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Cotz Face Natural Skin Tone SPF 40, 1.5 Ounce

A sheer mineral formula, offering elegance and superior sun protection, in a silky matte finish. A cosmetically elegant physical sunscreen helps prevent pre-mature skin aging, sun-induced wrinkles and loss of firmness. This lightly-tinted formulation works very well as a daily makeup primer.

Key features

  • Prevent dermal heat build-up in skin, which damages collagen
  • A cosmetically elegant physical sunscreen
  • Helps prevent age-marks, wrinkles, spots, inelasticity
  • Silky Soft blends translucent Sheer Matte Finish

Honest reviews


I didn’t like it

Some people can’t tolerate the chemical sun screens, so for those people, this may be an option. The active ingredients in this product are titanium dioxide 8% and zinc oxide 3.8%.The cream looks tan and opaque as it comes out of the tube and I worried it would look funny on my face but it does blend in and you can’t see it.My complaint is how it feels. I don’t like the way it feels on my face. I was expecting it to soak in more but I touch my face and it feels greasy. I’m going back to the more typical sun screens.

Felicia Tivoli, TX

Impressive Sunscreen Product

I’ve been in search of a great facial sunscreen for years and have yet to find one that wows me enough to win my loyalty. I’m looking for a product that doubles as both daily moisturizer and daily sunscreen or, better yet, triples as moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation all-in-one. Many moisturizers have only an SPF of 10 or 15; I really like that this product has an SPF 40. It goes on very smoothly and does not flake like some other sunscreens I’ve tried (e.g. Neutrogena). My skin is fair but not SUPER light and this tint works fine for me. It blends with my skin tone and I feel comfortable wearing it sans makeup. I also love that this product has no scent – hard to find in a sunscreen. Even though there is much to love about this product, the price is probably cost-prohibitive for a product I’d like to wear every day. If they could get the price down, this would be a 5-star product for me.June 2013 update: A year later and there now are many combo-products – “BB” and “CC” creams – on the market that are comparable to this one, but none of them have the SPF 40 protection. That alone ALMOST makes this product worth the hefty price tag.

Harriet Hale Center, TX

Good “non-chemical” sunblock

As someone with oily skin who lives in a sunny clime and has a family history of skin cancer, it can be a challenging to find a good sunblock. Most non-chemical sunblocks-those that use titanium dioxide and zinc oxide as their active ingrediants-tend to be heavy, “pill” off, or clog my pores. This one, however, does none of that. I was really impressed by the texture of this product. More often than not, most sunscreens and sunblocks tend to be oily, but this one was not and had a light, matte finish when dry. The light tint did not leave me looking like I was wearing a mask, and this lasted all day-even through a yoga class.However, this product did have some drawbacks such as the cost: 1.5 oz of sunscreen is not going to last anyone long at all even if you only apply this product to the face. At nearly $20 a tube, it isn’t cheap.Lastly, why aren’t there more skin colors to chose from? It would be nice if this came in darker shades because many women of color tend to have oily skin and despite the myths, need sun protection just like their Caucasian counterparts.

Bertie Lizton, IN

Cannot recommend for Dry Skin

I live at the beach, so sunscreen is an everyday use for me regardless of the season. I am in my 40’s and have dry skin. I use tons of moisturizer everyday, but decided to try this product alone to really see how it did.I applied this sunscreen and started my normal activities for the day; quite frankly after about an hour I couldn’t wait to wash my face.PRO’s:+ It was easy to apply and has a light sheer color.+ I spent nearly 3 hours oceanfront, working in and out of the sun, and fortunately this product did protect my face and I didn’t burn.CON’s;- After wearing for about an hour my face felt very dry, with an uncomfortably tight feeling- Doesn’t wash away easily; 2 or 3 washes to remove all the residue- my skin was very dry after removing thisThis may be a great product for my daughter who is in her 20’s and has somewhat oily skin, but its definitely not suitable for my dry skin.I prefer my usual routine and will continue to useSt. Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer, 10 Ounceand SPF 15Olay Definity Color Recapture, Light/Medium, 1.7 Ounce.

Joni East Stroudsburg, PA

Seems Okay

Summer hasn’t started up where I am yet, so I haven’t been able to test this with the sun in my face, but make-up wise, it seems fine. The tube is pretty small so it won’t last long if you apply it every day.

Angelita Casa Blanca, NM

Love how it feels on my face!

I admit it. I generally dislike sunscreen. I’ll slather it on when I’m at the beach, which isn’t often since I live in the midwest. But I don’t like wearing it on a regular basis. I don’t like how it feels. Even facial lotions with SPF protection added feel heavy to me, and I avoid them.Recently my family and I were going to the zoo. I knew I should put on sunscreen, to prevent my first sunburn of the season, so I reached for the Cotz Face Natural Skin Tone SPF 40.It was weird at first, to see it coming out of the tube a very dark tan. I’m very fair-skinned, so I wasn’t sure if this was going to look like badly applied foundation or not. It was amazing to watch it spread out and fade away over my face. At first I could see the tan, but as I rubbed it in, it disappeared. In the end, I couldn’t notice a difference in my skin tone at all.The texture of the Cotz was the other interesting experience. It feels like you’re rubbing on a dry powder, rather than a cream. It has no greasy texture, no heavy feeling at all. At first I wondered if I’d applied it too lightly, and if I’d end up with a patchy burn. But I didn’t. The Cotz Face SPF worked wonderfully to protect my face and it felt natural and comfortable on my skin.My arms came home a bit pink, because I left the regular sunscreen in the car (oops!) but my face wasn’t burned at all. I’ll definitely be using the Cotz sunscreen when I know I’ll be in the sun for a longer stretch of time. But at $20 a tube, I won’t be using it on a daily basis.

Jane Leechburg, PA

Love it! It does exactly what it promises to do!

I have very sensitive and very fair skin so wearing sunscreen is a must for me. Normally I rely on the sunscreen in my daily moisturizer and makeup, but decided that the 15 spf that I got from that just wasn’t enough anymore.I received this product and was excited to use it, but wary at the same time because I was somewhat skeptical that it wouldn’t irritate my skin, and even more so when I saw the tint to the lotion when I looked at it. It has a fairly dark tint to it, and I thought at first that I received the wrong product because it said that it would blend to match your skin tone and was transparent. I thought that what was in the tube was in no way going to match by fair complexion….but when I put it on, it did just that. It blended with my skin and was transparent.It also had the silky feel that they said it would, it blended. But most importantly it didn’t make my skin break out, it wasn’t greasy, it didn’t have a sunscreen smell, and it didn’t leave my skin shiny like some sunscreens do. It was perfect and performed exactly like the packaging says it does. The only thing I wish was different was the 19.99 price. It’s a little bit expensive, but good skin care usually is.

Dale Baring, WA

High quality, but not a match

Cotz provides a tinted sunscreen rated at SPF 40, and for the most part, they deliver on what they promise. I liked that the product is unscented, has a silky matte texture and applies smoothly. Looking at the ingredients (zinc and titanium oxide), I imagine it provides ample sun protection. All in all, a good sunscreen that can be used under makeup or alone.Only thing I didn’t like was the tint. I’m very fair skinned, and I felt that the brownish color looked noticeably artificial on my face. I tried rubbing it in as other reviewers suggest, but I never found a happy medium where it looked natural on me. Perhaps if Cotz made a lighter shade, I’d give it a try – but this one just doesn’t cut it for me. Still, if your skin is a darker tone or is already tanned, it might be worth a try.

Rosetta Holton, KS

Great Primer

Edit- Been using this for less than a month and the tube had a blow out on the bottom, I squeezed to use it and it squirted out from the bottom seam. had to throw it out …not good…..also i dont squeeze tubes like I am murdering them…so its just a defect..or poor materials.I have super sensitive skin, I needed a quality sunscreen for my face that wasnt going to be greasy and irritating. Cotz is an all natural product 100% free of preservatives, chemical sunscreens, and oils….and that last part is important! No one wants a nasty oily face just for the sake of trying to block the sun from damaging. It used to be you picked one or the other, nasty oilspill face, or a sunburn. Not anymore.This product can also be used as a Primer under makeup, and since it is naturally fleshtone, it blends well even if you have fair skin.It blends into a sheer matte finish, so even if you are just using it for a sunscreen, your face will look amazing and even toned.I actually used it as an eyeshadow primer as well, and I am so impressed with its staying power and the brilliance it gives my loose powdered shadow!

Minnie Meadow Grove, NE

Good Protection for Play in the Yard

Cotz Face is a preservative, chemical, paraben, PABA, and oil free sunscreen which is good. The texture is that of a cream and the color is a tan.It advertises that it blends to a translucent sheer matte finish but it didn’t come out that way for us. Maybe if you used the tiniest drop and blended and blended but I like to really coat my boys with sunscreen.It also gets on clothes. It got on my boys’ play clothes all around their neck but came out in the wash. Just something to be aware of if you were wearing something nice.It’s a great sunscreen in protection and lack of chemicals. I feel good about putting on my young sons but I wouldn’t use it unless they were just in the yard or at the beach. It’s not something I would use to apply under makeup or go to town in because of the texture, color and transferring to clothes.I like it best to put on my boys while they play in the yard.

Josephine East Branch, NY

No Breakouts so far

I’ve used this sunscreen when I’m outside doing yard work and it had worked wonderfully. It goes on smooth, and does not leave any greasy feeling to my face. I haven’t had any acne breakouts from using it, or any irritation. I’m Asian and have fair colored skin. When I don’t use sunscreen, I get red fast and get sunburned easily. SPF 40 did the job, and I did not get sunburned in 90 degree heat working on my yard for 2 hours. I find it does it’s job well, but might be a bit cost prohibitive to some. It’s definitely more expensive than most sunscreens, but feels a lot nicer than the cheap stuff. Give it a try. I recommend it.

Jesse Orleans, NE

Wife is pleased!

My wife ordered the COTZ face sunscreen because of the intense sun here in AZ. She had not been happy with other products containing such large amounts(SPF40)of sunscreen chemicals. They usually are too heavy on the face, smell terrible, and can melt/run into her eyes…not pleasant! Day 1 – she applied a small amount on the inside of her forearm, no reaction. Day 2 – used a moisturizer, then COTZ, and noticed a slight coloring added to her skin, very nice. Day 3 – moisturer, COTZ, her liquid makeup(SPF17),blush, lipstick, etc., and she has been one happy gal ever since! She really loves this product, uses about a cranberry-sized dollop, and knows that it is expensive, but worth it! Hmmm! Actually, I think I could use it too, as the coloring agent is almost invisible on the skin, and just looks like a very slight tan!

Edna Durham, CA

SPF 40 Never Looked so Good

Cotz Face Natural Skin Ton SPF 40 is a great product. When I first squeezed it out onto my fingers in preparation of smearing it on my face, I was somewhat alarmed that the color was so dark. Soon my fears were abated as the soothing cream adjusted to my skin tone. It is comfortable and not heavy. The only problem I had with it was that it didn’t work well with my mineral powder makeup. It does work well alone and is enough coverage to be used as makeup. It is a really good product. I have been outside quite a bit with no sunburn.

Jaime Orange Lake, FL

Not a fan

Though this product is advertised as “non-greasy”, the first thing that came out of the tube when I squeezed it was.. oil.I used it anyway, to be able to give this a fair review, and after two days I completely broke out. My skin was also greasy all day when I used this. I’m just not a fan.. and I must have unnatural skin tone because the tint of this product did not match my face at all.

Grace Westpoint, TN

Great! Love this but just for me !

Great product–but is it skin tone or sun screen?I love this product but I will only use it for myself, not my adult kids. I avoid using colored or tinted sunscreens on my boys as they are disabled.I figure the less additives the better. I feel that same way about laundry soaps with additives.I wouldn’t offer this to my 22 year old son either, but what you choose to do with it of course is enturely up to you.I have never tried Cotz before. I am very wary of introducing new products to the members of our family.On the other hand, I like it very much for myself. Thanks!

Erma Chester, UT


I know that I should use sun screen, but most that I have used I have not liked for one reason or another. Mostly the greasiness of the products. I did not have that problem with Cotz sunblock. It felt wonderful going on without a greasy feel or look. Very smooth, with a silky feel. The fact that it is tinted is an extra bonus. I could wear it around town in place of foundation. The matte finish is wonderful. When it came time to wash it off, cleanser was needed to remove it……it has staying power. I highly recommend this product.

Dina Mc Dowell, KY

Enhances Skin Tone, Provides High SPF Protection

I’ve tried many sunscreens that were greasy, heavy, smelly or irritating to my skin. I disliked wearing them (but did), and hated the fact that most of them needed to be re-applied after several hours because they had low SPF’s and they tended to “slide” off the face when I perspired in the sun.I found none of those problems with CoTZ. But I did find many things to love. Especially:– the product feels light, not greasy or heavy, and has no unpleasant odor. In fact, it had no odor at all, that I could detect.– it did not irritate my skin, or burn, or itch (and I’ve used sunscreens that made me itch like crazy).– it contains color, (a medium-beige), which enhances the skin tone (without being heavy like foundation), and it dries to a matte finish, and left my skin feeling soft, and looking smooth. (The box says you can use it under foundation/makeup as a primer, but I did not apply makeup over it.)In some ways, CoTZ reminded me of Philosophy’s “The Supernatural, poreless, flawless tinted spf 15.” They even have some of the same ingredients. ( such as: dimethicone, iron oxides, dimethicone crosspolymer) .But Philosophy’s product has many MORE ingredients, and has an unattractive orange color to it (they call it “peach” but it’s orange). It has a low spf of 15, and it is also more expensive than CoTZ. (About $28 for 1.6 oz)CoTZ is $19.99 for 1.5 oz, and a little went a long way when I applied it, since it glides on so smoothly. (A slightly smaller than quarter-size circle covered my whole face easily.)As I mentioned above, I did not use foundation over it, but I DID use under eye concealer, and it looked smoother than usual on top of the CoTZ.All in all, this is a great sunscreen that enhances and protects the skin.

Nanette Hoodsport, WA

Very good mineral-based sunscreen but not for the very fair

This is a tinted mineral-based sunscreen which is being sold as a gentle and free of preservatives, oils, and chemical sunscreens. Deceptive labeling of sunscreens is an age-old phenomenon so is this one true to its label? In a nutshell, this is a fairly good sunscreen. A big problem with many sunscreens is the deceptive SPF rating. The SPF, or sun protection factor, is a measure of how well the sun protects against sunburn. Sunburn is largely caused by ultraviolet type B (UVB) rays. There are UVA, UVB, and UVC type rays which are defined by how long the wavelengths are. Type A and Type B are the ones we worry about the most for sun protection. UVB makes you burn but UVA causes more of the aging effects. SPF ratings are more about protection from UVB rays and provide little information about UVA protection. A very good sunscreen contains ingredients that protect against UVA damage; zinc oxide, avobenzone (parasol), ecamsule, and/or titanium dioxide (but titanium dioxide does not protect against all UVA rays). Of these active ingredients, avobenzone and ecamsule are chemical sunscreens and titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are mineral based. The mineral-based sunscreens are considered less likely to cause reactions and problems for people. The COTZ sunscreen only contains zinc oxide (3.8%) and titanium dioxide (8%). The titanium dioxide concentration is fine (look for a minimum of at least 5%) but I wish this had a higher concentration of zinc oxide, the more complete block. The combination of the two ingredients should make this a pretty good broad spectrum sunscreen but a higher zinc oxide would have raised this to 5 stars. For example, I’ve been using Obagi’s NuDerm for a couple of years and that has 9% zinc oxide, a much better percentage.Additionally, this does have a fairly short ingredient list and doesn’t contain any unnecessary ingredients (no fragrance- yeah!). I have very very fair skin and I found this tint was a bit too much for me. If you buy ivory or porcelein foundations, pass on this one because of the tint. I tested this on my husband who has darker skin, and the tint was not a problem at all. This went on very smoothly and easily and left my skin with a gently matte finish. The matte finish was ideal, it left my skin almost dewy but did not make my T zone feel oily nor my skin dry. Cotz uses micronized zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in their products. Although the jury is still out about micronized (nanoparticle) zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, I thought I would mention it for those people for whom this is a concern.

Cara Felton, MN

LOVE this product!

I tried this Cotz product, thinking it sounded like a smart choice for a sunscreen. It has no chemicals, oils or preservatives, is water resistant and has a SPF of 40. It had another advantage that sounds interesting: it deflects the rays to reduce heat buildup in the skin. I’ve been using this for several weeks, and there are so many other things I like about this. It comes out of the tube quite dark, yet goes on my fair skin without smearing or streaking. I love the matte finish..most sunscreens look so greasy and this keeps my skin looking fresh. I have replaced my facial primer with this, and think it works better. It doesnt sting at all and has no chemical smell. I haven’t burned since using it. A few cautions, it does say it can stain clothes, and they do say to reapply regularly. One negative I found it that this is a small 1.5 oz tube in a big box, I never like that, it’s wasteful and deceptive. Otherwise, this is a wonderful product.

Kathi Beech Grove, KY

I like it

Is very easy to put and use not greasy at all , the color this havefit so good in my skin , no smells , come on time

Kaitlin Arkansaw, WI

Works GREAT … UNDER make-up, or worn ALONE!

I have to admit that I enjoy finding new skin/sun care products that work, but I’m always a little hesitant to try new products on my skin (especially my face) for fear of an outbreak. I currently use TOO FACED cosmetics and love them. Their face balm has an SPF of 20, but since I was going to be outside watching a baseball tournament the entire weekend, I decided I needed something a little stronger. This COTZ Face Natural Skin Tone SPF 40 was EXACTLY what I needed. It looks dark straight out of the tube, but blends into the skin to a very subtle color. The texture is very similar toToo Faced Cosmetics Primed and Poreless, 1 Ounce, which I also use. I put the Cotz on first, then my Too Faced make-up and both blended without any problems. In fact, the Cotz is perfect for someone with a good complexion looking for sheer coverage (with only a hint of color). I personally (until I get a tan) need more coverage/color than this offers, which is why I applied foundation over it. The GOOD NEWS … it worked! I didn’t break out and I didn’t burn. I now use it regularly under my make-up. In fact, over the summer (once I’m tan), I will probably only use the Cotz. Since it does have a make-up/primer texture, look and feel, I would say that only people who wear (or don’t mind wearing) make-up would want to use. Overall, great product!

Angela Prompton, PA

Non-greasy, invisible, effective!

At first, I was very hesitant about this sunblock. I am very pale, with tattoos I need to ensure get sun protection, and this sunblock is BROWN! I am talking a shade 5 or 6 on a 10-scale brown. It looked like foundation! I smeared it on my forehead and nose the morning before a trip to Disneyland with great hesitation. To my delight and surprise, it blended right in with my skin! It did not seem to add any color or “concealing” elements, but it did not leave a weird shade behind either.It seems to be in the category of “dry-touch”; that is, while it is technically a cream, when smeared on it leaves the skin and fingers with a more powdery feeling. I admit, it stayed a while, but it was much preferable to the greasy or wet feeling other sunblocks offer. I even rubbed my fingers on my black leggings after application– just for you amazonians!– to see if it would leave marks on clothing. It did not! (Lucky for everyone, or I would have sacrificed a pair of leggings for this review!)It did its job, certainly. I got no sunburn, not even a tan!Nor did it seem to clog my pores or anything of that nature. I have pretty sensitive skin and did not break out from the use of this product.The one thing I do wish is that it had a flip-top cap, rather than a screw top one. But that is pretty nit-picky 🙂

Millie Painesdale, MI

Excellent sun protection for your face

Cotz face product is perfect for people looking to protect their facial skin from sun damage. It has natural skin tone color, it is free of oils, preservatives and chemical sunscreen. Its active ingredients include 85 titanium dioxide and 3.8% Zinc oxide. The SPF factor for this moisturizer is 40. It is recommended cream is applied at least 15 minutes prior to the sun exposure. This is water resistant solution and it can last for up to 80 minutes while a person is outside. It will require re-application afterwards. This moisturizer also has balanced mineral complex that helps prevent heat build up in skin and prevent breakouts. For someone like myself who lives in a warm and sunny part of the country this is a must have type of a skin protector. I truly like and enjoy this product for its multi-purpose and preventive skin damage properties.

Kay Henderson, CO

Makes my eyes water

I’m always looking for a face cream to wear that won’t irritate my skin or cause my allergies to flare. I tried the Cotz for Face balance lotion, and liked the smooth way it went on. It had a nice color which was a cool touch and left my skin feeling far less greasy than my usual which is cetaphil.Unfortunately, since I used this product this morning my eyes have been watery, stinging and irritated. Even though there is no scent, there clearly is something in this product that is causing my allergies to flare.I am going to discontinue using this product, which is a shame since I like the texture, feel and the look. But, I suspect something in the colorant is to blame. Because of the irritation I’m afraid It didn’t work for me and I cannot recommend it.

Yvette Ravencliff, WV


I use the Cotz sunscreen sparingly because it new to me & I don’t like a makeup look. So far I’ve fouind it blends nicely with my skin, doesn’t leave any edges (in fact, iI can’t see any lines). I see a noticeable cover up of the spots & discoloration on my face (very subtle coloring).It does what it says: leaves my skin silky & smooth, without an oily or greasy look or feel.I expecially like the fact that its 100% free of preservatives & chemical sunscreen oils.I’m going to purchase more.

Wendi Malaga, NJ

Very good product but it’s small amount at a high price

This is nice product. It’s a medium beige, matte finish sunscreen that evens out the complexion and does not look shiny or greasy. I normally wear a light-medium foundation & was worried that it would be too dark but it was not. Moreover, unlike other sunscreens, this one does not run or streak and did not burn or sting my eyes. It’s ideal for when you might want to look your best & know you will be in the sun for extended periods of time, like at an outdoor wedding or at a beach party.Overall, it is a very good product for the face & neck but at a relatively high price. I used quite a bit for one application, and I’m guessing I would go through a 1.5 ounce tube in about 10 wears, meaning each wear costs about $2. Given the price and the amount in the small tube, this is probably not for every day use.For everyday wear in the summer, I still preferOlay Definity Color Recapture, Light/Medium, 1.7 Ouncewhich contains 15SPF, moisturizer, and tint all-in-one. However, I will add the Cotz to my arsenal, and I’ll use it when I intend to spend more time outside, such as at picnics, parties, and parades this summer.Do note – this product rubs off on hats & clothing. It has not stained anything yet, but anything it comes into contact with has to be pre-treated before washing.

Nannie Kokomo, IN

Like how it feels

I must admit, I’ve only used this product a few times when I was out walking. I didn’t get burned, but I wasn’t out that long. This product feels great going on, very light. I used it only on my face; it’s a small tube and there’s no way this would last long all over. But I would definitely use this daily for sun block on my face under makeup. Whether I would buy it again would depend on the cost.

Lara Bristol, TN

Completely different from others I’ve used

I wasn’t too sure what to expect but I’m glad I ordered it. I live in South Florida and should use sunblock on my face every single day, but especially in summer. I’ve tried everything on the market and, while almost all are effective in blocking the sun, most are so heavy and unpleasant that I talk myself out of wearing it for short errands. There is no need for excuses now, because this is a silky and light cream that is quick to apply and easy to forget you’re wearing it.I’ve found Cotz to be easier to apply. It is so light you forget it’s on and it feels and looks as if I’m not wearing sunblock or makeup. This is really amazing because, when I first squeezed the tube I was sure this wasn’t going to work. The color of the cream is darker and doesn’t match my skin color at all. Yet, as I applied it, it disappeared to the point that I couldn’t even tell where I’d already applied it and where I hadn’t. It, literally, disappears and doesn’t leave color, shine or any evidence at all. It hasn’t stained the collar or neckline of my blouses, yet when I remove it at night with my astringent, there is a tint of color on the cotton ball. I don’t know how that works!You need about the size of a small blueberry to cover the whole face, and I’ve experimented a little to find how this is going to fit into my makeup routine since this is a sunscreen but not a moisturizer. While it is creamy in feel, there is no oil in it at all, to the point it that it goes on dry. What I’m doing is either applying face cream or serum first then the sunscreen immediately after, or adding a couple of drops of my face serum to the ‘blueberry’ in my hand. I find that moisturizing first makes it spread even more smoothly and keeps my skin well hydrated. Since the sunscreen doesn’t add color or cover up blemishes, any additional makeup needed has to go on next. Blush or face powder will go on smoothly on top of this.I’ve used two other brands of tinted sunscreens. Both added their own color and had to be blended in carefully. Those were opaque enough to act as foundation/cover up, but the downside is that this made them feel a lot heavier–like wearing a mask–which is the last thing you want on a hot and humid day. I think that it’s going to be easier to be consistent and conscientious about wearing sunscreen every single day.

Margie Chino Hills, CA

A great base for a natural look with the strong protection of a sunscreen SPF 40

This product is great for those times when one feels like not wearing much makeup, but still wants to look good. The best feature is the sleek way it blends over the skin living a perfect clean look and feel. During years, I’ve been using regular sunscreen on my neck front and back, arms and legs, but for the face, I’ve never found anything that didn’t feel heavy, or messed up under makeup. So Cotz for Face Balanced Mineral Complex is a nice addition to my cosmetics’ arsenal.I was surprised to notice that it covered some irregularities over my face, making it smooth but shine-free. To complete a natural look, only mascara and lip gloss is needed. I wore it today while going for a morning walk and later to simply run errands, and like it very much, so in spite of its price, I will be buying it for sure.

Odessa Cylinder, IA

Safe Sunscreen, Goes On Smooth

This sunscreen is very smooth feeling. It has a light brown color, which quickly blends as it is rubbed into skin. It seems to provide adequate protection from the sun.

Myra Graham, FL