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COVERGIRL Blastflipstick Lipcolor Glimmer 0.134 Oz

Expertly designed blendable lip duos with creams and shimmers for your one of a kind look. Mix and match shades with a flip of a stick for Your unique look for endless possibilities with our 13 customizable shades!

Key features

  • Double your lip color! Multiply your shade power!
  • Blendable lip duos that let you customize your look
  • Creamy color on one side, shimmery color on the flip side. Mix them any way you like to create your own look.

Honest reviews


Feels Cheap

*** I am a BzzAgent and received this product free of charge. ***Three COVERGIRL BLASTFLIPSTICKs were included as part of a BzzKit that I received for free. The colors in my BzzKit were 820 Vixen, 840 Stunner, and 855 Minx. I was not very impressed with this lipstick. It didn’t apply smoothly at all. I tried applying it straight from the tube. It seemed a little lumpy. I tried exfoliating my lips and applying it again, but got similar results. When I applied it with a brush, the results were a little better, but I still cannot say that I liked the way it felt on my lips. Any imperfection on my lips seemed to be magnified. The lipstick also felt greasy, but didn’t feel moisturizing. I thought it felt cheap, and the fragrance (chemically floral) of the product only added to the affect. I am makeup obsessed, and I am used to using products with quality. This product was certainly not, and reminded me of the products I used to use when I was a teenager and couldn’t afford any better. It smudges very easily and, because of the bright color, the smudges are easily seen but NOT easily removed. The one positive was that COVERGIRL BLASTFLIPSTICK is long-wearing.The cool affects that are featured in the ad are hard to recreate. They definitely cannot be done as the commercial suggests, by applying it from the tube and flipping it over to the other color. I tried to recreate the look using a brush and was more successful, but for looks where I want a multi-tonal lip, I would rather use another brand of lipstick and maybe even eyeshadow. The effects and the look of my lips would have been much smoother than if I used COVERGIRL BLASTFLIPSTICK. I would feel duped if I purchased this product with the intention of creating the effects by using it straight out of the tube.The colors I tried were:* 820 Vixen – both colors were cool pink shades, one medium pink and one light pink. Vixen was my favorite color out of the ones I tried. Both colors were very frosty.* 840 Stunner – bright coral red and a dark gold. The red was less frosty than the gold, but still had shimmer. I think this is the color they feature in most of the ads.* 855 Minx – chocolate brown and a dark gold. The gold was similar to that in Stunner. Brown was less frosty. Gold was very frosty.In summary, these products will probably end up in the trash. This in itself is saying a lot because I don’t like throwing makeup away. The texture of the product is rough and greasy without being moisturizing. The frostiness emphasizes any flaws and flakiness that may be on the lips. The cool effects shown on the commercials are impossible to create without having a lip brush. If I had to use one word to describe COVERGIRL BLASTFLIPSTICK, it would be cheap.

Angela Altmar, NY

Not impressed

There are so many great Covergirl makeup items out there this isn’t one of them. The colors look and feel very cheep. The packaging looks once again cheep. This is not worth the money the lipstick is drying and the colors aren’t that pretty. Not impressed at all.

Tammy Dobson, NC

Covergirl BLAST Flipstick

I really like this two color Flipstick for blending and getting the Ombre Effect on your lips! Since one side is lighter and Shimmers you can blend it easily. I am not an expert at makeup and usually only wear glosses but when I put this on using the Ombre effect (as shown on the Covergirl youtube video)–it looked fantastic and it was super easy so out the door I went. I have realy small lips so the Ombre effect helps. Three people complimented me on my lips and asked what I was wearing! I get at least one compliment on it every time I wear it. It doesn’t dry my lips out either which is really important to me. I think the price is great too because you get two colors if you wanted to wear them alone. For me, it goes on really smooth and it stays put too which I like. I received it as a free sample as a buzz agent rep. and expected to not really like it because I’m not a big lipstick person, but I LOVE it!

Therese Doss, TX

for teens

the color is not like the picture, its very teen like color, too bright, too kidish, I dont like it at all

Gwendolyn Ray, ND

Not the greatest lipstick i have

I absolutely love the cheeky colors of this model, even when they are a little more intense than they seem in the picture. Im giving this product three stars because it doesnt have the quality that i was expecting, i mean, i feel the formula a bit rough when im painting my lips then i need to help myself with a brush or another product to make it look smoother, a good lipstick should look and feel smooth without these tricks.

Velma Hatchechubbee, AL

Good for gift

If you want to give this as a gift its a good one the color is fantastic and the combination too.

Betty Perry, ME


I am a BzzAgent, and as such, I receive products to try and then talk about. I really wanted to like the CoverGirl BlastFlipStick, but I didn’t… at all.As an older woman, moisture is what I need, yet this not only doesn’t moisturize, it actually seems to dry my lips out. To me, it almost feels like powder mixed with lipstick. I even tried to wear it with something hydrating, either on top (still too drying), or on the bottom (didn’t stay on of course) of the BlastFlipStick.The color I tried is called Vixen, which on one side looks like a dark rose, the other a light bubblegum pink with sparkles, so it would seem that this is perfect for me, as I love those colors and they usually look great on me. The idea is wonderful too, as there is untold options, having the two different colors, since if you alternate putting one on first and other, and then reverse, you get two different shades of colors, then even more if you use more or less of each, not to mention using only one or the other.The BlastFlipStick also has wonderful staying power; it really stays put, where you put it. Of course, the fact that it doesn’t bleed is incredibly important for those who have those little, or maybe not so little, lines around the upper lip, because a lipstick that does bleed into those lines makes one look even worse than wearing nothing!It’s just that a lipstick with beautiful color and staying power doesn’t look very good if your lips are all chapped. If they resolve this moisturizing issue, I’m on board 100%

Anne Maricopa, AZ

Yes to Carrots Makes it Wearable

Like some of the other reviewers mentioned, I too thought this dried out my lips quite a bit. I tried applying a nude lipstick I have that I really like for moisturizing underneath one of the blast flipstick shades but unfortunately it didn’t last long and my lips would be dry again so then I tried applying a gloss over the top and that didn’t really work either.I finally found that applying “Say Yes to Carrots” lip butter (which has no color) under the lipstick and then another layer over did the trick. It still didn’t make it wonderful or anything but at least now I can use it.I bought the Pucker shades and I love the colors and I love the packaging. It’s extremely nice to throw this in your purse and have two complimentary shades to choose from when you want to reapply your lipstick. For those reasons, I give this product 3 stars but unfortunately, due to the drying, I probably won’t buy another.

Margret Lava Hot Springs, ID

Real great pink, the shimmery beige not so much

The pinky red shade of this duo is really good (maybe too good, it leaves a pink hue on your lips even after wiping it off. Reminiscent of childhood candy that stains our tongues and lips. You need an oil-based make-up remover to get rid of it all — at least, that’s what I use.)I couldn’t quite pull off the hombre lip with this, mostly because the beige didn’t really show up on my lips.Might try another Blastflipstick next time.

Wendy Lingle, WY

dark perfect pink

i love this colour good for night party its really nice perfect dark pink….if u want dark pink this is the 1

Laverne Hackettstown, NJ

What was I thinking!

If you’re fair to medium tone and have lighter hair, this color is awful! I found the consistency to be dry and pasty on my lips. Also the two colors do not mix well. It felt like clown makeup.

Trudy Hammon, OK