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Cosmetic Collagen Facial Mask Sheet 15pcs – Collagen Essence by MJ CARE

MJ CARE Essence mask contribute to elastic and hydrated skin and maintenance thereof with around 20 natural extracts of essential amino acids and minerals.

Key features

  • MJCARE NEW Essence Facial Mask – Collagen Essence 15 Pcs
  • MJ CARE essence mask is specially formulated cosmetics to penetrate active ingredients into the skin
  • It will make your skin look younger, moisterized, elastic, bright and relieve you from stress
  • Power relaxation skin with Moisturing treatment

Honest reviews


So good and I bought this second batch

Taken from the review I wrote on the first batch I bought.I have stopped going to a spa for facial probably in the last 2 years since the service of the one I went to had gone downhill. Coming across this Full Face Mask at a price that is very reasonable, what the heck, why not try it? Even if it’s not good, not too much damage in terms of money. However, one thing that you may be concerned is whether you would have allergic reaction to it. I was concerned also as I have sensitive skin and toward the dry side.The very first time I used it, I did a home “facial” first – steam, exfoliate and clean. Then I put on the mask but I leave it on my face while working on my computer. By the time I realized, it’s been on for an hour. The instructions say to leave it on for 20 min. The mask was sort of dry by that tme and my face felt tight. After I lifted off the mask, my face felt baby soft. Very nice and happy! I’ve used 8 masks so far and no allergic reactions after all this time.The first week, I used it 3 times. Then I slowed down to 2 times a week then 1 time a week. I’ve learned some tricks now to get every drop of the essence and get my money’s worth. I use it before I go to sleep at night now.1. When I pull out the face mask (folded in quarters), it’s very wet. So I wipe the excess on the edge of the mask over my face and neck first. Yes, neck too.2. Then I unfold the mask and line it up to my face. Note, it’ll be a little off because our faces all have different sizes. Just work with it.3. I then lay in my bed either read or close my eyes.4. After 45 min – 1 hr, my face feels tight (signal for me the mask is drying).I take the mask off.5. I cut open the pouch and scoop every drop out with my fingers and put it on my face and neck. Yes, my neck again.THE VERDICTNot only does my face feel soft, the most dramatic difference I see is in the line (crease) across the front of my neck – used to be deep and obvious even when I stretched my neck straight up. Now of course it’s still there but it’s light and smooth versus all the little crosses along the crease due to dryness and slightly loose skin. Oh no, I’m not a senior citizen yet :)RECOMMENDATIONHere, I’ve put myself as guinea pig. I’ve also gotten my sister and sister-in-law trying it and buying it. Since you are reading this, I’m recommending to you – yes, you also! Be pampered and feel beautiful!

Marylou Centreville, MI

Very hydrating, great value

These masks are a fantastic deal. They are very moist, so will stick to your face even if you are walking around or sitting up. (I’ve bought more expensive versions that are barely moist and require you to lay flat or they’ll fall off.) Of course you will look like Jason from Halloween, but they did a great job of hydrating my dry, winter skin. The hydration lasted all day.

Ella Eldred, NY

Great Face Mask for soft skin

I love these face masks. Feel real good on my skin. I recommend to anyone, woman and men that want soft skin. I purchase these on a regular basis.

Nina Glen Elder, KS

Love them

Compare to other brand of facial mask I have used, this one fits better, material is thicker and skin feels tighter with smaller pores and dewy look. Highly recommended.

Louise Bayou La Batre, AL

love these

I love the way my skin looks when i peel these off, it’s a quick fix for puffiness. will reorder

Marisol Unionville Center, OH