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Couleur Experte Light Ash Brown , French Eclair

Couleur Experte is the only at-home dual-system coloring kit that combines in just one box permanent base color with harmonizing highlights. Thanks to perfectly coordinated shades, you can achieve a rich, elegant, salon-like look in just two easy steps. Color + Highlights in One. Fast Application. Experte Highlights.

Key features

  • Two-step, at-home dual-system coloring kit that combines in one box, permanent base color with harmonizing highlights
  • Creates a salon-like look at home
  • Fast application, approximately 30 minutes

Honest reviews


Consistent, Long-lasting Color Quality

This is an excellent, consumer hair color that seems to be increasingly more difficult to locate on the market, leading me to believe it may soon be found only in closeout markets. Get them while you can, as I believe they give you the same results as the $100 color and highlight you’d get in your local salon.The first part of this kit is an all-over color. You apply it to dry, unwashed hair and it takes about 25 minutes to color it before you rinse it, condition and dry your hair. The second part is a bit trickier..putting in the hightlights.The highlights are an optional part of this kit. At least from my perspective. I would pay $15 or so for the color alone, as it’s quality stuff. If you choose to apply the highlights, take note of the placement guide in the directions. The highlight mix is a gritty paste that you are to apply to the areas you want highlighted; root to tip. An applicator brush (sort of like a mascara wand) is included, but I find it’s easier and more effective for me to use my gloved fingers to feel how much I’m putting on and to get complete coverage. Once again you wait for a time, rinse your hair (no washing…), dry and style it. The entire process takes 1.5 hours or so.I have naturally dark brown hair with some auburn highlights and gray. I used kit 5.1 most often, but when I want to pump up the auburn/red in my hair I use this kit. Be aware that the highlights can appear orange if left on too long, so do a test strip of your hair first (cut some from underneath) to see if you want to do it and if so, for how long.Overall I think the L’Oreal line is great. This product in particular is excellent!

Glenda Walls, MS

Great product

I’ve been using this hair color for several years and I hope they never discontinue. It’s hard to mess this up, so easy to use. I use another shade, “biscotti dark blonde”. Go easy on the highlights for the most natural effect, otherwise you’ll get it too heavy. They came out with a new tool to apply the highlights which I don’t care for. I prefer the older version applicator which looks like a large mascara wand. The newer boxes come with both applicators.I would buy from Amazon at 18.00 for the convenience even though you can get at Walmart, Walgreens and Target for about 15.00-16.00 plus tax. The retail they show here of 44.60 doesn’t exist on this planet. I’ve never seen it for more than 17.00-18.00 plus tax. If you buy from a store be sure to check the seal on the box! People at these stores rummage through to steal the coupons, maybe the applicators who knows what else!

Flossie London Mills, IL

Color is great, but BE CAREFUL with the highlights!

Being the brave (and possibly crazy) person that I am, I decided to switch up my color 5 days before I was going to a wedding, which is when you are guaranteed for something to go wrong. Step 1 was easy enough – all over color. No problems there, the color was (and still is) a very vibrant reddish brown, with a little more red than I was expecting, but nothing alarming. Step 2 was something I hadn’t tried yet – highlights. They give you 2 applicators for this, one that looks like a big mascara wand, and one that’s like a mini pair of tongs with bristles for really getting the highlights ON. I think I chose the wrong one of the 2 by choosing the tongs. I mean, everything went on well enough, and the blue tint helps you see where you’ve actually applied them so you can space them easily (helpful!), but when I rinsed my hair less than 15 minutes later, the highlighted sections were BRIGHT ORANGE, not the gentle lighter red shown on the box. Not the natural look I was going for at all. After having a few people tell me “it’s not THAT bad” I decided to give it a couple days to see if I could get used to it, but eventually it evened out and didn’t look as harsh. They’re still much brighter than I think they should be, but when I try again I’ll leave it in for a MUCH shorter time and use the mascara wand instead.It’s worth noting that several days later it was still rinsing out of my hair (it would run clear, and then do the same thing the next day) and I fear I stained a few hotel pillowcases, but the color has held up well and I plan to stay this color for a while now. Just hopefully with non-orange highlights.

Carmela Fort Sill, OK

Chocolate Cherry = Ronald McDonald Red

My natural color is ash blonde. I usually dye it a medium/dark brown. I decided to try this for a bit of an auburn tint with some highlights. It was light/medium brown when I started and a ridiculous shade of bright red when I was done. I immediately put some dark brown over it and then an ashe blonde to try to cover some of the red. I was able to tone it down, but it is still WAY too red for my taste. Without stripping/bleaching it and starting over, I’m going to be stuck with this red for a long time. If your hair absorbs red like mine, DON’T use this color! I’m not crazy about this brand in general. I like John Frieda and Nice N Easy foam colors.

Isabella Spicer, MN

L’Oreal Paris Couleur Experte Express-Med. Blonde/Toasted Coconut

I wanted to make my hair darker blond for the fall with lighter highlights. This hair coloring kit did exactly that. The instructions were clear and everything you needed was in the kit. The finger brush that came with the kit made it easy to add highlights. Depending on how many strands of hair you cover, you can go from subtle highlights to bold ones. The conditioner in the kit was also excellent, leaving my hair soft and shiny. I was very pleased with the color. I was worried that the highlights would be too brassy but they were soft gold and very pretty. I really was able to do this myself. If you want to achieve a medium blonde shade with gold highlights, this is the kit for you. I would recommend doing this over two days, first applying the darker all-over color, and then adding the highlights to dried and styled hair the next day so that you can see exactly where you want your highlights.

Cassie Vail, IA

Warm, Natural Color

Love this color. It’s a warm brown with just the right amount of undertone. It’s the closest color I’ve found to my natural hair color and covers the gray. I started graying in my late 20’s and have tried A LOT of different brands/colors. It lasts 5-6 wks and is so much cheaper than going to the salon and spending $90-$100 to get a hair color I was never REALLY happy with.(Now I can justify purchasing a pair of new shoes every other month with the $80 savings 😉

Liz Barnstable, MA

Eh not so much for me

I was very excited to use this product. I love the L’Oreal Feria hair color line and thought this color was very pretty and the highlighting that was gonna come with it was going to make it extraordinary but, I was wrong. This color turned my hair orange. Not a bright pumpkin orange but orange none the less and the highlighting step didn’t work for me at all. The mixture was way too thick that I could barely get it on my hair, not to mention get it on evenly. Once I did manage to get it on the best I could I left it on for about 30 – 45 mins and nothing. Didn’t give me any sort of highlight. I had to re-color my hair with some tube color I had because it didn’t look nice at all. Maybe this particular one wasn’t right for me but I won’t be buying this product again.

Brandi Elkhart, TX

Love love love it

I’ve been using this product since it first came on the market and fell instantly in love with it! Unfortunately, it’s difficult/impossible to find in the stores around here, especially in this color. Which is odd considering I live in a large city. Fortunately, I am able to buy it on Amazon.First of all, my natural hair color is a darker strawberry blonde that gets very blah looking in the winter. This color brings my hair to almost exactly the color on the box without looking fake or having a weird tint to it like some red hair color can do. I think it would make darker hair look very pretty but pale blonde or grey hair might look more clownish (this is just an observation).The kit is very easy to use and when I’ve finished the entire process, my hair feels very healthy and looks shiny. This was especially noticeable after using it this last time, since my hair was pretty dry after spending the summer at the beach/pool/in the sun. I couldn’t believe how much healthier my hair looked AFTER putting color on it since I’ve always heard coloring your hair damages it. After a little research, I found that when you deposit color (make it darker) it can make the cuticle thicker and would then make dry/sun damaged hair look/feel better and this was true for me.The highlight portion of the process requires either an artistic eye (to do it yourself) or for better results, ask someone else to do it for you so they can see how it looks on your entire head. I’ve never had a problem doing it on my own, but it always looks better when someone else does the highlighting part for me.I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to do their own haircolor (and doesn’t want to/can’t afford $200 for a salon color). My hair turns out just as nice as when I’ve had it colored professionally at a high-end salon and it lasts just as long with proper care (not washing too much, no chlorine, sulfate free shampoo, etc). It also grows out nicely and fades gently (red hair is difficult to keep bright) so it’s easy to blend in new color to do the roots.

Lucy Roaring Springs, TX

Staying power.

I have been dying my hair for decades and normally, when I try to go to a darker shade it doesn’t last long. My hair just doesn’t hold dye very well. I used Light Golden Copper and now three weeks later it still looks wonderful. I will definitely be using this stuff from now on.

Mary New Philadelphia, PA

Love this product

I have spent up to $200 on a cut and color and been disappointed. Keep the sections of hair to be highlighted in thin sections for best results. My hair has consistently turned out a nice color, and I’ve gotten better with my highlighting techniques.

Maribel Herreid, SD

Great Color

I was very skeptical at first with this product at first. I decided to stop spending so much at the salons and getting average results and just do it myself (I consider these fun and exciting weekend projects). After passing this up in the store and contemplating for weeks I finally went for it. The base/all over color was very nice and the conditioner left my hair really soft and silky. It was a little darker than expected at first but over the past few weeks it has lightened up very nicely, especially when you see it in the sun. The highlights I did myself since my mother fell asleep on me, which was scary but not too difficult. I didn’t find any of the tools useful and just used my fingers. Next time I will get one of those caps. I think it was left on too long tho, because they came out very orange. But I went to Sally and used an Ash tone semi-permanent to tone down the color and now the highlights look just like the box. I think this will be my new fall color.

Monique Glen Campbell, PA

Love, Love, Love this hair color!–Love L’Oreal, period!

Amazon did a wonderful job of delivering this to me within two days, and during the holiday period no less, so I was thrilled with that! Over the years, I’ve always tried sticking to L’Oreal’s Les Blondissime hair color, and I’ve loved it, too–but, as I’ve gotten older, going that blonde just wasn’t as pleasing for me as it used to be–I’d tried several other shades in brown-brunette, but I always went back to the Les Blondisseme is self-defense–the plainer browns just dragged my complexion down[I’m very fair complected], and they ended by looking so downright drab, and my going into the red shades was really a no-no, to me!–I was about to just give up, when I spotted this L’Oreal Paris Couleur Experte Express Hair Color in the French Eclair, and for some reason I decided to give it a try, even though I had some serious doubts–but, now, am I ever glad I did try it!It was so easy to use–first, I put on the darker shade–once it was rinsed out, then I had dried my hair, I put on the lighter shade–I have to admit to being somewhat nervous since I’ve only used two different colors on my hair, one right after the other, this way once before some 38 years ago, when I tried frosting my hair using one of those caps, etc.–what an awful experience that was!–but, this L’Oreal product doesn’t require you to use a cap at all, which was wonderful!–however, at first, when I saw how dark the first color had made my hair I was a bit nervous about that!–but, I pressed on, and put on the lighter shade as directions dictated–and, when I rinsed it all out, conditioned, set and dried my hair, I was not just pleased, I was ecstatic!–the top layers of my hair were streaked with the lighter color, with the darker shade peaking out between the top strands, as well as all underneath–and, for some reason, I just fell in love with the combination!–not to mention how great it made my hair look!—-so, thanks to L’Oreal, I had finally solved the dilemma I’d run into–I could now have it both ways, with my hair now both dark and light–and I can’t tell you how well it suits me at my age, as well–the lighter color brightens up my features, while the darker color seems to ground everything, lending far more dignity to my over-all appearance–and, for that, I can’t thank L’Oreal enough!–now, I will never need to resort to simply going with over-all grey hair just because I couldn’t find a proper shade for my hair that really, really helped me, instead of making things worse–and, at my age [64], I’ve found that to be vital to help boost my flagging self-esteem/self-image!

Erna Coeur D Alene, ID

Pretty color

Very pretty color. I used this after I stripped all of the black dye out. I didn’t use the highlights because I didn’t want to do too much to my hair, but I loved the base color.

Kaitlin China Spring, TX

Salon quality color, absolutely beautiful results!

Every time I have purchased Loreal Paris Couleur Experte, I have been happy. Although the box of color is almost twice the price of any color on the market, it is absolutely worth it! Twice now I have used the "darkest mahogany brown" and have been absolutely thrilled with the results! First of all, the main color is a very dark, rich red. I time the color for 20 minutes, rinse and condition, then towel dry my hair before applying the highlighter. The little finger applicator doesn’t work as well for me as the wand. I mix the highlighter, apply the highlights very quickly with the wand and liberally all over, using a mirror to see the back of my head. Basically making straight lines around my head, then lifting pieces of layered hair and applying there. I left this on for 20 minutes, then rinsed and conditioned and the color was beautiful! I have gotten MANY compliments on my color and everyone thinks I had it done in the salon. I use Wen conditioning shampoo as well, so the red never fades!

Lorie Jenkins Bridge, VA

beware of color

Ok but watch color. Color comes out much darker than you believe it will. But the highlighter color is beautiful. is wonderful. In order to get the color you see on the box you have to put so much lightner in it. The color does not reflect any original color on the before/after chart. If you want to get the color that looks like it does on the box you need to go up a shade of two.

Marlene Old Hickory, TN

This stuff is great and a perfect price delivered right to the door

Pefect color picked this offline and am kind of a pro after 30 yrs of coloring my own hair and going to hair dresser.. This stuff is great and a perfect price delivered right to the door.. No need to overspend running out for hair color at last minute; keep it coming.. TY >>

Lesley Elkfork, KY

Easy, and gentle on the hair…

Since I am on a budget and cannot afford the enormous amount of time needed to keep my hair blonde and current, this is one of my favorite alternatives. Working with blonde coloring can be tricky, I find there are some products that turn my hair brassy, or lose its luster after washing. L’Oreal seems to live up to its expectation, and I am pleased with the results.

Maxine Winthrop Harbor, IL

great deal

love the color and the highlights, hate having my hair all the same color. So this lets you highlight as much or as little as you like….

Sondra Lovelady, TX

Does What It Says, but…

A few days later you may have to start worrying about dryness of your hair. I notice this a lot with at home highlights and dyes. Before you buy this, buy a deep conditioner or you can use it with the one that is provided with the product. But overall, I love my highlights and the base color this product gave me! If I would have known the amount of care I had to put into my hair afterwards…I would have never done this.

Juliet Greenville, GA

Can’t find it anywhere anymore

I loved this color and product but it’s no longer available. I guess blonde is out and red/ darker hair is in style now. Too bad – this looked natural and was closest to my normal hair color when I was younger.

Twila Burwell, NE

Like the product -but not the vendor

Box looked like it may have been opened – wouldn’t use this vendor again – too expensive to ship back

Mable Barton, AR

My favorite

I’ve been using this color for two years. Sometimes it’s impossible to find in stores so I stock up on it at amazon!

Madge Manter, KS

One of my favorite brands for hair color and highlighting

You can color and high light your hair all year for what one trip to the beauty parlor would cost. This product is easy to use and turns out salon quality.

Hannah Ravenwood, MO