 years since I last used drug store mascara, & I will admit to being a complete makeup snob. Honestly, I thought this mascara was pretty bad. It took several applications to get on the same amount I get with my Clinique Long Pretty Lashes. The quality of the brush wasn’t exactly top notch either. I tried, but I’m going back to paying $20.00 dollars for a tube of mascara.

Emilie Bolivia, NC

Inexpensive and yet works well

I like this mascara, but I am not sure whether it is the brush or the actual mascara that makes the difference. The brush in this tube of mascara has short bristles packed closely together all around the wand and it seems to do a nice job of distributing and separating the lashes. The mascara itself sometimes gives off a slight glue-like smell just as I am using it but it fades quickly. Doesn’t seem to run or smear much at all and washes off nicely with warm water & soap. I’ll be buying this again.

Marcie Creston, NE

A lash lenghtening cudgel

I believe that devotees of renaissance fairs must be deeply involved in product design for cosmetic companies. How else do you explain the trend in mascara wands? They all look like something the Knights Templar would happily carry about. (Yes, I am aware that I am pushing the knights a bit out of their era – but you get the idea.) There is nothing wrong with this mascara, in fact there is quite a lot that is right: it coats well, does not flake off, and darkens and lengthens as promised. What is problematic is steeling yourself to put this massive wand anywhere near your eyeball. I measured and was shocked to find that the actual applicator head of the wand is the same size as my MAC mascara wand. What is different is the diameter of the non-applicator part of the tube and of the applicator head. The brush surface is also much denser. The end result resembling a bully club more than a typical mascara wand. Does it work? Yes, quite well. Is it pleasant putting the club to your eye? No, not in the least.Mascara – 4 Stars, Applicator – 2 Stars.

Kelli Sonora, TX

What’s up with the applicator?

The applicator that this thing comes with is so large that it’s like putting on mascara with a baseball bat! The mascara is just okay, but I just can’t get past the applicator. Ridiculous!

Marisa Coopers Plains, NY

Works fine – big brush.

Not that I use this myself, but the woman I got this for did like it. I confirm it looked quite nice on her – her eyelashes looked big and beautiful. Her only complaint was that the brush itself was “a bit big”. I think the brushes that most mascaras come with are a bit smaller and more delicate. Other than that – it is a nice mascara: no clumps, no mess. Nice and smooth and works well.

Letitia Viola, KS

Great mascara for my thin lashes!

I have extremely thin lashes, with many mascaras I have tried it takes multiple applications to get the full look I like- This product does what it says it should, it makes my lashes look fuller and I only have to do two applications ( which is great for my lashes ) Also it stays all day, doesn’t flake off or smear on my upper eyelids.. I apply in the morning, and at night they are still full!

Lilia Tujunga, CA


The orange container of this brand is much better, I bought this one and absolutely hate it! It flakes like mad! If I forget and don’t wash it off at night I will wake up with just blood shot eye’s in the morning. It’s awful. I do not recommend it, obviously. Ick.

Merle Mount Hope, WV

easy to apply, no melting

I usually go pretty simple with make-up. The two things I want in a mascara are for it to go on without clumps and stay on with no melting or flaking. This product met both, even when it was over 90 degrees. But I’m not convinced it was any better than the kind I usually buy for a dollar or two less.

Leola Belfast, ME

Anemic Looking

I really wanted to like this mascara, but it was just too anemic looking. I have long, full lashes but they are very pale. What I needed was a mascara that would color my lashes, root to tip, without flaking off and leaving dark smudges underneath my eyes. This mascara stayed in place, but left my lashes looking only so, so. I don’t know if it was the actual mascara being sort of thin or the spiky wand not depositing enough on my lashes. Either way you aren’t going to get the dramatically dark and pretty look that you see in the commercials for this.

Marci Sutton, MA

Great mascara, smooth application and long lashes!

I use mascara every day. Typically I use eitherMaybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara, Very Black (6 Mascaras)or Avon WASH-OFF WATERPROOF Mascara Black — note both products are waterproof. I recently tried another type,Maybelline VE Colossal Waterproof – Classic Black, and was very unhappy with it because of clumping and the difficulty I had with getting it all off — each morning waking with black under my eyes.I wasn’t sure when I got this tube of LashBlastFusion mascara in very black if it was waterproof or not. I decided to try it.I wear contacts, so I find it very irritating when flakes or clumps of mascara end up in my eyes. This product did not clump AT ALL and I was amazed at how nice and smoothly the mascara went on my eyelashes. It did an excellent job of lengthening and coating the lashes without making them stick together! I loved the big huge brush that accompanies the tube and am very pleased with the one coat application necessary to give my lashes the accent I desired.In addition, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the waterproof type of mascara was not necessary for me after all. This mascara did not rub off or smudge! I also found it extremely easy to wash off with just soap and warm water — and the residue was removed completely!In short, this is a great mascara and I will definitely recommend it and will purchase it again. Good bye to Maybelline and to Avon mascara.

Kathie Unadilla, NE

The mascara you’ve been waiting for!

I love this mascara and will definately buy it!! I’ve been wearing mascara for about 30 years. The brush is very large, with separations between the brush strands that you can see. The mascara does not gunk up on the wand when you put it in the tube and take it out. You know how some have that big clump of mascara on the tip of the wand when you take it out of the container? This doesn’t do that. The mascara goes on smoothly and easily – one application actually does lengthen the lashes, two makes me look almost as if I am wearing false eyelashes. Really! And with the separations in the brush being so wide, there is no mascara clumping on the lashes. You know how it can clump up on your eyelashes by the lid, leaving your lashes with that “spiky” look? This doesn’t do that. The mascara lasts ALL day with no smudging or smearing. Incidentally it’s 88 degrees here in Chicago today with high humidity. No flaking. The mascara stays on all day yet washes off easily with regular soap and water. I don’t have to use my eyemakeup remover. This is the one mascara I’ve ever used that actually does give you longer, beautiful looking lashes.

Marilyn Gladwyne, PA

Possibly The Perfect Mascara

Over the many years that I have been wearing mascara, I have tried many, many different mascara. Every single one, whether they were drug store brands or expensive department store brands, flaked, clumped, and left smudges under my eyes. However, COVERGIRL LASHBLASTFUSION MASCARA does none of those things. It thickens and lengthens my lashes with nary a streak, flake, clump, or smudge. It may be the most perfect mascara yet. And it is very reasonably priced.The LASHBLASTFUSION MASCARA brush is nice and big, separating your lashes and applying just the right amount of mascara. The mascara itself is smooth and creamy, easily coats your lashes from base to tip, and makes them thick, long, and full. And since there are no clumps, it looks both natural and glamorous at the same time.I will definitely buy LASHBLASTFUSION MASCARA again. It is a great price, is easy and convenient to find, and does not give me raccoon eyes. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Jan West Salem, WI

Nothing Special

I’m not impressed.Good Things About This Mascara:-big, soft brush-goes on well-doesn’t flake, wear off, or clump-doesn’t rub off-comes off easy enough when removing-wears very well-looks good on-separates lashes wellThings This Doesn’t Do:-make lashes look longer-make lashes look fuller-make lashes look thickerThis is just your regular run of the mill nice mascara, like any other nice mascara. It doesn’t do anything extra special. It doesn’t do what it claims to do. And it did sting my eyes some when I was taking it off. But other than that I like it well enough because it has no annoying features and the packaging is very nice.

Debra Gatewood, MO

Love this mascara!

I’ve been using the regular Lash Blast (in the orange tube) ever since it came out a few years ago, and it’s my go-to mascara. I’ve been eager to try this new Lash Blast Fusion since it’s supposed to have the same nice features of the regular Lash Blast, while also lengthening. Since I’m used to the large brush, it doesn’t bother me, but it can take some getting used to.I’ve been using this now for a week, and I love it just as much as the regular version. The brush is great, and separates your lashes so that you don’t have to go back through and re-comb them. I usually do one coat on top and bottom lashes of one eye, do the second eye, and then come back and add a second coat to the top lashes. I find that two coats are needed to give my eye enough coverage, and two coats still look natural.This formula, like the original, also doesn’t flake or smear, and it even lasts through my sweaty workouts. That being said, it still easily removes with soap and water.As much as I love this mascara, though, it didn’t seem to lengthen my lashes any more than the regular version of Lash Blast, so I decided to do an experiment. I put the regular Lash Blast on one eye, and this Lash Blast Fusion on the other eye. I applied both the same way, and yet didn’t notice any difference in the two eyes.So, the only reason I gave Lash Blast Fusion four stars instead of five stars is because, as mentioned, there was no noticeable difference in the length of my lashes between this version and the regular orange version of Lash Blast. Since this is supposed to be a lengthening mascara, it seems like it doesn’t hold up to that claim.Other than that, though, this is a great mascara!

Robbie Princeton, NJ

Love it! Goes on smooth, not clumpy

I love the length that it added to my lashes. It didn’t clump or smudge. I put it on before working out and had no problems with it. I really like the applicator. It separated my eyelashes and the mascara went on smoothly.I would buy this product and I do recommend it.

Lesley Dakota City, IA

This Mascara is a Must for your make up bag!

This review was done by my wife.I am a faithful Maybelline pink and green tube user. I have tried multiple brands even high end department store mascaras and always come back to the same pink and green tube. When I first tried this mascara I was impressed by the fuller bristles and larger applicator brush. It goes on really smoothly and coats my lashes perfectly. I usually have a few small clumps when I first apply, but not with this applicator. It really does make my lashes look fuller because it coats them so nice and evenly. It only takes one coat to cover them which is a change for me because I usually have to do two coats in order to get coverage. The very black color also makes them look longer. I am pleasantly surprised by this new mascara and would definitely purchase over my old standby.

Annette Hudson, FL

Covergirl Lashblastfusion – Very Black

I have been using this for approximately two weeks and love it. Not one clump have I seen. It does seem to lengthen my lashes as well. I like it most because it is not thick and gross. It goes on clean and stays that way.

Amalia Smith River, CA

Big brush

CoverGirl LashBlastFusion mascara says this is their biggest brush ever. That is where the problem came in with this mascara, not the applicator wand, but the brush itself is about twice the size of any other on a mascara wand I have seen. In order to use it on your lashes, especially the lower ones the brush itself is very hard to handle and not get mascara on your eyelid or skin under your eye. It took several applications because all of the brush does not seem to get close to the lashes themselves.The mascara itself clumped in small pieces – but that may have been because I resorted to another applicator – results – it just really doesn’t work as well as promised.

Josefina Wilbraham, MA

3 MONTH UPDATE! One of the best mascaras I have used

UPDATE: September 3, 2010: Since I’ve been using this 90 days now, it’s time to discard this tube for hygienic reasons – at the 90 day mark, still no clumping, and the mascara wand isn’t all goopy either like most of them get at this age. I will purchase this again.Over the years I’ve used $35 department-store mascara as well as $4 drugstore mascara. This LashBlast Fusion is one of the best mascaras I’ve tried.It doesn’t flake or clump, it washes off easily, my lashes don’t feel stiff. I am blessed with long lashes naturally, but they have become thinner over the past few years. One or 2 coats of it does the trick for me for a daytime look. This mascara makes them look full and lush again.I’ve been using this 2 weeks and other mascaras I’ve used, almost every one, have started clumping on me after the first two weeks passed. This wand looks the same as it did when it was new and I inserted it into the tube for the first time. I also like the fact that the wand doesn’t have that big glob on the tip when I remove it.This mascara is a winner and I will purchase it when I run out.

Jolene Chromo, CO

Great Product

I love this mascara. It seems to dry out fast but it’s still worth it. I have a monthly subscription.

Elisha Henley, MO

Slightly better than average

I was actually quite pleased with this mascara. It applies smoothly to the lashes and is easily layered for fuller, longer, thicker lashes. I like the brush since it makes it easy to apply mascara on tiny bottom eyelashes as well. It’s good for about 8 hours then it starts to get a little flaky. From my experience it stays in place longer than other brands I’ve tried. Get’s me through the day at work at least.

Letha Mc Neil, AR

Not that great

I like big lashes, and this did not do it for me. The LashBlast in the orange tube worked better than this did.

Brianna Fort Peck, MT

CoverGirl LashBlastFusion Mascara

The brush on this mascara has so many bristles. I knew this mascara would be special just by looking at the great brush it comes with.My lashes are on the thin and skimpy side. They are also not as dark as they once were.This mascara lengthens your lashes considerably. It doesn’t clump, smudge or cake off.It adds volume too and still looks clean and natural, just longer, thicker and darker.It dries to a comfortable finish which feels nice and dry, doesn’t come off on your fingers.This is a great mascara for the reasons I’ve mentioned and I’d recommend it highly.

Georgette Chapel Hill, TN

Great mascara for a great value

If you are looking for a mascara that makes your eyes look huge, doesn’t clump, comes off easily, and is cheap… Give this mascara a try! In my opinion, best drugstore mascara out there.

Jenifer Sharon, CT

Average product

Length—yes. Volume–no. The product states that both are provided but other mascaras that I use provide much more volume. The price is very reasonable so that will add to the value. I did not have flaking and the mascara washes of easily. I would not go out of my way to buy this product again but I would not avoid it either.

Gayla Gresham, WI

Not bad at all

The main thing I like about it is that is doesn’t give me spider eyelashes. The brush itself combes nicely leaving my eyelashes spread out without so much black ink on them. I get an almost natural look without so much clumping. If your looking for a mascara that really extends the eyelashes out then your better off trying another kind of mascara, personally Lancome Hynose Drama does the job pretty good but I don’t use that one everyday since its too much mascara for me to wear everyday. But when I want a more toned down look on my eyelashes that works really well, this it the one.

Kaitlyn Willseyville, NY


I love the original lash blast, it’s my go-to mascara. This one though was disappointing. The formula was flakey and hard to build on and didn’t do much for my lashes. Wasn’t for me.

Helena Warren, OH

Great Mascara

Okay, I have to admit I hate the packaging. Really would prefer a more simpler tube and a smaller brush. The mascara itself is amazing and love it in both the Very Black and Brown and they are becoming my new favorites. Though I still love my Benefit Cosmetics They’Re Real! Mascara(See Review) this is close and a lot cheaper and easier to get. They’re Real does seem to give a bit more volume but not much plus as a Makeup artist student I can also get this in brown which I use a lot of. This also seems to hold longer and is almost weightless even with three or more layers on. It is not waterproof which is what I normally favor so careful around rain or tears. I am still debating which one I like more between this and Benifit’s, but either way, it’s one of the best mascara’s out their and a great buy.

Vera Brownstown, IN