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CoverGirl Exact EyeLights Waterproof Mascara, Black Gold 720

Wouldn’t it be great if mascara would not only define your lashes, but also bring out the color of your eyes? New Exact Eyelights mascara makes your eye color look brighter while giving you beautiful clump-free lashes. Light reflecting metallics and a h

Key features

  • Get 4X Brighter Eyes vs. bare lashes
  • Unique mascara formula with micro-color spheres & metallics specially designed to reflect your eye color
  • No-clump exact brush
  • Waterproof
  • Four eyelighting shades – for blues, browns, hazels and greens.

Honest reviews


Don’t buy in summer

I actually like the mascara however I signed up for subscribe and save so the shipping was slow. I started having eye infections soon after using it. Didn’t put 2+2 together for awhile. Since I went back to my old mascara the infections have cleared up. So I am stuck with 3 tubes which I am afraid to use.The product is fine but I would only order it with 2 day delivery when the weather is hot.

Isabelle Gray, IA

Black Gold is my favorite

I have hazel eyes that shift from light brown to olive green. I bought this in both the Black Gold and the Black Ruby. Of these two, I liked the Black Gold the best. The black ruby was a bit too red for my skin tone. It made me look like I had a cold. My only complaint is that the Black Gold has flecks of glitter in it that would occasionally irritate my eyes. Other than that, perfect. The flecks are not annoying enough to stop me from purchasing it again.

Marcella Mercedita, PR

Very dry

I think the (3) they sent me are old. The mascara is very dry and I can barely get any out of the part that holds the actual mascara.I was wondering why they sell it to you in threes. Now I know. There is no date of expiration, but clearly, the mascara I received is very outdated.Sending it back with the shipping is such a pain. I am never purchasing make-up on line, because you cannot know the date of expiration, and they all have it.Once you open it, three months is the limit. The limit on the my (3) are long over due.”Fool me once…..”

Charmaine East Fairfield, VT

Love It

I love this mascara. It holds the curl in your lashes all day and doesn’t smear. I highly recommend this mascara.

Monique Vaiden, MS

really is waterproof

I’ve tried them all. I have sensitive eyes & I’m a natural blonde so I need my mascara. Summer finds me washing my face a lot and this stuff stays on after a long shower. I love the colors as they are not glaringly obvious and the blue is subtle and really brings out the blue in my eyes. This one’s a winner for sure & I’ve been thru them all.

Mariana Fisty, KY