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Coty Airspun Loose Powder, Translucent, 2.3 Ounce

This ultra smooth powder hides tiny lines, wrinkles and blemishes and gives a new softness to your skin

Key features

  • Exclusive Microspun Formula
  • 100% Original – Classic edition
  • Full size product
  • Extremely rare product & shade

Honest reviews


A beauty classic

I used this powder religiously throughout my teen years when I was first discovering the joys of my mother’s make up cabinet. Later, I switched to pressed powder compacts because they were more convenient to carry, but often they made my fair skin turn orange. So I have returned to this old favorite. It matches my skin tone perfectly, and even the reddest blemishes disappear under its smooth, natural coverage. I do find that I have to apply it more often during warmer months. In fall and winter, it lasts nearly all day, but in summer, when my skin is especially oily, I have to reapply every few hours.My only other complaint is that the vintage cardboard packaging isn’t very practical. Whenever I open the lid, great clouds of the face powder explode from the jar, covering every inch of surface area in the room. I suppose if you needed to make a quick get away, you could easily confuse your enemy and escape in a great puff of Coty, but it’s not a very practical feature for those of us who aren’t spies or bank robbers. Fortunately, Coty has introduced a new plastic jar with a removable sifter inside, so now it’s mess-free (and travel-friendly).

Janie Bishop, TX

Bought it to use as a concealer

I bought this for slight acne on my chin because I was sick of using the liquid concealers and decided to try it. It smells bad, makes it look like you have dust on your face, didn’t hide any acne, and the powder gets everywhere, on the floor, on your hands, etc. I won’t complain about liquid concealers after trying this anymore.

Louise Adrian, MI

Brings back memories…

I purchased this powder after L’Oreal stopped manufacturing my favorite Translucide loose powder. I used to use Coty Airspun back in high school, so opening the lid brought back memories with the familiar scent. The powder covers well without drying the skin and it seems to hold up all day. There is no luminescent quality to the powder–it is matte finish but that is not a problem. The color is perfect for my skin–not to orangey. I always have a problem finding loose powder, as I have a fair, yellow-toned complexion. The colors always tend to look too pink or orangey on my skin. I will stick with this powder–it’s a classic and a great value for the price.

Pauline Newton Falls, NY

Works well

This product was purchased to mix with some other powders to make the right shade of loose powder. It works well.

Nellie Stonyford, CA

So sad made in China

I love the smell of this powder and it does go on smoothly. I was sad to see it was made in CHINA ! I never buy cosmetics made in China wish I had known beforehand. The container I received is plastic and came with a puff but the puff is fuzzy and cheap. I use a brush.

Leeann Hadlyme, CT

My Favorite

Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder is the best face powder in the market for being cost-effective and for even application for a smooth, non-flawed complexion. It is easy to apply and absorbs the oil and shine on your face. I recommend it for anyone that wants a change in their daily makeup.

Sarah Alderson, OK

works great

this item is the bomb i put it on after my six lotions and it makes a clear matt for you to put on the tints and blends. I deffinitly would recomend it only if you know how to use matt makeup

Trisha Bowling Green, VA

This is just not a good product

I tried this product because I had seen a review for it and was out of my powder. The upside to this powder is that I only paid $8 something for it. In this case it’s definitely you get what you pay for.Out of the shipping box the powder was everywhere. There was still the majority of the powder left so far so good. I used the powder only to find that it doesn’t apply well. I’ve never had a powder settle in some of my fine lines but this one does. It does have a smell although it’s not terrible. There are much better products out there.

Colette Hazleton, PA

Classic and Classy

Love this powder. I have used it now for almost 20 years. It goes on great and blends perfectly. And I love that the container is still the one they used when it first came out in the 1930’s.

Nola Hamilton, VA

face powder

this is a good face powder and just bought it because I remember the brand from my past; it works as well as any out there

Hazel Chauvin, LA

my powder

I like this powder a lot and have been using it for a few years now. The coverage is good (not to heavy or light for my taste). I also love the vintage container – cute 🙂

Sylvia Mason City, IL

Couldn’t ask for more in a powder

This is such an excellent, classic powder. I’m not super fair, but fairly light and the Translucent is truly translucent on me. It’s very fine milled, light and silky, and is difficult to overapply (I have slightly oily skin) and produces a matte, but dewy and natural finish, not caky or powdery looking. A large dense kabuki brush gives me the best finish. I’ve found loose powder to be the best way to set and cover the shine from heavy facial sunscreen and Coty is my favorite; it will keep a very oily sunscreen under control and looking decent for over 4 hours on a warm day.I love the scent. It’s old fashioned and classic, and really not too strong (I’m a perfume snob and don’t want to use anything that will clash with my favorite scents, and the scent of Coty hasn’t been a problem). I find it fades quickly in the 10 or 20 minutes after applying. I’m told that the specific scent used is L’Origan, one of Coty’s old classic perfumes.And it’s dirt cheap at around $7 for a huge canister that will last forever. I like the new plastic jars, they’re much more convenient and practical than cardboard. The cardboard boxes were charming, but cardboard for packing cosmetics has definitely had its day and I’m glad the packaging is more modern now with a handy built in sifter and a lid that closes tightly and keeps out moisture effectively.ETA: For those who really dislike the scent, there IS an unscented version! I found it at the ubiquitous store that starts with a K. The key, if you want the same matte finish as the original scented Air Spun, is to look for the blue container that says “Fragrance free translucent” on the back, NOT “Fragrance free luminous translucent”. The “Luminous” one is pearlescent and will look visibly different through the jar, compared to the classic formula. Now when I don’t have time to dither about what perfume to wear I use the scented version, and if I’m wearing perfume I use the fragrance free.

Janette Atlanta, TX

Been using this stuff for years – light coverage, easy to use,for peaches and cream complexion

With all the powders available to buy these days, it’s sort of surprising I continue to use my original loose powder and not the mineral powders available everywhere. I have tried various mineral powders, but when it comes to choosing one when I apply my makeup, I end up using this one. From teenagers to age 40 something (eh hum), I’ve been using this translucent powder and never once had any adverse reaction to it. It never clogged my pores or gave me acne. Over the years, and even today, I have been told I have a peaches and cream complexion. Although my skin isn’t blemish free anymore (I do have a few darker spots), they are not noticeable with a light layer of foundation and a light dusting of translucent powder. Lately, I have been using it on my teenage sons acne, and although talc is not recommended for acne, it hasn’t made it any worse and does a good job of covering without looking thick. For him, I pat his face with damp hands after applying so it looks completely natural and still covers acne spots. NOTE regarding other reviews regarding made in China claims and that the product is different – the container is no longer cardboard and is not as pictured however the product within is the same. I remember so clearly in high school when Long and Lush mascara formula changed and I stopped using the mascara completely because it was so different. It no longer washed off easily and just wasn’t at all the same. I am so picky about these types of changes! With a face powder, I would definitely be able to tell if it was different or working less effectively. IMHO, as of today, it is the same exact product I used in high school, keeps my face shine free, blemish free, smells exactly the same and is light and fluffy like sifted flour. As for the product packaging, I prefer the plastic container. Do I wish it was still made in the USA? Yup I do. But it definitely is the same quality product inside as I remember and have been using for YEARS.

Belinda Benwood, WV


Holy grail powder right here! It’s amazing. Makes your makeup look airbrushed and is so affordable. Works better than high end powders. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Cynthia Cantril, IA

Nice addition to makeup routine.

This powder is really light and I love that old fashioned smell. It can be a bit chalky at times but it gets rid of any kind of excess shine and looks great.

Maggie Oakdale, NE