CoverGirl 250 Ink It by Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner, Charcoal Ink

Vibrant high impact color glides on smoothly with pen-like precision for intense eye looks that last all day. Crease and fade resistant. Self-sharpening pencil. Water-proof.

Key features

  • Crease and fade resistant
  • Self-sharpening pencil
  • Water-proof

Honest reviews


Worst eyeliner I’ve ever tried.

I don’t understand how this eyeliner made it all the way through to production! It’s the worst eyeliner I’ve ever used. First of all, there is a clear plastic piece (you can see it in the pic) that covers the black liner from the body of the pen, and if you don’t notice it, it will scrape your eyelid (which is what I did at first, and couldn’t understand why the pen wouldn’t work.) I then twisted the bottom so the tip would come up higher than the plastic, but then the tip broke off! Back to square one.The other problem with the plastic part is that if you do not have the pen at a 90 degree angle to your lid, it not only hurts, but the eyeliner won’t work. I have never had so many issues with any sort of makeup item, ever. All around difficult product to use and I would NOT recommend it to anyone.

Wanda Birchdale, MN

pulls and drags on my lid.

I saw this in CVS and got SO excited because I’ve been looking for a gold liner that doesn’t have flakes of glitter. So I bought it and took it home. Much to my surprise the “ink it” liner is actually a pencil, I was soooo disappointed but this was my fault for not reading the package, I guess. So I figure I’d make the best of it. I tested it on the back of my hand and it was soooo smooth and the color is just what I wanted. I was super excited because I usually hate pencils, but it seemed super smooth, I went and tried it on my eyelid. The ad says it doesn’t “skip, drag or pull” I find this a total lie!! It skips, drags and pulls, the only way I can get it to go on smoothly I have to pull my eyelid out. Or else I can’t get a smooth line, which is just annoying. It’s super smooth on the back of my hand, but trying to get it onto my eyelids is just not the same.I gave it three stars because even though it isn’t what I originally wanted, the color payoff is right. The product DOES stay put all day once I do get it on my lids and I should’ve read the packaging.

Tanisha Wadesboro, NC

Uh, no.

If you want an inexpensive black eyeliner with lots of cool impact, I reccomend instead:NYX Super Skinny Eye Marker, Carbon Black,1.1ml . I used mine until it ran out, and loved it.I have tried every eyeliner out there.This is due to the fact that I love make up and also because I have, at times, had to appear in public “as a public figure” (don’t ask–it isn’t that interesting) for a full day without being able to check my makeup. I need eye makeup I can count on! I don’t work as a clown in these public instances and as I am pretty vain I want to look good consistently. Just telling the truth here!If you want to go for the full expense of treating yourself to a super long lasting, non creasing eye liner, because you are a famous superstar and have to look good 24/7 for the fans and those pesky paparrazzi, just mortgage your house and choose Bobbi Brown’s gel eyeliner. It is absolutely fantastic. You will wear out before it does. Trust me!However, If you just want a lightweight stick liner to thow in your purse, I would have to say that this one is not my first choice. I would go for Nyx.I am NOT a spokeperson for Nyx.I am just a person with very easily creased eyelids who really dislikes that extra line I get from eyeliner that doesn’t stay put.The additional thing I noticed with this liner is that is isn’t all that intensely black.If you want a really BLACK black, look for another liner.Thanks,jean

Aline Nelson, MO

CoverGirl 230 Ink It By Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner

This product is no better than a pencil. When I saw that it was an INK eyeliner I expected liquid. Nope. Still a soft solid makeup. Because of this it "skips" over wrinkles and is hard to apply.Another problem is if you extract too much of it, you can’t retract it. You’re stuck with the amount you turn out, so hope it doesn’t fall off.Don’t like it, won’t buy it again.

Rachelle Birmingham, NJ


I have been using eyeliner for many years and I have to say that this is a step up from pencil as far as quality and not having to sharpen it. But it does have its pros and cons.You twist the applicator to get the pencil out But once you twist out too much you can’t twist it back in, so it ends up breaking off and that is a waste. When applying this I find that it is very thick and waxy, so I have to press on my eyes a bit to actually apply the liner and once it’s on I cannot get it off! I wash with soap and water and it leaves a raccoon mask, maybe actual makeup remover could get it off just fine but I wasn’t using that at the time; the next morning I had remnants on my eyes.Overall, I do not like how thick and waxy this feels, I can feel it on my eyelids during the hot weather (I live in FL). Since it doesn’t easily come off, it does not smear to under my eyes or run off my lid if I sweat or accidentally touch or rub my eye. And it is very dark, almost like liquid eyeliner which I do like. If you can apply it right, it looks very nice. But if you make a mistake here or there, it’s very hard to remove without smudging it everywhere.

Joanne Pell Lake, WI

Disappointed 🙁

So I had just removed it from the package, removed the cap and twisted the top and boom it breaks off and falls. I mean it was brand new! So for some reason I though this was smooth to apply but I was wrong. It’s that kind of kohl that snags on your lid. Never getting this again.

Tameka Milton, NC

Great Dramatic Color in a Precise Eyeliner

From the first application, Cover Girl 230 Ink It by Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner in Black Ink goes on smooth, creating crisp lines in bold color. Even though the liner did not dispense in a "perfect point" as advertised, the results are beautifully dramatic from the twist up self-sharpening crayon. The effect is long-lasting – normally I have issues with my eyeliner winding up on my eyelid because of blinking, but the liner stayed where I put it! Since I have no plans to go swimming anytime soon, the only testimony I have about it being waterproof is needing more than a few splashes of water to remove it. This is definitely a product I would buy.

Jaclyn Eunice, NM

Smudged and Smeared

First of all, Cover Girl is my usual go-to brand of make-up. It is affordable, reliable, and usually has great variety. When this new eyeliner became available, I was so excited. I am a huge fan of eyeliner. They can be used in so many ways to create such drama and spark to your eyes. Even if I don’t want to pull out all the make-up, I at least wear eyeliner and/or mascara.I loved how the eyeliner glided on so easy. I have seen others comment on this product stating that it skipped or dragged, but I never had this problem. What I did find out was that it smeared very easily. If you barely touched it or shed one small tear, this stuff was smearing all over the place. It wasn’t long before this eyeliner gave the raccoon eyes that you usually get with mascara. Even though it smeared easy, it was hard to get off with makeup remover! Instead of being easy to just wash or wipe off, it just continued to smear everywhere. It was a mess and time consuming!While I am still a huge fan of Cover Girl cosmetics, I wasn’t a fan of this product. Give it a pass and find a different eyeliner to use.

Katy Shepherd, MI

REALLY intense, like Sharpie for your eyes! 🙂

I’m middle aged and probably not the target audience for this eyeliner. However, after a bout with cancer and chemotherapy, I lost my eyebrows completely and also my eyelashes are much thinner and lighter, even after a couple of years. This eyeliner is pretty serious stuff, but applied with a very light hand, I find it works well to help camouflage those problems for me. I do have to be careful to use a light touch, though, because otherwise I look like someone took a Sharpie to my eyes. 🙂

Florence Owingsville, KY

Great value

This eyeliner is one of the best I’ve ever had. It goes on smooth and thin. The line was very precise and easy to control. It stayed on all day with no clumping or smearing. The only down side is that it is not retractable so do not extend it too far! Looking forward to trying the other colors!

Cecelia Cisco, KY

Love it.

This eyeliner is terrific. The point draws a precise, fine line, which is what I prefer, although you can go more dramatic if you choose. The liner removes easily with a gentle swipe of a washcloth. I was a little hesitant about using the black (I generally prefer to use brown) but the thin line looked great. I recommend it, and will be using it from now on.

Angela Artesia, CA

I like it!

This eyeliner goes on smoothly, doesn’t smear, and lasts all day. I really like it and would recommend it to others. It also comes in a nice variety of colors.

Nelda Seale, AL

Smooth and long-lasting

This eyeliner is actually pretty great. The tip clicks up one small click at a time, providing just the right amount of eyeliner. The down side to this is that I have not found a way to click it back down in case you accidentally click it too many times. Not a big deal, just thought I’d mention it. The eyeliner goes on very easily; it is smooth and not dry, but not wet either. It really does not wear off during the day, smudge or smear, which is awesome. Overall, I like this eyeliner and would probably get it again.

Molly Peoples, KY

Found the CoverGirl Black Eyeliner easy to apply and it looks very attactive and natural

Easy to apply and stays on longer! This CoverGirl eyeliner I have found to be easy to apply and lasts long. It applies smoothly and easily. Since it is black eyeliner, it gives my brown eyes more definition and sparkle.This CoverGirl eyeliner is wonderful and I highly recommend it!

Vickie Gray Summit, MO

Great product for the price

This is your typical cover girl quality and is worthy of the price. I found it to be smooth and easy to apply, with no dragging for me. The color is bright and bold. It is a pencil, not a gel. I haven’t had to use the sharpener yet. However, I’m also pretty lucky. No matter what brand I wear–I’m pretty lucky with color lasting all day and no smudging.I feel this is a cost effective, good quality product. But, it’s not Clinque either…so just keep in mind you get what you pay for! 🙂

Lavonne Eskridge, KS

Good basic eyeliner

I was expecting a gel or wet liner, but this is more crayon like than what the description declares. The directions say to soften the tip by rolling it in your fingers. I didn’t have a lot of success with this step due to a piece of plastic that protects it. Sorry I have no clue what this round plastic tube thing is called. In order to roll the tip you have to wind the liner out much farther than usual. Now that this gripe is out of the way, the liner went on smoothly for the most part…had a few skips and had to reline over them, but the black color was true and the liner stayed on all day with no retouches.

Greta Franklin, OH

Not the best

I have mixed feelings about this eyeliner pencil. On the plus side, it’s very dark and lasts all day (and even the next day, unless you remove it). On the other hand, I couldn’t get the self-sharpening to work for me at all. The tip stayed blunt and rough, which actually made it a bit painful to apply. I wanted to love it, but I just didn’t. But it wouldn’t be an awful choice for someone who’s interested in beauty on a budget.

Caroline Mount Angel, OR

Bold black liner

I’m surprised by the ease that this liner glided over my eyelids. I usually have to make two or three passes but it only takes one with this Ink it liner. It is very dark and dramatic so a little goes a long way. And it does last at least 8 hours, which didn’t happen with other liners, pencil or liquid, because my eyes are always watery. It’s waterproof and comes in 6 shades and for a little more than $5, it lives up to Covergirl’s reputation for affordable cosmetics.

Juliette Clara City, MN

Not inky

Despite having "ink" in the title, this eyeliner pencil isn’t particularly ink-like. The point is rather dull and thick, so there’s little hope of achieving a discreet, thin line. And though it does seem to be waterproof, that doesn’t stop the pencil from causing the dreaded under-eye smudge under the lower waterline. It’s a fine eyeliner pencil, but don’t expect it to replace your liquid liner.

Liza Catalina, AZ


Easy breezy eyeliner application with this CoverGirl 230 Ink It Point. Simple to stick in your purse and go too!

Sasha Northeast Harbor, ME

Excellent Eyeliner..I am in Love

Usually, I just pick up any eyeliner, mostly the 2 per pack in any brand. Eyeliners themselves can be tricky, they can be too hard, and sometimes to soft of a pencil. I use a variety of eyeliners including liquid eyeliners (in pencil form only) I have an old eye injury and I have to get very close to the mirror to line that the other eye. I was already in love with this pencil the first time I used it, but wanted to try it a few more times to make sure that it was going to be fine.1. No Dragging or pulling, I believe you have to know how to use eyeliners yes of course it should be simple, but If you don’t take your time and apply, you will drag and pull. It is not a SELF LINING eye pencil, so you can’t really blame the pencil for that. Take your time slow and easy until you get the hang of it! Now when I used it without holding my eyelid there was a bit of problem, but just that time.2. It is very smooth and creamy I love the color and how smooth it goes on, sometimes you have to warm a pencil up. I didn’t with this one.3. built in sharpener is a plus! the clicking does not bother me at all, actually seems like a warning to stop right there!4. It is waterproof, it stayed on ALL day long no smudging no runningNow I am a beauty on a budget type person, so I do not know if I will pay $13 for an eyeliner pencil. I’m going to have to wait to see how long it lasts, but the price is the only down side for me.

Bonita Clothier, WV

Stays on well but hard to apply

This eyeliner is very similar to one that I already have from L’Oreal. The one from L’Oreal goes on very smoothly but doesn’t last all day. The cover girl version is a bit harder to apply, like a hard pencil versus a soft leaded pencil, but it does stay on without smudging significantly longer.

Charmaine University Of Richmond, VA

Easy to break off, so don’t accidentally stab your eye out

This eye pencil has "vibrant, high impact color" that "glides on smoothly with pen-like precision". It has a self-sharpening pencil, and is crease and fade resistant, and is waterproof. I really liked that this stayed put, all day long – no smudging at all. But, it definitely did not glide on smoothly, I had to really press to get it to go on. I’m also not a fan of the self-sharpening pencil part, it’s very easy for the tip to break off, especially combined with having to press harder.If you’re looking for a similar self-sharpening eye pencils (without the clicking), my recommendations would be Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips eyeliner trio, Revlon ColorStay eyeliner, or Almay intense i-color.

Madelyn Cambria, WI

Still smudges around corners of eyes

This makeup promises alot and it has a nice rich color to it. Unfortunately, it still smudges and gathers around the corners of the eyes if you have oily skin and also in any humid weather. Such a shame because I had high hopes.

Jackie Van Hornesville, NY

Great eyeliner

This is a great eyeliner for those that want a pen with a fine point. Has almost a "guide" for the pen portion that’s a little plastic piece, that make it go on easily to the right place. Stays all day. Has become my favorite eyeliner.

Tanya Wood Lake, NE

Fantastic Eyeliner

I don’t buy much CoverGirl makeup, but now that I’ve tried this eyeliner, I may have to take a closer look. It lasts a long time, and doesn’t smudge as easily as some of the other eyeliners I’ve purchased, including some from Sephora. The black is nice and dark, and does a nice fine line (my preference). Will definitely look at other available colors.

Cristina Mineral, IL

works great

I’m really happy with this eyeliner. It looks great, stays really well, and I would buy it again. I thought that it was easy to apply, although I see some other reviewers had trouble with that.

Annie Gilbert, WV

self sharpening pencil not a liquid ink but I really like it

So it’s a self sharpening pencil, I am a fan of the pencils, but it seems deceiving to call it "Ink it" The point hasn’t broken on me during use yet which has always been my big complaint of pencils and other self sharpening pencils. The color is a nice dark and saturated black and it does last all day on me, but it’s not impossible to get off at the end of the day with a liquid face wash or simple makeup remover.

Erma Mount Sterling, IL

Nice Dark Color

The pigment is nice and dark however I did expect it to be a little darker with a name like "Black Ink".Goes on smooth. I can’t say that it lasted any longer than some of the other "drugstore brand" liners that I use.It had average staying power.

Terra Elm Grove, WI

Dark and smooth

This is far darker and smoother than many eyeliners I have tried. If you apply it very carefully, it really looks like a black marker drawn on your eyes. It’s precise, easy to control, and lasts a long time too, and then comes off fairly easily with makeup remover.

Kristi Greenbush, MA