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Coty Airspun Face Powder 070-32 Honey Beige Light Peach Tone

This ultra smooth powder hides tiny lines, wrinkles and blemishes and gives a new softness to your skin

Key features

  • Dermatologically tested
  • Use to set make-up or as a foundation
  • Long lasting

Honest reviews


Thought I could use it for foundation but it’s more a finishing powder

I have somewhat oily skin. Thought I would give this a try instead of my normal mineral powder, Everyday minerals. I knew it would be lighter but thought I’d try. It was just simply not enough coverage to help even out my skin tone. For me, it really didn’t help smooth out fine lines at all. I found it to be VERY drying on my face and that’s saying alot since I have an oily T zone area. I liked the smell 🙂 but that was about it. I’m returning mine.Update: Well ended up using mine as a “setting” powder for my concealer under my eyes and chin. Works great for it. I then put on my mineral powder on top. Helps keep the concealer from fading away.

Dee Fairfield Bay, AR

Classic and Perfect!

Coty always has been and always will be THE setting powder to use. It’s milled to the perfect consistancy, the color is even and not chalky, and the light scent is so classic.

Adele Haverhill, OH

Smoothe Finish

I love this powder. I use this as my finishing powder after my foundation and concealer have been applied. It was a soft, smoothed finish. I does smell like my grandmothers makeup but it does the trick.

Janelle French Camp, CA


For many years I’ve used Coty Airspun and absolutely love this product! It’s smooth and airy, looks great alone or under foundation. I have no complaints about this product whatsoever!

Eloise Solon, IA

Five stars for the original; not 4 Luminous

The original Translucent extra coverage is a must have classic. Goes on smooth, lasts all day even in humidity (we’re talking 100 degrees and 98% humidity). Just amazing. I read some reviews saying the luminous is great for highlighter; sadly, no. Guess I’m old; in my day you did not want to look shiny… That’s the point of powder, to stop the shiny, oily, sweaty look. And at my age, you certainly do not want to look sparkly either (reeks of "trying to be young"). I was hoping for a more pearl-like finish, but it is definitely unfortunately sparkles. You may not notice indoors, but in sunlight, it is like little micro glitter everywhere.

Rebecca Farmersville Station, NY

Loose Powder

The item is as described except for the fact that nobody indicates that Coty powders have a distinct scent. If you have allergies or can not stand stand products with weird scents, this is NOT for you. The coverage is good but the smell is what bothers me.

Patrica Pleasant Hill, NC

Great, lasts forever

Super powder, great value. I use it everyday and have had it forever. I use it with a brush. It can be a little messy, but I think that’s normal. Color was a little lighter than I expected, but that’s my fault.

Chris Bancroft, WV

An oldie but goodie

I just love the smell of this wonderfully packaged face powder. It goes on smoothly and make me feel like an old time movie star! This face powder has been the same smell and recipe since the 1930’s! Im a bit sad that they have changed the classic packaging to a smaller compact plastic container, however. Also, the picture indicates that you get a facial brush with your purchase. This is indeed not true, and it only comes with a powder puff.

Rosemary Grady, AL

Coty Facepowder

I have been using this product for many years now, I feel very comfortable using it and I recommend this product.

Jordan Miami Beach, FL


I have used this since I was a teenager and I LOVE the Mineral Veil BUT I use so much that this CODY POWDER used lightly is giving me the save matte finish that I like when I fix myself up. AND it lasts forever!!….Would recommend.

Joanna Central Islip, NY