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Cotton Candy Perfume by Prince Matchabelli for Women. Cologne Spray 2.0 oz / 60 Ml

Cotton Candy for Women Cologne Spray 2.0 Oz / 60 Ml

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  • Cotton Candy for Women Cologne Spray 2.0 Oz / 60 Ml
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  • Cologne Spray 2.0 Oz / 60 Ml for Women

Honest reviews


Pillowy Cloud of Wonderful Goodness :0)

This scent is a pillowy, sweet, fragrant cloud of sweet, sugary goodness that will leave your heart light and without a care in the world. You will be teleported to a time once spent only dreaming of what you will become and when your next meal will be served. Santa Claus would be scented like this. It is the scent dreams travel upon. Billowy and light, yet lasts for hours. Opens with fresh berries and vanilla and then on into sugared powdered candy fluff – sweet but not too sweet…there is mention of musk but only a whisper. Normally I am bothered by musk but not in this case – I don’t even notice it. I You will find yourself respraying if only to gaze upon the tender pink elixir that will spritz upon your skin pure love. Ok, I realize I am not probably making any sense but I really enjoy this cologne and I do hope they plan on keeping it a part of the line. I am a forty-something female and this scent refreshes me in a “I’m still a little girl at heart” way …without screaming TODDLER. Please give it a try. You might surprise yourself! If you do not care for it…send it to me! It is an inexpensive adventure either way! ENJOY! P.S. if you find yourself wanting to love Pink Sugar but something about it puts you off – the musk perhaps…burnt note maybe? Give this a try….perfection!

Jane Sterling, CT

Smells funny…

I’ve been using cotton candy mist so I figured this would smell the same and last longer. Unfortunately this perfume smells weird… It smells sweet yet it has that overwhelming cheap perfume smell…

Nadine Lake Delton, WI


I wear cotton candy spray because it smells delicious and because people are just nicer to you when you smell like it. I actually wrote a paper for my psych class on how people let you check out first, daycare workers are more hands on with a toddler who smells like cotton candy, etc and on how it engages people. It started out as an experiment and is now my preferred perfume.In case you are wondering, sugar cookie scent and apple pie were the #2 & #3 scent that had similar, though not as pronounced results in my 45 day experiment. French vanilla and lavender had the worst results, with people grumbling about "strong smells" and being standoffish.

Gabriela Gattman, MS

Not my favorite

it was cute but the scent was not quite there (in my opinion)I wanted it to smell like actual cotton candy and not some idea of it.

Karin Gilliam, MO


I’m doing another reviewer one star better and calling this perfume ‘great’. For such a simple formula, this smells really good and has lasted a good 6 hours on me. Apparently the sweet scents agree with me, and this one is inexpensive, to boot. Cotton candy and fruit,very pleasing.

Corine Reese, MI