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Cover Girl Outlast Smoothwear All-Day Smooth Feel Lipcolor 807 Blush Luminescence

Covergirl Outlast Smoothwear All-Day Lipcolor

Key features

  • Covergirl Outlast Smoothwear All-Day Lipcolor #807 Blush Luminescence

Honest reviews


One-half of this product is awful!

If you want long-lasting lip color that makes your lips look caked, baked, flaked, and nasty, you’ll love the color half of this product. If you want a decent moisturizer for your lips, the other half of the product is fine. I predict CG Outlast won’t last long on the market.

Molly Howard Lake, MN

Berry Satin: Great color, unexpected product

I was initially put off when I first tried this product. The color ‘stain’ is really thin & watery, goes on like wet ink, and does not feel at all like regular lipstick in consistency. When you put it on, it can easily smear if you’re not careful. It does dry quickly and once it dries, you need to apply the ‘moisturizer’ to seal in the color and keep your lips from feeling too dry. I reapply this coat a few times during the day for the moisturizing effect because the stain on its own feels really dry. However together, they feel fine and the ‘stain’ does last. I love the Berry Satin color. Minus 1 star: the container and applicator feel a bit flimsy and there is not much in each container. I got this set for ~4 dollars so not a bad deal.

Danielle Dunfermline, IL

love outlast – throw balm away

have worn outlast for years and they keep discontinuing everything! I like this 810 rose satin but have to frost over it myself with a fat pencil. never use the balm, think it shortens the amazing long life of this stuff. combo of shimmer pencil and color looks just the same 24 hours colors of all are 547, 524, 800, and 566. all discontinued with the price jacked up triple if you can find them at all. 810 is my 5th fave color – so snapped up this deal.remember the blue bottles? they got it right the first time. now they are into natural, flat and brown colors. must be the in thing, but I want frost and color, sniff sniff

Georgina Hughes, AR

Favorite outlast lip product

Most long wearing lip products tend to feel heavy on your lips and dry them out, but not the outlast smoothwear. it feels very comfortable on your lips, doesn’t feel heavy, and gives your lips a kiss of moisture. don’t stop making this awesome lip product, cover girl.

Sonja Millersburg, MI

Love this Outlast Lipcolor

I bought this because the color is no longer available in stores. I think the packages were old but the content was in good shape, unused. Wish that this color was still being made. It is perfect for my hair and skin colors. Once I use this up I’ll have to find another color because this is the best all day lipcolor available. I’ve tried several but the Cover Girl brand works best.

Shana Francis, OK