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CoverGirl Flamed Out Eye Shadow Pot, Melted Gold, 0.07 Ounce

Blazing blendable pots of super-saturated color to help you create bold explosive looks and get your eyes noticed.

Key features

  • Super-saturated color
  • Explosive looks
  • Bold

Honest reviews


Bought as Fanshadow

I purchased this in gold. I am a New Orleans Saints Fan. I go all out for the games. I needed to replace a gold cream eye shadow no longer available. I need to emphasize, I was not looking for tasteful, I was looking for standout gold team enthusiasm. This is not it. If you were led to this via the NFL advert for team wear, sorry. Not gold enough for team wear. It is a tasteful highlight color, goes on smoothly, has moderate wearing power.

Lila Gasport, NY

perfect pink

I love the color and it has good staying power. Also great that I have a whole pot of color that I like.

Marilyn Florence, SD

Its not for me but a great product

I got this through Vine and didnt realize its more of a sparkle then a matte. I am over 30 so sparkle shadow is something I do not buy anymore. Beyond that it is a great product just not for me!!

Grace Starkweather, ND

It’s An Okay Shadow

I was not really impressed with this color, it is more of a silver, shiny silver color and not charcoal. I have used it several times both with and without a primer and it works pretty much the same for me both ways. It is a little hard to blend, but it is do-able with a bit more elbow work. I don’t wear a lot of shimmery colors, but this one works for a night on the town and you can pull off a good smokey eye with it. I am more impressed with the eyeliner this line produces. This may have been an even better shadow as another color, I received 2 of the same color which is a bummer because the one will hardly get used. I will maybe try a different color from the same line, it’s a good eyeshadow, I have used worse but don’t expect anything over the top.

Karen Bertrand, MO

Let’s go clubbing.

As many before me have mentioned: it is not a charcoal color but rather a shiny silver. That would have been fine if that is what Cover Girl was going for.I was excited to try this color with my blue – green eyes. I was expecting an accent that would enhance my natural color but instead it brought attention by being very bright, sparkly and glittery.Application was easy enough but it doesn’t effectively coat the entire area. The product did not last all day and it creased rather badly. I also found that it was not appropriate for day wear and should be left for clubbing.Do not recommend as this product has been grossly mislabeled not only in color but style as well.

Elsie Churchville, MD

Silver, Not Charcoal and Not Matte

This is most certainly not a charcoal color, as I said in the title of this review, it is silver. It has a LOT (tons!) of sparkles in it and the photo makes it look like a matte eye shadow. It is not.If you put this product on with a brush, be careful because the sparkle flecks get EVERYWHERE – cheeks, nose, lips etc.I tried using just my finger tip and it worked out a little better.It doesn’t last all day nor does it cover your lids very well. I ended up looking splotchy. It works better if you use a primer first. But since it is a silver color, even the primer really didn’t make it look any better.I thought that since it looked as to have a matte finish, that it would be a good color for daytime – it is not, but it would be good for club-wear (night-time) and perhaps over top of a matte, darker shadow.The supplier must have learned its lesson because it shipped in a box within a padded envelope and the pot did not come damaged in any way, shape or form.

Delores Light Street, PA

Not Good

Dear Cover Girl,What is this supposed to be? First, this shadow should not be called charcoal. Charcoal is a grayish-black. This is a pot of silver sparkles.Second, did no one test it before it hit the market? It goes on streaky and fades within hours, but not before depositing sparkles in one’s eyeballs and all over the face.Third, use of the name “flamed out” connotes a vivid, dramatic look. Nice try, but this shade really misses the mark.Back to the drawing board, please.

May Blythewood, SC

More Smoke than Flame

I expected Charcoal to be a dark gray, but this eye shadow is a medium gray with lots of shine and little pigment. I thought it would be good for smoking my eyes, but alas, it’s too light for that.It will blend, if you’re patient, and despite not being a deep gray, the shade is still pretty and suitable for all skin tones. But I’ve used a similar sparkly shade from Revlon (now discontinued) that did deliver color, and currently have a matte gray in my Sonia Kashuk palette that is also a medium/light gray that delivers color and blends beautifully.Cover Girl can all this Flamed Out all they want, but there really isn’t any drama. This eyeshadow is so shiny, I wouldn’t recommend wearing it if you plan to be outside. It looks fine inside, but in the sunlight, like most shiny makeup, it’s kind of freaky.If there was color impact, I’d give it three stars, but it delivers mostly shine, which can be found in gazillions of makeup products. Therefore, the shine is not special.

Angelica University Center, MI

Didn’t care for this product at all.

This product seemed chalky and went on very unevenly. I don’t like that it doesn’t come with an applicator so you have to purchase a separate one, but it also doesn’t stay on and just goes on haphazardly. Not a fan.

Adela Lake Orion, MI

Good but not great

Product is okay; not great but not bad. It’s pretty- a bit of sparkle but not excessive; I see no problem with using it for day wear as well as for evening. Not as highly pigmented as I’d like; I had to use a sponge applicator instead of a brush to get good coverage but it is buildable. I tried it with one side plain and one side over shadow primer; the primer helped with both coverage and length of time it stayed on. Lasted about 5 hours before it started migrating to the crease- I do have oily skin so it would last longer on someone with normal skin. It’s about average for a drugstore brand shadow.

Kathleen Marked Tree, AR

Not much color payoff and doesn’t blend well

It might be because I’m spoiled from using Urban Decay’s eyeshadow palettes, but I really didn’t like this eyeshadow. I had thought that it would be creamy, but it’s a dry, chalky powder that doesn’t have much color payoff and that is difficult to blend.The color I received — Charcoal — also has sparkles in it that tend to fall out onto your face. Even when I applied this over an eyeshadow primer (the one by Too Faced), it creased and didn’t seem to stay on for very long.This e/s is alright, but I would recommend spending more if you can and getting a better quality product or looking at other brands. In drugstore brands, Drew Barrymore’s Flower brand is great, and I also love the Revlon eyeshadows. Rimmel also makes nice ones in this same price range.

Sybil Addison, IL

Adequate amount, but not a good color

This is a sparkly gray, and I don’t think that looks good on anyone. It also goes on more sparkly than gray. But you get an adequate amount for the money. Probably last you a lifetime.

Alana Grand Haven, MI

Pretty color but not great for older eyes

I tried this with both Urban Decay Primer Potion (original), Too Faced Glitter Glue, and Laura Geller Eye Spackle underneath. Nothing helped this color get much opacity or stay put for more than a few hours. I also had some fine glitter fallout into the lines around my eyes. It looked pretty for about an hour and then just …. poof…faded away.I used this over a couple of Maybelline cream shadows and it fared a little better, but pretty much just left creasy lines behind.

Yvonne Montchanin, DE

Did not work very well

First of all, the color is not really charcoal. It’s much lighter than charcoal. It does not apply very well, very hard to get it to look right and then it fades and creases quickly. Would not buy again.

Melanie Kingsville, OH