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Cotz Pediatric Spf 40, 3.5 Ounce

CōTZ PEDIATRIC with Gentle Mineral Complex is Paediatrician Recommended to protect children’s thinner skin from damaging sun rays. CōTZ sits gently and invisibly on top of children’s skin and functions like thousands of mirrors to deflect UVA-UVB rays before the rays can touch or penetrate the skin. Contains the #1 rated sun protection ingredient against burning and aging rays. Pediatrician Recommended: Suitable for Infants, Toddlers & School-Age children (age: 6+ months) A Gentle Mineral Complex that helps prevent heat build-up in children’s skin, which can damage the dermis. CoTZ helps prevent burning and skin damage, which can lead to uneven skin tone and other serious skin problems. CoTZ is 100% Free of chemical sunscreen ingredients, here’s why: Chemical sunscreens absorb UVA-UVB rays into the skin and transform the rays into heat, which can damage the dermis.

Key features

  • – 100% Free of Oils, Chemical Sunscreens, Fragrances, Oils, Preservatives, PABA, Gluten, Phthalates – Will not irritate or sting
  • – Goes on soft & sheer; Easy to apply – Blends translucent to provide a protective barrier – Will not irritate or sting- Contains #1 rated sun protection ingredients for UVA-UVB rays
  • – Provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection – Photostable, will not breakdown when exposed to sunlight- Water Resistant (40 Minutes) – Non-Greasy

Honest reviews


Toxic baby cream!

Based on the product name and description, I thought this product would be safe for children and pregnant women. While it does say “Children under 6 months: Ask a doctor.”, I don’t think this is an appropriate warning about the effects of the toxic ingredients contained in this product.Several of the ingredients are listed as “moderate hazard” by the Skin Deep Cosmetic Database and some are listed as “high hazard”. Here is an example of one of the High Hazard ingredients and why you should not put it on your skin or the skin of your child (Quoted from the Skin Deep Database):”About RETINYL PALMITATE (VITAMIN A PALMITATE): Retinyl palmitate is an ingredient composed of palmitic acid and retinol (Vitamin A). When exposed to UV light, retinol compounds break down and produce toxic free radicals that can damage DNA and cause gene mutations, a precursor to cancer. Recently available data from an FDA study indicate that retinyl palmitate, when applied to the skin in the presence of sunlight, may speed the development of skin tumors and lesions. FDA also raised a concern that extensive, daily skin application of vitamin A creams may build up in the woman’s body a high enough level of Vitamin A that may be toxic to the developing fetus.”Along with several other ingredients that are both toxic and bio-accumulative (the toxins accumulate in your body with repeated use), this is a really disappointing formula for something that is marketed as “Pediatrician Recommended” and as the “Healthy Sunscreen”.This is not something I am going to put on myself or my children at all, but the fact that they would include a “known human reproductive toxicant” and sunlight-reactive ingredient in a product designed to be worn in the sun by children is grossly troubling! Also, the product states that it will stay on for up to 40 minutes of water activity, but this completely natural and non-toxic sunscreen by Seventh Generation will stay on for up to 80 minutes of water activity.Seventh Generation Baby Sunscreen SPF 30, 3 OunceThanks for reading. I hope this review was helpful.

Chelsey Milroy, PA

Glad It Was Free

I received a free tube of Cotz Pediatric in the mail. Being that the word “Pediatric” is part of the name of this product, I assumed that this would be a good sunscreen for my children. My son has some recent scars on his face and I have been applying sunscreen liberally to this area every time he is in the sun to prevent permanent scarring. I used this product on a Friday afternoon and noticed some rash by Friday evening. Saturday morning he woke up with a red itchy rash all over his face! Even two days later, he still has a bit of this rash on his face. Interestingly, there is no rash anywhere else and I applied this product only on his face.I will not use this product again.

Lola Waynesburg, PA

Works well, but hard to clean off

In short: it works, and has almost no scent. I recommend it, but it’s not perfect.Generally speaking, there are two types of sunscreen: physical and chemical. I stopped using chemical sunscreens after scientists figured out that the ingredients we were smearing on our skin were readily detectable in our urine later.This product is a physical sunscreen, and along the big up-side of not moving through our skin, into our bodies, and exiting through our bladder, there’s the downside of, well, it staying on our skin. This means it never ‘absorbs’ the way you expect if you’re used to chemical sunscreens, so your skin stays a little creamy.The harshest test i’ve conducted on this so far was to slather on a thick layer and go do 90 minutes of yard work. I came back inside only ever so slightly pink, which given my fair skin is a minor miracle. I also came back in with grass clippings covering me like cheap confetti, stuck to the sunscreen on my skin. And it took two solid showers before i couldn’t feel and smell the product on my skin anymore.New research is showing that the benefits of UV exposure (vitamin D, and now even lower blood pressure seems to be linked to sunshine), so i only use sunscreen for long outdoor adventures (like the previously mentioned yardwork). For me, that means dealing with the consquences of a physical sunscreen aren’t that big a deal, since it’s so infrequent.For my kids, though, they don’t seem to care about the residue on their skin, and there’s no way i’m letting them near a chemical sunscreen. This works on their extremely pale skin as well as it does on mine.

Dora Webster, WI

Good sunscreen for babies and toddlers

As we all know the dangers of too much Sun exposure, it’s good to have a safe and reliable product that we can use on younger children and babies. This is spf 40 so it will offer adequate sun protection for young children. My first child just from sitting in the back seat got a bit of sunburn on his one side. Something I never considered. This is good enough to use whenever you are going outside. Even in April, the sun is as strong as it is in August and early September, so it’s never too early to begin using it.It goes on easy, absorbs quickly without any greasiness. It doesn’t irritate baby’s skin like many sunscreens formulated for adults can. I use this every time I go outside with my children. Even for short walks, or play time. This is not just for going to the beach or the pool. It’s a safe and effective everyday sunscreen.

Elisa Verona, ND

Effective but Too Expensive

Cotz Pediatric is not very sheer and a little tacky so even though it is easy to apply, you have to use a lot of product to cover a child, even our seven month old. So with three kids, the bottle will be gone after one day at the beach. At this price point that just doesn’t work for our family. I don’t want to apply sunscreen to my child’s face all the while thinking there goes another $5 I’ll never see again. Especially with all the applications suggested: 15 minutes before sun, 40 minutes when sweating or swimming (so at the beach every forty minutes), otherwise every two hours. After the day at the beach, no one came home with a burn. And with 20% Zinc Oxide without any lingering odor, I would absolutely pick this up again and again at a more reasonable price. Otherwise, there are less expensive and just as effective options.

Sheena Rawlins, WY

Not so great even for the 40 min of water use

I want to preface this by saying you may want to read some of the other reviews for information on the chemicals in this sunscreen. For me, my kids are allergic to ALOT of sunscreen ingredients in varying degrees and I am always looking for something with good coverage to try. Sometimes they just get a little rash and sometimes there may blisters. I have worked with my pediatrician and we have yet to pinpoint the exact compounds that are doing it or combination. Thus, for me if it gives my kids coverage it is more important.With that being said my kids skin did get a little irritated but that was an extremely mild reaction for them. It was scentless and wasn’t as oily as some of the other ones we have tried. It absorbed quickly which is a must with a 3 year old. However, the main problem I had was that my kids swim competitively. So my 8 year old is in the pool for an hour and a half and my 3 year old is in for 45 min. I did reapply for my son but I still found that he got a little pink at the end of practice. We practice early afternoon so the sun is pretty bright. My daughter was slightly pink as well. Thus, my 3 star rating. For my family, we mostly need sunscreen while swimming as we have a covered area outside and shade for the kids to play in. I think if you were just playing around in water the 40 min would be accurate but they are actively swimming for that duration and spend a lot of time totally submerged in the water.If you are using this recreationally then it is a good product (barring ingredient issues). If you are looking for something for an athlete I don’t recommend this one.

Anita Gasconade, MO

A very good non chemical sunscreen

As far as how the sunscreen works on this product I have no complaints. It goes on smooth and covers well. It doesn’t feel greasy, but it does feel silky when applied and doesn’t leave a white reside like some zinc oxide lotions do. I was attracted to this product because it was pediatrician recommended and is a mineral sun screen instead of a chemical one. As with any concerned parent I try to limit the chemicals I expose myself and my loved ones too, especially a product that gets absorbed into the skin.After talking to my sister who is also concerned about the effects on sunscreen she directed me to a website [ … ] which examines the chemicals in beauty products, cleaning products…a lot of different things. It then tells you what the effects some of these chemicals have been known to cause, as well as the hazard ratings. The lower the hazard rating the better. This sunscreen is too new for the 2012 ratings, but it did have another Cotz mineral sunscreen that had similar ingredients. While this sunscreen had ingredients ranging from a 0-5 hazard, overall it averaged a 2 which is in the low hazard range. This is the range I want the products that I use on my skin and in my home to be. I just wish I would have known about this site, before getting this product.While a 2 is good, I found a product that I like just as well, and think does a good job protecting against UVA/UVB light that has a 1 rating, which is a lower health risl and is also an all natural, non chemical sunscreen. And what’s even better, is that it’s cheaper! It’s not often that you can find a product that is cheaper, and better, LOL (though it is only 2.9 oz vs the cotz which is 3.5 oz so more than likely they are close to the same price when compared oz to oz.)I can’t really say anything bad about this product, because it is a good one. It does what it says it will, and ranks pretty low on the health hazard scale, but when I found a product that is even less of a risk, performs the same, and pretty much the same price, I’m going with the lower risk product.Badger Chamomile and Calendula Broad Spectrum SPF 34 Baby Sunscreen 2.9 oz

Dee Lisbon, NH

Smooth, lightweight and not greasy with a very faint scent – not just for kids

I have very sun-sensitive skin and as I’ve gotten older I’ve needed to be more careful when out in the sun. I knew that this would be perfect for not only kids but adults with sensitive skin and I like it better than almost any other sunscreen, esp. for my face. I apply the Cotz under my makeup for more sun protection while outside doing everyday things. It’s fairly creamy, but not heavy/greasy, however I have dry skin, so for someone with oily skin it may be too much.I dislike the smell of most sunscreens, but this one is fragrance-free with a very faint scent, sort of light citrusy/sunscreen. It’s NOT noticeable at all, esp once I put my makeup on (or say if you’re wearing deodorant or moisturizer or anything else with scent). I’d never heard of this brand before, but I highly recommend it.

Adrian Strang, NE

Zinc oxide based

The sunscreen went on thick, much thicker than my California baby sunscreen or the other drugstore brands. No burns when we used it! I don’t have any complaints with the exception of the price and size of bottle, but all of those cons are right in line with other specialty baby safe sunscreens.

Mamie Mays Landing, NJ

Effective, not annoying

I often resist sunblock and just try to stay in the shade, but for picking berries this year there simply wasn’t another choice. Cotz Pediatric SPF 40 sunblock kept me from burning without feeling greasy or having any reaction. I use pediatric sunblock because of my ultra-sensitive skin, and this one works just fine.

Aimee Austinburg, OH

I like it for both my toddler and me

I like this for both my toddler and me but it goes on feeling a little greasy (like most other brands) For the cost I’d want this problem to be addressed I think. But it works well and I like that it is gentle on skin, even sensitive skin and we had no problems at all there.There is a slight odor to it, but not any more strong than regular sunscreens. It goes on quickly and soaks in after a few minutes you don’t smell it much anymore unless you get really close.I would probably not buy this again because of cost, I can sometimes get the neutrogena sunscreen for less if I am careful (although close in price at some places) and it doesn’t go on greasy which is important for me. But this of course is formulated especially for babies and toddlers so if that is a big sticking point for you, I’d stay with this one.

Althea Ocklawaha, FL

Pediatric Sun Screen

I received the Cotz Pediatric Sun Screen through the Vine program as I was anxious to try this as living in Texas I am outside a lot especially playing golf. This was called the healthier sun screen as it is gentle and non-irritating. It has Spf 40 so it gives good protection and is recommended for children or those with thin skin. I am not a child but being 87 I still want a gentle sun screen to protect me from the hot Texas summers. I have used this Cotz Pediatric sun screen several times. When I will be playing golf I apply this early after my shower. I found this lotion rather heavy and gives you a good coat. It almost feels like a second skin layer and stays with you all day. This sunscreen is recommended for infants and young school age children. You can be sure it will stay on your child all day. I felt I needed a shower later in the day as it still felt heavy on my arms and legs. As it says on the tube that it is water resistant and I can assure you of that.There are several warning on the back of the tube about reapplying after two hours or after swimming. I felt after liberally applying this sunscreen I did not have to reapply as it felt creamy on all areas. I think it would be hard to sweat this off even in our hot and humid weather. After 18 holes of golf I could still feel the sunscreen on my arms and legs. It covers well and has no odor it just fells fresh. It also says it prevents aging of the skin but sorry I am already past the aging but I still want protection from the sun.

Jasmine Fairview, NJ

Excellent for sensitive skin

This product has virtually no scentabsorbs quickly to the skindoes not irritate my sensitive skinand so far appears to add sun protection without irritation for my grandbabyI’ve used other Cotz products and have been very happy with them.While I get them free with Vine reviews this is actually a product / brand I would and do buy.

Joy Echo Lake, CA

Zinc Oxide Sunscreen

This is a very good zinc oxide type sunscreen. It goes on smoothly and rubs onto the skin quickly. I have looked over the active and inactive ingredients on the box and was unable to see any of the oxybenzone or retinyl palmitate that has raised concerns with some consumer groups. I know it is listed on the Amazon description of ingredients, but I could not find it listed on the box I received. If you know you do not like zinc oxide type sunscreens this may not be the product for you. I choose this type to limit my childrens exposure to the chemicals in other sunscreens. I would recomend this to others.

Verna Arnold, KS

Much too greasy and shiny

I was not impressed with this Cotz Pediatric. It is definitely greasy and leaves your skin shiny. I do not have oily skin to begin with, so that shouldn’t have been an issue.I actually used it on my own face and did get sunburn. I was surprised by this because I do use another Cotz product which I totally love -Cotz Face Natural Skin Tone SPF 40, 1.5 OunceThat one is not greasy at all, does not get shiny and is waterproof. I have never gotten sunburn when using it.Unfortunately, I cannot recommend Cotz Pediatric. It is just way too greasy, leaves the skin so shiny and somehow doesn’t provide as good protection as their other products which contain the same SPF level of 40. There is also a very present chemical smell. The chemical smell is the only scent this sunscreen has.

Rita Sedan, NM

Not Thrilled

I must admit that I wasn’t thrilled with this one. It went on thick and a bit greasy. My daughter and I (I tried it too) felt a bit uncomfortable with it on.I didn’t notice any perceptible scent and it didn’t cause any allergic reaction, however I’d much prefer to use something that rubs in easily and cleanly.I wouldn’t use this again in the future.

Dianne Kelton, PA

Nice product!

I love that this is a product for kids but works great for adults too. I am a redhead who freckles a lot and even 10 minutes in the sun can result in my skin getting burned. I always use sunscreen and this product works really nice. It’s not greasy, it covers well and the smell isn’t bad at all.

Joni Tonica, IL

Great for this allergy sufferer

I’ve bought numerous sunscreens over the years. Due to allergies to facial creams (most commonly the way they smell, but also clogging my pores), I tend to try them and find them wanting. Therefor I was kind of skeptical that this would be any different than the others. I am pleased to admit I was wrong. I’ve used this several times now, and so far, my allergies have not responded in any significant way and this sunscreen doesn’t appear to clog my pores. While I know this is designed for children, it appears to work just fine for adults as well.So far, so good. I am going to continue to test the product, but so far I am pleased with the results.

Cheryl Picacho, AZ

Doesn’t irritate my grandson’s eczema

I decided to try the Cotz Pediatric SPF 40 sunscreen on my 2 yr old grandson because it was free of dyes and fragrances and was supposed to be good for sensitive skin. Many of the other sunscreens we’ve tried have made him break out after use, but the Cotz didn’t seem to do that. The consistency of the product is kind of a cross between lotion and cream. It’s a little thicker and tackier than other suncreens, but thinner and easier to spread than a cream.It does seem to be effective. I applied it about 20 minutes before we went to the park, and then again about 1 hour later as he was getting pretty sweaty. He was out in the sun playing for about 2 hours and he didn’t show any signs of redness and there was no tan line when I took off his sandals. I will continue to use it and hopefully it will continue to work well with his eczema. If it does that, I will probably continue to buy this product. It is very expensive for the size of tube you get and it takes a pretty good amount to cover the little guy, but if it works with his skin problem, then it will be worth it.

Jaclyn Still River, MA

Expensive for good, old fashioned zinc oxide

The active ingredient in this sunscreen is 20% zinc oxide – the same white stuff we used to put on out noses as kids. It’s a cheap and effective sun screen. This formula is SPF 40 in a creamy base that is easy to spread on and is not white after you rub it in. It also has no fragrance so it is hypo-allergenic.You get 3 1/2 oz. of this in the tube, which is handy to use. Directions say to apply 15 minutes before sun exposure and again every 40 minutes when swimming or sweating or at least every 2 hours. It provides UVA-UVB protection and is safe for children (and adults) 6 months of age or older.It feels quite greasy and looks white when you first apply it but as you rub it in, it gets much less greasy and almost completely translucent. It did work well on my young son and my very fair skinned daughter – neither of them got even pink after swimming for 2 hours in intense Texas sun. (I did apply every 40 minutes as directed.)If you apply it as directed on a family of 4, you will use the entire bottle in one day at the beach.My only problem with this sunscreen is that it is much more expensive than other zinc oxide based sunscreens. This formula may be especially good for children and adults with sensitive skin but since none of my family fits in that category, it just isn’t cost effective for my household.

Denise Adamstown, PA

Seems like it works great!

I started using this on my baby after he turned 6 months and it seems to work great! It goes on like lotion and is very easy to apply because it doesn’t soak in right away. It is not greasy. He loves when I rub it on his legs! It has kept him safe from the sun. The downside – I did think the cost was kind of high for the amount you get.

Jeanie Usk, WA

Works perfectly

We just took our fair, upstate NY skin to Florida and I have to say, this product worked faithfully. I used it all over, reapplying every 2 hours-ish and didn’t get any overexposure.It’s a better zinc oxide than the old fashioned white paste. It does absorb into the skin leaving the faintest shimmer (instead of that ugly white like so many years ago). I like that there’s no paba or other chemicals. I also liked that it said just how much time one could spend in the water before they needed to reapply.I would definitely buy it again.

Deidre Ruffs Dale, PA

Water resistant? Really?

So, maybe this is water resistant, but I just used it on the beach in Florida on my legs, arms, and neck. The instant I walked into the water and back out, the sunscreen just turned into a white film that obviously also partially washed away. Literally, there became smears of white all over my legs and the drops of water on my arms were white drops of water that easily wiped away. Aside from looking really bad, it gave me no confidence that I still had adequate SPF protection.Aside from that, I put it on my daughter’s arms and back and I felt that her arms came away a bit pink.It rubbed in easy and doesn’t contain bad chemicals, but I’m not convinced it works.

Michell Arrington, VA

Works for my fair skin

I notice this does work much better than my usual 15 and 30 spf sun blocks. It’s for those days when you or your family will be outdoors a lot. It doesn’t go on heavy, but slightly heavier than you would probably want for under makeup. In that sense, it’s no different from any other sunblock and probably a bit better. Doesn’t clog pores. Very gentle. Pricey, but worth the protection.

Charlotte New Haven, IL

Great for sensitive skin

My two children (ages 5 and 22 months) both have very sensitive, fair skin and this is a great sunscreen for them. They play in the pool for an average of two hours each time and this keeps their delicate skin protected and because it’s free of sunscreen chemicals, their skin has no allergic reaction to it. It’s very creamy and works like a barrier on the skin. I highly recommend this sunscreen, especially for people with sensitive skin.

Rochelle Shobonier, IL

Great Sunscreen, Steep Price

I’ve tried to use the more natural zinc oxide sunscreens on my children before, and they complain because they smell, and it makes them white, and I have to rub it in so much… Not so with this sunscreen. It goes on smooth and easy, it’s not too greasy, and the smell is fine. It also seems to work well providing sun protection.I appreciate that it doesn’t have PABA and phthalates, but there is still a long list of ingredients that I’m not familiar with. (I guess that’s what makes it go on so easily!)I’ve tried another Cotz sunscreen before and was really happy with it, and I’m just as pleased with the pediatric one. My main hesitation is the price. $18.64 for 3.5 oz seems pretty steep. And with three kids, we’ll be out of this in no time!

Eleanor Bogue Chitto, MS

Good product, questionable value.

I’m a big fan of mineral sunscreens. They can make you look white like a ghost until they soak in a bit, but to me, they smell better, and soothe very sensitive skin better (why else is zinc oxide also active ingredient in diaper ointment?).Likes:- No fragrance.- Soaks in quickly, especially for a zinc oxide product.- Not greasy.- Somewhat water resistant.Dislikes:- Price. $18 for 3.5 oz? Why is zinc oxide suddenly so expensive. I’m at a loss.- “Free of chemical sunscreens and fragrances” claim. Just not true: Zinc oxide is a chemical. Water is a chemical. Stop trying to use the word “chemical” as something to be afraid of. It is a misnomer.Other than the price and questionable marketing, this is a great product.

Abigail Darien, WI

great sunscreen, and not only for kids

Although I’m no longer a baby, I do have incredibly sensitive skin. I will break out from using most lotions, potions and, of course, sunblock is one of the worst culprits of my breakouts. I have tried the brands that claim to be organic, all natural, acne-non-inducing, etc.The general consensus is that I should use the pediatric lotions because they are hypoallergenic and formulated with more care than the concoctions sold for adults.Miraculously, I found that Cotz’ sunscreen doesn’t make me breakout at all. The bonus is that it also feels smooth and gentle on the skin when one slathers it on.I have very light skin (think Snow White and then bleach a few shades) and tend to burn quite easily. In the summer, if I’m driving from work and there is sun falling on my arms through the windshield, I’m likely to come home with a pinkish to red skin. Thus, I need a high SPF. After reading some research, I know that higher isn’t always better, and that SPF 35 provides a 99% coverage. Therefore, SPF 40 is quite suitable. With sunscreen, as with lots of things in life, it’s the frequency of use, rather than the height of the experience.I took this sunblock with me on a recent trip to Six Flags and discovered that if I reapllied it every three hours, even after water use, I didn’t burn at all!I would recommend this product to anyone who needs to protect themselves from sun’s exposure and wants to prevent burning of the skin – that should be everyone! If you have a little one who needs protection from the unforgiving summer rays, this would be a good product to try.

Tia Ipswich, SD

Cotz is the best brand of sunscreen

I live in the tropics and swim a lot outside. I’ve searched for years for the best sunscreen, one that isn’t greasy, stays on well in spite of sweat, and doesn’t let me burn at all. I am very fair skinned and have suffered numberous bad sunburns over the years, and finally had a pre-cancerous spot removed recently, so I take sunscreen seriously.I’ve been using Cotz now for two years and not once have I had even a bit of pinkness on my skin. It really protects.It was so bad, I thought of buying the type of hat you can get that has a flap that comes down over your face, but now I don’t have to worry about burns any more.I use this every single day, as soon as I get up in the morning, religiously. Some sunscreens make my rosacea prone skin feel like it has a burning sensation after I apply it but this one doesn’t do that. This Spf is my winter sunscreen and I use Cotz Plus, spf 58, in the summer.This is scentless, non greasy, has a faint tint to it, and doesn’t leave a strange whitish cast to my skin the way some sunscreens can. Best of all, it really works. This is one of my rare ten star products. I won’t use anything else.

Naomi Polkville, NC

Provides *Moisture* Too!

The COTZ PEDIATRIC SUNSCREEN SPF 40 is a thick cream that’s formulated for kids and people with sensitive skin. My skin tone is light Olive and it’ll tan first, but then will start to burn quickly without protection.It protects from both UVA and UVB rays and contains no added fragrances, oils, PABA, or preservatives. The active ingredient is 20% Zinc Oxide so if you’ve got issues with that then you shouldn’t use this product.I put it on my face and even though it feels pretty thick, I find that it quickly penetrates my skin and even moisturizes it without a greasy feel. And it has no scent that I can detect.It does go on white and will get trapped in your eyebrows, beard, mustache, stubble — for the guys see picture above — but it will disappear after about 30-40 seconds, just make sure to massage it in.So far, COTZ PEDIATRIC SPF has protected my skin from getting sunburn, but I haven’t really been out in the sun during peak hours, 12-2pm, when the sun rays are the strongest. I did wear it on the beach for a wedding, but it was around 4-ish, so the sun wasn’t as bad as it is in summer time.It is a bit expensive, considering the size, which is why I knock off one-star.

Carolyn Orson, PA