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COTTON LABO Multi-Layer Cotton Makeup Puff, 80 Count

Japanese product

Key features

  • 100% cotton, 100% natural.
  • Can peel to 5 individual sheets, perfect as a facial moisturizing mask when adding a lotion.
  • can be use with make remover or polish remover, less shredding.

Honest reviews


Nice product but does not stretch out

It’s a shame these aren’t a little bigger. It’s nice to be able to peel the sheets, but they don’t stretch out, so when I do the lotion facial, I have to use two of these.

Brittany Tipton, IN

not the best but not terrible either

these are not the best you can purchase but they aren’t super terrible either . I would honestly rather go to costco and buy the round ones unless u go for the high quality layered sheets

Lucy Dover, NJ

Soft and strong

I love the texture and strength of these cotton pads. The layers seperate well and the packaging makes it easy to remove a pad without pulling all the others out with it.

Shelby Burnt Cabins, PA

Good product but too pricy

I liked the 5 layer cotton products but its not worth. I would have bought it again if it was in half price.

Margret Delta, CO


Great quality pads that can be taken apart or stacked for your cosmetic needs. I use them to apply my toner and remove my eye makeup. I love them!

Summer Ryland, AL

Daisan 5-layer cotton pads

I have been on the hunt for a 5-layer pad because I had read about it in the “Japanese Skin Care Revolution” as part of the daily lotion mask routine. These are a bit smaller than the book recommends, so I end up using 2 5-layer pads for one mask for my face, BUT these do exactly what they are supposed to. Once the pad is wet, it splits nicely into 5 pieces, and they don’t tear and don’t dry out right away. I use these with a toner and water or water + light loose lotion of any kind (I prefer Clinique’s). These work really well for me. They tend to be a little bit cumbersome because you have to split them, and they are smaller so you put more work into it, but these are the best out there for this type of mask!Will definitely purchase again.

Maritza National City, MI


These pads are great. They separate nicely and don’t leave you with a bunch of fuzz on your face. I use them for home made masks and think this is the best brand I have tried so far.

Annabelle Pinsonfork, KY

Really like it.

I bought it with doubt, but it turned out great. I soak it with hydrating toner and use it when I need to do a facial mask for 10 minutes in the morning and at night. Works very well.

Leta Gray Court, SC

i keep reodering

These japanese cosmetic cotton is normally very expensive. i find this much softer on my face. love the multiple layers

Francis Lewistown, MO

Love the cotton!

Love this cotton u can use as many strips as you want and it doesn’t scratch your face. Would buy again!

Erin Trosper, KY


I purchased these when I decided to adopt the Japanese protocol of facial care. They are great, and although small even when stretched, I found that I can separate them in more layers than they are supposed to be. Happy with my purchase so far! No cotton residues are left behind, and the absorption is excellent: in other words, in my opinion they are great.

Jean Crowder, MS