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CoverGirl Clean Sensitive Skin Liquid Makeup, Ivory

Having a natural, beautiful look means a lot to you. That’s the look of Clean Sensitive Skin Makeup. It’s formula is 100% Fragrance-Free and Oil-Free and is designed to be safe on sensitive skin. It lets your skin breathe, goes on easily and blends perfectly – so the world doesn’t see makeup, just the look of great skin. Also available in Normal Skin and Oil Control formulas.

Key features

  • 100% Fragrance-Free and Oil-Free
  • Safe for Sensitive Skin
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologist-tested
  • Won’t clog pores

Honest reviews


Looks Natural On My Face and Does Not Dry My Skin!

This is a superb makeup! It gives my skin a radiant look and does not dry my skin. This makeup does not look pasty like so many do and the color really blends in so well with my skin. The only thing that I noticed is that after I have used it about one month, it seems to get thicker and thicker. What I do is shake it well and when there is a small space in the bottle, I add a few drops of water and shake well to blend.Great item. Highly recommend!

Mara Clifton, CO

Not runny, but not thick.

Honestly, I don’t think this has done much in the way of helping me keep my pores unclogged or anything of that sort…So if you are buying this because you are assuming it will help you skin ailments in some way (other than sensitivity), you aren’t getting a product that’ll do it. The reason why I put it as 4 stars was because it is a nice foundation that provides some good coverage, and with that, I’m completely happy with it.

Stacy Island, KY

at least its cheap…

I bought this as an alternative to my neutragena. I was kind of hesitant when it said creamy i should’ve kept being hesitant.It says wet for longer than id like leaving a weird residue on my skin making it look like i haven’t blended it to my skin. Its VERY thick and takes some work to get it out of the bottle! I’ve also been breaking out since using it.Kind of disappointed in this product and won’t be buying another.

Nora Deepwater, MO

It covers the bags under my eyes without concealer.

I usually have a problem with acne scars showing through my makeup.It forces me to apply so much makeup it dries and flakes my skin.But the color of my skin NEVER matches but with this one. IT DOES..and it doesnt dry out my sensitive skin.

Audra Allenwood, PA


I have used this brand before, but was leary to order on line. The color was perfect and the price was competitive.

Debbie Ripley, NY

Pretty impressed!

I have extremely sensitive skin and am very limited with the makeup I can wear. I am impressed with this! I’ve always been able to count on Cover Girl! This has proven true, again! I wore this to a funeral and it stayed on while crying, too! I like this and will order this again! It never irritated my skin at all, either!

Loraine Clearfield, KY

good product

Foundations are tricky with me as most leave my face red after using. This one goes on well with a make up sponge but use a light hand.

Althea Carlin, NV


I like this more than my previous foundation. It seems to stay longer and is less greasy over time. However I am giving it a low rating because it came just as an open-able bottle in a box with some other items I purchased separately. It may have been in a padded envelope before it was combined and shipped with other Amazon Prime items but I can’t tell. Shipping aside I am weary that it came with no plastic wrapping or box over it, It makes me think it’s been tampered with. Next time I will just buy it from the store.

Patrice Mesquite, TX

So good so far

I was hesitant about trying this stuff as I have very sensitive skin. I was using Pur-Minerals before and that stuff was okay. It broke me out some and it would not stay. I’ve always been told to stay away from ‘cheap’ brands but after being sick of the expensive brands I’ve tried I took a risk. Thankfully it paid off. I’ve read reviews about how it’s difficult to get out of the bottle, I really didn’t have many issues. Also This stuff goes on great with my concealer brush. After I’ve concealed certain areas I use my fingers for the rest. It goes on smooth. Only down side is the scent. I don’t care for it. After about a week of using this my skin has really cleared up. Today was the first day in a long time I went without makeup, and I use to do it often before Neutrogena changed something in their foundation formula. I’m quite happy that I’m able to go days without makeup and am anxious to see how my skin keeps improving.editI went from loving this product to hating it. It was great to begin with but it seems like it’s clogging my pores after about a month of using it. I wash my face well but I’m breaking out. It also seems to be leaving this weird residue. It didn’t do this at first but it seems like it’s already ‘going bad’ if that makes sense and it leaves this nasty looking residue on my face. Seems like I’m going to have to search for another product again. So it went from five to two starts. Only reason I’m giving it a two is because it still matches my skin tone unlike other makeups that don’t have pinkish tones.

Rosella Meansville, GA