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COVERGIRL Clump Crusher by LashBlast Water Resistant Mascara Very Black .44 fl oz

Clump Crusher Water Resistant Mascara Turn heads and stop traffic with the COVERGIRL Blast Collection. We’ve got products to help you master the smoky eye and bold mascara for every lash look. From bold blues to glam golds, the bright, vivid colors of the Blast Collection help you step out in style day or night. Clump Crusher Mascara by Lashblast Key Features 200% more volume Zero clumps Innovative curved brush Complete the Look COVERGIRL LipPerfection Lipcolor Bright, gorgeous color that can transform your lips. LiquilineBlast Eyeliner Intensify your smoky eye. Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss Glossy, wear-resistant color – no top coat needed. Pro Secrets The makeup artist tips that will keep your lashes looking lush. 1. Never, ever pump the wand – this adds air to the mascara container, which will only make your mascara dry out faster. 2. Use less mascara on lower lashes than on top lashes. Or skip the mascara on lower lashes for a more casual look. 3. After you’ve coated lashes with mascara, add just one more layer to the outer corners. The extra coat will make your lashes look especially long and make your eyes appear farther apart. How Often Should I Swap My Mascara? Dermatologists recommend replacing your mascara four to six months after opening a tube. Sealed tubes last up to two years, so don’t be afraid to stock up. Blast Comparison Find the Blast mascara that fits you best. Clump Crusher by LashBlast (Available in Waterproof) LashBlast 24 HR LashBlast Volume (Available in Waterproof) LashBlast Fusion (Available in Water Resistant) LashBlast Luxe LashBlast Length (Available in Water Resistant) Volume ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Length ✔ ✔ Waterproof ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Lasts up to 24 Hours ✔ Curved Brush ✔

Key features

  • Bombshell Volume Mascara gives you big, sexy, bombshell lashes
  • Get mega volume and dark intensity in one mascara for an over-the-top bombshell look
  • Two-sided brush volumizes then intensifies to seal in one coat for an all day finish
  • Black shade is ideal for any skin tone or eye color
  • Complete your look with COVERGIRL Intensify Me! Eyeliner and truNaked Shadow Palette for an extraordinarily noticeable lash impact

Honest reviews


Awesome water resistant mascara!

A fan of the Covergirl Lashblast Volume in Waterproof, I decided to try this guy out and was glad I did. It’s an affordable mascara offered on the site and you can sometimes even get this for cheaper with a Covergirl coupon that Amazon likes to give out. This was exactly what I needed to get beautifully separated lashes. The formula was good and lasts throughout the day, and the brush is awesome!

Jerry Twin Brooks, SD

Girls with straight eyelashes BEWARE

I was hoping this mascara would be awesome but I was disappointed. I have straight eyelashes, like straight straight. I have to use an eyelash curler to get them to curl at all. The first time I used this, I curled my eyelashes per usual and applied the mascara. The mascara made my eyelashes go totally straight. Ugh. So the next time I tried wiping some of the mascara off the wand thinking it was too wet and that’s why my eyelashes went straight. No luck. The wand is really comb-y which is great for not leaving clumps, but it pulls my eyelashes too much and makes them straight. I don’t usually have this problem with mascara.So anyways, I just thought I’d help a straight-eyelashed sister out. This mascara doesn’t work for me.

Tabitha Carlsbad, TX

Extremely Flakey!!! Needs constant touch-up.

After seeing this mascara well-reviewed on several sites I decided to give it a try. I was disappointed from the first day I tried it. It was actually very clumpy so I bought a lash comb to separate the clumps. It was very difficult to break up the clumps and once I did I was left with a very “heavy” look to my lashes after a single application.The second reason I have decided to leave such a low rated review is the amount of ‘debris’ that fell from the mascara thru-out the day. Several times I had to use a wet tissue to clean up fibers that had fallen on my cheeks. Worst of all….my glasses actually made it look more prominent that it actually was.*sigh*The search continues. Anyone know of a good ‘color only’ mascara without all the fibers needed to make lashes longer/fuller/etc?

Tiffany Wellborn, FL


I AM 42 w/ever shrinking eyes. This went on easily with litterally no clumps. It did not make my lashes super long, it did however make it seem like I had twice as many lashes as I do.

Kristen Thornton, PA

NOT Waterproof

This mascara is definitely not waterproof OR water resistant or whatever the hell it wants to be called. I got caught in the rain and all my mascara ran down my face. This never happened with my other waterproof mascara (Maybelline Full & Soft). Ridiculous! It also flakes off and gets into my eyes in the middle of the day. It also comes off if my eyes get watery enough and goes down my face. Only thing I like about this mascara is that it really does prevent clumps, but it’s not waterproof so it’s useless to me.

Melva Reubens, ID

BEST drugstore brand mascara!

This is amazing. I have straight Asian lashes, but they are long and thick because I use latisse. I like to use this as a base coat or a standalone. Does not flake, does not stick, is lightweight and does not rip out lashes when you wash your face. Really separates and volumizes each lash from base to tip. Works great under coats of other mascara (depending on occasion, I use a couple different, more expensive mascara s). For example, I will do two full coats of this CG Waterproof right when I start my makeup routine and a few minutes later, I add a coat or two of Smashbox’s full exposure mascara and my lashes look incredible. Careful though- this is $6 or less at Walmart…but it changes prices on amazon all the time from $4-$11! Ps in my opinion- lasts longer than other lashblast versions.

Sherry West Poland, ME

Great Mascara

Works really nicely on my sparse eyelashes. It thickens and builds them up without clumping. I love it…What more can I say…

Lynn Big Laurel, KY

Very good every day mascara that stays on

I always wear waterproof mascara; something about my eyes makes regular mascara smudge no matter what the brand. But waterproof is drying and can be difficult to remove. So in my search for a non-waterproof mascara that doesn’t end up under my eyes, I decided to try this.Pros:It is water resistant, not water proof, but it does stay on all day and comes off easily.It really is clump free, really. I have not had to use the little comb thing to separate clumps even once while putting this on.Great brushCons:It does not thicken or lengthen, not on me anyway even though I did a couple of coats. For a dramatic look I will go back to Maybelline waterproof heavy duty mascaraI recommend this to anyone who wants a good everyday mascara that doesn’t clump and lasts all day.

Ina Nelson, NE

Best Mascara Ever

I tried this based on the fabulous reviews, and was not disappointed. Other mascaras I’ve used tended to be either clumpy and volumizing, or smooth, and adding nothing but color (no volume). This mascara is both smooth and somewhat volumizing. It also keeps lashes fairly separated, and the black/brown color is perfect for my light complexion and casual style (it’s dark but in a more natural-looking sort of way). It’s not perfect, there are occasional clumps, but it’s the best I’ve found so far. I am a shameless product junking who is always looking for an excuse to buy something new and different, but I will be sticking to this mascara. Highly recommended.

Carole Gays Mills, WI

No clumps on lashes

This mascara is my favorite mascara because it leaves no clumps on my eye lashes. The mascara is water resistant and do not smudge. It makes my eye lashes look much fuller and longer. I always buy the black brown color because I love the way it looks on my lashes. The brush is so soft and nice with a curve design to it that will separate your lashes while evenly distributing your mascara on your eye lashes . This mascara is suited for all ages, so don’t hesitate and give it a try.

Selina Mc Coll, SC

Tried LOT of comparably-priced mascarras !

This was a fluke purchase….normally use Loreal or Maybelline mascarras but the bright green package caught my eye….so glad too because it is the best so far.Love the brush…love that it applies quickly…love that it doesn’t smear under my eyes after wearing it all day ( and I use eye cream!). Another plus, it removes easily with soap and water, no need for my eye makeup remover.

Elena Chapman, NE

Clump crusher

For me this didn’t work out. I have very thin, fine, short lashes, & the brush didn’t carry enough mascara on it to grab my lashes. I would poke my eyelid, my eyes would water, & itch for hours.That being said, the reason I tried this mascara was because of the people who stood by it!

Tessa Anna, TX

This is truth in advertising – wonderful product !!!!

This goes on so nice and clean, honestly I was so surprised! I didn’t have to wipe down the brush to get a clean look. It just happens. It does not flake on me, I use two to three coats, only, and it looks beautiful. Not a clump or lump to be found. Thank you so much Cover Girl, another great product from your line that lasts all day. I love it !

Joanne Chaffee, NY

great buy

love the wand. the mascara goes on clean and stays on. I’ve worn it for almost 5 hors and my lashes are still soft to the touch. lets see how it holds up over the weekend. but off the bat I would say its great and worth the price.

Patrice Chilhowie, VA

surprise surprise

I am very picky about my mascara because my eyes water a lot due to allergies. I need something waterproof that does not harden on my lashes. I saw a commercial for this featuring Pink…and as crazy as this sounds, I just love her. I decided I wanted to try this since the only mascara I like is sold out through Avon…not sure if it will be discontinued. It doesn’t really matter anymore because I have found my new favorite mascara. It goes on smooth & easy with the curved brush. My lashes stay soft & its easy to wash off. I definitely recommend giving this mascara a try!

Meghan Calvin, WV

Great for lengthening and drama. Doesn’t hold curl.

It’s a pretty mascara. Very black. The formula isn’t soaking wet which I can’t stand. It doesn’t get all over your face. The reason I gave it four stars is that it doesn’t hold my curl. That’s a bummer in a "water resistant" mascara. It is easy to wash off and lasts forver without flaking.

Renee Mount Laurel, NJ

It might not clump, but it flakes off

Okay, so it doesn’t clump, but that’s because you get so little mascara out of the tube, there’s not enough to clump! I even tried the warm-it-with-the-blow-dryer trick. Still couldn’t get enough mascara on the brush.The tube/applicator is too fat to handle. Plus it’s a marketing ploy to make you think you’re getting a lot of product.And dummy me – I should have noticed it was water "resistant" rather than water "proof." Not sure what resistant means to Cover Girl – maybe it stays on in humid weather? It sure isn’t water PROOF! My fault though.Finally, it flakes off during the day. I can take smudges more than flakes. At least smudges don’t get in your eyes.Not recommended.

Ila Red Rock, AZ

Love those lashes!

This does a fantastic job separating my lashes, defining them and lengthening as well – I would *almost* compare to benefits They’re Real, but not quite. Definitely waterproof, but do notice I can’t wear on lower lashes without transferring under my eyes into my concealer as the day goes on – boo. I have yet to find a mascara that doesn’t do this, so that’s why I still give it 4 stars! With S&S it’s a great savings and usually can find digital coupons to go with it!

Annette East Wallingford, VT


You guys realize it says water resistant and not water proof. This means it won’t smudge or make those raccoon eyes but at the same time it’s easy to take off the mascara without the use of harsh makeup removers. Just warm water and soap will be enough.

Kathi Ralph, AL

this works for me

Does not run, and does not clump. I use the waterproof, but when I wash my face, it comes off nicely. I feel it is a great product for the money. I am on my 4th one.

Alisa Wildwood, PA

Buy it!

This is the best drugstore brand mascara I’ve ever had. No clumps, with 2 or 3 coats you will look like you have fake lashes. HIGHLY recommend, you won’t regret it.

Camille Walls, MS