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COVERGIRL Lashblast 24 Hour Mascara, Black Brown 810, 0.44 Fluid Ounce

Bold, intense volume meets the biggest brush ever from COVERGIRL, for a blast of lush, volumized lashes that last up to 24 hours. Lash blast 24 hour gives you bold, look at me lashes that will get you noticed around the clock. Bold, intense volume that lasts up to 24 hours. Lash blast power, hour after hour. Big, bold, look-at-me lashes that last. The latest from the lash blast collection.

Key features

  • Bold, intense volume that lasts up to 24 hours
  • Lash blast power, hour after hour
  • Big, bold, look-at-me lashes that last
  • The latest from the lash blast collection

Honest reviews


Covergirl 24 hour Lashblast Mascara

**I am adding to this review** I am a HUGE fan of this mascara and have been on a mad search to stock up on it because everytime I like something, they discontinue it, just the way my luck is. I am updating this review because I felt it necessary to state how much of a curl this mascara holds. I actually shed some tears yesterday and the mascara did not run nor did I lose my curl. I am VERY impressed with this mascara and will be on the mad hunt to stock up on it.I normally do not write reviews but I had to on this product. I love it, and I pray that Covergirl does not discontinue it. When they say 24 hours, they mean it. I’m half Hispanic/half Caucasian and have NO curl what so ever to my lashes so I have to curl them and then usually use an expensive department store (Lancme or Urban Decay) waterproof mascara to get the curl to hold. I bought this on a whim after reading negative reviews of how hard it is to remove. I figured, I use waterproof anyway, I may as well try it. It held my curl after putting it on. I was amazed! I never get a curl hold from drug store mascaras, even waterproof. I will admit, it’s not much on volume but I can easily use a volumizing mascara for that. I just wanted an inexpensive non-department store mascara that would hold my curl and this does. I didn’t have a hard time removing this as everyone else did. I use Pond’s make-up remover wipes and Loréal’s Clean Artiste for waterproof make-up to remove my waterproof mascara anyway so I just used this same routine and had no hard time at all removing the Covergirl 24 Lash mascara. I suggest to all that bought it and had a negativity to the removal to try my process and see if that changes your view of the product. My mother even loved this mascara and she will NOT use any waterproof mascara.

Liliana Lyons, GA


I really wanted to like this mascara as I had previously used one by L’Oreal which was a true super inky blue/black, however, L’Oreal has discontinued that product. I was hoping that the Cover Girl 24 hour blue/black mascara would be a similar color. But, no! This mascara is simply a nice navy blue and not a very dark navy blue either. The lasting power is as good as they claim, and is even difficult to remove with non-oily eye makeup remover (I had to use baby oil to remove it completely). If you are looking for a super dark (blue/black) mascara this is not it. If you just want a nice blue mascara you might like this one. I would not buy this again.

Miranda Bridgeport, CT

Just okay.

I bought this with subscribe and save and with a coupon, so I paid under $3 for this product. With that in mind, this mascara is just okay. I am glad I didn’t pay full price because I would have been super disappointed. I have tried quite a few COVERGIRL mascaras and cannot find one that I like very much. I will stick with Maybelline’s Falsies. It is, by far, the best drugstore mascara i have ever used!

Bertie Libertytown, MD

Yes to lash power!

I love, love loooove this mascara. I usually did 3-4 coats of carefully applied (I can’t stand lumps) Lash Blast Volume Waterproof followed by a layer or two of Maybelline One by One . I did this routine because my lashes are longish but very straight, so in the Costa Rican humidity if you want to add volumne you’ll need structure to prevent losing the curl.With this 24 hour one, I need just two coats and I am good to go. It really holds the shape well, adds volume, does not run or flake much at all. I read on some reviews that people had issues removing this mascara and even lost lashes (sad!). I for one have had no such issue even using more than one layer, but I do have use Farah Dhukai’s method for removing, as seen here […].I will keep using it.

Kenya San Clemente, CA

yuck yuck yuck.. does not wash off

Yuck!! This does not wash off easy, even with eye makeup remover there are still chunks left on my lashes!! Not worth it!!

Britney Loveland, CO


I really like this mascara; there is almost always a tube of it in my make up bag. Even when I deviate to another kind I end up coming back to this.

Candy Baltimore, MD

invisible AND flaky!

Are you tired of wowing people with your eyes? Do your gorgeous lashes attract attention from handsome potential lovers? Do you hate dramatic, feminine, sultry lashes? Then this product is for you!! It guarantees a barely-there coating that makes you wonder if your natural lashes are actually longer without it. It will stupefy you with shame in your short, stubby prickles and make you run to the store for falsies. On top of offering virtually no pride in your lashes, this product will, without fail, flake directly into your eye at the first sign of a smile and lead to unstoppable tears.0/10 would not apply againSeriously the worst mascara I’ve ever tried.

Araceli Ocoee, FL

Very good mascara

This is a really nice mascara. It is long lasting, and does not cause raccoon eyes. It does flake a bit, but that could be caused by my face lotions… not sure. Need eye makeup remover to remove it, as it acts like a waterproof product. The brush is nice, too. I don’t usually like anything but a bristle brush, but this is the exception.

Ruthie Hedley, TX

… using this product for a couple of years and love it.

I have been using this product for a couple of years and love it.

Bobbi Sumner, WA


Covergirl mascara is really the only mascara that i use, they are amazing. very black and it lasts all night. i love how thick your lashes look when you use this mascara, the thickness of the brush helps 🙂

Sandra Zacata, VA

best ever

I’ve been using the same orange Covergirl mascara for many years and decided to go for a little change this time. I will never change back. This mascara doesn’t clump at all. Most new mascara makes lashes stick together, but this one spreads them out in a lovely fan–I didn’t know I had so many eyelashes!I go for the waterproof mascara cuz I don’t wash it off every night (I know that might be bad, but I’m lazy and don’t want to do my lashes everyday. Don’t judge), and while this one doesn’t specifically say so, it is waterproof. You know as you go throughout the day, or when you wash your face at night, some mascara will come off the eyelashes (particularly from the tips)? Well the next morning, a quick touch-up coat will make it look just like new. I’ve done this many times and my eyelashes look fantastic and thick; no clumps, no spider-leg chunky flakes. It’s amazing! I’ve gotten so many compliments on my eyelashes. I’ve been told they look like eyelashes you’d see in on movie stars.Highly recommended

Lorraine Green Ridge, MO

Like it

It isn’t that voluminous or lengthening but good for it’s price and stays on all day. I would buy it again

Claudia Rocky Face, GA

less smudge!

I took a risk and ordered mascara online. So glad I did. I work all day in a very active job and I don’t end up with "raccoon eyes" at the end of the day. LOVE that!

Bobby Lamar, MO

Contact wearers beware!

I have used hundreds of mascaras in my lifetime, but I have never used one that caused such problems with flaking. I constantly have this mascara flake off into my eyes, trapped in my eyes, stuck to my contacts, hard to remove from my contacts more than any mascara I have ever used. I would never buy this product again. Seriously, this mascara is flaky!

Kara Lincoln City, OR

really hard to get off!

when I applied this mascara I thought I would like it, it looked nice. Not amazing, but still good. But then I tried to take it off that night…it wouldn’t come off!!!! I used two different makeup removers (MAC cleanse off oil and another I can’t remember) and water and face wash, none of them worked! I used it again the next day because I just wanted to be sure before I tossed it and had the same problem. Then when I woke up the next morning half of the stuff that didn’t come off was all flaked off on my under eye skin. I hated to do it after just buying the stuff, but I ended up just throwing it away!!

Joanna Aldrich, MO


After trying this mascara for the first time, I instantly fell in love. It never flakes (even on the tips of lashes) and literally lasts ALL DAY. I’ve been waiting for a mascara that does exactly what this one does (no flaking, fading, is full and voluminous). I no longer need to experiment with different brands/types, I’m sticking with this one!

Janie Lee, FL

Works very well but is hard to remove

This is a wonderful mascara. Separates and very evenly coats lashes for a great look. My only complaint is that is extremely hard to wash off. I haven’t tried make up remover but my facial cleanser doubles as a remover and hasn’t had issues with past mascara. Too me the pros outway the cons and I will continue use.

Josephine Saint Ann, MO

Last forever

This mascara does not come off. I took on vacation with me thinking it would be good for the humidity. After the first day I could get it off my lashes. I swam with it on, then used soap in the shower, them makeup remover and it was still on. I actually still have some on my lashes and I havnt used it in 3 days. The only good thing about it is that it curls your lashes. I’m throwing it away.

Billie China Village, ME

Love it!

Great mascara overall! Easy to put on, looks good, makes my eye lashes look fuller and longer. Highly recommend this product. Shipping from Amazon was fast and price is comparable to local stores.

Sabrina Harrellsville, NC

My Favourite Mascara

I like to put my makeup on in the morning and not have to touch it up at all during the day … I want it to last until I take it off at night. I had been using Revlon’s Grow Luscious but it smears and flakes terribly, even the waterproof formula, even if I only coated the top lashes.I bought this 24 hour CoverGirl mascara on a whim, really, and it has become my “go-to” mascara. I have not had the experience that other reviewers have stated [smudging, etc.] at all. Perhaps it’s because my skin is dry, or that every molecule of makeup from the day before is gone before I put my makeup on…As far as removal goes, I just massage a little baby oil between my index finger and thumb and then onto my lash area for a minute or so, then I wash with facial soap to remove the oily residue; it does come off completely, I don’t think makeup remover is quite high octane enough for this formula.I have cried whilst wearing it. I have slept in it [I know, I know]. I have worked out and I have sweated profusely while wearing it. And it doesn’t come off. Holds a curl really well, also, even after sweating or crying. Apply this mascara to clean dry lashes and it will stay on until you use an oil to remove it. I seldom ever wear mascara on my lower lashes but the few times I have with this CoverGirl 24 hour stuff, it stays on my lashes, not on my face. I will continue to buy this until Covergirl decides not to manufacture it anymore. Completely lives up to my expectations. 🙂

Mattie Ashland, NH

Does What Advertised

Mascara Junkie is back! The latest mascara I gave a try was Covergirl’s 24-Hour LashBlast. It promises three things: volume lasting up to 24 hours, anti-smudging, and bold, intense volume. Does it last 24 hours? Honestly, mine does. When I know I am just going out for a few hours here and there, I won’t wear this mascara, because I find it pointless. I use it on the days where I know I’ll be out and about and not able to retouch up my makeup, so that is a definite plus. It is a bit hard to get off at night, but worth it for me when it actually stays on and (point two) doesn’t smudge or start to crease with my other eye makeup. Can we make it three for three? Actually, yeah. It does give me lashes volume – no length, but that is not what is promised here. I don’t think it will be a favorite mascara of mine mainly because I look for a lengthener too, but this product does what it says it will do, and for that, I am a happy customer.

Kathi Sheffield, AL

will not come off.

Huge mistake…First, it didn’t make my lashes “bold and full of volume” as it promises. Just regular – after 3 coats!Second, at the end of the day this mascara wouldn’t come off. I used my regular face wash, oil-free makeup remover, then another round of soap, and more oil-based makeup remover. The mascara stayed on, but did flake off a little bit. The next morning I had racoon eyes full of flakes. The mascara still partially stayed on. I will never use it again.I am going back to using CG’s Exact Eyelights Eye-Brightening Mascara – does a great job on my lashes and comes off easily at the end of the day.

Ivy Purcell, OK